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The Forty Thrive podcast connects women over 40 (and beyond) with the experts, resources and tools they need to thrive. Join Forty Thrive founder and creative coach, Jackie MacDougall, for candid conversation, compelling interviews, and an abundance of strategies and tools to rock life over 40.

The Forty Thrive podcast connects women over 40 (and beyond) with the experts, resources and tools they need to thrive. Join Forty Thrive founder and creative coach, Jackie MacDougall, for candid conversation, compelling interviews, and an abundance of strategies and tools to rock life over 40.
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The Forty Thrive podcast connects women over 40 (and beyond) with the experts, resources and tools they need to thrive. Join Forty Thrive founder and creative coach, Jackie MacDougall, for candid conversation, compelling interviews, and an abundance of strategies and tools to rock life over 40.






The Actual Thing Keeping You Stuck (It's Not What You Think It Is)

When Jackie walks into the wrong room at a conference, she finds exactly what she needs -- and more. Hear the story and find ways to get yourself unstuck. Hint: Your mindset has very little to do with it. Featured Guest: Shanna Lee is a personal coach and energetic frequency expert. She is the #1 Best Selling author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life and the founder of and The Soul Frequency Show Podcast, leading the conversation on...


The Truth About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But before you run out and buy that pink kitchen utensil or a bottle of (potentially cancer-causing) pink alcohol… take a listen to this episode. Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz and I talk the surprising truth behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We answer: • Where does your money actually go? • Which organizations truly help women? • What can you do to make a real impact this month. Plus, Dr Suzanne...


The Ultimate Guide to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Today is the first in our Healthy You series, four episodes in October to help you feel your best through the transitions and changes that can happen in life over 40 and beyond. We’re just about 90 days out from the new year. Let’s not move feeling good to the back burner and leave it for 2020. Now is the time. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Liz Lyster about all things hormones. So you think you understand the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy, huh? Yup, so did...


40 Episodes of the Forty Thrive Podcast!

It's the episode 40 episodes in the making. At this age and stage of life, we know it's important to celebrate the little things. So we've created a show all about YOU -- the listener. Several Forty Thrive listeners stepped up and spoke out about their favorite episodes. Take a listen! Huge thanks to actor Andrew Bowen for the awesome Keanu Reeves and Chris Hemsworth impressions. We ladies over 40 reeeeally appreciate it. And a huge thanks to our Thrive Tribe for making these episodes...


How to Get What You Really Want

Dia Bondi is a communications powerhouse who shares her brilliant way to help women like us not only ask for what we want, but actually get it. (Hint: it's like nothing you've ever heard before) About Dia Bondi For the last 20 years, some of the most extraordinary world leaders, CEOs, philanthropists and innovators have considered Dia their secret weapon. Over thousands of coaching sessions, she’s helped them tap into their power and move their businesses forward. Dia helped...


4 Steps to Reaching Your Health Goals with Ease

If you’re looking to feel your absolute best without beating yourself up over being perfect, this is the episode for you. Courtney Townley, wellness expert and host of the Grace and Grit podcast is here! What I love about Courtney is how she’s evolved her business and her message into so much more than nutrition and exercise. Courtney takes such a gentle, holistic approach — she’s the go-to expert whether you’re at the beginning of your new health journey or just looking to up your game a...


A Quick 3-Minute Reminder

Each week, I work extremely hard to connect women over 40 with experts and resources to help enhance your life, provide practical tools and maybe inspire and motivate you to create the best freaking life ever. It's also important to me that I share my own personal experiences and struggles, because I know if I'm struggling with it, maybe you are too. This week, I had an amazing interview scheduled to share with you. And I will -- soon. But I've decided to live by example and make a...


Thriving After the Kids Have Grown and Flown

If you’re a parent living in an empty — or almost empty — nest, this episode is for you. Lisa Heffernan, co-founder of Grown and Flown, has made it her life's work to support parents during what can be an extremely difficult transition. In the midst of guiding their own kids through this crazy transition, Lisa and her biz partner, Mary Dell Harrington, launched what has become the largest website and Facebook group for parents of fifteen to twenty-five year olds, earning them a...


Over 60 is Hilarious with Cathy Ladman and Mindy Sterling

Have you noticed this summer, we should be calling the show the Sixty Thrive podcast? Strong, smart women over 60 are amazing and I feel lucky to share two more badass broads in this week's episode. Cathy Ladman and Mindy Sterling are hilarious, brilliant — and close friends! So I got to travel to the beach in Santa Monica, CA to chat with them both. About our guests: Mindy Sterling is an actress and voice actress best known for her roles as Frau Farbissina in the Austin Powers films...


Tackling the Most Common Challenges for Women Over 40

We're taking on some of the biggest challenges women over 40 face every day with psychotherapist and relationship expert, Stacy Kaiser. Stacy is just as passionate as I am in helping you live the life you really want -- and she's got some amazing experience to help make it happen. Click here to download... Some of the topics we cover: What we can do NOW to create a future of happiness The Power of NO And why late afternoon pajamas are the best idea EVER About our guest: Stacy Kaiser...


Skincare Guide for Women over 40

We all want to have better skin as we age over 40, 50 and beyond. It's possible! Our Forty Thrive skincare expert reveals the secret to a plump, youthful complexion. Plus, are you making this common mistake during your skincare routine? She says it's quite possible! Click here to download... Mentioned in this episode: Colorscience Sunscreen Daily UV Essentials Find an Osmosis Beauty skincare expert near you Osmosis Skincare Enzyme Cleanse Osmosis Skincare Nourishing Moisture Osmosis...


I'm Old. Come at Me!

When Arthur Vibert aged out of advertising, he was overweight, unhealthy and had not much to look forward to. Then he did something most people are afraid to do -- he took action. Hear how he flipped the script on his life and took charge of his happiness, and now inspires countless people 40+ to do the same. Click here to download... Meet Our Guest: Arthur Vibert has had a rich and varied career, working in advertising in London, Chicago, New York and San Francisco; working as a...


How to Act Like a Grown Ass Woman

If you spend any time online. you’ve probably witnessed a kerfuffle or two. Isn’t that a great word? As the leader of the Forty Thrive private FB group, it’s sometimes a delicate dance when moderating a group of strong, passionate women. And I'm not the only one. Elsie Escobar not only co-manages a group of 13,000 women, she's the community manager at my favorite podcast host, Libsyn. She's as passionate as I am about helping women find their superpowers and share it with the world. As a...


Shut Up, Roberta

Have you ever set a goal or had a dream, only to be completely interrupted with that voice — you know the one, the voice that tells you "you’re too old" or "you're not good enough." It’s a voice that’s so strong, it has the power to stop you from even trying. Until now. Click here to download... In this week's episode, I talk with Wendy Miller, an award-winning, writer, producer and creative powerhouse, working with media giants like NBC, Lifetime and Oprah Winfrey. She's also spent over...


How to Age in Reverse with Alicia Schoroth

This summer on the Forty Thrive podcast, we're focusing on our bodies and how to look and feel our absolute best. No better time than the present to get that started! Alicia Schoroth is the owner of a platform that provides effective online programs for fitness, weight loss, and wellness with a focus on hormone balance. Click here to download... In this episode, we talk: • How our bodies react to exercise differently as we age. Are you feeling frustrated with the...


Are You Really Ready to Make a Change?

When it comes to shaking things up over 40, Samantha Kemp Jackson is living proof that anything is possible. From switching careers -- not once, but twice -- to starting over in parenting, Sam is all about reinvention and following your dreams. A Parenting writer, media commentator and creator/host of the Parenting Then and Now podcast, Sam is the mother of four children, ranging in age from adult to elementary school. Find Sam online at her blog, Multiple Mayhem Mamma or writing over at...


The Naked Truth with Leslie Morgan

This week’s guest is author of The Naked Truth, Leslie Morgan. If you’re looking for a summer read that’s got grit, a point of view and gets a weeee bit (a lot) racy, this one’s for you. In the Naked Truth, Leslie shares her story of finding herself — and a whole lot of men — after ending a 20-year-marriage. But my conversation with Leslie is about so much more than sex. Leslie shares what was happening in her marriage (I think a whole lot of women can relate) and how she felt stuck — just...


Confronting OJ Simpson with Kim Goldman

It’s been 25 years since Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were murdered. Every year on June 12th, networks, 24-hour news channels and social media outlets quote Kim Goldman in short soundbites meant to captivate listeners and viewers, not to share the real story of those who continue to live with the impact of the murders. This year is different. Kim – who some of you may also know as my co-host of a previous podcast I hosted – is taking her story into her own hands, launching a brand new...


An Episode Like No Other with MILF Jennifer Tracy

Every once in a while you meet someone who stops you in your tracks and forces you to take notice. That's what happened to me when I first met Jennifer Tracy. Jen was a guest at The Self Care Project, an event I co-hosted in late 2018. Here I was, standing on the stage, watching the ladies in front of me receive all of the gifts our incredible speakers were sharing. Jennifer was light a ray of light, embracing the day like no one else. I knew I needed to meet this woman and hear her...


Life After The Bachelor

Part 2 of a 2-part series: In a candid, exclusive interview, Bachelorette-turned-designer and entrepreneur, Moana Dixon, reveals for the first time publicly what really went down during her time on the Bachelor. Plus, where she is today and how you can get your hands on her incredible designs. Click here to download... Moana shares: • The lie she told that haunts her to this day • What she really thinks of Dr. Travis Stork • How being blindsided on national TV in front of 21 million...