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Episode 47 - Zwei bekommen Drei

This week Andy gets "employed" as the third member of Talking Codswallop. Listen to this episode to hear the grilling questions he is asked. Find out why it's NOT OK to say "Smoke a Fag" in the US, if you didn't already know. We had a few technical issues with this episode, so James' audio isn't great, but you can still hear his golden tones. :) Gemma shares her dislike of certain emoji's. VOTE #ThumbsUp OR #ThumbsDown. Follow Talking Codswallop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:...


Episode 46 - Let's be Frank (Five)!

If you are a fan of #TESD this guest needs no introduction. Gemma and James sit down this week to discuss food (a lot), education, poop, accent barriers and much more with the man who vomited on a cake, and got away with it; Mr Frank Five. Mrs Five makes a lovely addition to the end of the episode too. Gemma breaks the professor with a game! Follow Talking Codswallop Podcast on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @CodswallopPod Music by: Senior Discount - 3 little birds.


Episode 45 - Bam Blows

James does another kick ass interview with YouTube sensation and all round International Icon For Bad Behaviour, Bam Blows. Andy doesn't like James' "slanderous behaviour" towards cats and Gemma... well, she's just amazing as always (haha). #WrittenByGemma. Follow and watch Bam here: Instagram: (link: YouTube: (link:… Twitter: (link:...


Episode 44 - Christmas Episode

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!! 'Tis the season to be jolly, so listen to this episode to find even more Christmas laughter and joy. Follow Talking Codswallop on Twitter, Instagram + Facebook @CodswallopPod MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL LISTENERS. Have a drink on us! :D


Episode 43 - Would you Rather?

Gemma gets sassy. James talks about seeing Paul McCartney + the crazy fans. James and Gemma play a game of Would You Rather which creates some interesting conversations and has now become a NEW segment on the Talking Codswallop Podcast, because.... No one can tell us what to do. Follow Talking Codswallop on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @CodswallopPod #NoPhonyPodcastNetwork Song by: Senior Discount.


Episode 42 - Robin Shelby

REVAMPED VERSION WITH BETTER AUDIO. Massive apologies listeners, note to editor (me - Gemma), Don't edit a podcast with Sinusitis. Sorry guys! :) Gemma is sick, so James takes one of the team and does an awesome interview with the lovely and very interesting Robin Shelby from Willow, Ghostbusters 2 and many other projects. She is a darn right, awesome lady. :) Thank you for listening to this week's Talking Codswallop. :) Follow Talking Codswallop on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook...


Episode 41 - Idle Hands + Idle Minds

Gemma, James and special guest Andy Barr review the cult classic film Idle Hands. When three people get together to discuss a film, it doesn't always go to plan as Andy, Gemma and James take the episode to weird and wonderful places. Topics of all kinds, as well as the film are discussed. Andy Quote: "Popping a Cherry with Idle Hands" Follow Talking Codswallop on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @CodswallopPod Andy: @AndyBarr79 Enjoy this KILLER episode.


Episode 40 - Live Codswallop - PodDogs

This is a very special episode, marking the first EVER LIVE episode of Talking Codswallop. We were honoured to take part in @SqueeFest which was a 24hour charity podcast held by our friend Squee. Games, Shooting the Codswallop (aka chatting), James brings some weird stories, and a round of Would you Rather? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Donate, if you can to the PodDogs charity: All proceeds (+ Gift Aid) will go to Dogs for Good charity which help disabled people live...


Episode 39 - Bryan Johnson

A year and half ago I interviewed Bryan Johnson for another podcast I was with, here is that interview. It was a true honour to speak with Bryan at Edinburgh comic con in the green room. This is one of my first interviews EVER, although I get tongue-tied I think this is a great interview. So I hope you enjoy. Follow Talking Codswallop on Facebook, Instagram + Twitter: @CodswallopPod


Episode 38 - Ming Chen

This week's episode does not really need much of a description. This week Gemma and James have the true honour to sit down and speak with the legend that is Ming Chen HIT TV series Comic Book Men and from the podcasts: I Sell Comics, Ming + Mike, PuckNuts and guest appearing on Tell 'Em Steve-Dave. Ming breaks his story about his Island Con experiences and we find out what happened from a star's point of view. We discuss everything from his and Mike Zapcic's podcast studio:...


Episode 37 - Halloween Spooktacular

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! A paranormal expert stops by this week to share some of his experiences. We all share ghost stories and have a spooktacular time. Follow Nathan on twitter: @Nathanpage15 Follow Nathan on instagram: Nathanpage5 Follow Talking Codswallop: @CodswallopPod


Episode 36 - Beetlejuice

Here is the second addition of Celluloid Codswallop. You all voted for it, and here it is.... Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlej… you know how this goes. James and Gemma review the classic Tim Burton film, for it's 30th anniversary. Lots of #Spoilers in this episode, but it will leave you wanting to either see the film for the first time or revisit the film again. Follow Talking Codswallop on twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @CodswallopPod


#Ep35: We've been CON'd

This week Gemma and James sit down with the lovely Chris Downie from Shooting Clerks. We briefly recap on Shooting Clerks (for more information on the film, please revisit Episode 16). Our main purpose for getting together is to discuss the shambles that is IslandCon and how badly Chris was treated by the organisers. This is a very honest and real episode, so not for the faint hearted. haha! :) We have lots of laughs along the way. Music: The Sigh - by Tommy Lombardozzi @tommylombardozzi...


Episode 34: Don't get trapped in the closet

It's HALLOWEEN Season, so let's get a little spoooky. On this week's episode, Gemma and James sit down and talk to @Audra_Nurse about life as a end of life nurse. Audra shares some stories of her experiences. Although the topic is "End of Life" there are still lots of laughs to be had in this episode. Follow Talking Codswallop Podcast on twitter @CodswallopPod


Episode 33: The Breakfast Club

Welcome to the first episode of Celluloid Codswallop which is going to be a aired on alternate weeks/ends. This week Gemma and James cover the legendary and cult followed The Breakfast Club. Synopsis: A diverse group of high schoolers forced to spend detention on a Saturday in the library. Forced to make the best of their circumstances, they learn to understand each other and discover that in spite of their initial differences, they actually share many common feelings and problems. Yes,...


Episode 32: Jock the Cock

In this week's episode, Gemma has been to Exeter + Cardiff Film and Comic Con & she discusses her experiences at both. Featured interview with one of the #SuperLoot creators, check out their website: We answer some lovely listeners questions, thank you to all who submitted. And TWO stories of the week this week. We find out why a pensioners cock is the talk of a town. Song by: Kriss Stone - Burden O Mine. Check him out on bandcamp:...


Episode 31 - Phantom Pooper

In this week's episode, James and Gemma discuss the "Phantom Pooper" during story of the week. Introduction to Celluloid Corner (which Gemma cannot say) where we discuss films and tv programmes, James gives his recommendations which leads to further discussions about A Quiet Place. and much much more. Gemma embarrassed herself yet again, but this time it was big time. Listeners didn't submit their problems (please feel free to do so), so a UK newspaper provides some Agony Aunt/Uncle topics...


Episode 30: Chocolate is Crack

James survives a near car accident. Haunted alarm clocks & new FREE shoes. And Gemma recaps on her awesome weekend in London and Birmingham. Story of the week: Skull boy. Music by: Dave Wimer from The Cult of Dave ‪(@Cod_Pod) - My name is Henry. Follow Talking Codswallop on Twitter @Codswalloppod


Episode 29: Emergency Apology

BUM!!!!!!!! I forgot Father Lance's birthday message. I hope there is still a place in heaven for me! :) Follow Talking Codswallop on twitter @CodswallopPod


Episode 28: Birthday Episode

Talking #Codswallop turns 1. To celebrate Toffa and Sean from the @_masterdebaters podcast join Gemma and James for fun, games and a general “RAD” time. Follow Talking Codswallop on Twitter: @codswalloppod