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The podcast for women and money!
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The podcast for women and money!






EP 106: The Other Side of Bitcoin with Trace Mayer

Whatever your stance on Bitcoin might be, it is difficult to deny that it is changing the way we think about finances. Bitcoin is opening up a new standard of value for currency: protection. Today, I have my guest, Trace Mayer, on the show to give us some more detailed information about Bitcoin and why it is so important to have a working knowledge of cryptocurrency. Trace isn’t on a mission to sell you something; he is on a mission to inform the world about the exciting new frontier that...


EP 105: Her Money Matters with Jen Hemphill

Profit Boss® radio is all about connecting you to women who are empowering other women to have confidence in their finances. I cannot think of anyone who embodies that spirit like Jen Hemphill. Jen is a bilingual Latina military wife and mama who knows there’s a lot more to financial freedom than spending less and saving more. After experiencing years of the numbers sliding sideways, even though she and her husband were doing “all the right things,” Jen went on a journey to uncover some...


EP 104: The Self-Made Woman with Nely Galan

With hard work, a healthy money mindset, and the sheer force of determination, you can overcome insurmountable odds and find success. This is exactly the attitude of my guest, Nely Galan. Nely is a Latina media dynamo! As an immigrant with limited work experience, Nely worked hard to put herself through school and then rise through the ranks to become the media mogul she is today! Nely was the first female president of Telemundo, and she has produced over 600 episodes of television in both...


EP 103: The Million Dollar Asset You Didn’t Know You Had + #AskHilary

Many Americans are walking around with a million dollar asset they didn’t even know they had—Social Security. Love it or leave it, the U.S. has put Social Security in place to protect your future, and you need to be informed to make the most of it. My special guest today is Elaine Floyd. Elaine has made it her mission to make sure everyone knows how to utilize Social Security now to better ensure their future. She has spent much of her time assisting Baby Boomers when it comes to claiming...


EP 102: Creative & Flexible Ways to Make More Money

When it comes to taking control of your finances, many of us are seeking out new opportunities to make money. Flexible careers offer creative ways to make money on your terms. Thanks to technology, more and more companies are open to remote workers, telecommuting, or a hybrid between remote and in-office time. Now more than ever before, you can choose a career opportunity to fit your lifestyle so that you can finally have career happiness. Here to help us better understand all of the...


EP 101: From Losing a Record Deal to Millionaire Podcaster & Entrepreneur with Cathy Heller

Everyone loves an unlikely success story. We are often told that anything is possible and these success stories give us all home to chase our dreams. Still, we need to make money and pay the bills. Dreams just don’t feel very lucrative. Is it possible to turn your dreams into reality? Today’s guest embodies what it means to be an unlikely success. Cathy Heller didn’t come from much, had a little education, and no idea about how to make it in a career. It wasn’t likely that she would...


EP 100: Announcing Ignite Investing!

Welcome to the 100 episode! It feels surreal that my initial dream to start a podcast has transformed into a movement of women taking ownership of their finances. While more and more women are feeling empowered by their wealth, a whopping 71% of women still have all of their money in cash. Investing feels like some kind of impenetrable black box, and for many of our listeners in the middle of their financial growth journey, it can be cost prohibitive to take advantage of a financial...


EP 99: Sales Skills to Boost Your Income with Judy Hoberman

Everyone has an opinion about sales, and for many, that opinion isn’t very positive. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in sales! There’s no way around that! Despite some reservations about it, we all know that a career in sales can be very, very lucrative. So if you’re looking to increase your income this year, this episode of ProfitBoss Radio is a must-listen. Judy Hoberman is my guest today, and she is sharing with us her lessons learned from a 30-year career in sales. What...


EP 98: How You Can Make a Profit Buying and Selling Real Estate

We all know that real estate is a worthy investment, and on your path to financial freedom, you will likely enter into the complex process of selling or buying a home. When it comes to real estate, knowledge is power. That being said, very few sellers or buyers are actually doing their homework. We are also battling cognitive biases that will lead us down a dangerous path if we aren’t careful. That is why I am so glad to have my guest, Aaron Hendon on the show today. Aaron is an...


EP 97: Married to a Thief: What if He Takes Everything? With Janet Lombardi

There can never be any secrets in money. Today, I have an amazing and compelling interview with Janet Lombardi, author of Bankruptcy: A Love Story. In 2007, Janet called her financial advisor for a routine check-in because she hadn’t received her annual statements in the mail yet. What her financial advisor told her changed everything: He said, “The accounts are empty. Get an accountant, get an attorney, and get a private detective.” This is Janet’s account of the financial fallout that...


EP 96: Listener Stories: Debt, Shame, Love & Financial Transformation

One of the biggest steps we have to take on our journey to financial freedom is to decrease the burden of debt. Paying minimums can delay immediate problems, but debts can pile up quickly and might cause you to miss out on some of your dreams. I am bringing you a story today of a listener who found herself in considerable debt but was determined for it not to ruin her relationship or put a dent in her career goals. This is the story of Beck, a listener and member of the ProfitBoss...


EP 95: Money Lessons from Dave Ramsey’s Daughter

Forming a healthy relationship to our finances is all about taking small steps towards our ultimate financial goals. No matter your income, I believe you have the capability to find financial freedom. If you are looking for a little financial peace today, then you are going to love my conversation with Rachel Cruz! Rachel has a down-to-earth, practical perspective on finances that comes from an early exposure to money management skills. That’s right, Rachel’s dad is the one and only Dave...


EP 94: How One Woman Almost Lost a $4M Inheritance

When a parent leaves an inheritance as a legacy for their children, the intent is always to secure their future. Statistics tell us that 1-in-3 heirs end up blowing all the money, rather than stewarding it well. Earning and keeping are two drastically different skillsets, and having advice and counsel is essential to manage wealth well. But what would happen if all the advice in the world was basically useless? What would happen if you knew you were going to inherit but had your hands...


EP 93: From Divorced, Jobless & Broke to Successful Entrepreneur & Owning Her Dream Home with Jackie B

When we think about a hero’s journey, it’s tempting to play up the sweeping dramatic moments and downplay the mundane or sacrificial choices they make to reach that hero status. I have a story for you today that doesn’t pull punches but is just as heroic as any grand adventure we might read about. When I first heard Jackie B’s story, I could feel the strings of my heart being pulled in a million directions. Yes, Jackie is currently living out her dreams, but she had to make hard choices...


EP 92:How One Woman Freed Herself from a Prison of Debt

This week I'm speaking with Kelly, whose lax money habits from her early 20s landed her in a stressful 25-year cycle of debt and uncertainty. Now, having sought help to finally improve her understanding of money and establish healthy spending and saving, she's debt-free. This episode is a great one for anybody wrestling with feelings of failure or inadequacy around money, but it's also educational for you parents out there who are wondering how to ensure that your children don't grow up...


EP 91: Teaching Kids About Money with Neale Godfrey

Conversations about money are never easy, and talking to kids about money is no exception! This is one of the topics I get asked about most about, so I am thrilled to be able to bring to you the excellence and expertise of an incredible guest. If you are a parent or caregiver, your top priority is to make sure the child in your life is set up to succeed well into adulthood. Perhaps you have made some money mishaps that you insure your kids against. Maybe you just want to be proactive and...


EP 90: The Secret to Keeping Financial New Year's Resolutions

2018 is nearly upon us, and I know you are already thinking about your finances. This is the perfect opportunity to think back at all of the money choices you made in 2017 and begin to set some goals for the year ahead. Are you in the same camp as 42% of Americans who think setting resolutions is a waste of time? Are you excited to grow even closer to your freedom number this year? Whether you are the former or the latter, this episode is going speak right to you. To begin this special...


EP 88: Jean Chatzky on Earning and Investing More

It’s time to get your money mindset intent on investing! On ProfitBoss Radio, I try to tackle the personal and cultural forces that are both pushing women forward and holding us back. Buzzing about in the media is the continuing conversation about women and wage parity. Are women making strides to even the wage gap? Are women investing and earning with the same confidence as men? I could think of no one better to tackle those questions than Jean Chatzky! You might know Jean as the...


EP 87: Building a Financial Tribe to Kickstart Your Goals

Student debt, or debt of any kind, is a weight that impacts your entire life. The weight of debt carries a range of emotions from shame, anxiety, and depression to feelings of isolation and inadequacy. Many women struggle to find peace with that debt, let alone financial freedom. Typical debt solutions are often oversimplified—extreme budgeting, cutting back on lattes…there has to be more we can do. There has to be someone we can turn to! For a while, there wasn’t. That is exactly where my...


EP 86: Health Insurance: How to Save Thousands with Medi-Share

Healthcare and health insurance are getting more and more expensive. With changes coming with healthcare legislation, and with policy and coverage shifts imminent no matter where you live, you might be thinking about an alternative to traditional Health Insurance. Many people have turned to Medical Expense Sharing Programs to help offset the cost of medical care. If it sounds a little “out there” to you, hang with us. I am going to give you all the facts you need to know about Sharing...


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