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RP 147 - Indie Street Film Festival in Red Bank, NJ with Jay Webb

Aggie, Mariano and Lorenzo sit with Jay Webb of the Indie Street Film Festival happening in Red Bank, NJ. We talk living in New Jersey and the Garden State’s perception to the outside world. All things Indie Street Films, film distribution in today's social media market, how Jay met his wife and about their company, Surf Costa, his clothing line based from the costa rican lifestyle. We also cover what to expect at the Film Festival, how to submit your film for next year and the process to...


RP 146 - Client Reviews & Relationships. Buying Likes On Social.

Aggie, Mariano and Lorenzo tackle the world of Clients. How we handle Reviews and Feedback, quantifying if you are doing a good job. The intangible feeling of knowing if your business is successful. Executing on your Client needs. Communicating with your Client that is comfortable to you and not based on protocol. Micromanagement in client relationships and helping clients see things through their client eyes, not their own. Helping clients get past the minutia and see the greater journey....


RP 145 - Let the Kids Play!

Aggie is Jet Lagged from her trip to Vegas for “work” for a conference for #SHRM. What does Florida smell like? The Bone Spur from Episode 144 resolved. Utah law exempting parents from neglect if their kids play outside. The main question is whether it is easier to be a parent today or in the 70s and 80s when our Parents were raising us. How many activities do your children do and balancing that as Business owners. Do you plan or have kicked your kid out on his/her 18th Birthday? Lorenzo...


RP 144 - Device Shoulder Horns, The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Incident, Blaming Facebook or The Human

Episode uhhh...144 is Ready! We talk: Device Usage Causing Shoulder Horns The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Incident Blaming Facebook or The Human Is it the platform or the human Find us on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, AnchorFM, Stitcher, Facebook and at


Shady Business Practice, Competition Copying Your Business and Climate Change - RP 43

Mariano & Lorenzo talk about shady business practices via Mariano's issue at Avelient, contacting a company that is pretending to be you, get copied by competitors, Mariano going to picnics and some how we got on to the topic of Climate Change. Find us on Facebook and at New episode every Monday and be sure to follow Mariano's brother, Paolo @psdifabio


Social Influencers - Italy - GMO & Farming and Healthy Eating - RP 42

Mariano, Aggie and Lorenzo discuss The Tooth Fairy, Aggie's conference she attended about Social Influencers, what kind of Social Influencers are trending vs those who are not, ad dollars going to Micro-Influencers, Lorenzo's kid at the Pool Club, visiting Italy and Lorenzo's hometown, GMO foods, healthy eating, Veganism and more!


Welcome Our Newest Rockstar! - Parenting, Business and Social - RP 41

We welcome our newest Host, Agatha along with Lorenzo and Mariano and we introduce the Rockstar audience to our newest addition and her journey to her current position with StopIt. We also talk Parenting, Business Balance, Social, Aquariums and more! You can connect with Agatha on Twitter and Linkedin and welcome her or warn her, whichever you feel is more appropriate!


Episode B001 - #BTS and #Bloopers from The Rockstar Podcast

Volume 1 : A 15 minute-ish compilation of some Behind The Scenes, Warmups and Laughs from the past 10 years. Clips and moments from random episodes...oh and Tony has a cat. Hope you enjoy!


Working with Optometry, Trade Shows and Disney - RP Ep 40

Mariano and Lorenzo discuss Mariano's experience in Tampa for a 4 day excursion with Avelient for a Trade Show for Optometry. We talk the future of business within the Eyeware Industry, Warby Parker and Lorenzo shares his first experience visiting Disney.


The Kids Are In Charge - RP Ep 39

Episode 39 - The Kids Are In Charge Mariano and Lorenzo sit down with their kids and talk Podcasting, TedX Talks, Donating Water to Flint, Impractical Jokers, Creativity in School, Red Sox Baseball and more. To close out, Gemma sings #Maroon5 Sugar. 10 Year Old, Tatiana discusses her idea of wanting to start a #FairyTale Podcast by reading stories for kids to listen to her read. She loves school and enjoys it a lot. 13 Year Old, Max talks creativity in school is lacking and is boring, Max...


Talking RFPs, NDAs, The World of Drophouse & Photography Credits - RP Ep 38

On this week's episode, Lorenzo, Mariano & Tony discuss the adventures of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) and RFP (Request For Proposals). We catch up with what is going on in Tony's world of Drophouse and also tackle the challenges of Photography at public events, within advertising and all things Rockstar Podcast. Lorenzo Screaming Lunatic Design Mariano Avelient Tony Drophouse


Our First #GTK - Getting To Know Mariano Bonus WTF - RP Ep 37

On this week's episode, Lorenzo and Mariano discuss Mariano's trip to Texas for his 2 hour presentation on Digital Media. We talk about how he will present to an audience of #Dentists as his target demo and then we #GTK Mariano, as Lorenzo fires off questions to him about his life from where he grew up in #Massachusettes to his courtship of his wife and then his business journey into his company, Avelient. We also have a bonus clip at the end of Lorenzo's kid. We also discuss having an...


Peter Dant Wedding & Family Photography - RP Ep 36

Kevin, Mike and Lorenzo meet with one of Bell Works original tenants, Peter Dant who is a seasoned Photographer and provides much more. We discuss Peter's view of the growth of Bell Works, his professional career as a photographer, the Wedding industry and more. Guest: Peter Dant Photography Lorenzo Screaming Lunatic Design Mariano Avelient Tony Drophouse


Risk Assessment, Law Enforcement and More with 360 AOR - RP Ep 35

On this week's episode, we sit down with Nick Breiner and Jonathan Parham of 360 AOR Worldwide and cover topics within the spectrum of #LawEnforcement, #Military, #RiskAssessment, #BuildingSecurity and more topics within the realm of Risk Management. We also cover the Military Services and Police Service of Nick Breiner and then the history of Jonathan's journey into becoming an Office up to Chief of Police and many details, protocols and philosophies both distinguished gentleman have in...


Pricing, Estimates, Proposals, Sales Pitches & Deposits - RP Ep 34

Mariano, Tony and Lorenzo discuss Tony's mornings and Mariano's evenings. We continue with our discussion about raising your prices. How we handle sales pitches, programs we use for proposals and estimates, requesting deposits. Handling Project Mgmt fees and overall handling working yourself smartly without a large staff for support. We talk about programs like #pandadocs #dubsado #eventplanner #slack #applenumbers #trello #basecamp #freshbooks and more. You can watch us live on YouTube and...


The Bell Cast - Ep 6 - Peter Dant Photography

Episode 6 of The Bell Cast from Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ. You can find us live at every Friday at 11am. Kevin and Lorenzo meet with one of Bell Works original tenants, Peter Dant who is a seasoned Photographer and provides much more. We discuss Peter's view of the growth of Bell Works, his professional career as a photographer and more. Guest: Peter Dant Photography Mike: True Connect Kevin: Refresh Advertising Lorenzo: Screaming Lunatic Brand Development


Raise Your Pricing, Importance of Logos vs Marketing - RP Ep 33

Mariano and Lorenzo discuss our guest rescheduling, Tony is stacked, Lorenzo's Bell Cast Episode about Raising Your Price and the importance of Logos vs Marketing. That and all the in-between stuff. WATCH as we record each episode on Instagram at Lorenzo Screaming Lunatic Design Mariano Avelient Tony Drophouse


The Bell Cast - Raise Your Price - Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Bell Cast from Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ. You can find us live at every Friday at 11am. Kevin, Mike and Lorenzo discuss: Where we are taking the Bell Cast future Podcasts That We Enjoy The Hip Trend of Marketing/Design Leaders Answering All Questions With "Just Raise Your Price" as a fix all solution Mike: True Connect Kevin: Refresh Advertising Lorenzo: Screaming Lunatic Brand Development


The Bell Cast - Guest Avelient - Episode 4

Episode 4 of The Bell Cast from Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ. You can find us live at every Friday at 11am. Kevin and Lorenzo welcome Bell Works residence, Mariano and Sam from Avelient and discuss: Where is Mike? Sam's impression of Bell Works What services do Avelient provide New Jersey Aint So Bad After All Kevin and Sam's new Bromance Mariano's Late Night Walks Mariano & Sam: - marketing agency for the digital age solving business internet marketing...


Garage Band, IG Live and Dead Air - RP Ep 32

Mariano and Lorenzo discuss a whole lot of topics which you wont hear because Garage Band dumped us. THE GOOD NEWS you can WATCH the whole episode from our IG Live cast at