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Survivor Series Draft 2018

Gems of Wrestling are back and this time they are competing for the opportunity to shape the future of the podcast... Simply put, Rusty & Mr. No Gimmicks are drafting wrestlers from the past and present of "Survivor Series" to assemble teams of five (who will strive to survive!) and putting their wrestling knowledge to the test. The rules: 5 points per elimination, 10 points for surviving a match. Total points per wrestler is divided by the quantity of matches they have competed in,...


Halloween Havoc 1995 (WCW)

Where it all begins again.. 3 Wrestling fans - with completely unbiased, unadulterated, polarising opinions discuss the nonsensical WCW classic, Halloween Havoc 1995. The Yetayyy. The Zodiac. The Giant. The double-crosses. The Sumo Monster Truck Match. Dark Hulk. For a unique and completely fresh view on what is viewed upon as being one of the worst PPV's of all time, we find the handful of positives and discuss what redemptive qualities appear on this infamous event. Download the GoW now...


GoW Clip: Dungeon of Doom comparisons

You'll be surprised what the Gems of Wrestling compare to the infamous Dungeon of Doom... Full Episode will be available to download on Halloween Night from iTunes, Buzzsprout & Stitcher


001. Bashed in the USA - GoW: Coliseum Collection

The return of the Gems of Wrestling is finally here! This time, we are delving into the treasure trove of Coliseum Home Videos! We begin with WF116 aka "Bashed in the USA!" Released in June of 1993 in a time that you kind have had to be there, it's no longer the Golden Era of Hulk Hogan yet it isn't quite the New Generation of Bret & Shawn. It isn't a period of time looked back upon with great fondness but as with anything that we review, there will be Gems of Wrestling! We will be tallying...


Coming Soon: Gems of Wrestling's Coliseum Reviews

Brought to you by our sponsors; - iMessage animated stickers - GET STUCK IN! Gems of Wrestling have made the hot tag to clean house on the Coliseum Classic VHS tapes. Whether that be, Hulk Hogan's propaganda tapes, catchy titles such as "Smack 'Em, Whack 'Em", "Invasion of the Bodyslammers" or "Wham Bam Bodyslam" we are searching for the gems hidden within. Like, share and subscribe to ensure you do not miss what could be your favourite tape.


Diamond Talk: Episode One

On the agenda for the inaugural edition of Diamond Talk is; Bray Wyatt and underutilised wrestlers, The importance of heels & faces/psychology, Stigmatisation of wrestlers indiscretions, Inconsistent WWE punishments depending on the level of wrestler rather than the crime, Moolah & the re-writing of history by Vince McMahon, The Memorial Battle Royal, What to do with the Balor Club & Bray Wyatt. Diamond Talk is a freestyle, off the cuff, "see where it goes" conversation about wrestling. If...


GoW Special: Royal Rumble 2018 Results

Well well well, in summary, the Royal Rumble of 2018 was brilliant, right? There's still plenty to debate with the inclusion of Ronda Rousey, the receipt of Brock Lesnar and the various roles in the undercard including the Jason Jordan injury, the 2-0 Uso clean sweep, Kammy's gripe and the Clash of the Titans for the Universal belt. Find out which of the three predictions was 100% correct, what incorrect answers we had and also what prediction from last year's Wrestlemania came true. Like,...


GoW Special: Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

Simply put; this is a predictions podcast but with some borderline risky content. We discuss our thoughts on the upcoming Royal Rumble as well as delving into some of the dark corners of the WWE because it somehow relates to our topic of conversation. You've been warned! Like, share & subscribe. @GemsofWrestling


GoW Special: The Uneliminated Royal Rumble

After years of injustice we are settling the score for all of the Royal Rumble entrants that were unfairly eliminated ranging from 1988 through to the 2017 edition. Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Rick Rude &.. Bastian Booger all make their appearance in an attempt to redeem themselves. Also eligible is any Wrestler that eliminated themselves, never made it to the ring, was eliminated by an opponent that wasn't in the match or had already been eliminated....


GoW Special Match Story Corner: The Championship Scramble

There have been many Championship Matches where the Champion doesn't need to be pinned in order to lose but back in 2008, the only pinfall that mattered was the final one before a time limit expires. A little bit of Fatal Five Way, a little bit of an Iron Man & a hint of Elimination Chamber creates this potential Gem! Find out what happens when the Champion is unable to defend, when friends turn on each other and when Kane takes the most devastating Spinebuster of all time! Like, share &...


Vignette Impressions: Razor Ramon

The most traditional way to introduce a Wrestler is the Vignette! A series of pre-recorded promos allowing the fans to get to know somebody before their debut. Some are good, some are bad but in most cases, they are entertaining. This first in the series is dedicated to the Bad Guy! Check out his custom Cadillac, his favourite fruit, his disdain for Dominoes and how he feels about sand, fountains & chicas! Like, share & subscribe for more.


GoW Special: Talking about Talk Segments

This week's episode will be a chronology of every talk show every hosted in the WWE from the early 80's with a former Heavyweight Champion to the modern day. We have Corners, Shops, Pits, Parlour, Lounges, Asylums, Round-Ups & even a Manor.. Rusty & Mr. NGN compete to induct one show into the GoW Hall of Fame by their knowledge of the hosts of these memorable moments. Like, share & subscribe for more. @GemsofWrestling


GoW Court: Case 1.0 "The Animal"

Pick your allegiance, who is "The Animal" of Wrestling, George Steele or Dave Batista? Rusty & Mr. NGN battle it out, using their wits to convince Flemerald of who is more deserving.. If you want to do who wins.. download the first in this entertaining series that will settle scores of Nicknames that have been Namenicked! Like, share & subscribe. @GemsofWrestling


GoW Special: Summerslam 2017 Results *Uncut*

For the first time ever, GoW present a completely unedited episode as we discuss the results of Summerslam '17. *SPOILER ALERT* We will discuss every match conclusion as we bury our own predictions and tally up the correct answers allowing one of us to induct a current WWE wrestler into the GoW Hall of Fame! Like, share & subscribe. @GemsofWrestling


GoW Special: Summerslam 2017 Predictions

It is nearly time for biggest party of the summer! Sun, sea, sand and summarising what we think will happen this Sunday! There's many disagreements and reconsiderations and we analyse the possible outcome of the Fatal 4-Way and the likelihood of having the first Japanese World Champion! *Editorial Note* This episode was recorded prior to Smackdown Live! At a simpler time where Baron Corbin still held the MITB Briefcase. Like, share & subscribe for more!


Top 10: Villains of the European Championship

Who remembers enjoying the European Championship? Don't trust your memories - it was a joke, mainly due to these characters that disrespected the belt and of course we rank them, the Top 10 Villains of the European Championship! Relive some bad moments and learn some even worse moments. Like, share & subscribe. @GemsofWrestling


GoW Special: The Faces of WWE (1963 - Sometime in the last Fifteen Years)

One of us is MIA but that doesn't stop the remaining two from discussing the "face" of the company from 1963's World Wide Wrestling Federation to the modern day. We cover all the classics and discuss the importance of having a star drawing a crowd. 4 obvious names are surrounded by some surprises, some transitional & some "filler" Champions are a controversial topic. Like, share & subscribe for more Gems of Wrestling. @GemsofWrestling


Saturday Night's Main Event 85/86: Episode Eight

In this series finale, we induct the final Class of 85/86 member into the GoW Hall of Fame with Jesse Ventura & Roddy Piper still vying for a spot. Piper begins his revenge mission against Bob Orton, Slick sells Hercules, Hercules challenges Hogan & The Hart Foundation inform us of the three ways to "KILL A BEE!" A challenging challenge recaps the series and we get debuts from Koko & Dirty Dick. Like, share & subscribe for more GoW!


Saturday Night's Main Event 85/86: Episode Seven

GoW welcome back Jesse Ventura & Roddy Piper and say an overdue farewell to the Junkyard Dog! Since the last episode, Mr. Wonderful has turned on Hulk Hogan; Adonis, Muraco & Orton have injured the returning Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat has recovered from sickening concussion from Jake Roberts' DDT. We have a Snake Pit Match, two title matches and the return of the Ugandan Headhunter! All this and a Hulk Hogan themed challenge! Like, share & subscribe for more....


Saturday Night's Main Event 85/86: Episode Six

With Wrestlemania 2 out of the way, who will make their mark on Saturday Night's Main Event? We meet the third Funk brother, experience brutality of a Haitian midget, a knock out DDT.. literally and Hulk Hogan & JYD role reverse. Stay til the end for a game show challenge & The British Bulldogs taking on Sheik & Volkoff. Like, share & subscribe for more Gems of Wrestling.