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Interviews with UCI Leaders, Innovators and… Zot! Zot! Zot! Everyday Anteaters!

Interviews with UCI Leaders, Innovators and… Zot! Zot! Zot! Everyday Anteaters!
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Interviews with UCI Leaders, Innovators and… Zot! Zot! Zot! Everyday Anteaters!




Mike Kaspar, former presidential campaign press secretary and long-time KUCI DJ

Mike Kaspar has been a KUCI DJ for many years. He currently hosts 'Film School' and 'Weekly Signals' every Friday morning on KUCI from 8-10am. In 1991, Mike was former Irvine Mayor Larry Agran's Press Secretary in Larry's run for the White House. It is an amazing story and very insightful into big league politics.


AJ Shaka, Chemistry Professor and nuclear energy expert

Professor Shaka has strong feelings about how important nuclear energy is to humanity and why it is is our only hope. He offers compelling arguments for thought. Very much out of line with popular thought and politics. He is extremely fearful the USA is falling behind in the affordable energy area and will not be able to support our population in the future.


Andrew Palermo, director, choreographer & creator of new work for the stage

Andrew has been acting and dancing since age five. After college to went to Broadway and landed a role within 2 weeks of arriving and never stopped. After many years on the Great White Way and other projects, he has brought his craft to UCT as an Associate Professor of Drama & Musical Theatre. His most recent production is director of the UCI version of 'American Idiot'.


UC GRAD SLAM FINALS 2018- UC system wide 3 minute presentation competition

Compilation show which covered the May 3, 2018 UC Grad Slam FINALS Competition held at LinkedIn headquarters in San Francisco. Interviews with UCI Grad Slam Finalist Alana Ogata, UC President Janet Napolitano, Dean of Graduate Studies Frances Leslie and many more... The competition was OUTSTANDING-Don't miss it!


Alana Ogata, chemistry PhD student and 2018 UCI Grad Slam Finalist

Alana Ogata is a UCI researcher working on an at home test for bladder cancer. It will be similar to a pregnancy test. She is also this year's UCI finalist in the Grad Slam competition. This interview talks all about it and what she does in her spare time...


Thomas Parham, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and next President of Cal State Dominguez Hills

Dr Parham will leave UCI in June, 2018 after 33 years of service to become President of Cal State Dominguez Hills. The first half of the interview we talk about what UCI has meant to him and what he is most proud of. The second half of this 45 minute interview explodes into a discussion of race, prejudice, white privilege and the black experience...LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW!


Elizabeth Loftus, psychology professor, internationally recognized memory expert and TED Talk presenter

UCI Professor Elizabeth Loftus shares how human memory is very susceptible to manipulation and is not always dependable for what really happened. Her research and expert opinion has taken her on an incredible journey. Her interview is a very interesting look at human psychology.


SEX WEEK educational symposium organizers share what went on this week

April 9-12, 2018 was Sex Week educational symposium at UCI. In this edition of 'UCI Conversations' the three symposium organizers talk about the goals and distinctions of the week. Responsibility and health were primary motivators to inform the student population. Everyone on campus was welcome.


Bob Hudack, UCI OIT specialist and founder of Zotspeak Toastmasters on campus at UCI 20 years ago

Twenty years ago, Bob had been involved with Toastmasters, an international public speaking & leadership club for some time. In 1998, Bob came up with the idea to start Zotspeak Toastmasters on campus. The club is still going strong and thriving today! In this interview, Bob shares his motivation and insights...


UCI School of Medicine-'Match Day' interviews & event compilation

'Match Day' is the day when every medical school in the country announces where their medical students will be going for their residency. It is a tension filled week and day when many of the students find out on stage, when they open their acceptance envelope. This show explores what it takes to become a doctor, from undergrad work to medical school and then residency. The 60 minute broadcast will explain the whole process. Their work and dedication is AMAZING!


James Carville, FOX NEWS national political commentator & recent UCI keynote speaker

James Carville is a national political commentator on FOX NEWS, was lead strategist for the 1992 successful presidential campaign of then Arkansas Govenor Bill Clinton and recent keynote speaker at the UCI Cybersecurity and Election Hacking Conference.


Tepring Piquado, Rand Corporation reseracher & political candidate

Tepring Piquado is a member of the Graduate Division Advisory Board, a top 50 Graduate Scholar Alumni and is running in the CA State Assembly District 54 special election.


Richard Harris, award winning NPR journalist

Richard Harris is NPR's biomedical research expert and frequent contributor to 'All Things Considered' and 'Morning Edition'. Here he talks about pressing issues in biomedical research and his new book, "Rigor Moris".


2018 HOMECOMING SHOW great compendium of interviews

Join me for this romp of a show traversing the campus for 2 days of HOMECOMING events, which included a special alumni luncheon, Ted Talk style presentations, Party in the Park and a battle for the Big West Conference basketball title. Interviews galore with enthusiastic Anteaters past and present!


Jeff Wasserstrom, internationally recognized China expert

Professor Jeff Wasserstrom offers his insights into the land of Confusius, President Xi, the diversity of this mysterious country of 1.4 billion people and what the future may hold. A fascinating look at this economic juggernaut.


Judy Shin STUDY ABROAD Peer Advisor

UCI's Study Abroad Peer Advisor Judy Shin describes her year in South Korea and all the opportunities available for students. . Studying abroad does not have to be expensive or delay graduation. If you like discovery, travel and wonder she highly recommends it!!!

UCI LAW Moot Court Finals compilation show

Join in for a journey to the UCI LAW 2018 Experion/Jones Day Moot Court Finals. If you do not know what it is, neither did I... so we can find out together. It's a cool 6 month law competition culminating with the event today. Interviews with Moot Court Board President Emma McBurney, Finals winner Katherine Rice, Advisor Professor Michael Robinson-Dorn and more...

Jan Brueckner, Economics Professor and recent Greater Irvine BUSINESS OUTLOOK presenter

As a follow-up to his recent presentation at the Greater Irvine BUSINESS OUTLOOK breakfast Professor Brueckner discusses his research into 'Land Use Regulation' and how it effects real estate prices over time. He also talks about the airline industry and the UCI Economics Department.


Austine Model, KUCI Public Affairs Host of 'Humanities for Humanity'

Listen to KUCI Public Affairs Host Austine Model explain her motivation for her show 'Humanities for Humanity'. She also beautifully shares her journey of coming out at school and with her parents. We also discuss anxiety and depression. I was honored to have her on the show-she's a sweetheart!


Mary Lyon, UCI '75, former KUCI DJ & New Director, local & nat'l media correspondent

Mary Lyon spent her entire career in local & national radio /TV. Her credentials include KLOS, KTLA, NBC, Associated Press, Boss Radio KHJ, KRTH and many, many more... Hear her share stories of early art studio UCI, broadcasting out of a closet and Elizabeth Taylor in a romp of an interview.