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Ep. 168: You Can Only Lose When You Give Up

Today's Words of Wisdom Wednesday was inspired by an unfortunate circumstance with one of my rescue dogs, Mollie. Mollie was suddenly taken away by the rescue organization where she was adopted because of claims related to her vegetarian diet. I was told that due to her diet, a veterinarian had diagnosed her with various health issues related to her kidneys and heart. Naturally, I asked for documentation to support these claims and when I was told they didn't have it, a battle was...


Ep. 163: Noel Russell, Advocate and Adventurer

Noel Russell initially began her professional career in fashion. In this podcast episode, Noel shares what initially sparked her interest in social work and how she found a bridge between her past personal experiences and current passion toward social and community engagement. She believes that you don't have to be wealthy to help others and shares how her Mexican American family taught her the value of providing support to those around you. Whether it's through being present by...


Ep. 162: Las Pérdidas Tienen Lecciones

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Ep. 161: Losses Have Lessons

Lately, I've been contemplating and analyzing recent events in my life more than usual because of some changes that have led to feelings of loss. As an entrepreneur, I've had complete autonomy of my schedule, which has allowed me to move at a higher-than-normal pace. Because I became accustomed to this lifestyle and not being required to "check-in" with anyone, including myself, being exposed to a new routine threw me off course. I suddenly lost hours in my day due to a relationship and...


Ep. 159: Your Vision Is Your Reality

Today's podcast episode was recorded the morning after the 2018 Midterm Elections. I was inspired by all of the female candidates and the various adversities they were faced with throughout their campaign. I realized that our reality stems from our vision. Whether we think we can or we think we can't, we're right. Your vision is your reality, which is why it's so important that we define what we want our life to look like. It's also important that we believe in ourselves so our power is...


Ep. 158: Confident Women Don't Hate On Other Women

Todays podcast episode is about the importance of women supporting women in all aspects of life. Often, I read negative comments on Instagram from women stating their opinion about another woman's physical appearance, which encouraged me to talk about this matter and share my personal experience regarding the occasional lack of support from women. The remarks are often unsolicited and nasty in nature, which leads me to ask "why?" What's the purpose of putting someone else down that is...


Ep. 157: Tips to Help Someone With Depression

I am not a mental health expert or medical professional and therefore, only speak from my personal experiences with depression and what has felt like a life-long battle with something I have little control over. As I've mentioned in previous podcast episodes, I lost a close family friend to suicide when I was 16 years old. I, personally, had a front row seat to his depression, which exponentially became worse in a short amount of time. Because I witnessed the stigma and consequences of...


Ep. 156: Your Heart Knows Best

Today's Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about following your heart because often, it has the power to steer us in the right direction. There have been times when I've done projects that only withdrew energy from me and because I was not following my heart, I thought this was "normal" and my unhappiness was part of the process. What I've learned as an entrepreneur is that our heart is an indicator of our joy. Although we may not always reap immediate results of our labor, our heart...


Ep. 155: Tu Voz Es Tu Voto

En este episodio de Sábado Sabio, platicamos sobre la importancia de usar nuestra voz porque tu voz es tu voto. El 6 de Noviembre, habrán elecciones en Estados Unidos, lo cual nos permite elegir a los senadores que nos representarán a nivel estatal. Votar nos permite tener una opinion sobre los temas que afectan distintos aspectos de nuestras vidas. Políticas que giran alrededor de salud, educación, seguridad, transporte y más están en las manos de estos senadores que necesitan de nuestra...


Ep. 154: Use Your Voice To Vote

As two important dates approach, I began to reflect on the significance they have on my life. Almost three years ago, the most important person in my life suddenly passed away: my grandmother "Mamatita." She was a woman whose influence will forever live on. She taught me the importance of speaking up by showing those around her what courage looks like. She was never afraid, especially when the stakes meant sacrificing who she was. My grandmother taught me to do what was right and not what...


Ep. 153: Who Are You When Things Aren't Going Well

Today's Words of Wisdom podcast episode is about our perspective, attitude and disposition when things aren't going the way we envisioned. How do you show up for others when your personal circumstances are less than ideal? Do you treat bystanders with rudeness or disrespect when they have nothing to do with the challenges you're faced with? Not being aware of these traits and characteristics is dangerous because they're only amplified when circumstances begin to improve. When the stage gets...


Ep. 151: La Envidia Es Una Gran Maestra

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Ep. 150: Envy Is A Great Teacher

Today's Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about envy and jealousy. When we're jealous of others, it often teaches us about our deepest desires, which can be turned into something positive. In order to see something in others, we have to be able to possess that ourselves. Therefore, if we're jealous of another person's relationship status and ability to attract love into their life, we are also identifying something we, ourselves, are capable of having as well. I discuss this topic...


Ep. 149: There Are Treasures In Your Shame

Today's Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about shame and the importance behind approaching less-than-pleasant events in our life with curiosity. Facing our circumstances with a desire to know or learn more allows us to understand where they stem from and why they have the impact they do on our life. By removing shame, we often help ourselves and other people in the process. Acknowledging and accepting our own mistakes and hardships encourages those around us to do the same by identifying...


Ep. 148: The Only Constant Is Change

Change is an inevitable fact of life. We make plans, form bonds and hold visions close to our heart only to realize that nothing is guaranteed or meant to be permanent. Change is the only constant and the sooner we are able to embrace this, the more likely we are to accept the different circumstances that together, make for an interesting life. In today's episode, I share my journey as an entrepreneur and how I've learned to embrace change during various phases. When we begin anything, we...