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40 Mailbag Meltdown

This week Nina & Kenya dive into the Mailbag and address a new Mommy's meltdown in real time: Lawd, it can be hard sometimes! We talk about all of this and address an article that came out the same time as this question: Vox Article We want to hear from you! Connect with us. Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us: Harmonizenk@gmail.com


39 Fall Back

Kenya feels like Simba in the desert. Nina is sad because fall is taking a long time. But, then she gets over it. People lied to us, those old sayings are longer than what they taught us. We dig deeper. We talk about artists who inspired our work as we remember Ntozake Shange and the ancestors. Are you a whole artist...or a disciple of someone's technique? Have you joined the "Shine Text" community yet? Use our code, its free! You get self-care tips on your phone...



We talk faith and church...and the difference between the two. We talk about strike, its not what you think. Kenya says people should mind their business. Nina says she's not a circle, but a Decahodren. Some scriptures we referenced: Mark 9:38, Luke 9:49 Get tickets or information about Nina's performance in Cleveland: Ya Mama at CPT We want to hear from you! Connect with us. Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email...


37 Speak It...shut up!

Go lay down. Digesting the good. Your period is another kid. Kenya has gas. Nina's daughter sings the Anthem. Nina and Kenya want to party all the time. Podcast to check out: The Mommy Hour with Corene Lavhan Nina and Kenya have a giggle breakdown...Here's why: Original Takes for Orson Welles Wine Commercial Connect with us: We want to hear from you! Connect with us. Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us:...


36 That's Lesson One! (Summer Wrap Up pt 2)

We finish the summer wrap up with reports about Nina's Birthday Surprise, Beyonce's Vogue Cover, what Kenya wants for Nina, and failed attempts to Harmonize...because: wine and giggles. We want to hear from you! Connect with us. Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us: Harmonizenk@gmail.com


35 Summer Wrap Up Pt. 1

Kenya thanks all the people. Sage tells us to stop slacking. Kenya has a traumatic move and channels Snow White. Nina doesn't engage like that. It got long, so we made it a two parter! Harmonize is no longer on vacation! We want to hear from you! Connect with us. Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us: Harmonizenk@gmail.com


34 Game Changers

Kenya updates us about Sage's Adventures in Wonderland with Cleveland Ballet. We tesser through the looking glass on our way to Wakanda. Sternocleidomastoid. It’s a real word. Sometimes you have to pay for that information. Sometimes it is innocent. We reminisce about some things. Rehearse. Kenya got fussed at by Nina. It really is okay though. Get tickets to Nina's show at Hollywood Fringe: http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4917 Or support her efforts on...


33 Spring Fever

An Olympic Volleyball team, a land of candy, and well dressed men. We are ALL OVER THE PLACE…Kenya says you should do it, but be responsible cause you either gonna feel good, get burned, have a baby or a disease. Axe and Jean Nate. They talk about polyandry. Nina sends Kenya to the corner. Nina's daughter sets the teachers straight. We are talking about sex, spring fever, smelling good, looking good, science and more...


32 Ya Mama!

***TRIGGER WARNING: Traumatic Birth Experiences, Suicide*** This episode is on the serious side. Listen with headphones, or without kids around. Nina & Kenya share their traumatic birth stories, yes they both have one. They talk about Serena Williams, black women's treatment in medicine. Why we need doulas, why they are important advocates for women not just during labor, but postpartum. Nina gets real about her mother's suicide and points out some facts about Post Partum Psychosis. They...



BEYCHELLA!!! AHHHH!!! We know, everybody is talking about it...because THEY SHOULD BE! This is the blackest/HBCU/Probate/Twerkingest thing you have ever seen and it is magnificent. Yes honey, Beyonce as theatre (credit to Jenna Wortham from Still Processing for coining that phrase). We escape to Nina's car to watch it on the laptop again. Kenya exits several times because she can't take it. Nina gets very passionate about the South and New Orleans. We look at the performance through a...


30: Digest the Good

We're recording at Karamu y'all! (and get kicked out, lol) Nina's show closed. Juuuuuuiiiiiiccccceeee. Nina's writing a book. Kenya is full. Somebody went to the hospital, and it wasn't what they thought. What saves you? How do you come back to YOU after doing something fabulous? Nathan comes to visit. We read from the mailbag. Undigested good turns to s#@t. ~Mama Gena http://www.mamagenas.com/fave-frames-2014/ Nina's Ya Mama...


29 Revolutionary Thinking

Its been a week y'all! We talk the Black-mitzpah Kenya threw for her son, to give him something other than fear. We talk moving from wrestling with fear to sitting with it. We talk Nina's show (click the link, get your tickets! or at the very least look at the pictures) Moving out of poverty to opportunity. Do your kids HAVE to go to college? Having the right to be angry Black women, fight us if you want to! Be seen, be heard. Raise your voice. Here are some...


28 Wrinkle to Wakanda

We are tired. We are doing all the things forreal forreal. We are finally getting to talk about Wrinkle and Wakanda. Nina gets a phone call. We talk salaries, Favored nations and Inclusion riders. Access to resources on the level of our genius. Nina and Ava speak the same language. Oprah validates us. We can create the sets and studios that we envision. Wakanda Forever! Be a Warrior! Don't forget to support our other work: Sage's Dance Theatre of Harlem GoFundMe Nina's Hollywood...


Quick Update !

Nina’s car died! She has a show opening at at Karamu House, & it’s Her youngest’s birthday! Kenya is teaching a residency and they haven’t been able to get into the studio all week! But we will definitely be back next week. Keep Harmonizing! 💕


27 Hello, Boo! Mentors vs Advocates

"Hello, Boo." Nina scrapes the chair. Kenya bangs the table. We talk contracts, each one teach one. We talk tech rehearsal. The differences between the Dance and Theatre worlds in terms of mentorship. Eve's Bayou & one minute and thirty eight seconds. Abuse behind closed doors. Ballerinas behaving badly. CYA. No Diva policy. #WakandaForever "Get out." Ailey Dancers Boycott Gala Mentors vs Advocates More on Mentorship Send your questions: We want to hear from you! Connect with...


26: ROCKSTARS! An Interview with Trina Robinson Kemie

We have a wonderful interview with a dear friend of Kenya's: Mrs. Trina Robinson-Kemie! Dancer, Wife, Mom, Owner and Operator of Rockstar Dance Fitness in Burbank, CA. She gives us some inspiration about bouncing back from your low place, inspiring yourself through faith and creating the legacy you want for your family. This was a quick one as interviews go, because she is about business! But there are some golden nuggets in there, so grab a pin and paper honey! We talk about everything...


25 Harmonize After Dark: Black & Sexy

Its easy to get conditioned into only accepting quickies. We talk about flirting starting in the morning, so that they imagination is on FIRE by the time we get home from work. GET IT when you can, morning, noon, night. LOL! Nina figures out her hubby loves her preggo body, that's why they got so many kids. Kenya either has a knife fetish or she was a circus performer in past life http://www.mamagenas.com/newbook/ We want to hear from you! Connect with us. Follow us on Twitter:...


24 We Baaaqqq!!!

***UPDATE*** Nina made a nerd mistake, had a slip of the tongue, so before y'all come for me (clears throat) Vibranium is the element in Wakanda, and part of Cap's Shield, Adementium is what is in Wolverine's Skeleton. I KNOW! How could I? I was just so excited. Go lay down. WAKANDA FOREVER!!!! We missed y'all! We are all over the pl -- WAKANDA FOREVER -- may be shouted at random moments throughout this episode. We sing songs. We twerk. We talk about acting and dance. Nina met GregAlan...


23 We're BACK!!!

We're back family! We have had a break, we are refreshed and we are ready to spill the tea. Next full episode drops in a week. Love y'all! Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us: Harmonizenk@gmail.com P.S. there's a poll in our InstaStory, go check it out. (Please and Thank you)


22 Minisode 3 TREAT YO'SELF!!!

It's the holidays! TURN UP!!! Big Freedia's Christmas album. Twerking. Cliff Owusu. Nina's husband makes an appearance. Kenya sings a Vaseline song. Spirit Talk! We love them! Again, we are not high, its JUST TEA!!! A Very Big Freedia ChristmazzHow An iPhone Would Ring If It Was Invented By An AfricanSend us pics of you treating yourself! Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us: Harmonizenk@gmail.com