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Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.

Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.
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Fans old and new discuss the state of professional wrestling. Nonsense abounds! Warning: Explicit Language. Not for sensitive ears.




356: Bro.

We’re living in a different world, folks. WWE puts out a minimum of 8 hours each week of original in-ring wrestling content. When special events like the Mae Young Classic or Mixed Match Challenge are going on, that goes up a couple. When there’s a PPV, we’re pushing 20 hours that week. It’s INSANE. But it’s not a bad thing. It just means a lot of us have to change the way we consume the product. And frankly, not watching all of it is okay. We delve into that a bit this week, and we talk a...


EURO 7: Will Cooling

On this months show – Martin (@bushby01) is joined by Will Cooling (Wrestling Observer, Fighting Spirit Magazine) to discuss the first series of World of Sport. They chat the series as a whole, ratings and a possible second series. They also discuss the debut of NXT UK, Rev Pro on Freesports, Progress at Wembley and Fight Club Pro. Music by Glitbiter (@Glitbiter).


DATES Goes Hawaiian 51: Choco Mochi

This week on the DATEScast, our snackologists set sail for a snacking adventure with the help of our buddy/professional surfer Danny Schlag on a special five-part series, DATES GOES HAWAIIAN. Danny brought us a wonderful bag of snacks that are considered to be island favorites, so we will put them through the PER system to see how they snack up. The first treat on the agenda is Island Princess' Choco Mochi, chocolate covered Japanese rice crackers. Is it milk chocolate? Is it dark chocolate?...


UNT 61: Planes Trains And Automobiles

As Thanksgiving approaches, your favorite Unfunny travel companions rug up in their winter coats and dive into a classic comedy from the 1980s - Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Our fearless trio share some of their own horrific travel stories, before the two Americans explain the importance of getting home in time for Thanksgiving to the lone Aussie. Greig and Jared may have inadvertently stumbled onto the secret origin of Tim's Veronica Mars obesession, Korg returns, we all ponder what's...


355: WWE Evolution Results

With WWE bouncing around from one controversy to another, we wanted to focus solely on the success that was WWE Evolution. The WWE's first all-women network special was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise troublesome wrestling entertainment world right now, so we are just going to talk about that instead of anything else. Join us as we gush about how much we loved Becky vs Charlotte, an all-time classic match, Io Shirai vs Toni Storm in the Mae Young Classic, and the rest of the Evolution...


DATES 50: Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

This week on a milestone DATEScast, our gruesome twosome lament about the lack of respect Halloween gets on this historic fiftieth episode of a podcast that should have never existed in the first place. They recall their Halloweens as children and at the Institute before diving into this week's snack, Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. Featuring a special shout out to everyone who has been apart of the "P" in the PER system for the first 50 episodes. You are the real snacking MV...Ps. Featuring:...


354: Thank you, Roman

This week in wrestling wasn't an easy one. We saw Roman Reigns step away from the ring after revealing he has been diagnosed with leukemia. Meanwhile, his friends lashed out about it. We also have a few disappointing shows coming up, including a poorly booked all women's event in Evolution and a Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia that is mired in controversy. Featuring: 'The Mayor of Reseda' Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman), and 'Superjew' Jared Robinivitz (@superjew75) Music by The Black...


DATES 49: Delici Sea Salt Caramel Mousse

This week on the DATEScast, our dynamic duo try their best to not let a Fantasy Football game cause a rift between them. They eventually conclude that can only happen if Tim stops walking around Costco and talking to strangers about the adversity his team had to overcome. Luckily for us, he found this week's snack while he was there, Delici Sea Salt Caramel Mousse, and opened up a whole new world of dessert snacking possibilities through Delici's Instgrammable website. It's time to PER on...


CJAE 76: The Ballad of the Alabama Bobs!

We're back, and so is Joshua Gavin (@TheLumberJew), as he joins Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) IN STUDIO this week during his visit to Los Angeles from the Mid-Atlantic territory. They discuss the good and bad of NWA 70, recap their live viewing of PWG's Smokey and the Bandido, swap Timothy Thatcher stories, discuss wild rumors about a new money promotion, pick rosters for said promotion, and create everyone's new favorite tag team. Sponsored by WrestleCrate and Lapel Yeah (@wrestlecrateusa,...


MWTM 61: Underworld Wrestling Part Deux

On this edition of Minutes with the Mayor, Derek follows up with his pal regular ol' Adam from Australia and his centuries-old fight club known as Underworld Wrestling. We are also joined by one of the competitors from the Underworld, 'The Mercenary' Slade Mercer, to talk about how the promotion has been doing, the Australian wrestling fan base, promotions working together, WWE's impact, and so much more. Whatever you do, don't compare it to Lucha Underground, dammit. It's Underworld...


UNT 60: Beetlejuice / The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Ghost with the Most turned 30 this year, and Jack Skellington looks great at 25. So let's talk about all the weirdo icons that came out of Tim Burton's head, shall we? Your favorite Bat-Dads reunite to reminisce (and in Greig's case, give some first impressions) on the gothic god of gritty, Tim Burton and his seminal films, Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our tremendously terrible trio of petrifying, portentous podcasters delve into all things black-and-white-and-stripey,...


353: Smackdown Live 1000

Well, it's finally happened. Everyone has abandoned Derek. But the show must go on, and the Big Show must turn, as this one-man pod talks about the historic 1,000th episode of Smackdown Live. He fondly looks back on attending the fifth anniversary of Smackdown along with the fun we had this week. He also discusses some not-so-fun things, such as the continuing controversy surrounding Crown Jewel aka Crown Royal, the SD Live women being relegated to a Battle Royal at Evolution, and voicing...


DATES 48: Red Hot Corn Chips

This week on the DATEScast, our snackologists return to one of the great snacking capitals of our country (thanks to the founder & proprietor of The Steel Cage, Mr. Joshua Schlag) to try a variation of one of their favorites all-time snacks. Going back to a St. Louis favorite by a spicy little company known as Old Vienna, our certified snackologists pick, eat, and rate Red Hot Corn Chips! Do they live up to the the Red Hot Hype or do they get lost in their big brother's shadow? Also, will...


CJAE 75: Roddy vs. the Gorn!

Halloween comes a little early to Captain Jack’s Armbar Emporium! We continue the tradition of watching along with Roddy Piper vehicles on major holidays, as Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) and special guest Christopher Lapin watch the 1988 disasterpiece Hell Comes to Frogtown. Grab a copy of this piece of work, hit play, and join in as we talk about Piper’s 1987-88 in Hollywood, hero mutants, background mutants, lost Fondas, phalluses on wheels, and atomic codpieces. Sponsored by WrestleCrate...


352: The Crown Jewel Heist

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The political landscape is a war zone, and not the kind that used to follow the first hour of RAW. The kind WWE doesn't want to be involved in. But here we are, discussing the fate of Crown Jewel, the ramifications of holding events in Saudi Arabia on other shows like the all women's network special Evolution, fallout from Super Showdown, and more. Featuring your two favorite members of The Steel Cage. Featuring: 'The Mayor...


DATES (LIVE) 47: The Mala

This week on the DATEScast, our snackologists are honored to be invited by the Phoenix Rising FC, Phoenix's first place USL soccer team, to PER LIVE from this past Saturday's game against Reno. The duo had to traverse a Donkey Kong-esque setup that included climbing ladders in a press box to rate this week's snack, The Mala Pizza. The Mala by Venezia's Pizza (yes, from Breaking Bad and yes, pizza can be a snack) is named after the Phoenix Rising FC's stars Doueugui Mala and has toppings that...


UNT 59: Venom

It took Sony over ten years to make it, but they finally got their Venom movie out in theatres. Critics of course, hated it, but what did WE think of it? Well, WE sat down and discussed the movie, its villain, its somewhat oddly-sexy moment, as well as its possible connection to the MCU. WE also went on some serious tangents with topics like Cameron Diaz, Little Shop of Horrors and Pink Unicorns popping up in conversation. So check out UNT 59 – Venom, because WE said so... or risk rolling...


MWTM 60: PACstasauca Showdown Under

On this edition of Minutes with the Mayor, Derek is joined by friend of the show and Cruisermom extraordinaire, Justine aka Pastasauca, to discuss an exciting week in her wrestlelife. The discussion includes the return of PAC fka Neville fka PAC to the wrestling world with his reemergence in Dragon Gate, a live report from Justine on the WWE Super Showdown from Melbourne, Australia, her trip to a video game mecca with WWE Superstars, and much more. Featuring: 'The Mayor of Reseda' Derek...


351: Super Show-Down (Under)

October 2018. A month where WWE doesn’t have a “normal” monthly PPV. We have this big Australian show coming up this weekend, and we have a women’s show at the end of the month, but combined with (another) Saudi Arabian show at the beginning of November – that’s it until Survivor Series. Kinda crazy. That said, we break down the way this show was booked, but we also take a bit of an aside to talk NXT, 205, and more! Featuring: ‘Captain Boomerang’ Greig Tansley (@greigT13), ‘The Mayor of...


DATES 46: SuperPretzel PretzelDogs

This week on the DATEScast, our snackologists try to be mature about eating this week's snack, SuperPretzel PretzelDogs, and of course they fail miserably. But they still manage to pick, eat, and rate while making childish jokes about tiny wieners. Featuring: Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman) & Tim Agne (@timagne) Music by: Polly Hall & Andrew Barkan, and Buzz Poets Inspired by: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks