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Showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Thursdays at 12PM on WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago. Hosted by Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams.

Showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Thursdays at 12PM on WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago. Hosted by Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams.
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Showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Thursdays at 12PM on WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago. Hosted by Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams.




Ep 204 - Johari Noelle

Johari Noelle is wise beyond all of our years. The singer and songwriter was such a gracious and thoughtful guest on the show, talking through her music-making process, upbringing, how she stays present, the complex beauty of being a TWIN(!), and much more. You can listen to her newest project Things You Can’t Say Out Loud now, and catch her on September 25th at Virgin Hotel Chicago. Music from this week's show: Show Me - @joharinoellemusic


Ep 203 - Lawrence "Binkey" Tolefree

Binkey’s back! The Chicago host, MC, beatboxer, comic, and community stalwart spent the last four years living abroad in Thailand, before returning home a couple weeks ago. He tells some incredible stories about his travels, connecting with his birth parents, being a “good” person in airquotes, and much more. Plus, Daniel says the word Kemet, which is well worth the price of admission. Recorded 9/4/19 in Chicago Music from this week's show: Photo by RJ Eldridge


Ep 202 - Vivien Sansour

Vivien Sansour is in love. The open-hearted, brilliant artist, documentarian, and founder of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library brings an open heart and critical mind to the studio for a wonderful conversation about trust, making space to feel alive, climbing the terraces of Palestine, snowy owls, and why she's jealous of trees. Plus, a very nice compliment to end the show that made Damon and Daniel cry. This one is a must listen! Recorded 8/20/19 in Chicago Music from this week's show: One...


Ep 201 - #BYPSpotlight with Barbara Ransby

Black Youth Project has joined forces with AirGo for a year-long #BYPSpotlight series, featuring our favorite Black academics and activists. First up is Barbara Ransby, whose footprint on the Chicago and global social movement landscape is inimitable. A Professor of History, Gender and Women's Studies, and African American Studies at UIC, Barbara has grounded both organizing and scholarship for liberation in the lineages and lessons of Black women. She wrote the highly acclaimed biography...


Episode 200 - Securing the Mailbag

For our 200th episode(!), Damon and Daniel reflect on the show, and their growth as mediamakers, organizers, and humans. Plus, past guests share their questions for the guys. It's a celebration! Here's to many more episodes moving forward. Recorded 8/13/19 in Chicago Music from this week's show: Self - Noname


Ep 199 - AirGo Live! #BYPSpotlight with Tribble and Tasha

AirGo is back for our second episode in front of a live audience! This time, we're excited to launch our #BYPSpotlight, a collaboration with Black Youth Project, a website and resource hub examining the attitudes, resources, and culture of the young, urban black millennial. Over the next year, AirGo and BYP will be co-curating a set of episodes featuring young Black Chicagoans bettering their communities through research and direct engagement. On this live show, the audience talks about...


Ep 198 - Tiffany Walden

Tiffany Walden is the cofounder of The Triibe, a digital media platform showcasing innovative content to reshape the narrative of Black Chicago. Born out of a bedroom sublet in 2017, The Triibe mixes journalism, documentary film, and curation to showcase, celebrate, and explore the stories and strands of Black Chicago. A seasoned reporter, she "strives to humanize Black people, Black places and Black things in a way that would make Lorraine Hansberry smile." In a very frank and honest...


Ep 197 - Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey is directing into the right direction. The Brown Girls co-creator, director, and actor is getting pretty damn close to finding her footing after the whirlwind that was the release of the hit web series and a subsequent move to LA, and has been guiding the ship for TV shows, music videos, and two features that are currently in development. She talks about the three acts since the whirlwind, bringing her people with her, and learning how to get what she needs. Plus, some excellent...


#GoBack - Ric Wilson in 2015

As part of AirGo's coverage of Pitchfork Music Festival, which is taking place July 19-21 at Union Park in Chicago, we're releasing two #GoBack episodes with AirGo Alums who are playing at the fest. Ric Wilson was the third guest ever on AirGo, back in August 2015. He had just released a boombapy rap project called Penny Raps, and was still really plugged into local organizing work with We Charge Genocide. He's now preparing to release his first full-length album, has modeled in multiple...


#GoBack - Tasha in 2016

As part of AirGo's coverage of Pitchfork Music Festival, which is taking place July 19-21 at Union Park in Chicago, we're releasing two #GoBack episodes with AirGo Alums who are playing at the fest. When we first talked with Tasha in November of 2016, she had just released her first musical project and was a staff member of BYP-100. She's now a nationally touring act, and her album Alone At Last remains in AirGo rotation. You can catch Tasha at AirGo Live this Wednesday 7/17 at Citlalin...


Ep 196 - Resita Cox

Resita Cox has spirit, and she wants to share it. In her two and a half years in Chicago, the poet and story-shaper has built relationships and collaborations that have resulted in some of the most compassionate and engaging new spaces in the city, from the People Say open mic at Trap House Chicago to the documentary about development and revitalization in East Garfield Park that she's currently directing as an IVOH fellow. She holds on as Damon and Daniel bounce around between media and the...


Ep 195 - Stacey Sutton

Stacey Sutton spends her time figuring out why our systems of capital work the way they do, their effects, and what some better, more human ways of creating industry and cities could be. She is a professor of Urban Planning at the University of Illinois-Chicago, a long-time organizer, and, according to Damon, the best-dressed person in Chicago’s social movement community–what a claim to fame, huh? She helps us understand what we mean when we talk about co-ops, what worker co-operatives...


Ep 194 - Toaster

Toaster is a comforter. At first glance, that sentence sounds like a madlib that makes no sense. But once you spend anytime with the poet, teaching artist, and cofounder of Big Kid Slam, you’ll know exactly what we mean. This gem of a human talks about Richard Pryor being spoken word, learning and unlearning what it means to be there for the women in his life, the origins of his name, and so much more. Plus, a round-robin game of “Name Your Privileges!” Subscribe to AirGo and leave a review:...


Ep 193 - Tonika Lewis Johnson

Tonika Lewis Johnson is a photographer, organizer, space-maker, and city thinker. She’s the creator of the Folded Map Project, a brilliant, humanizing arts project and advocacy tool that connects neighbors at mirror-image addresses of Chicago’s grid system. She’s also the cofounder of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.), and a fierce advocate for her block, neighborhood, and city. She comes through to talk about how photography can change eyes and opinions, the ways that...


Ep 192 - Schenay Mosley

Schenay Mosley is singer, songwriter, and pianist whose most recent, excellent project Lotus is available now. The Dayton, Ohio native has been in Chicago for years now, and just got off a wildly successful tour with Smino. She talks disaster plans, Myspaces, finding herself through adversity, and more! Recorded 6/11/19 in Chicago Music from this week's episode: Intro - @schenaysmusic Loversgold - @schenaysmusic


Ep 191 - Davon Clark

Davon Clark is a photographer, poet, graphic designer, and cutie pie. A Philly native, he is approaching a year in Chicago, and has spent the time setting the foundation for a vibrant creative career and life. He performs at poetry readings across the city, hosts a monthly open mic at Build Coffee, is a graphic designer for the Chicago Reader, and holds AIrGo down as the Associate Producer handling our social media. Did we mention he's a cutie pie? Recorded 6/5/19 in Chicago Music from this...


Ep 190 - AirGo Live! with J. Bambii & greenSLLIME

Enjoy AirGo's first live show in the city of Chicago, featuring J. Bambii & greenSLLIME! Recorded 5/16/19 at the Cards Against Humanity Theater. Watch the video of the show here: Thanks to Cards Against Humanity, WHPK, Windmill Ginger Brew, Rosie Fitz, Ellen Mayer, and Jennifer Pagan for making the show possible!


Ep 189 - Ashley Battle

Ashley Battle knows her craft, and is figuring out what do with it. She's a filmmaker, director, DP, and music producer who has worked extensively on both the commercial and indie sides of the Chicago film and TV industry, and has directed or DPed a few projects alongside Damon and Daniel including the web series Signal Flow ( She talks about figuring out where to direct her craft, working toward both inner peace and a '67 Chevelle, the different...


Ep 188 - Andy Clarno

Andy Clarno is an associate professor of Sociology and African American Studies at the University of Illinois Chicago, who has developed a research collective model in collaborations with local radical organizers. He has recently been heavily involved in the Erase The Gang Database campaign (, and is the author of Neoliberal Apartheid, a book focusing on the overlaps of oppression and resistance in South Africa and Palestine. In short, he's about the work. Get...


Ep 187 - adrienne maree brown

adrienne maree brown is brilliant. She is a Detroit-based organizer, doula, facilitator, community builder, and writer of seminal books Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism. While in town for a talk at the Chicago Humanities Festival, adrienne swings by AirGo to talk with the guys about her birth work, learning from Grace Lee Boggs, fluidity, and much more. Plus, Damon and Daniel geek out about how dope she is. Recorded 5/4/19 in Chicago Music from this week's show: Juice - Lizzo