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Towards the Pantheon Review, Xbox’s New Controller, and Nubbl - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 25)

Awesome articles from our friends at Into The Spine! https://intothespine.com/ 15:13 - What have we been playing? 10:41 - News 25:13 - “What’s That Video Game?” 39:37 - Towards The Pantheon review Contact Us! Our Twitch Account! https://www.twitch.tv/thirdplayergames Talk To Us! Send Us An Email! heylisten@thirdplayergames.com Post or Message Us On Our Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/thirdplayerg... Check us out on Twitter! https://twitter.com/3rdPlayerGames Amy @AvaAdore23 Josh...


Light Fall, Virtual Console, & Great Protagonists in Video Games - ThirdPlayerGames Podcast (Ep. 24)

If this is your first time listening to us, let us introduce ourselves. We are three close friends who can’t help but get a little goofy at times. In a rare occurrence, all three of us completed a game this week and each of those games are worth recommending. Surprisingly, a game is coming out sooner than previously expected and, unsurprisingly, another video game is being turned into a film (this one will probably be great, right?... right?). Get ready to beat Jeffers and Amy at “What’s...


Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze & City of Brass - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep.23)

Third Player Games Podcast is bananas this week, with Amy and Josh discussing their Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze playthrough, in just one weekend! Jeffers has a much different experience as he brings up a game he hasn’t been allowed to talk about until now, recent release, City of Brass. Big news this week as the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer drops, with it a sneak peak of a young John Marston! As if that weren’t enough, the day the podcast drops Fortnite is at it again, with a...


Upcoming May Games, Nintendo Labo, Avengers: Infinity War (no spoilers!)

Upcoming May Games, Nintendo Labo, Avengers: Infinity War (no spoilers!) by Josh, Amy, Jeffers


God of War, Celeste’s Impact, and a Flashback to the Past - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 21)

In this episode, Josh stumps everyone with a clever edition of What’s That Video Game. Jeffers dives into God of War while Josh and Amy pick up a few oldies, but goodies (as your mom would probably say). And finally, they introduced a brand new segment this week! In this week’s Retro Rewind Flashback to the Past thingy (working title), Jeffers challenges Josh and Amy to play a difficult classic SNES game for the first time and the gang discusses their experiences, along with some fun facts...


Radical Heights & Josh Gets A Switch - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 20)

In this week’s episode of Third Player Games Podcast, we talk about a variety of subjects! Josh gets a Switch for his birthday! Welcome to Zelda, Splatoon 2 & Snipperclips talk! There’s a new battle royal game in town, it’s described as an 80’s themed game show battle royale that’s about the money, meet Radical Heights! Stardew Valley multiplayer is on its way and despite the business model A Way Out sells pretty well. We also have a new round of What’s That Video Game with none other than...


Spider-Man/Spyro Release Date - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 19)

The release dates are out for Spider-Man and the Spyro Trilogy! Is anyone in the gang excited about this news? That’s a silly question. Amy breaks away from her newly discovered survival game to briefly ramble on about it before getting back to it. Jeffers finally finds a way to enjoy “What’s That Video Game”... by hosting! Josh has been doing a lot of digging this past week and has dug up a new game for himself (pun intended). Will Amy finally guess an answer to WTVG before Josh can? Will...


Outlast Stream Recap, Sea of Thieves, Upcoming April Games - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 18)

What’sss up everybodyyyy? This week we discuss the games we finally got around to finishing (including a spooky game on the ThirdPlayerGames Twitch stream), dive into the news, and as always, “What’s That Video Game?”. It’s Josh’s turn to host, so maybe Amy and Jeffers can finally start to catch up in the scoreboard… maybe. To wrap it up, we look forward to upcoming April game releases. It got a little banana sandwich there at the end, but we’re all stronger for it… I think. 0:36 - Outlast...


Gang's Back Together, Fortnite's Rise, A Way Out Review - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 17)

Guess who's back?! Welcome to Third Player Games Podcast! In this episode, you'll be delighted (or bummed) to know that the whole gang is back together at last. Today we go into the continued rise of AI, Fortnite, and one particular host's score in "What's That Video Game". Stay tuned till the end for our review/impressions on the newly released game, "A Way Out". Contact Us! Our Twitch Account! https://www.twitch.tv/thirdplayergames Talk To Us! Send Us An Email!...


Tomb Raider Reveal & Luigi Has A Bulge? - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 16)

In this episode I’m all alone and there’s no one beside me. Alright well this time there’s also no one on another mic thousands of miles away, that’s right this week is the Jeffers Haile Podcast! Just kidding! We are still Third Player Games Podcast. You’ll hear a little bit from me, mainly just on some big news, such as Tomb Raider! Outside of that we have a special treat for you. We pre-recorded a couple of different segments, one is a fun game that we hope all of you will participate...


Amanda Farough Special Guest! - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 15)

In this episode Amy & Josh have abandoned the show, they left. Alright fine, they went on vacation. That’s okay though, Third Player Games Podcast has their first ever guest! She’s made a career writing about video games and entertainment. Intelligent, funny and knowledgeable, this is one podcast episode you don’t want to miss! The amazing Amanda Farough joins Jeffers Haile in a hilarious informative episode. We have a huge news segment this week! Valve is back in town when it comes to...


ESRB Will Add Label, We Play Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes - Third Player Games (Ep. 14)

It’s Third Player Games Podcast time! In this week's episode we keep it short and sweet! The ESRB is adding labels for “In Game Purchases.” We also talk about the many games we’ve been playing, some old school, some new school and some that are right in the middle. The new Overwatch character Brigitte has been announced, Sony is doubling down on First-Party Games and the PSN Plus this month is amazing! In addition to all that we talk about a game that everyone can have fun with, even...


Fe Review & Upcoming Video Games In March - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 13)

Hey there everyone! In the 13th episode of Third Player Games podcast, we are back at in our corners of the world. We might be separate, but our audio is back to its high quality form! This week is light on news, some of it is not your normal headlines, what can we say it was a quiet week. We do have our end of the month segment where we give you the preview for March’s upcoming video games! We also have What’s That Video Game and it’s a rare occasion where Josh can’t get points, mainly...


Shadow Of Colossus, First Time Playthrough! - Third Player Games Podcast Ep. (11)

Show Notes The biggest thing we have this week on our rotating segment is Shadow Of The Colossus! Jeffers has played Shadow Of The Colossus from beginning to end, he gives us a review but with fresh eyes. That’s right, the PS4 remaster is his first ever experience with the game! Stay tuned until the end of the episode to get his hot take on the re-release! In this episode, Third Player Games Podcast makes the big announcement for our new upcoming content! We have a variety of interesting...


Playing Monster Hunter World, Nintendo Switch & News! - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 10)

In the tenth episode of Third Player Games Podcast, we go back to our roots. Josh, Amy, and Jeffers take a look back at their first news stories and what those have developed into since. Josh and Amy talk about the wonderful game Celeste a bit more, while Jeffers plays Hellblade for the first time. Of course, all three have loads to discuss now that they are all playing Monster Hunter World! In addition, there is a teaser about future content for Third Player Games, what could it be?!...


Celeste Review and XBox Game Pass News - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 9)

Celeste Review And XBox Game Pass News: Welcome, everybody! Third Player Games Podcast has quite the show for you this week! First, we talk about what we’ve been playing, Jeffers has finally finished Wolfenstein 2! Meanwhile, Amy got obsessed with a certain 48 hour trial of a game. In our news section, we find out that Cross-Play Parties are coming to Rocket League! Rust has a head-scratching price increase coming soon and a huge XBox Game Pass announcement, yeah that one! The Third Player...


Monster Hunter, Runbow, and Moon Hunters, Oh My! - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 8)

Monster Hunter, Runbow, Moon Hunters, Oh My! - Show Notes Hello everyone! This is the 8th episode show notes For Third Player Games Podcast! In this episode, Jeffers is still talking about PAX. Josh is attempting to continue his winning streak on What’s That Video Game. And Amy is trying to learn words. After a couple of serious episodes, we have a more lighthearted fact-filled show for you this week. The two indie games from PAX are called Moon Hunters, a co-op narrative rich game. The...


PAX South - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 7)

PAX South 2018 Welcome to Third Player Games Podcast and our 7th episode PAX South 2018! Early on in this episode, we announce the two winners of our Assassins Creed Origins giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone that entered and left us such positive reviews, we really appreciate it! In this episode we have plenty to talk about, Josh has some impressive donation numbers for the recent AGDQ charity! Not to mention Dark Souls remaster and Stardew Valley Multiplayer! Amy has given us a...


Assassins Creed Origins Giveaway - Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 6)

Episode 6 Show Notes Hello! And welcome to our 6th episode and the 1st episode of 2018! We start this year off with an Assassins Creed Giveaway! That’s right we are giving away two copies of Assassins Creed Origins on PC! Josh, Jeffers & Amy also go over some interesting news! Such as a gaming speed run charity that has some awesome games you can watch! We also dive into the recent announcement of “gaming disorder.” The gang plays the first round of “What’s That Video Game” and we are...


2017 Game Awards & 2018 Most Anticipated Games

In this special New Years Eve 2017 episode, the gang gives out their “special” 2017 Game Awards! These aren’t your typical awards however, each person has come up with their own fun, sometimes wacky awards for games this year. On top of that Josh, Amy and Jeffers haven’t told each other what their awards are, let alone which game they chose for each! After that, we talk about 2018 Most Anticipated Video Game of 2018! Surprisingly we had each had a wide variety of games we are excited about...


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