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The Forty Thrive podcast connects women over 40 (and beyond) with the experts, resources and tools they need to thrive. Join Forty Thrive founder and creative coach, Jackie MacDougall, for candid conversation, compelling interviews, and an abundance of strategies and tools to rock life over 40.

The Forty Thrive podcast connects women over 40 (and beyond) with the experts, resources and tools they need to thrive. Join Forty Thrive founder and creative coach, Jackie MacDougall, for candid conversation, compelling interviews, and an abundance of strategies and tools to rock life over 40.
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The Forty Thrive podcast connects women over 40 (and beyond) with the experts, resources and tools they need to thrive. Join Forty Thrive founder and creative coach, Jackie MacDougall, for candid conversation, compelling interviews, and an abundance of strategies and tools to rock life over 40.






How to Act Like a Grown Ass Woman

If you spend any time online. you’ve probably witnessed a kerfuffle or two. Isn’t that a great word? As the leader of the Forty Thrive private FB group, it’s sometimes a delicate dance when moderating a group of strong, passionate women. And I'm not the only one. Elsie Escobar not only co-manages a group of 13,000 women, she's the community manager at my favorite podcast host, Libsyn. She's as passionate as I am about helping women find their superpowers and share it with the world. As a...


Shut Up, Roberta

Have you ever set a goal or had a dream, only to be completely interrupted with that voice — you know the one, the voice that tells you "you’re too old" or "you're not good enough." It’s a voice that’s so strong, it has the power to stop you from even trying. Until now. Click here to download... In this week's episode, I talk with Wendy Miller, an award-winning, writer, producer and creative powerhouse, working with media giants like NBC, Lifetime and Oprah Winfrey. She's also spent over...


Are You Really Ready to Make a Change?

When it comes to shaking things up over 40, Samantha Kemp Jackson is living proof that anything is possible. From switching careers -- not once, but twice -- to starting over in parenting, Sam is all about reinvention and following your dreams. A Parenting writer, media commentator and creator/host of the Parenting Then and Now podcast, Sam is the mother of four children, ranging in age from adult to elementary school. Find Sam online at her blog, Multiple Mayhem Mamma or writing over at...


The Naked Truth with Leslie Morgan

This week’s guest is author of The Naked Truth, Leslie Morgan. If you’re looking for a summer read that’s got grit, a point of view and gets a weeee bit (a lot) racy, this one’s for you. In the Naked Truth, Leslie shares her story of finding herself — and a whole lot of men — after ending a 20-year-marriage. But my conversation with Leslie is about so much more than sex. Leslie shares what was happening in her marriage (I think a whole lot of women can relate) and how she felt stuck — just...


How to Age in Reverse with Alicia Schoroth

This summer on the Forty Thrive podcast, we're focusing on our bodies and how to look and feel our absolute best. No better time than the present to get that started! Alicia Schoroth is the owner of a platform that provides effective online programs for fitness, weight loss, and wellness with a focus on hormone balance. Click here to download... In this episode, we talk: • How our bodies react to exercise differently as we age. Are you feeling frustrated with the...


Confronting OJ Simpson with Kim Goldman

It’s been 25 years since Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were murdered. Every year on June 12th, networks, 24-hour news channels and social media outlets quote Kim Goldman in short soundbites meant to captivate listeners and viewers, not to share the real story of those who continue to live with the impact of the murders. This year is different. Kim – who some of you may also know as my co-host of a previous podcast I hosted – is taking her story into her own hands, launching a brand new...


An Episode Like No Other with MILF Jennifer Tracy

Every once in a while you meet someone who stops you in your tracks and forces you to take notice. That's what happened to me when I first met Jennifer Tracy. Jen was a guest at The Self Care Project, an event I co-hosted in late 2018. Here I was, standing on the stage, watching the ladies in front of me receive all of the gifts our incredible speakers were sharing. Jennifer was light a ray of light, embracing the day like no one else. I knew I needed to meet this woman and hear her...


Life After The Bachelor

Part 2 of a 2-part series: In a candid, exclusive interview, Bachelorette-turned-designer and entrepreneur, Moana Dixon, reveals for the first time publicly what really went down during her time on the Bachelor. Plus, where she is today and how you can get your hands on her incredible designs. Click here to download... Moana shares: • The lie she told that haunts her to this day • What she really thinks of Dr. Travis Stork • How being blindsided on national TV in front of 21 million...


From Bachelorette to Business Badass

Part 1 of a 2-part series: In a candid, exclusive interview, Bachelorette-turned-designer and entrepreneur, Moana Dixon, shares her journey from childhood to reality TV and, for the first time publicly, reveals what really happened during her heartbreaking experience on the Bachelor with Dr. Travis Stork. Click here to download... In this episode • Who is Moana Dixon? • Why she agreed to be a reality TV contestant • What really happened behind closed doors with Travis • Secrets behind...


Will I Even Make It to 40?

As a podcast launch coach and online community leader, I love helping women push through the fear and do the things they were born to do. Which brings me here, to this episode. In an episode different from any other I've done, I share a chapter I recently wrote in The Strength of Our Anchors, a collaboration project I contributed to, along with several other women. In this chapter, I share my personal story of loss, love and perseverance. I hope you enjoy it. Click here to download...


Decrease Stress and Increase Joy in One Minute or Less with Sandy Abrams

With one breath, you can transform that fear into excitement or frustration into clarity or judgment into empathy. Breath transforms your energy. If there's one episode you need in your life, it's this one. Click here to download... Sandy Abrams made her dream come true when she had an “Ah-ha” moment for a beauty product idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar company. A self-taught entrepreneur without a business background, Sandy had the passion and persistence to roll up her...


The Value of Vulnerability with Amy Porterfield

If you've followed online marketing expert Amy Porterfield for more than five minutes, you know she's constantly tossing out actionable tips and online strategies -- it's her superpower. But as a regular listener of Amy's podcast, I felt something shift in her several months ago. How she showed up on her show started to feel... well, different. I wondered... is it because she's now over 40? Did she have a coach or confidante pushing her in this new direction? Was she tired of hiding...


The Heart of Female Entrepreneurship with Katie Krimitsos

Katie Krimitsos is a powerhouse entrepreneur, growth strategist & business coach dedicated to helping women take their businesses to the stratosphere! Katie is the creator of Biz Women Rock, a global community of action-taking women entrepreneurs. Through her podcast (which started the whole thing), Facebook Group, coaching services, online education programs and live retreats, Katie’s purpose is to provide her community with the best resources possible to help create massive results in...


Is It Too Late to Become Wealthy? with Ilyce Glink

Ilyce Glink is an award-winning financial journalist, television and radio personality, syndicated columnist, and the founder of four Chicago-based companies. Her latest company is Best Money Moves, a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that employers give to their employees use to measure and dial down financial stress, lowering turnover and absenteeism while fostering engagement, productivity, and better health outcomes. Click here to download... In this episode, Ilyce shares her...


Maybe You Should Talk to Someone with Lori Gottlieb

Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author who writes the weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column for The Atlantic. She has written hundreds of articles related to psychology and culture, many of which have become viral sensations all over the world. A contributing editor for the Atlantic, she also writes for The New York Times Magazine, and appears as a frequent expert on relationships, parenting, and hot-button mental health topics in media such as The Today...


What the Hell is Happening to My Body? with Nina Lorez Collins

Nina Lorez Collins is the founder of an online forum for women over 40 called What Would Virginia Woolf Do? She’s written a book by the same title and is interested in issues around female empowerment, sexuality, aging, health and general well-being. She’s a graduate of Barnard College, has a Masters degree from Columbia in the field of Narrative Medicine, and has a long professional background in book publishing, both as a literary scout and then as an agent. She has four nearly grown...


Finding Humor through Alzheimer's with Dani Klein Modisett

"I knew we'd lose him one day, I just didn't think he'd be alive when it happened." When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I had no clue how devastating this disease truly would be. But over the next few years, my family would lose the man we knew as the strongest man we knew... while he was still alive. Click here to download... Dani Klein Modisett has had a similar experience. But she's turned her personal family circumstances into a passion project. Dani founded Laughter On Call...


Why Women Over 40 Are the Best at Therapy with Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Meet Dr. Sarah Sarkis. A brilliant therapist from Massachusetts (woot!), Dr. Sarkis is candid, caring and hilarious, too. Click here to download... In this episode: • The one thing you should look for in a therapist • Why women over 40 make the best therapy patients • Personal development by the decades; what to expect • The benefits of using a sauna Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a licensed psychologist, writer, and performance consultant living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally hailing from...


Why You Need a Midlife Mentor with Elsie Escobar

Let's talk about mentorship and why it's so important for women over 40 to work with a mentor. If you're like millions of women in midlife, you think you're supposed to be able to do it all alone -- raise kids, eat healthy, work out, balance a full time job... we put so much pressure on ourselves to be able to live, learn and grow without ever reaching out to someone who can help us get there. Today's episode is brought to you by my live workshop, coming up in just a few weeks! Are you...


Thriving through Transitions with Nancy Karas

If you're a woman in her 40s, 50s, or 60s, you've likely experienced (or are experiencing) some major transitions in your life. Whether it's a change of relationship status, family dynamics or career challenges, it's inevitable that life will throw a curveball or two during this stage of life. In this episode, get tips to shifting your mindset and creating a plan that will assure you best years are ahead of you. Click here to download... Nancy Karas is a transition coach and career...