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Welcome to our podcast, our hope is that you feel encouraged after you listen to the message. Have a great day.

Welcome to our podcast, our hope is that you feel encouraged after you listen to the message. Have a great day.


Brandon, MB


Welcome to our podcast, our hope is that you feel encouraged after you listen to the message. Have a great day.




Mother's Day Service 2022



Bethel Brandon Livestream

Countdown starts at 10:45 a.m. After that, one of our Pastors will have another great message to challenge and encourage us. All in all, we will be together for about 45 minutes. Our belief is that God has something powerful to say to you today. Thank you for choosing to spend part of your weekend with us. Watch on Facebook, YouTube


My Rusty Heart

Weve all seen something rust before, whether on an old screw, old tools, or the back of our cars, but we know that they don't start that way. Just like time has an effect on metals, it can also have an effect on our hearts. This week pastor Bryce talks about how our hearts become rusted towards the Lord and how we can deal with it.


Walking Forward To The Future



The Three Pillers of Easter

We are looking forward to an Easter celebration together! We have a unique presentation entitled The Three Pillars of Easter which will involve some multimedia presentation while we share the message of Easter. He's Still Risen video Crazy Awesome Love video Empty Tomb Video The Great Exchange video


Tragedy Terror and Trouble



Celebrating A Surrendered Life

"The Blessings of a Surrendered Life" as we continue our study on the life of Jacob. Once Jacob was able to give his complete self to God it opened the door to bless him even further than he already had. "In what ways?" you may ask.


Blessed Are Those That Limp

We continue the series, Lessons from a Guy Named Jacob. It involves the most impactful moment of his life and may make us conclude, Blessed are those with a limp for they will bless others through their limp. So what is the limp God has allowed in you that has drawn you closer to Him and allowed you to bless others?


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We will be continuing the series Lessons from a Guy Named Jacob and we will be exploring the most powerful prayer recorded in the book of Genesis. It answers the question, How do I pray when I am between a rock and a hard place? We trust you will be blessed.


Life at a Crossroads

This week we continue to dig deeper into the life of Jacob. We will explore the fact that God is always moving us forward to a closer walk with Him. Jacob faced many crossroads that are not unlike the crossroads that we face today.


The Contest

The drama of Jacobs story is not without its twists and turns and certainly reveals repercussions that we can easily relate to today. This week, as we hear about Jacobs marriages in Genesis 29 and 30, we are given a front row seat to seeing the harmful effects of envy, rejection, and disappointment.


A Bethel Experience

We will continue to look at the life of Jacob who certainly had some incredible things happen in his life. One of the biggest events involved a time when the Spirit of God visited him in a unique way. It was so impactful in his life that he renamed the place Bethel, which means house of God. He needed a Bethel experience and we need the same kind of experience in our lives as well. How does that happen?


Manhandling The Blessing

What do we do when we feel things arent going our way? What lengths will we go to ensure Gods hand rests on us?


The Tragedy Of Esau



The Grabber

This February we will be looking at some life lessons of one of scriptures' most colourful Old Testament characters, Jacob. We can certainly relate to some of the episodes that developed his life and how God worked to change his name from deceiver to one who strives with God. Hope you can join us as we are challenged by his story.


Ingredients To A Sustained Prayer Life

We are all challenged to pray every day. It is our greatest weapon. Satan will do anything to keep us from utilizing this powerful time with God. Part 3 of the sermon series Why Pray details some of our most crucial ingredients to a successful daily time with Jesus!


Is There Not A Cause?

We are continuing the series Why Pray with the title, Is There Not A Cause?. We will be highlighting the reality that the world needs a praying church to stand and pray in the midst of confusion, heartache and bondage. If we dont pray against the onslaught of the enemy who will?


Why We Don't Pray



Serving Jesus Without Jesus

Many times we make our faith too complex. Complexity usually happens when people try to avoid the simple. In the last part of this series, Keep it Simple Saints, we ask the question, Is it actually possible to serve Jesus without Jesus. Tragically yes it is. Ultimately this leads us to the truth that God is not seeking our efforts but to strive to intimately walk with Him.


The Christmas Struggle