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World of Warcraft book club and podcast : A fun, friendly discussion of the WoW novels. Warcraft novels are chosen for entertaining round-table discussions hosted by Apsana and Skolnick.

World of Warcraft book club and podcast : A fun, friendly discussion of the WoW novels. Warcraft novels are chosen for entertaining round-table discussions hosted by Apsana and Skolnick.
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World of Warcraft book club and podcast : A fun, friendly discussion of the WoW novels. Warcraft novels are chosen for entertaining round-table discussions hosted by Apsana and Skolnick.






Warcraft Well Read #10 - War Crimes

Episode #10 : War Crimes, the newest novel by the award-winning author Christie Golden, gives readers an insightful look at the important events that transpired following the Siege of Orgrimmar. What is the fate of Garrosh Hellscream? Can the leaders of Azeroth agree to proper justice, or strike him down with revenge? Familiar names – Jaina, Anduin, Baine, and Go’el – again take center stage in this intriguing novel. Yet, in War Crimes, scenes from the often lesser-voiced characters get...


Warcraft Well Read #9 - Golden and Neilson - War Crimes Author Interview

Episode #9 : The Warcraft book club welcomes Christie Golden and Micky Neilson on the podcast to discuss War Crimes! Listen to fascinating details from Christie about the creation of her War Crimes novel, gain insight from Micky involving short stories that will help lead into Warlords of Draenor, and learn some personal details about each author. Pull up a seat to the cozy fire, my friends… Campfire story topics include: Author collaboration with the Blizzard creative development team...


Warcraft Well Read #8 - The Shattering

Episode #8 : The Shattering, the 2010 Warcraft novel by Christie Golden, lays the foundation for the world altering Cataclysm that players experienced first hand in the game’s expansion. This character-driven story details the events of major upheaval – occurring not only within the various zones around Azeroth – but also to the leadership of both Horde & Alliance. The Shattering allows readers to experience the intriguing tale of elemental mystery, political tension, the aftermath of...


Warcraft Well Read #7 - Vol'jin Shadows of the Horde

Episode #7 : Vol’jin Shadows of the Horde, the newest Warcraft novel by Michael A. Stackpole, is the thoughtful telling of the Shadow Hunter’s story of growth. Set against the backdrop of the Thunder King’s awakening and the Zandalari troll invasion of Pandaria, the novel brings the powerful troll leader, Vol’jin, front and center. Published in July 2013, this novel is Stackpole’s first narrative of the World of Warcraft universe. Readers gain an insightful look into the balanced Pandarian...


Warcraft Well Read #6 - Dawn of the Aspects

Episode #6 : Dawn of the Aspects, the five-part serial novel by Richard A. Knaak, explores the current activity of the former Dragon Aspects since the discovery of Pandaria. This thrilling story balances a historical look back to the time when Alexstrasza, Malygos & the others were mere protodragons – as well as the present-day struggle Kalecgos faces to understand the meaning behind a strange relic. Mystery & action are the cornerstone to this novel. Readers get to experience why the...


Warcraft Well Read #5 - The Sundering

Episode #5 : The Sundering, the final installment in the War of the Ancients trilogy, brings the epic first battle between Azeroth and the Burning Legion to its apocalyptic conclusion. The night elves battle back the demons toward Zin-Ashari, the dragon aspects must determine how to recover from their betrayal by Neltharion, the time-traveling trio must rescue the Demon Soul, readers learn how Illidan’s need for power causes his imprisonment, and beautiful Queen Azshara is forced to...


Warcraft Well Read #4 - The Demon Soul

Episode #4 : The Demon Soul! The second novel in the War of the Ancients trilogy ramps up the danger across the ancient land of Azeroth. The the March reading selection for the World of Warcraft book club podcast, Richard A. Knaak’s 2004 novel gives readers a first-person account of the legendary events that unfold around the Well of Eternity. The Highborne Elves advance the Burning Legion’s attacks under the directive of Mannoroth & Archimonde. While the unexpected hero – Krasus – turns...


Warcraft Well Read #3 - Well Of Eternity

Episode #3 : The legendary War of the Ancients begins with the Well of Eternity! The World of Warcraft book club podcast discusses Richard A. Knaak’s 2004 novel, published months before the launch of Blizzard’s highly-anticipated World of Warcraft MMO. The story gives readers a first-hand look into the events that caused the Sundering of Kalimdor. The novel recounts the early relationship between night elves Tyrande, Malfurion & Illidan; illustrates how Queen Azshara initiated the Burning...


Warcraft Well Read #2 - Rise of the Horde

Episode #2 : The Rise of the Horde! The World of Warcraft book club podcast discusses Christie Golden’s 2006 novel, published one month before the The Burning Crusade was released. This highly anticipated book set the tone for what players could expect before the launch of Burning Crusade, presents the evolution of orc shaman into shadow-magic wielding warlocks, and proved to be the perfect backstory for what danger lay ahead for all of Azeroth. Apsana, Skolnick, Kevin, and Emma gather...


Warcraft Well Read Podcast #1 - Welcome!

Episode #1 : The World of Warcraft book club begins! Hosts Apsana and Skolnick discuss their experience with the growing catalog of WoW novels and identify their plans for this new reading adventure. The January 2013 Warcraft book club selection is announced: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden. Considering the publication was originally released as a transitional novel into the Burning Crusade expansion, the hosts reflect on the book’s themes with historical perspective. Join the...