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Sex Education = Period Education

Our guest, Stella Marie Cobb, shares her endometriosis experience which left her hospitalized almost every month as a young girl! Then, as a young mother, she realized she needed help in teaching her daughter about her period, because she never learned. It has become her mission to empower young women to learn about the menstrual cycle, sex and pregnancy prevention. Thank you, Stella, for joining the flow-versation! If you would like to check out Stella and work with her, she can be...


Making Peace with Endometriosis

A typical woman around the world suffers from a kind of a debilitating pain especially around the time of her menstrual cycle and it really affects her daily activities. Usually, taking a pain reliever is a common option to ease the pain but what if you’ll experience the pain every day? Do you still opt to take medications to soothe the discomfort that you feel? This is what Aubree Diemler would experience and ask herself these questions. She shares her knowledge and journey with having...


Sacred Period Rituals

A painful feeling during the menstrual cycle and hating your period? Our guest, Omolewa Jennifer Thedford, dives deep into sharing her personal period experience and advocating for women to appreciate and understand their period. Omolewa awakened her desire to help people in their community after she got pregnant, experienced an awful situation and didn’t get support from elders. She witnessed the same situation for women around their community and found the missing links to be: birth,...


Fertility and Chinese Medicine

1 in 8 couples have challenges conceiving and having their dream family. There is confusion and loss as to what to do to help. Some couples are even planning when they would like to expand and include health lifestyle changes to have the healthiest egg and sperm they can have for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Dr. Lorne Brown comes goes with the flow about how Chinese medicine can help those couples that are having trouble conceiving and nourish the bodies of those who are pre-conception...


House of Reusable Pads

Decrease environmental waste by using reusable pads! They are not as difficult to use as you may think. Reusable diapers are already being used and both have been used for years. Sarah Callaway and Mike Pitman share how they came into opening House of Callaway and the process for using reusable pads, including how you can transition to using them easily. About Sarah Callaway and Mike Pitman: Owners, House of Callaway Sarah and Mike own a business, known as House of Callaway, which...


Aromatherapy and Oils for Periods

Whoa, that smells good! Imagine a world where just by deeply inhaling essential oils, it can help with your cycles. I’ve got news. It exists! Bethany flows about aromatherapy for your period as well as touches on SAFELY using them topically for less cramps, moodiness and more. Be sure to check out the links with information that Bethany has put together for you on how to incorporate them into your health and wellness regimen. About...


Repair Your Period Naturally

There are options available for having a better period experience and Lara Briden, Naturopathic Doctor and Author, joins the flow-versation sharing how you can do just that. She expains the different types of Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and even challenges a commonly taken herb that may not be for everyone. Bringing many years of experience, she breaks down the seemingly complicated period into actionable tasks for you. About Lara Briden, ND: Naturopathic Doctor, Author Lara...


Smash Period Shame by Coloring

Cass Clemmer joins the flow-versation with Dr. D talking about the new coloring book, The Adventures of Toni the Tampon. We discuss where the inspiration came from behind the book, as well as Toni’s friends who are also featured! Toni is always up to something and can be found in some of the coolest places. This is a wonderful book that can be used by anyone – all ages, genders, menstruating or not. It is a great tool that can be used to introduce or decrease any feelings of discomfort...


My Period as a Crystal Ball: Intuition and Spirituality

Tina Conroy joins Dr. D in this flow-versation about something so mysterious, yet so obvious – intuition and spirituality! During the phases of the cycle (along with the moon cycle), there are times where one may be more intuitive or feel more sensitive. Tina walks you through how to identify that and what you can do about it if you are looking to heighten intuition and spirituality. About Tina Conroy: Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive/Medium, Yoga Teacher, Empowerment Coach Get-INTUIT...


Interview with the Slayer of the Tampon Tax

Thank you, to one of the “badass menstrual activists” out there today: Jennifer Weiss-Wolf for going with the flow about public policy as it relates to access to menstrual products and menstrual equity. Jen discusses how she came into wanting to change the game for menstrual access and what were the steps she had to take. Although the sales tax has been removed for the state of New York due to her tremendous efforts in getting things going, her work is still not done. Her book, Periods...


BOGO Pads and Tampons

Thank you, Claire Coder, for joining the flow-versation! Claire is the founder and CEO of Aunt Flow and we got to talk about what makes this subscription-based pads and tampons company so different from the others Hint: you’re actually helping someone else who is in need. At only 19 years old, she is changing the game in what it means to menstruate with others and have a gender neutral company. About Claire Coder: Never did I think that I was going to be talking about menstruation for...


The Pill: Given Out Like Candy, But Not So Sweet

Thank you, Holly Grigg-Spall, for joining the flow-versation! We go with the flow about considerations to be taken when deciding to begin taking hormonal oral contraceptives (aka The Pill.) Also, she discusses what you can do to prepare yourself for coming off of the Pill. She dug deep into the background of birth control pills after experiencing a side effect and she’s shared it with the world in her book: Sweetening the Pill. If you would like to check out Holly’s book and work with her,...


Body Rolling for your Period

Thank you, Emily Stein, for joining the flow-versation! I loved chatting with her about how you can use body rolling for better periods. It is so comfortable and feels really good while doing it. If you would like to check out Yamuna body rolling and work with her, she can be reached at any of her various outlets. About Emily Stein: Emily Stein is a Certified Personal Trainer, Body Rolling and Foot Fitness Practitioner and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Educator. Emily helps people...


Quit Smoking with Your Period

Thanks for joining us on this week’s episode of the Sisters of Flow, we “go with the flow” about anything and everything menstrual cycles! What happens when a young lady goes to see a prophet about her cramps in Zimbabwe? We think some cultural beliefs need to be broken. If you’re looking to quit smoking (or start another regimen), there is a way to use your cycle where your chances of success are increased. Many people are using over-the-counter painkillers for their cramps, but there...


Using Your Period to Increase Athletic Performance

Let’s explore how a yoga practice affects your perception and what that means for your cycle. Turns out there is more in which you can benefit from doing yoga than the increased circulation and blood flow to have a better cycle. Female martial artists have a major benefit compared to male counterparts – all because they have a period! The martial arts trainers have a different training practice and technique using Ayurveda. A released study goes against the old thought of the Uterus being...


The Men Who Really Do Menstruate...For Real

We’ve heard about endometriosis, but what about adenomyosis? It is common to see with an endometriosis diagnosis, but there is a difference between the two. Did you know there is a place where men desire to actually menstruate? It’s true! In Papua New Guinea, menstruation is thought to be so powerful that they have their own “menstruation” ritual. Next, as you age, your cycle could surely change. We talk about what that means and some things to look out for during the 20’s, 30’s and...


Protect Your Paycheck By Protecting Your Period

This week’s flow-versation touches on something that is very important and can be extremely helpful to those who have a history of missing work or being hospitalized due to complications of their period. Rich offers some advice on what you can do to protect your paycheck by protecting your period. In a way I never thought about it, but there is insurance out there where when your medical insurance covers the doctors, meds, procedures, etc., this helps to pay you. So it can be one less...


Is PMS Real?

Someone seriously asked if PMS is real or cultural phenomenon. We wonder how that can even be asked when you are a guy who has not experienced it. Zimbabwe’s recession has led them to a cash shortage that is causing women to forego medications, procedures and more. There might even be an increase in HIV/AIDS diagnoses and increased maternal and infant death due to the lack of access to healthcare. Do you know how to check the height of your cervix? Why would you want to do it and how do you...


Get Period-Ready for the Holidays: Chocolate and Liquor

We’re rolling into the holidays and we’re having a flow-versation about some things to be mindful of that may affect your period. We talk a couple of our personal faves: CHOCOLATE and LIQUOR, haha! Also, as we share great times with our family and friends, there are those who are homeless and they still have a period. We review a viral video and article highlighting this pandemic issue. Feed your period with eggplant! Special thanks to our Flow Friday Fact partner, the Womb Sanctuary,...


All Action and the Period: Flow-versation with Brodie Welch

Welcome to the all new Flow-versations with Dr. D Mini-Show! This week, Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M. with Life in Balance Acupuncture and, joins me as we highlight what living a highly active and overproductive lifestyle can do to the period. She offers advice on what you can do to balance that out...and it only takes a few minutes a day! Thank you, Brodie, for joining the flow-versation! If you would like to check out Brodie and work with her, she can be reached at any of...