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BuckAround is the first and only podcast focused exclusively on Wisconsin football. An outgrowth of the popular blog founded in 2012, the BuckAround podcast is for the Badger fan who can never get enough Bucky!

BuckAround is the first and only podcast focused exclusively on Wisconsin football. An outgrowth of the popular blog founded in 2012, the BuckAround podcast is for the Badger fan who can never get enough Bucky!
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BuckAround is the first and only podcast focused exclusively on Wisconsin football. An outgrowth of the popular blog founded in 2012, the BuckAround podcast is for the Badger fan who can never get enough Bucky!






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Episode 242 - Week 7: Michigan

Rich and Max navigate the disaster that was the 38-13 loss to Michigan.


Episode 241 - Week 6: Nebraska

Rich and Max discuss the Badgers 5th straight win over Nebraska SHOW NOTES 1:00 The Buckaround returns at full strength 3:15 Nebraska’s D is really bad 4:30 400 yards of offense for Nebraska 7:00 Rich lays the blame at the feet of the D Line 10:15 The hosts believe in the secondary 14:30 The Year of Ray Ball candidates 16:15 The freshman tracker 18:00 Tyler Johnson looks like he is back 18:45 Why can’t Nebraska’s OL pass protect 25:00 The playcalling 29:00 Talking Hornibrook 31:30 Getting...


Episode 240 - Week 4: Iowa

Rich and Max analyze the Badgers’ 28-17 win over Iowa SHOW NOTES 1:30 Rich is catching a cold 3:45 The TalkAround 9:00 Max wants to talk about Hornibrook 13:30 Are Badger fans QB expectations off due to Favre and Rodgers? 17:15 Balky is SLC on JT and fumbles 20:00 Media Break: Klatt was good 21:45 Deal and the RB usage 24:00 Is the offense meeting expectations? 29:45 Linemen playing Tight End 32:00 Rich Recites Rules Really Respectfully 33:45 Musical chairs in the secondary 38:15 The DL is...


Episode 239- Week 3: BYU

Rich and Max discuss the stunning 24-21 upset at the hands of BYU. SHOW NOTES 2:00 “Our best shows are after losses.” 4:15 The Talkaround 8:00 The energy of the crowd 8:45 A look at Hornibrook 19:45 The WR’s... Danny Davis is really good 21:45 Step aside Hillary and TJ there’s a new player with Rich’s heart (TE talk) 27:00 JT had a good game 28:00 What is going on with the O Line?!? 33:00 Moving to the defense... no easy solves 41:00 Nelson playing young 44:00 Keith in Houston on Special...


Episode 238 - Week 2: New Mexico

Rich recaps the Badgers 45-14 victory over New Mexico SHOW NOTES 1:00 Rich flies solo and forfeits the right to say “... and joined as always” 2:45 The Talkaround 5:15 Not a lot to say about the defense 7:30 Welcome back Loudermilk 9:15 The dropoff from Connelly to Orr 11:15 Madison Cone can play 12:30 JS Jesse on the early gameplans 19:00 Chryst didn’t let off the gas 23:00 Tyler formerly of Stevens Point on getting excited about AJ Taylor 25:00 Get ready for 2.8 more years of Rich gushing...


Episode 237 - Week 1: Western Kentucky

Rich and Max review the Badgers' 34-3 victory over Western Kentucky SHOW NOTES 3:00 The Viewing was better the second time around 4:45 The Talkaround 7:45 Alex Hornibrook looked better moving around 13:30 Groschek was #noteworthy 16:45 Taiwan Deal’s playing time 19:00 The OL and conspiracy theories 26:15 Penalties 27:30 Jake Ferguson is gonna be good 32:45 Scott Nelson is gone be good 35:00 But Zach Baun has the Kung Fu grip 37:00 Christian Bell looks vastly improved 37:45 The CB’s and DCW’s...


Episode 236 - B1G Picture: Penn State

David Jones joins a solo Max to preview Penn State plus Max rolls through the annual bold predictions. SHOW NOTES 1:00 No Rich... he will never get to talk to this guest 2:30 Welcome David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot News 3:00 Recapping the 2017 season 5:45 The loss of Barkley and Moorhead 9:30 What to expect from the defense 12:00 The 2018 B1G East outlook 14:30 Why does David think Bucky can win the B1G 19:15 30 Max minutes back to back 20:45 Bold predictions 21:00 Mochy on WR yardage...


Episode 235 - Wrapping up Camp with Jesse Temple

Rich and Max enter game week with the beat writer's perspective from Jesse Temple SHOW NOTES 1:30 It’s game week 3:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple if The Athletic 4:15 Has Hornibrook progressed? 9:15 Dunn & Krumholz and their potential impact 12:30 Talk about Cruikshank 14:45 Danny in Stalis (sp) on other WR’s who could make an impact 17:00 How will the carries shake out behind Taylor? 19:45 Who wins out at LT? 21:15 Should Badgers fans be concerned about the DL? 26:00 How many snaps can Olive...


Episode 234 - We Just Want to Talk About Football

Rich and Max react to the news of the suspension of Quintez Cephus plus discuss latest news from Badger Camp. SHOW NOTES 1:15 The first time we don’t want to be here 3:00 Max is just sad 4:00 The impact ON the field 5:00 The #1 WR is gone for at least the year 6:45 Danny Davis gone too? 8:00 Playing our the worst case scenario 10:15 Settle loves Taiwan 15:15 Even worst case this passing game is light years ahead of 2010 23:45 DCW in the Chateau Bow Wow 26:30 The Captains 28:45 Has The...


Episode 233 - Prop Bets: 2018 Edition

Friend of the Show Andy Schaaf returns with a new set of prop bets. Let's get to 250 entries this year! SHOW NOTES 1:30 Welcome back Mr Prop Bet Andy Schaaf 9:30 Non-skill player with a rushing attempt? 11:00 Hornibrook scores a TD? 12:30 A WR with a 200 yard game? 14:00 A game with two 100 yard receivers? 15:00 A 5 TD passing game? 16:45 A non QB touchdown pass? 17:30 A game w/ less than 100 yards passing? 19:30 Will the Badgers block a punt? 21:30 O/U Badgers missed extra points 2.5 23:30...


Episode 232 - Still Talkin' Practice

Rich and Max have more to say about fall camp. And the sound is a little touch and go at times. Sorry peeps. SHOW NOTES 2:00 Another week to talk camp 3:00 All Deron Harrell all the time 8:30 Christian in Boston on Matt Henningsen and DL depth 14:45 Joe in Tucson on OL recruiting 23:15 Logan in Canton on not redshirting Coan in 2017 36:30 Steve in Portland on Manuel’s comments 48:00 The OL nickname 50:30 Prop Bet hype


Episode 231 - Fall Camp Preview

Rich and Max react to Paul Chryst's press conference to open fall camp and discuss their "things to watch" for the coming month of practices. SHOW NOTES 1:00 Rich is in vacation mode 2:15 Max can see the temptation of a 311 tattoo 3:30 Kasl retires 6:00 Olive to DE 7:45 Coaches like Baun 10:30 Getting Guerendo on the field and the RB’s 14:45 Is there going to be something new with the offense? 18:00 A lot of Jake Ferguson? 22:30 What does Mullens look like? 24:00 The safeties 25:15 Amanda on...


Episode 230 - B1G Picture: Nebraska

Listener favorite Mike'l Severe returns to preview Nebraska plus Rich and Max talk roster news, Media Days, and debate the best linebacker of the last 30 years. SHOW NOTES 2:00 Welcome back Mike’l Severe from Omaha.com (somewhere in middle internet) 3:00 What went wrong with Riley? 4:15 What changes with the hiring of Frost? 6:30 Why all the roster turnover? 7:30 Who to know on defense 11:15 How does 2018 play out? 12:15 The mid term future for Frost 15:15 Let’s talk about Northern Illinois...


Episode 229 - B1G Picture: Michigan

Kyle Rowland joins the podcast to preview the 2018 Wolverines, and then Rich and Max discuss the "Bielema Paradox", revisit bag men, and take a 2nd look at their receiver exercise from episode 228 SHOW NOTES 1:00 A less verbose intro... or is it? 2:45 Welcome Kyle Rowland of the Toledo Blade 3:15 Were expectations in 2017 fair? 6:00 What will the offense look like and what are the names to know? 9:45 Is the defense gonna be really solid? Better than last year? 13:30 Big Ten East Champs or...


Episode 228 - All-Badger Potpourri

Taking a break from the B1G Picture series, Rich and Max take a listener-driven dive further into Milwaukee recruiting, talk safeties, and take a shot at what they think the distribution of receptions will look like in 2018 SHOW NOTES 1:30 Rich... Mover and Shaker... At least mover 4:00 Neil and revisiting the MKE football issue 16:15 Ben in Chicago on Dixon as most important player on the defense 18:45 Matt in MKE on the emergence of Scott Nelson 25:30 Who’s gonna catch passes... and how...


Episode 227 - B1G Picture: Iowa

Scott Dochterman previews the Iowa Hawkeyes plus Rich and Max talk about the potential for Kayden Lyles' to move to nose guard and the relative strength of Iowa and Wisconsin as football programs. SHOW NOTES 2:00 Max, the college football polygamist 4:00 Welcome back Scott Dochterman soon to be of the Athletic 4:30 A look back at 2017 7:30 A look at the running game 15:00 Will the defense be able to replace the LB’s? 23:00 A look at the 2018 schedule 28:30 Rich no longer views Iowa as an...


Episode 226 - B1G Picture: Rutgers

Rich and Max preview Rutgers with James Kratch before discussing how the Badgers might manage the injuries to Rand and Loudermilk, what "shutting down your recruitment" really means and work through some listener mail. SHOW NOTES 1:30 Back for the 3rd week in a row 2:45 Welcome James Kratch from nj.com 3:15 A look back at 2017 4:45 SO many offensive coordinators 11:30 Turnover on the DL 14:45 Will the defense still be a strength? 18:00 Does Ash have to make a bowl in 18? 22:00 Rich lives...


Episode 225 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

Rich discusses Northwestern with Adam Hoge before he's joined by Max to break down the impact of the injuries to Garret Rand and Isaiah Loudermilk for 2018. SHOW NOTES 2:30 Lysol wipes on a keyboard is a no-no 4:00 Welcome back Adam Hoge 5:30 2017’s quietest 10 win season 7:30 Clayton Thorson’s return 9:30 Who else is of note for the 2018 offense? 12:15 Northwestern’s lack of explosiveness 14:15 Will the defense be as good as last year? 18:15 Expectations for 2018 27:45 2018 UW football as...


Episode 224 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

Kyle Goblirsch previews the Gophers and Rich and Max discuss the assistant coach pay raises and work through some listener mail regarding Jim Leonhard and the defensive side of the ball. SHOW NOTES 1:45 Your main source for Elite 11 talk 3:00 Welcome back Kyle Goblirsch from Minnesota 24/7 3:30 Was the plan evident to see in 2017? 6:00 Is the talent improving? 9:45 What does the 2018 offense look like and who to watch 15:45 Looking for a transfer QB? 21:00 The 2018 defense and who to watch...


Episode 223 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Mike Carmin previews the Boilermakers in Jeff Brohm's 2nd year plus Rich and Max dissect the national title talk in the media of late. SHOW NOTES 1:15 We always do Purdue early 2:30 Welcome back Mike Carmin from JC Online 3:15 Was last year's defensive success a surprise? 5:45 How much hype surrounds the 2018 season? 8:00 What to expect from the offense 11:00 WR and the JUCO route 13:00 How good is the defense going to be this year and who to watch? 15:30 A glance at the schedule 18:45 Jake...