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Episode 6 - Rabbits and overly-cryptic shows

We review the audio Drama, Rabbits - a cryptic mystery that takes a weird turn (and a long time to get there). This episode, everyone has a different opinion on the show ... probably because we all only understood part of it. Listen to Rabbits here:


Episode 5 - 'Mission to Zyxx' (Our new favorite show)

Join the PlotCast crew on our latest mission: to review one of the best comedy audio dramas ever made. Seriously, we cannot stop talking about and listening to this show. Warning: Major fanboying. Listen to Mission to Zyxx -


Episode 4: Limetown Season 2 Predictions

Limetown Season 2 starts Halloween, 2018, and we can't wait. We reminisce about one our favorite Audio Dramas, Ori struggles with words, and we speculate about Season 2. Listen to our Limetown Season 1 Analysis -


Episode 3: Spreading 'The Message'

Tired of us talking about Audio Dramas? (Too bad, first of all). But also, we have the perfect one to make you a fan! The PlotCast analyzes 'The Message', a fictional sci-fi podcast is one of the most technically impressive and easily digestible stories, with 12-minute episodes. Listen to The Message -


Episode 2: The worst thing we've ever listened to

Alba Salix V.S. Greater Boston - Two audio dramas enter; only one leaves. And one of them is the worst thing we've ever listened to. Gus, AK and Ori analyze the crap out of both of these stories in this week's PlotCast episode. Check out Alba Salix here - We won't even provide a link for Greater Boston. You shouldn't listen to it.


Season 2: Episode 1 - Laser Dong, a sassy narrator and millennial jokes with the Bubble audio drama

We kick off by analyzing one of our favorite Audio Drama podcasts, Bubble. The PlotCast is back with a completely revamped Season 2! More stories, more arguments and more cursing than ever before. AK is a cliche millennial; special season-long guest, Ori, is just as bad at explaining things as AK; Gus fangirls over his favorite show. Listen to Bubble (after you listen to us): P.S. This story doesn't suck.


Season 2 Reminder

We return with an all-new, revamped Season 2 on October 8th!


Episode 15: The Tragic True Story of Michael Larson

In 1984, Michael Larson won over $100,000 on a CBS gameshow called Press Your Luck, becoming one of the largest scandals to ever hit the network. So much so that his episodes were hidden from the world for 19 years. And the mystery goes even deeper: Shortly after winning, Larson become a fugitive from the FBI, lost all his money, and was found dead in Florida. On this special Season 1 Finale episode of the PlotCast, AK and Gus dive into one of their favorite true-life stories, analyze the...


Episode 14 - Plot Twists?!

Bruce Willis was dead the whole time; Norton is Durden; the "dead guy" on the floor was Jigsaw the whole time. Welcome to the Plot Twist episode of the PlotCast. I mean, it's got part of our name in it already, so it must be good. Let's jump in to the best and worst plot twists we've ever seen, plus: How to do them right, and now FUCK UP THE ENTIRE MOVIE. (Ahem; excuse me.) This episode contains spoilers for Saw, The Mist, Unbreakable, and a bunch of older movies. I don't think we spoil...


Episode 13: My Hero Academia (AK's favorite show)

While AK fan boys over his favorite show, Gus and special guest, Orious, actually have a discussion about the highs and lows of My Hero Academia. AK loves everything about it, while Gus has some harsh criticisms of the popular anime. And, just like Deku, AK cried multiple times during the recording of this episode (and not just from Gus' offensive anime-illiteracy). It's been a long time coming, but to quote Allmight: "This episode is HERE." (Or something like that.) This episode will...


Episode 12 - Film adaptations and fan expectations

Film adaptations are a touchy subject (as you'll hear from AK's reactions). And books turned in to movies are either hit or miss. You've got examples like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, both of which have been recreated to critical acclaim. But still, fans can be upset when details are left out or changed to fit the new format. Is it worth staying 100% true to the original, even if it creates a bad viewing experience on the big screen? Would film adaptations benefit from more...


Episode 11: Horror - Gus loves it; AK hates it. AK is wrong.

AK tries to spread his lies about horror movies, while Gus defends and explains the history of the best genre ever created. Gus also writes these descriptions, if you couldn't tell. This episode of the PlotCast was supposed to be on a different topic, but was was derailed by an impromptu argument. Will AK come over to the dark side, or will Gus be forced to kill AK at the end of it? Find out. This episode contains spoilers for: Dream House, Devil, the Visit, and some other horror movies...


Episode 10: Power Creep & Plot Armor in storytelling

This week on the PlotCast, we dive into another genre topic: Power Creep and Plot Armor when it comes to advancing a story. Power Creep, as (poorly) defined by AK, is when characters in stories keep getting stronger or smarter, just to continue the story. Think Dragon Ball Z or Sherlock. Plot Armor is when a character survives something they shouldn't, just because they're the main character, like Indiana Jones. Are these two techniques good, bad, or just plain amateur when it comes to...


Episode 9: Limetown (Our favorite audio drama)

The PlotCast dives deep into one of our favorite conspiracy-theory audio dramas, Limetown, by Two Up Productions. Ten years ago, the 300 citizens of the secluded town of Limetown vanish over night after a 911 phone call. Grumpy Gus, AK and special guest, Orious, go through the show episode-by-episode, explaining what happened and their analysis of it. Find out why it's our favorite, and take this journey down the rabbit hole with us. This episode obviously contains spoilers for Limetown. If...


Episode 8: Is The Office a story-based show? (The Big Debate)

It's the showdown episode of the PlotCast, with Grumpy Gus versus AK (and special guest, our buddy Ruba) in an ongoing debate that could end a friendship: Is The Office a story-based show? Can sitcoms even be considered story-based? Sadly, those and more questions are left (mostly) unanswered, because we just argue back and forth for 50-minutes. May contain spoilers for: The Office (duh) and Friends. Maybe Lost, too. We can't remember. Follow us on Twitter for daily updates: ...


Episode 7: Storytime with the Brews (Special Episode)

What's better than some hilariously bad improv with friends? How about getting them drunk first. In this special episode of the PlotCast, Ak and two of his friends, Rayford and Ori, have a unique challenge: Buy a beer with an interesting label and then tell a story about it. Best story wins the fame and glory. (And maybe a free beer.) Who wins? Was the beer good? Find out.


Episode 5: When series just...won't...die!

Everyone hates when their favorite series ends, but some stories just go on for too long. AK and Gus are back for another episode of the PlotCast podcast, this time discussing series that just won't stop, including some greats like Saw, Harry Potter, and Fast & Furious. Should franchises continue to make these series, long after they were supposed to end? Find out in episode 5 of the PlotCast. May contain spoilers for: The Office, Saw series, My Hero Academia. One of those is actually a...


Episode 4: Diversity & representation in media (The Battlefield Effect)

AKTheunabletodescribethingswellnair and GrumpyGus bring on Asura Rogue for episode 4 of the PlotCast! This week we discuss Representation in media with a focus specifically on women. We touch on the Battlefield V controversy, who each of us like to play as in video games and how you shouldn't write about how women's boobs feel. Also, a side segment, AK once again passionately describes something he loves incredibly poorly! Thanks to Asura Rogue for joining us! Check her out at: ...


Episode 3: The Kingdom Hearts story is terrible

Special guest, Rayford Gaming, joins us on episode 3 of the PlotCast, as we share our thoughts after E3. Find out our three hypest games and why, plus Gus and AK finally have an equalizer to end their bickering about Kingdom Hearts 3. Who wins? Listen to find out. Give Rayford Gaming some love just for putting up with us - YouTube: Twitter: Join us every week for a new episode of the PlotHeads Podcast. Follow us for...


Episode 2: AK has terrible taste in stories

In episode 2 of the PlotCast, Gus and AK engage in a heated discussion about their most-hyped story (and non-story) games to be introduced at E3! Why does Gus love call of Duty so much? Will Fallout76 be everything AK dreamed of? Is Pokemon a story-based game? Tune in and find out. The PlotCast is a show about the storytelling: Our favorites, what we hate, and what works well when creating a plot. The hosts, Gus and AK, are experienced writers, both in the careers and free time. While they...