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The Evening Rancor. The pontification, ramblings and propaganda from an old school radio guy now dabbling into the tepid waters of podcasting. Former host of talk and radio shows on ABC Radio, WSHE, WIOD, WZTA, KDGE, WLLZ and other 4 letter words. Now podcasting from his home studio in Austin.


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The Evening Rancor. The pontification, ramblings and propaganda from an old school radio guy now dabbling into the tepid waters of podcasting. Former host of talk and radio shows on ABC Radio, WSHE, WIOD, WZTA, KDGE, WLLZ and other 4 letter words. Now podcasting from his home studio in Austin.






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John Ford Podcast 44

Mister Ford discusses audio intimacy and take a side trip down the trecherous and insidious roadmap of diversity


John Ford Podcast 43 with Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is the host on this bone chilling, spin tingling edition of the John Ford Podcast. John and Bill insult each other, talk about the good old days of broadcast radio (before it was absorbed into the hive collective). Included are discussions about WHSE MIami, The Edge in Dallas, Sonny Fox and a plethora of gabbagole.


John Ford Podcast 42

Once upon a time, there was a radio station in Long Branch New Jersey, right there on Broadway. It was a little dumpy, with a Chinese takeout downstairs, that undoubtedly served cat. And an honest to God pizza joint just around the corner. John will reminisce with radio and Tri-State traffic guy Matt Ward about the '80s in New Jersey radio and the characters who populated the ariwaves.


John Ford Podcast 41

What could be the most important lesson I learned about doing good/entertaining radio I learned at my first radio gig. The worst radio station I ever cracked a mic at. Rambling on WADY-The Lady "Radio for Singles only." Sex radio in Miami in the '70s.


John Ford Podcast The Evening Rancor

I'm not a podcasting expert, but I play one on the Internet. Actually, some common sense tips for podcasters from a broadcaster and talk radio programmer that might be good for you! Also a look at Moral AI.


John Ford Podcast 39

This week on the John Ford Podcast it's pontifications on the smelly story of Jussie Smollett and John gets a bit annoyed, dare we say angry over something called offense archeology, and no, although this topic stinks worse than the Smollett scandal, it's not about odiferous catacombs.


John Ford Podcast 38

Can it be! Mary Poppins is a racist! Say it ain't so. Hawaii moves ahead with making tobacco illegal. AOC is liberal Washington's answer to Sara Palin.


John Ford Podcast Evening Rancor 37

Always check for snakes before using the can. One great way to get revenge on the spawn of the robocaller. Finally an answer for the crazy cat lady. The Self aware lawnmower.


John Ford Podcast Evening Rancor 36

The great Gillette manly razor controversy. Forget the answer to life the universe and everything, the real puzzle of existence revolves around the mystery of the great hot dog to bun ratio imbalance.


John Ford Podcast Overnight Underground News Blip 37

The Gov shutdown breaks records with lawyers, guns and money. Trump and the Ruskies. Mecca's crawling with critters. Bird Box teen crashes car. Is your female sig-other hear ignoring you? Maybe she's got reverse-slope hearing loss.


John Ford Podcast 36-Overnight Underground News

Trump heads to Taco Bell, uh the border. Rumors on RBG's replacement. Beto gets a swish, Bezo gets a new dish, CES sex toys and an IOT automatic clothes mildew machine.


John Ford Podcast Evening Rancor 35

You may already belong to a cult and not even know it. The most obvious radio format of the week, for a lower demo male talk format. Chicken tenders on the freeway and tales from '70s drug smuggling in South Florida.


John Ford Podcast 34 Ban All the Things

Ban Everything I don't like! Charlie Patton shakes his jelly roll. 20 years later, public domain slow train keeps chugging along. Netflix bans it's own content, a Peterson gets her streaming punted from the tubes and the continuing saga of that stinking and putrid anti-social network that can-not be named.


John Ford Podcast 33

What if they shut down the government and nobody noticed? Dog poop arson is now a thing, how to be civil in a rancid world and the bluesman that made it out of the solar system.


John Ford Podcast Tastes Like Chicken

Mark Zuckerberg's emotional support Facebook chicken walks into a bar....


John Ford Podcast Baby It's Cold Outside

We have reached peak Doh! Baby it's Cold Outside is offensive. To Someone. Somewhere. But Sales are up! And people like it. Even Canadians, sorry. So it can't be all bad, can it?


John Ford Podcast No Free Lunch Girls

Wall Street businessmen are eschewing taking women colleague's for business lunches and many are avoiding hiring women altogether due to the climate created by the "Me Too" movement, according to a report in Bloomberg. You want men's clubs, this is how you get men's clubs!


John Ford Podcast 29

The obvious talk radio format that almost no one has considered. OK, maybe somebody has considered it, but nobody's doing it. So steal it quick! IDW Radio.


John Ford Podcast Evening Rancor 28

Today on the Evening Rancor, the greatest kitchen invention since Ron Popeil twisted his potato. What rhymes with potato? Why NATO of course! The Rooskies better not be Putin on a winter war.


John Ford Podcast Grocery Mayhem and Lettuce Prey

For God's sake, please stand clear of all grocery store doors! No matter how much you wash it your greens will never come clean and other Thanksgiving misgivings on this edition of the John Ford Podcast The Evening Rancor.