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Episode 15 - Unreleased, Japanese and Homebrew Games

For the final episode of this podcast, I wanted to briefly discuss all the Japanese, Homebrew and Unreleased games for the system.


Episode 14 - 3-D Tetris

3-D Tetris is the final officially released game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy in North America! Unfortunately, it's not a great game. There have been bad Tetris games in the past, but I think that this might be one of my least favorites. Join me as I discuss the gameplay and odd s...l...o...w...n...e...s...s of 3-D Tetris.


Episode 13 - Nester's Funky Bowling

Nester's Funky Bowling is does exactly what it says on the tin: a bowling game, with funkiness, starring Nester. NFB has some pretty amusing animations that play after each throw. Those animations are well done, though they do get on your nerves if you play for a long time. The bowling mechanics are well-implemented and quite fun. The developer was a contract developer out of Utah, who typically programmed licensed games for the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. Next time, I discuss 3-D...


Episode 12 - Waterworld

Waterworld was poorly received, critically. In this episode, hear far more than you would ever like to hear about the story of Waterworld and the enemies therein. I also make the argument that this is a very good game! Try it! You'll like it! Proud member of the Retro Junkies network at If you like pinball, you may enjoy my other show, For Amusement Only: Thanks for listening - only two more episodes remain of games...


Episode 11 - Vertical Force

Vertical Force is another of the third party releases for the Virtual Boy. It's a vertically scrolling space shooter, and my favorite game on the system. Multiple power ups for your ship, and a special drone system with really smooth, useful controls make this game fantastic. There are two planes, or altitudes, in which you, your drones, and your enemies can fly. Skillful movement between these layers are key to your survival. Climb in the Ragnarok and start flying!


Episode 10 - Panic Bomber

Panic Bomber is a fantastic puzzle game for the Virtual Boy, developed by Hudson Soft and released in December of 1995 in North America. Each puzzle is basically battle mode with the CPU. As you complete various stages, you progress towards the goal: a shiny Golden Bomberman Statue (why?)! If you would love to hear about pinball, feel free to check out my other show, For Amusement Only. My custom pinball machine is complete! I'm a proud member of the Retro Junkies network of shows. A...


Episode 09 - Virtual Boy Wario Land

Virtual Boy Wario Land is a great platformer released in November of 1995 in the United States. Wario can change hats to gain different powers, and has to collect as many treasures as possible while escaping an underground labyrinth. The sounds and quirkiness factor are very high, and just like the Gameboy Wario Land games, you can see the humor and other gameplay elements carry through to even the most modern Wario games. If you would love to hear about pinball, feel free to check out...


Episode 08 - Golf

Golf was released in November of 1995 in North America and is, as it sounds, a golf simulation. It's a serviceable simulation, too! I have a couple of issues with graphics, but it's actually quite good for the time. A swing power meter and ball hit circle are simulated, which makes it fairly easy to hit the ball where you want it to go. You can select your club, stance and basic direction. If you would love to hear about pinball, feel free to check out my other show, For Amusement Only....


Episode 07 - Mario Clash

Mario Clash is a fantastic update to the arcade Mario Bros. game. In this, you must make your way up Clash Tower, one floor at a time. To do so, you have to stomp on Koopas and steal their shells to smack other monsters in the face. IN 3-D!!! In reality, the use of 3-D spaces in this game is fantastic - you have essentially a foreground and a background. Pipes can stretch between them. In the center, Mario is lowered if he is chomped by an enemy. One of my favorite games on the Virtual...


Episode 06 - Jack Bros

Jack Bros. is the only game developed by Atlus released for the Virtual Boy. It was the first game released in North America in the Megami Tensei series. This game plays like a combination of Gauntlet and Bomberman. Action with puzzle elements, and scary demons! Next up is Mario Clash - send me email with memories or audio submissions at If you would love to hear about pinball, feel free to check out my other show, For Amusement Only. I'm a proud...


Episode 05 - Virtual League Baseball

Virtual League Baseball was developed by Kemco and released in September/October 1995. A good fun baseball game, hampered for me by the fact that I stink at sports games. There are intricacies such as player substitution and bunting. Fielding is a little difficult, I think, but I think most baseball games are pretty difficult. Did I mention I don't do sports well? Get ready to knock the dirt off your virtual cleats and hear me whine about how terrible I am at sports games. Next time...


Episode 04 - Galactic Pinball

Galactic Pinball was the final launch title for the Virtual Boy in North America. Using the concept of 'pinball in space', Intelligent Systems was able to craft a very enjoyable virtual pinball game. In space, apparently, pinballs have been outlawed - only hockey pucks remain. Standard pinball mechanisms like flippers, pop bumpers, drop targets, kick out saucers and ramps are all represented. If you enjoy real physical pinball, I think you will find something to like in this game. Not...


Episode 03 - Teleroboxer

Teleroboxer is a fantastic boxing game developed by Nintendo R&D1 for the launch of the Virtual Boy. Teleroboxer is very similar to Punch Out!!! but differs in that it is very fast and you control each arm of your remote robot boxer individually. It is difficult and fun - don't be afraid of a challenge. Check out this awesome Virtual Boy cabinet, courtesy of my friend Chris: Next episode will be Galactic...


Episode 02 - Red Alarm

Red Alarm was the second of four releases that coincided with the Virtual Boy North American launch. It's a space shooter in the vein of Starfox, but the graphics are completely wireframe, similar to vector arcade games like Tempest or, more appropriately, Battlezone. Red Alarm uses super ultra compressed voice samples and a blaring soundtrack with lots of high pitched noises accentuating the action. Complete in box copies can be found relatively easily on eBay (as of 4/19/16) for...


Episode 01 - Mario's Tennis

Mario's Tennis was the pack-in game for the Virtual Boy. Developed by R&D1, the same unit that developed the Virtual Boy hardware, it was a good showcase for the system. Our next episode will cover Red Alarm. Send in submissions on the hardware, Mario's Tennis, or Red Alarm to


Episode 0 - Virtual Boy Hardware and Development

Welcome to Virtually Human: the Nintendo Virtual Boy Game-By-Gsme Podcast! In this episode, I discuss the hardware of the Virtual Boy and the development of the red and black system, as well as some of my personal history with the Virtual Boy. Lots of great information that I summarize can be found in this article: Virtual Boy information and...