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Free Yourself From Conflict and Achieve Optimal Outcomes

Do you ever blame or avoid others? Blame yourself? Or seek to collaborate even when others refuse? These destructive habits can keep you and others stuck in what Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler calls the "conflict loop.


Encore Be Transformational By Leading With Gratitude

Workers want and need to know that they are appreciated. New research shows that gratitude boosts employee engagement, reduces turnover, and leads team members to express more gratitude to one another – strengthening team bonds. Despite all these benefits, few executives effectively utilize this simple tool. In fact, new research reveals “people are less likely to express gratitude at work than anyplace else.” What accounts for this gratitude gap? What ingratitude myths are holding leaders...


Encore Self Awareness and Self Regulation

Two of the most important aspects of leadership are self-awareness and self-regulation, for without these skills, it’s extremely difficult to perform consistently as a strategist, guide, advocate, mentor, negotiator, and all the other roles a leader must take on.


Encore: From West to East: Future Leaders Need to Future Proof

The world is going through a shift from West to East and business values and practices are following suit. Future leaders need to adapt and "future proof" in order to keep up. What are the opportunities Asian Americans have in the current climate to bridge worlds and pioneer the leadership of the future?


Trust Based Leadership

What exactly is meant by trust-based leadership? What does integrity, the power of why, “like”, understanding plateaus, and sharing the mantle have to do with trust? “Trust is a critical link to all good relationships whether personal or professional.” When present, the speed of things moves quicker and when trust is low or even absent, the results can be poor productivity and low energy. This show will dig into practical approaches for building long-sustaining trust.


Encore Create Awesome!

This show will explore the passion held by Justin Miller and his team in the creation of Care For Aids. Learn lessons from leading a multi-national organization with a clear vision and mission to serve communities across Kenya and Tanzania hardest git by HIV/AIDS. And, hear from his testimonial of what it takes to create awesome.


Hey Leaders - Master Your Mind!

Do more. Make more. Achieve more. And do it now. Master Your Mind offers an antidote to the endless (and pointless) cycle of "doing more" in order to succeed. The counterintuitive approach of slowing down can help optimize your performance and get you the positive results you've been searching for.


Restoring the Soul of Business

As today’s companies race to compete on data, algorithms and AI, they risk losing touch with something far more valuable: what’s human. Some companies are failing to meet this new challenge. So what to do? In this show, Tobaccowala will show how leaders can strengthen the soul of their business by fusing story and the spreadsheet.


Encore Transformation Leaders Connect First

In CONNECT FIRST: 52 Simple Ways to Ignite Success, Meaning, and Joy at Work (McGraw-Hill; October 22, 2019), psychologist and executive coach Melanie Katzman Ph.D. gives actionable advice for restoring joy and amplifying success at work through the power of human connection.


Encore The Art of Quiet Influence

The topic for this show is based on Jocelyn Davis's latest book, The Art of Quiet Influence. In it she weaves together timeless wisdom from the great sages of India, China, Japan, and the Islamic world—from Confucius to the Buddha, Rumi to Gandhi—with research and insights from modern-day experts and her own experience.


Encore Hey Leaders - Love Is Just Damn Good Business

To achieve leadership and competitive advantage, we need to put love into action. So declares executive coach, author and thought leader Steve Farber.


Encore: Leadership and Friendship?

We live in a time of great loneliness, inequality, hatred, conflict, and disconnect. But we are not the first.


Encore: Success is in Your Sphere

If there’s a limit to the number of relationships the human brain can keep up with, why do business professionals still fixate on the size of their LinkedIn or Facebook networks?


Encore: Amplifying Your Leadership Presence

Many of the smartest people in organisations may be coming up short of their full potential—not because they lack intelligence or technical proficiency, but because they haven’t developed the executive presence to deliver their message with clarity, poise, and conviction.


Immigrant Entrepreneurial Leadership

Breaking into an industry like commercial real estate, which has traditionally been off-bounds for immigrants, requires pre-existing relationships and operates on a “country club” like setting (for example, who you know and how long you have known them).


Encore: Entrepreneurial Leadership

What is it that causes great talents to strike out on their own? Is it something they’re born with, is it forged from dreams and aspirations, or torn from the burning embers of setbacks and street scars?


Encore: Lead With Deeper Presence and Courage

Leading with pure presence and courage can be transformative for both your leadership effective and the quality of your life!


Encore: Lead From the Heart: Transformational Leadership for the 21st Century

What does it take for people to repeatedly scale mountains and deliver phenomenal performance? What happens inside of people that makes them fully committed to doing extraordinary work?”


Encore: Transforming into HIGH Functioning

What are methods and strategies to Motivate and Manage a high functioning team? Managing business drivers while maintaining empathy requires strategic measures, so what are those?


Encore: Transformational Leaders Embrace Conflict

Leaders need to seriously consider “Standardizing the Real Workplace Taboo: Conflict is not a Dirty Word!”