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Keeping you up to date with everything going on in the world of outdoor GPS navigation

Keeping you up to date with everything going on in the world of outdoor GPS navigation


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Keeping you up to date with everything going on in the world of outdoor GPS navigation






GPS Training Podcast – number 75

One year on - the free OS route planning software, magnetic bands/ apple watches, Using your Fenix for walking, hiking, cycling, and what is going on with SatMap? In this month’s podcast – One year – GPS Training free route planning software Magnetic bands/ apple watches and Outdoor GPS units Using your Fenix for walking, hiking, cycling etc What is going on at SatMap? Andy’s top tips So, without a further a do let’s get on with this month’s GPS Training Podcast The GPS Training free route...


GPS Training Podcast – number 74

In this special 'mid-month' podcast we talk to Andy, from GPS Training after he participated in the 2022 Spine Challenger race. I asked him the following - What is the Spine Challenger race? 60 hours to complete? 109 miles in total? How did you get on and how far did you get? How much money did you raise? What time did you start on Saturday morning? Weather? What did you mainly navigate with – GPS Unit, watch, map? Sleep? – CP 46 miles in? – did you stop – Location of CP? What was the High...


GPS Training Podcast – number 73

In this month’s podcast – Grid reference finder, how to convert a reference from anywhere around the world Garmin’s Topo Active maps – an recent update to solve a past problem for updating these maps Wireless transfer and following a course – a new addition to our two-day GPS training course Andy’s top tips So, without a further a do let’s get on with this month’s GPS Training Podcast Grid reference finder Website - What is it? UK type in Postcode, address,...


GPS Training Podcast – number 72

This weekend Andy heads out on an epic 109 miles as he participates in the Spine Challenger race, we catch up with him a couple of days before the event. Live tracking for event - Ayre - Number 110 Andy's Just Giving Page - more here


GPS Training Podcast – number 71

Can you navigate with just a GPS watch? We discuss this and lots more in this month's GPS Training Podcast When are watches best suited - our personal experiences - EPIX or FENIX 7?Transferring your planned activity to your GPS using the Connect app to a compatible GPS unit and then following ‘a course’And then finally we have - Andy’s top tips 1. When are watches best suited compared to a GPS unit - our personal experiences.This discussion has come about after my experiences last week. For...


GPS Training Podcast – Number 70

Going overseas, heading off-grid, birdseye, and transferring .gpx files onto a Garmin GPS watch. In this month’s podcast As many of us are venturing overseas again we look at - Overseas mapping - Official or TOPO Active/ OSMWe then will discuss going off grid – and using the - inReach mini/ inReach mini 2 We discuss the - End or Garmin’s Birdseye VouchersWe will look at some training videos we have put together for those wanting to do a long-distance trail, whilst using a Garmin watch,...


GPS Training Podcast – number 69

In this month’s podcast We look at the range of Garmin Fenix 7 GPS watchesAhead of Andy’s Spine Challenger race in June, if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, we will tell you more, BUT, we are going to discuss the kit he has been training with and what he will be taking with him on the event.Andy’s top tips So, without a further ado let’s get on with this month’s GPS Training Podcast 1. The first thing on this month's Podcast is a look at the Garmin Fenix 7 range of watchesIn the...


GPS Training Podcast – number 68

We look and review the new Garmin inReach 2 and the Garmin Instinct 2 GPS watch, plus Andy's Top Tips. In this month’s podcast We look at the new Garmin inReach Mini2We then look at the new Garmin Instinct 2 series of GPS WatchesAndy’s top tips 1. The first thing on this month's Podcast is a look at the Garmin inReach mini 2What is a Garmin inReach mini? Contract needed for it to work – like a mobile phone contract We have had the Garmin inReach mini (1) for a number of years,now we have the...


GPS Training podcast – number 67 (or should it be 66?)

In this special ’mid-month’ podcast I am joined by a special guest, Tommy Wilkinson. He was, and still is, a keen racer, having won numerous Scottish DH races and spent two seasons chasing the World Cup dream as a dirtbag privateer. A “little bobble” on a jump in 2013 left Tommy with a fractured skull, brain hemorrhage, a spinal cord contusion, damaged disc, and permanently paralyzed right arm. He’s also an award-winning photographer and cinematographer. That’s not a bad introduction Tommy,...


GPS Training podcast – number 66 (really 65.5)

I walk the Northumberland Coast Path with Chris, the Coast Walker.In this months Podcast - Last Sunday I walked with Chris the Coast walker and I chatted to him whilst out on the Northumberland Coast PathWe look at using the GPS Training free OS route planning software on a tablet of mobile phone, then transferring it to your GPS UnitThe walk and talk series on YouTube – 1 year on, what do people want to see?Andy’s top tips So, without a further ado let’s get on with this month’s GPS...


GPS Training podcast – number 65

On New Years Day we have an interview with Allan Knight, the oldest man to walk from John-o-Groats to Land’s End on foot.


GPS Training podcast – number 64

Our Christmas get together, a look back over the past year So, it’s our Christmas party, well it’s not really but we are going to look back over the year and look ahead to 2022 If I said – tell me about 2021, in relation to GPS Training, what one word would sum it up for you Key points, that I can think of, from the past year -- January/ Feb – New website - The start of the ‘walk and talk’ series – more about that later - Starting to get out delivering courses – Easter?- June – Andy coming...


GPS Training podcast – number 63

Walking in the dark, an update on the stock situation and the big updates for the Garmin GPSMAP 66 and Montana 700 series of GPS Units. In this month’s podcast As it’s now turning dark shortly after 4.00, we talk to Andy with regard to walking in the dark, what are some things that may help you.Stock – With many units out of stock until late January/ early Feb we go through your options and the reason whyWe look at the big software updates that have just come out for Garmin GPSMAP 66 and 86...


GPS Training podcast – number 62

PODCAST SPECIAL - After walking 118 miles the microphone is turned through 180 degrees as the guest presenter, Paul Freeman asks the questions and finds out the highs and lows of walking 118 miles. If you can support, please visit my Just Giving fundraising page - more here Overview of Charity Walk Every year, Shepherds Walks raise money on the challenge walks for two great charities - Hospice Care North NorthumberlandNorthumberland National Park Mountain Rescue With the year we have just...


GPS Training podcast – number 61

Best route planning software, battery save tips, ways to carry your GPS, and Andy's top tips. Welcome to the GPS Training podcast, it is our 61st episode. This month I am joined by Andy or ‘tech’ guy at GPS Training, welcome Andy to this month’s podcast. In this month’s podcast Garmin BaseCamp, Xpedition 2 or the GPST Free OS Planner?Battery Save tips as winter is loomingWays to carry your Garmin and SatMap GPS UnitAndy’s top tips So, without a further ado let’s get on with this month’s GPS...


GPS Training podcast – number 60

The October GPS Training Podcast - A big thank you – more about that later, Old OS map cards in new Garmin GPS Units – what you need to know, The Garmin GPSMAP 65s with a 1:25k map card, GPS course locations for 2022, and Andy’s top tips. The first thing on this month’s Podcast is a very big thank you to Ian As you may hear we have no Ian on this month’s Podcast, this is, very sadly he has decided to leave GPS Training. Ian has been a member of the GPS Training team for 14 years. He has also...


GPS Training podcast – number 59

Free route planning software, basic terminology, mapping options and ask Ian In this month’s podcast We look at the FREE NEW GPS training route planning softwareBasic terminology – what does it all mean?Mapping options for an Outdoor GPS unitAsk Ian – Ian answers the questions you have been asking over the past monthStock availability So, without a further ado lets get on with this months GPS Training Podcast The first thing on this month’s Podcast is a quick look over the new FREE GPS...


GPS Training podcast – number 58

An in-depth but lighthearted look into the world of Outdoor GPS Navigation, the OS App, GPS Courses, and Andy is once again back with his technical insight. This month I am again joined by my co-host Ian, our South of England trainer here at GPS Training. In this month’s podcast A quick update on the OS appGPS courses and a new course going forwardA new piece – Andy’s top tech - updatesBefore you head away on holiday with your GPS, a few things to work through.Ask Ian – Ian answers the...


GPS Training podcast – number 57

2021 Garmin Map Card, Spine Race, what have they done to the OS app, more units discontinued and ask Ian. In this month’s podcast A quick update on the 2021 OS map cards from GarminSpine race – well done to all our customers who have taken part in this event.After we sung the praises of the OS app in a recent Podcast, in their wisdom they managed to undo any good work they had done just a few weeks later. We look at what they have done.Yet more units discontinued by Garmin, we look at a year...


GPS Training podcast – number 56

In this month’s podcast - GPX files, the Garmin GPSMAP 65s is making some waves and Ian's FAQ's. If you are heading away this summer, we are going to discuss some good websites to download .gpx files from. Don’t worry if that makes no sense to you we will tell you what a .gpx file is, and what you do with them.The recent upsurge of the Garmin GPSMAP 65s, it has taken a few months to gain traction, but we are now struggling to keep them in stock.No - Ian’s FAQ’s this month but an update about...