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Keeping Israeli music on your dial! Love Israeli music? Israel Hour Radio is the official podcast of Israeli music lovers worldwide. Hear your favorite Israeli artists, your favorite Israeli songs, and your favorite Israeli memories - plus connect with others who share your passion for the music of Israel!

Keeping Israeli music on your dial! Love Israeli music? Israel Hour Radio is the official podcast of Israeli music lovers worldwide. Hear your favorite Israeli artists, your favorite Israeli songs, and your favorite Israeli memories - plus connect with others who share your passion for the music of Israel!
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Keeping Israeli music on your dial! Love Israeli music? Israel Hour Radio is the official podcast of Israeli music lovers worldwide. Hear your favorite Israeli artists, your favorite Israeli songs, and your favorite Israeli memories - plus connect with others who share your passion for the music of Israel!








Episode #1008: Israeli Wedding Songs

Ever been to a wedding in Israel? If you want to experience true joy, the music at an Israeli wedding will leave you feeling uplifted, energized, and inspired for the future. This week, we're transporting you to a wedding in Israel, and putting you in the center of the dancing circle! Enjoy a super-sized hour of unbridled joy (no pun intended) and serious fun during our Chagigat Shirei Chatuna - a celebration of Israeli wedding songs! (Original air date: August 18, 2019) Full playlist at...


Episode #1007: Songs of Hope and Optimism

This podcast was recorded on Tisha B'av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. We could spend the day playing sad, depressing songs...but why? That's not who we are! Instead, we've devoted the hour to songs of hope and optimism to brighten our spirits. You'll love our 'Chagigat Shirei Tikva' - a collection of songs that offer the promise of a better tomorrow! (Original air date: August 11, 2019) Full playlist at


Episode #1006: Israeli Music of 1994-95

Welcome to Chagigot 2019! Our annual August Chagigot are a month-long celebration of Israeli music, where we devote each week's show to a particular topic. This week, we kick things off by celebrating the year hosts Mairov and Josh first came to WRSU, and never looked back. Our 'Chagigat Shirei 1994-95' celebrates Israeli music in the 90s - featuring songs by Aviv Gefen, Boaz Sharabi, Rami Kleinstein, Ethnix, 'The Lion King'...and more! (Original air date: August 4, 2019) Full playlist at...


Episode #1005: Ninet Tayeb Interview and The Return of Live Radio!

Israel Hour Radio is back live on WRSU! Be sure to tune in live every Sunday at 11am Eastern. For our first week back, we've invited a VERY special guest to join us: the gorgeous and insanely talented Ninet Tayeb! Ninet and Josh speak about her Kochav Nolad victory in 2003, her musical journey ever since, her US tour with The Zombies, her appearance at the Woodstock 50 festival, her television role in 'When Heroes Fly', and more! Plus: new music from Shiri Maimon, Kobi Peretz, Noa Kirel...


Israel Hour Radio - Episode #1004: A Sizzling Summer Israeli Playlist

With songs to make you smile, dance, and even cry, you'll love this week's amazing playlist - featuring new music from Keren Peles, Lior Narkis, Miri Mesika, and many more! Plus, a mega-concert in memory of Meir Ariel, a new song in support of Hadar Goldin's family, a new emotional song from Yonina, upcoming concert announcements...and a light at the end of our tunnel! Full playlist at


Israel Hour Radio - Episode #1003: Israeli Music Goes Bananas

Eden and Eden...Bananas and more bananas...Shlomo Artzi and Ben Artzi...and so much more! Static and Ben-El release a new hit song, Shlomo Artzi releases a new concert album, and your favorite Israeli singers release tons of brand new music. Enjoy a fantastic hour of all-new Israeli music! Full playlist at


Israel Hour Radio - Episode #1002: Ten Israeli Songs Every Jew Should Know

We at Israel Hour Radio believe that every Jew, everywhere, should possess at least a basic knowledge of Israeli music. Israel is our homeland, and it's important for us all to understand a bit about Israeli culture to help us better connect to our beloved country. But where to start? This week, Josh takes a stab at a playlist of 10 Israeli songs every Jew should know, from the early days of the state through today. This podcast serves as a fantastic "beginner's guide" to the music scene...


Israel Hour Radio - Episode #1001: An Hour of All-New Israeli Music

We have no idea if this is really our 1,001st episode, but we decided to start our numbering system there to make each show easier to find online. In reality, we've probably done more than 1,001 shows in 25 years. Anyway, enjoy this incredible hour of ALL-NEW Israeli music, featuring Eliad, Ninet, Mooki, Mergui, Shefita and other stars who may or may not have last names. Plus - Woodstock 2019, "SuperTrump", "Yellow Submarine"...and more! Full playlist at


Israel Hour Radio - June 16, 2019: An Interview with Koolulam

Mairov and Josh present the latest in Israeli music, from Idan Raichel, Omer Adam, Rita, Static and Ben-El and many more! Plus, Josh speaks with Or Taicher, co-founder of Koolulam - the group that's turning mass-singing events into the coolest ticket in town, all around the world! Full playlist at


Israel Hour Radio - June 2, 2019: Songs of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Songs about Jerusalem are among the most beautiful Israeli songs of all time. This week, Mairov and Josh present a collection of love songs to the city of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the State of Israel. It's the perfect soundtrack to your Yom Yerushalayim celebration...commemorating 52 years since the liberation and reunification of the city of Jerusalem! Full playlist at...


Israel Hour Radio - May 26, 2019: The Israeli Song of the Year

Israel recently hosted its annual "ACUM Awards", which, more or less, are Israel's version of the Grammy Awards. Who won Song of the Year? We'll play it for you. Plus - it's a 'whole new world' for Israeli singer Adi Bity...a fun new world for Eden Ben Zaken...a proud new world with the official song of Tel Aviv Pride 2019...and more! Full playlist at


Israel Hour Radio - May 19, 2019: Eurovision 2019 Wrap-Up

Mairov and Josh look back at the best 'Israeli' moments of Eurovision 2019 - with highlights from the Shalva band, Idan Raichel, Kobi Marimi, a fantastic medley of Israeli Eurovision entries, and much more! Plus - all-new music from Shiri Maimon, Hatikva 6, Noa Kirel, Moshe Peretz and Lior Narkis, and many more!


Israel Hour Radio: May 12, 2019: The Best Israeli Music of the Year (So Far) - Part 2 + Hatikva 6 Interview

Here's Part 2 of our series on the best Israeli music of 5779, six months in. You'll hear some amazing music this week, from Eden Ben Zaken, Idan Raichel, Omer Adam, Moshe Peretz, Miri Mesika, and many more! Plus - an exclusive interview with Omri Glickman of Hatikva 6...a re-arrangement of our Eurovision entry this year...a hot new song for Netta Barzilai...a look back at Yom Ha'atzmaut 5779...and much more!


Israel Hour Radio: May 5, 2019: Yom Ha'atzmaut Spectacular

Welcome to Israeli Independence Day 2019! We're celebrating Israel's 71st birthday with the best patriotic Israeli music ever dress yourself in blue and white, grab a falafel and some Bamba, wave your Israeli flag, and prepare to enjoy a super-sized hour of Israeli music for Yom Ha'atzmaut. Our Yom Ha'atzmaut playlist is guaranteed to fill you with Israeli pride, and is the perfect soundtrack for your Israeli Independence Day celebration!


Israel Hour Radio: April 21, 2019: The Best Israeli Music of the Year (So Far) - Part 1

Broadcasting from Israel! With half of the Jewish year 5779 behind us, we thought it would be a good time to look at the best Israeli music of the far. You'll hear the biggest hits of the year, plus the official song of Yom Ha'atzmaut 5779, celebrating Israel's 71st birthday. It's a show so big, we needed to split it into two parts!


Israel Hour Radio: April 14, 2019: Preparing for Pesach

Gwtting ready for Passover? We'll keep you company with the perfect blend of Pesach music and new Israeli music. Featured this week: Eyal Golan, Omer Adam, Eden Ben Zaken, Tipex, and many more!


Israel Hour Radio: April 7, 2019

Right or left? Netanyahu or Ganz? Falafel or shwarma? With Israeli elections looming, here's one thing we can all agree on: ISRAELI MUSIC. Check out this lineup: Roni Dalumi, Ethnix, Shiri Maimon, Keren Peles, Ishay Ribo, Avraham Tal, Mashina, Stephane Legar and more. You're sure to love the music you'll hear this week, and that's NOT just an empty campaign promise!


Israel Hour Radio: March 24, 2019

There's a new member of the Kleinstein family working in the Israeli music biz! With the release of 'Hinei Hu Chozer', the new single by Noam Kleinstein (Rami and Rita's younger daughter), there are now FOUR members of the family working in the industry. We thought it would be fun to spend an hour featuring songs from all four of them: Rita, Rami, Meshi and Noam. You're sure to hear some favorites, as well as songs you hadn't expected!


Israel Hour Radio: March 17, 2019

A number of our favorite Israeli singers released brand new music this week - and we KNOW you'll want to be among the first to hear these great new tunes! Enjoy brand new Israeli music from Rami Kleinstein, Eli Botner, Shiri Maimon, Maya Buskila, Banaia Barabi, Jane Bordeaux, the Revivo Project and many more!


Israel Hour Radio: March 10, 2019

Your Israeli soundtrack for the week is here! This time...we discuss Israel's 2019 Eurovision entry - with a special guest...hear brand new music by Eden Ben Zaken, Shlomo Artzi, Mosh Ben Ari, Ninet Tayeb and Rotem Cohen's recent concert in New York...and play some great 'girl-power' songs in honor of International Women's Day. Don't miss this one!