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BAWL! is a Chicago sports podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV. We love sports, pizza and random thoughts. In that order.

BAWL! is a Chicago sports podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV. We love sports, pizza and random thoughts. In that order.


Chicago, Illinois


BAWL! is a Chicago sports podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV. We love sports, pizza and random thoughts. In that order.






BAWL! EP 88: Chicago: A Third World City Part 1

Yoooooooooooooo!!!! What's good people? This week, we got Philmore Greene on the pod talking about his brand new album, his upbringing on the West Side of the Chi and much more. This is Part 1 of a 2 part interview. Much more on the way. And check Philmore Greene out live at the Emporium Arcade Bar on Milwaukee Feb. 7th at 8pm. Free show people. BAWL!


BAWL! EP 87: Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of 2018

Happy New Year! The Title says it all. Joined by Dee Jackson, Brandon and Tone AKA Feast Is Famine, we breakdown, debate, enjoy, ponder and a bunch of other cool stuff having to do the list. Enjoy it. Argue it. Agree with it. It’s all good. Peace and Love in the New Year.



ALERT!! ALERT!! Emergency BAWL! podcast! The Bears have Khalil Mack and Dave and Chris are freaking out about it! This is Not A Drill!!!! Special Guest Shawn from Swerski Sports Podcast joins us for the excitement. It's all Khalil Mack and Bears. And also Chris and Dave arguing over the sitcom Rules of Engagement. Enjoy the show! Artist of the Month: Billy Idol


BAWL! EP 85: T-Shirts and Shennanagans

You have great timing! Welcome to an awesome episode of BAWL! On this one we are joined by Dee Jackson and Tone AKA FeastisFamine to delve into the epic adventure that is Black Panther. We talk about what it means, how it impacted us and where it ranks among our top MCU movies. Also, we discuss Loyola going to the Final Four and why Dee Jackson doesn't like the Matrix. Chris does not take this news well. Artist of the Month: Jericho Jackson.


BAWL! EP 84: The Remote Part 1

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to a very special episode of BAWL! We are doing the show from Piece Pizza and Brewery and we are not alone. Joining us is our compadres from the podcast Swerski Sports Shawn and Alex. In addition to discussing pizza, we discuss the Blackhawks slumping, the Cubs and White Sox preview and the upcoming NFL Draft for the Bears. Plus, we talk Sammy Sosa and the NBA All-Star format. Fun is not a big enough word to describe what this remote was but it will have to...


Episode 83 - 5th Annual BAWL! Top 25 Hip Hop Albums

It’s that time of year. Time to get together with the family, sit in from of the fireplace and listen to BAWL! Top 25 Hip Hop albums. Laugh. Debate. Repeat. We got Tone AKA Feast is Famine and Dee Jackson with us. We talked the list, Ben Wallace HOF and Kobe Bryant greatness. It’s a great show. Enjoy it and have a wonderful holidays and New Year. Peace and Love from your friends at BAWL!


BAWL! Episode 82 - Randomness

Greetings. Fine people. You ever have one of those shows where you get together with one of your best friends and it just becomes a show about random things and awesomeness? Well that's what happened here. Tone AKA @feastisfamine joins us to talk the Silv


BAWL! Episode 81 - All Amerigo

People, people. Welcome to a very special episode of BAWL! On this one we are foregoing our usual brand of randomness and sports to make way for a very special guest. We have Producer/DJ/MC/Awesome person Amerigo Gazaway on with us. We talk all about his Soul Mates projects, how he got started in music, his love for technology, old school video games and his future in music. Plus we get an exclusive as he unveils his newest project for our show. Trust us, it’s a big one. We were honored to...


BAWL! Episode 80 - Jon Lester/Lincoln Mall

Greetings listeners of all things BAWL! We back sooner than you expected cause we'll, we missed ya! On this episode, writer for Vineline Sri Raman joins us to talk all things White Sox and Cubs related. We also reminisce on the greatest day of Sri's life (Hint: He's a Cubs fan) and talk about the old Lincoln Mall cuz that's how we roll. Plus, we talk Bears draft, Black Mirror and tons of other random greatness. We the thank you guys for the donations and the love. We got more for you....


BAWL! Episode 79

Yooooooooo!!!!! My people how are you living?!? Very good, we hope. Cause either way, you're gonna need some BAWL! in your life and we got you. On this one, we review the short film "There's Something Strange About the Johnsons", Go over the Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of 2016 list, crown Tom Brady as G.O.A.T. and talk Charles Oakley. Plus, Big DAVE gives what he feels is the only argument against Jay Cutler you will ever need. Fun times ahead for all. Thanks for listening and always remember to...


BAWL! Episode 78

Happy Thanksgiving good people of the Globe! Welcome into a bountiful episode. Grab a seat and feast. On the menu, we got Tone and Bobby talking Women, being single, Thanksgiving memories, Michael Jackson, and a many other things. We also got our guy Shawn from Swerski Sports with us discussing Tofurkey, Cubs World Series and the trashness that is the Bears. We are full of good vibes and sports knowledge. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy and don't forget to donate!! Artist of the Month: Rapsody


BAWL! Episode 77

Welcome in friends and family to another edition of that show so lovingly called BAWL! Thanks for stopping by. On this one, we talk about police shootings and the Black Lives Matter movement. We discuss the sad reality of DC movies and Luke Cage excitement. Also, we are joined by frequent contributor Shawn from Swerski Sports Podcast to talk the Cubs doing great and the upcoming Bears schedule. It’s an honest and fun episode. We know you wouldn't want it any other way. Artist of the Month:...


BAWL! Episode 76

Dearly Beloved. We are gathered here to celebrate this thing called BAWL! And you better believe we gonna party like its 1999. On this one, we debate Superman vs. Batman and talk all that was wrong with it. We also get into Captain America: Civil War and all that was right with it. Also, we talk Cubs and White Sox, the Bears draft picks and we go over an article where the Bears' QB coach compares Cutler to Drew Brees. DREW. BREES. CUTLER. SMH. Thanks for tuning in. We truly Adore you for...


BAWL! Episode 75

Welcome back fine folks. Happy you stopped by. We are here for your listening pleasure. On this episode, we talk about our new Twitter follower, being in a Black barbershop and we give the Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums of 2015. Plus, we discuss the Super Bowl matchup, give our picks, talk Cutler hatred from the grave, Cubs and White Sox talk also. A full show. Hope you brought an appetite. BAWL! is back!


BAWL! Episode 74

Hey fine folks. Thanks for checking out the latest episode of BAWL! We'll try not to disappoint. On this one, we debate Lorenzo Lamas vs. Lou Diamond Phillips, the Bears resurgence, if the fellas believe in Jay Cutler and what to do with Kobe. Hope you like to laugh. If so, you're in for a treat. BAWL! is here. Enjoy!


BAWL! Episode 73

Welcome in and welcome back. New BAWL! coming at you live and direct like we never ever left. On this one, Dave records in Dub's closet and comes out with a Jerry Azumah story you gotta hear. Plus, we talk Bears being bad this year, Cubs being good and the White Sox being, well... let's move on. We are here for our joy and your entertainment. BAWL! is on! Artist of the Week: Dam Funk


BAWL! Episode 72

It's the Return!! BAWL! is back in effect and we couldn't be happier. On this one, Big DAVE goes to Philly, Chris moves out and the fellas give movie reviews. Also Shawn from stops by to educate us about the Blackhawks title hopes, Cubs and Sox and of course, the Beloved Bears. It's good to be back and enjoying being insane. Hope you do too. BAWL! Out! Artist of the Month: Jay Electronica


BAWL! Episode 71

Welcome, welcome welcome! One and all! Welcome to The BAWL! Awards 2015 aka The Averys. On this show, after Chris voices his displeasure for The Flash to an unsympathetic Big DAVE and freelance writer Gabe Salgado stops by to talk all things Bears, the fellas hand out the hardware to the best and worst athletes of the past year. Some good, some bad, all deserving. Also, the guys rundown the Top 20 Hip Hop Albums of 2014. A totally fun awards show that requires no tux or formal dresses...


BAWL! Episode 70

Welcome home people! BAWL! is back in time for the holiday season and yes, we brought gifts. This week, @evanFmoore joins us to talk the tragedy that is the Bears, who will be fired 1st and the White Sox offseason free agent signings. Also, the fellas answer a listener's email (send us more emails folks!!) about the Chicago Bulls and Dave discusses his bus lady friend. Hope you like the gifts we got you guys and if not, we will have more to give next show and every show there after. The gift...


BAWL! Episode 69

Welcome into BAWL! Sit and stay for a while. We promise you a good time(If you are a Bears fan like us, you need one). On this episode, Shawn Hopman from drops in on us to talk the depressing and (so far) season defining beatdown the Bears received at the hand of the Patriots. We ponder about the coaching decisions and if Jay Cutler is regressing. Plus we are joined by Big TJ from Sports Underground to debate Russell Wilson being a game manager, the upcoming NBA season and...