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#27 – Controversy Creates Content

Let’s see how many people we can alienate with a single podcast. -83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff -All these podcasts, including ours, are really marketing pieces for the properties to make money. - Does a pro-wrestler's political beliefs play any factor in being a fan? - Do you have to be “ALL IN” when it comes to your political alliance or can there be nuance? -Froy finally saw Deadpool 2 and gives his take. - Enzo Amore (Real1) Steve Austin Podcast interview. - Froy calls out Actors - The...


#26 -The Golden Elite

- Build up to UFC 225 with CM Punk's second fight - CM Punk and Colt Caba Court Case vs WWE Doctor Verdict - Holly Holms having with Heat with CM Punk - CM Punk is now what he hates...a "part-timer" who brings an audience, but takes a spot from a full-time UFC fighter. - WWE having an offseason. - 83 Weeks Podcast with Eric Bishoff and Conrad Thompson. Going over the 83 Weeks that WCW dominated WWE. - Review NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling) Dominion 2018. IWGP Heavyweight Championship match:...


#25 – Wrestlemania 34 & NXT New Orleans 2018

Our One-Year Anniversary Episode! - Wrestlemania 34 review - Each of us watching Wrestling for different reasons. Reality-based vs outlandish stories. - NXT New Orleans 2018 Review - Cody Rhodes Character study on Reddit - Being The Elite - Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Running for President. And on Donald Trump - WWE creating internet rumors to build stories. - Rusev Day - Comics - Froy's meme obsession


#24 – Stormy Daniels Bryan

- - The MEGA-F*ck TON Powers Collide - Jeff Hardy’s DUI Arrest, Hank says it could have been way worse. - We debate would Marvel Studios’ initial movie Iron Man be socially acceptable today. - The Metaness of Being The Elite - The Origin of Cody’s fur coat - We talk awesome Ultimate Deletion segment with Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt - Early Wrestlemania 34 predictions - Froy talks Abyss and Jeff Jarret in TNA - We talk James Bond The Body Series of one-shots - Catching up on Tom King’s Batman...


#23 – Annihilation Chamber

- The location of the Bullet Club's "All In" Event Revielved - Elimination Chamber Review - Annihilation Movie Review - Wanting gold but never wanting to learn how to make it


Wakanda, Wooooo, & Rollins rules the Infinity Gauntlet Match!

-Black Panther review - We argue whether or not Ric Flair is a famous as Hulk Hogan - Seth Rollin's epic showing during Monday Night Raw's Gauntlet match. - More high praise for "Being the Elite."


#21 – Don’t FTRoyalRumble

- What does FTRR really mean? - Thoughts on NXT TakeOver - Royal Rumble Recap - Bendis taking over the Superman titles - Why "Being The Elite" is the best wrestling related show on any media platform.


#20 – Distance makes the heart grow….

The benefits of taking a break from watching wrestling from time to time. The return of Seth Rollins' finishing move! Our excitement levels heading into the beginning of the Road the Wrestlemania. Froy really wants EC3 (Ethan Carter the 3rd) to enter the Rumble....and he REALLY hopes he can keep his TNA theme music (he can't!). Batista on the Edge & Christian Podcast. Gang Banging (phrasing!) Aziz Ansari (just a bit) Our enjoyment of Tom King's work on DC Comics' Batman and Miracle Man...


#19 – New Year. New York. New Japan.

- Hank visits Froy in New York over the holidays - We both catch a live WWE house show at Madison Square Garden - NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 thoughts and what it means for the future of Pro-Wrestling - Our micro review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi


#18 – The Bullet Justice League Club?

- NXT War Games recap - We talk more about the ongoing wave of sexual abuse among the entertainment industry. - We give our reviews of Justice League - Stephen Amell joins the Bullet Club.


#17 – Not All Sunshine & Rainbow Bridges

- Ric Flair’s 30 For 30 - WWE overlooking the Ultimate Warrior history terrible beliefs. - We get deep into the current wave of exposing the history of people in power in entertainment using their power to sexually abuse others. - Does the wave mean the end of the womanizing? - How Netflix’s “Master of None” predicted this wave. - AJ Styles beating Jinder Mahal - WWE 2K18 - Brian Micheal Bendis leaving Marvel for DC Comics - We discuss Thor: Ragnarok - Chris Jericho challenges Kenny Omega...


#16 – Wrestling is Art?

- Hank revisits Ricochet vs Will Ospreay from Best of the Super Jr. 2016 - Froy questions if Wrestling is art. - Hank has a man-crush on Finn Balor - Recent WWE Releases of Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae - Kenny Omega Halloween costume - Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea - Is Jerricho's online feud with Omega work or shoot? - Hank goes off about how Political Correctness has extended its reach too far.


#15 – The Toxic (Masculinity) Avenger

Hot Button episode! - The Harvey Weinstein controversy - Oliver Stone & Steven Segal have both lost their minds - The Foreigner - Rebooting the Rush Hour series with WWE Superstars - Micro Review of Hell in the Cell 2017 - Hank gushes over The Usos vs The New Day Hell in the Cell match - Rusev NEEDS to turn face - The Shield's reunion is a YouTube hit - Froy thinks The Shield are the Kardashian sisters of the WWE - Sami Zane & Kevin Ownes post Hell in the Cell 2017 - The abusive family...


#14 – Being the Elitist

- Froy loved “Being The Elite” since he hates poor people…at Starbucks. - Leading into Hell In A Cell 2017 - Bullet Club shirts being in bad taste given how non-wrestling fans may see them. - The benefits of WWE buying the TNA library - Trailers for “Marvel’s Runaways”, “Annihilation” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising” - Fast & Furious Feud between The Rock & Tyrese - Hank with Non-Spoiler “Blade Runner 2049” talk - What does the stereotypical pro-wrestling fan look like? - At end of the gay!? -...


#13 – “The Uncertainty Era”

- Lethal Weapon TV vs Movie - No Mercy 2017 recap - The proposed Shield vs. Miz-Tourage - Is Roman Reigns the modern Diesel? - The lack of "The Hero's Journey" in the WWE - Do the McMahon's political ties affect how they are not willing to take advantage of the hot-button Trump-related controversy? - Bullet Club invades the WWE - Enzo and 205 Live


#Ep 11 – A Review on Reviews

- We talking about our massive enjoyment of "Kingsmen: The Golden Circle" SPOILERS! - Do the opinions of professional reviewers matter to you? - Leading into to No Mercy 2017 - Jinder going "Too Far" with his racist promo. - The controversy sounding WWE's use of Starcade.


#Ep 11 – Universal Income Champion

This Episode: - Hank Romero "The Gardner" - Univeral Income - Millianals - At what age would you allow your kids to watch wrestling? - Gay themed pro-wrestling characters - Social Justice Warrior - Cena/Reigns Promo - Fleetwood Viny Mac - Comics: Champions, X-Men Prime, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, and Global Frequency.


#Ep. 9 – “Scoring!”

This week Hank & Froy tackle....I mean GORE the following topics: -The Mcgregor vs Mayweather Fight - Scoring - The current lack of Mexican Superstar in the WWE. Might the Trump/McMahon alliance be the cause?! JK! - Daniel Bryan's recent interview on Edge & Christain's podcast about his forced retirement and being healthy enough to return to the ring. - Hank's conspiracy about why the WWE wanted Daniel Bryan to retire. - The importance of NXT in preparing talent for the main roster. - How...


#Ep. 9 – Pulling Out

- Hank’s taste in music & film is called into question. - A recap of NXT Sacramento LIVE from a fan AND non-fan’s point of view. - Hank is high on NXT’s Mandy Rose & Riddick Moss. - Froy “schools” Hank on balanced Wrestling Names. - We debate Daniel Bryan coming out of retirement. - Baron Corbin loosing his MITB cash in. - Who should direct the last Daniel Craig Bond film? - We get in a debate over it means to be a good movie director and what it means to be pulled out of a movie. - We...