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The High Price of Negative Energy

can remember being in high school and asking myself repeatedly why am I taking this math lesson I will never use this and like what sense does it make. But as I got older I came to realize the math was very necessary. It certainly applies to life. I have learned that if I got older I use the system of banking which is math when it comes to life. Think about it, at the bank you have leverage, assets, with drawls, deposits, investments, fees,


Blind Vision

Not long ago I started an additional venture which I had no idea would take off like it did. it became huge, bigger than I had ever anticipated, unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or the manpower to tend to it. You have to be careful when you venture out and do something that you’re passionate about. you never know if it’s going to take off. But there is a good chance that it will. Well it did and at the end of the day I tried to put together a team way too fast to make it work and...


Me FIRST. Taking care of Yourself

Trying to please others is like being on life-support eventually you’re going to have to pull the plug Unfortunately caring for other people is often viewed as a weakness. Just look at social media as the greatest indicator. It’s all about me, what I do what I eat where I go and who I know. Me, me, me, me, me it’s OK (listen to the podcast for more)


Podcast: Around the Block to Cross the Street

If life is best when we challenge ourselves why do we settle for what doesn’t work for us and continue to repeat the same mistakes?


Forest for a LOT of Trees, Gaining Perspective

Quite often when we are not satisfied or not happy with our lives we try to figure out why in the midst of the forest. It’s not possible to do that and you will continue to be frustrated. You have to leave the forest in order to gain perspective. Most people call it a “vacation” a week or two away from your … (listen to the podcast for more) Contact for more info or for advertising


Pennies from Kevin “Mood Swingers” Helping in Vain

Stop trying to take people with they don’t want to go or you’ll end up where you don’t want to be. It’s amazing how often we think it we’re helping someone by showing them the way they may even be receptive to it but chances are they have already made up their mind and they’re mind can’t be changed…


“Pennies from Kevin” Make More Money, Beware of the Carrot Danglers

Never get mad at someone else for not seeing your value. It’s not their job. But many of us waste time not days not months but years waiting for someone to recognize how great we are. it’s not their job… it’s ours. Today’s millennial’s don’t wait, they …


“Sense, Then” What are you going to do with your sense?

When you look back over your life, how many times could you have prospered if you had listened to YOUR own senses telling you to go for it or run from it? Chances are you were either pushed or warned in advance but the question is did you pay attention? Once you make the mistake or have a victory you will usually say “I KNEW I had a feeling about this!’” and you are always right. You did. Listening to your senses is not a debate, it’s the truth…


Losing the “WAIT”

There are times when we carry extra “wait” not just in the physical form but the mental and psychological form. What’s the best way to lose the wait? Listen to this motivational podcast to find out.


Why Did Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey Walk Away from his Successful Syndicated Gospel Show?

In This Episode of the Radio Facts Radio Show… we talked to Coco Brother who isback after the hiatus of nearly two years as hip hop’s spiritual radio personality – CoCo Brother.His brainchild this time out is Radio Condrey, his own syndication company, with the first show – “CoCo Brother Live: The Weekend”and he’s accomplished quite a bit since his time off. But what made him walk feom such a successful show 2 years ago? He has a very interesting story to tellon this episode of the Radio...


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