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This is a Pagan Podcast with music, a spirit guide of the month, a dream symbol storytelling, and meditation. All in all a great mix of talk and music. And who knows what I will be talking about.

This is a Pagan Podcast with music, a spirit guide of the month, a dream symbol storytelling, and meditation. All in all a great mix of talk and music. And who knows what I will be talking about.




This is a Pagan Podcast with music, a spirit guide of the month, a dream symbol storytelling, and meditation. All in all a great mix of talk and music. And who knows what I will be talking about.






Episode 83: Depression in Paganism Episode

What it's All About: I just read that there was something on Facebook about alcohol addiction and paganism. I think that it was hosted by Harold Carter. I didn't join into that. But I thought that I might talk about something that affects some people and that is Bipolar Depression. But I want to focus on the pagan way of treating this. The spirit guide is the duck and the dream symbols are nail, name, and neck. Songs Featured: 1. Sad Story by Folknery 2. At the Tree At the Lonely Place...


Episode 82: Eclectic Paganism Episode

What it's All About: This is what the majority of us are. Being eclectic is fun and accepting. Yet, there are those that don't think that there is such a thing as Eclectic Paganism or Wicca. But there is among all that is Paganism. However, this is a hard topic to talk about, because it differs from person to person. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Kybele (I accidentally mispronounced Cybele on the show). And the dream symbols are head, helicopter, and hill. Songs Featured: 1. The Power...


Episode 81: Bullying in Paganism Episode

What it's All About: You might be thinking that this doesn't happen in Paganism. Or that this only happens to school children. However, bullying does happen to adults and in any kind of setting, including covens, rituals, and festivals. And it's not just in person, but online as well. For example, I have read many bullies comment on Facebook Groups every time there is a post about Christopagans. Plus there are three major events that happened, two in Canada and one in the heathen community...


Episode 80: Dowsing Episode

What it's All About: This was spoken about in the last show. However, apologies to all but this form of divination isn't scrying. It's something else. There are two forms out there. I will talk about each plus more. The spirit guide of the week is Hera and the dream symbols are washing, weather, and weight. Songs Featured: 1. Pendulum by Elaine Silver 2. Stick it by S. J. Tucker 3. Water by Threefold 4. Chainless by Leslie Hudson 5. Crystal Clear Water by Elane 6. Storm and Stress by...


Episode 79: Scrying Episode

What it's All About: There is more to scrying than just the crystal ball. Plus this is not exactly how you see media portray this divination. There will be a discussion on the history, the different types of scrying and how you can do it. Plus there is more in the show coming up. The Spirit Guide of the Week is the Magpie and the Dream Symbols are Railroad, Rainbow, and Rat. Songs Featured: 1. The Crystal Ball by Bjornemyr 2. Magic Mirror by Emerald Rae 3. Ballad of the Crystal Skulls...


Episode 78: Cone of Power Episode

What it's All About: It is another thing that we learn when we first learn to become pagans. Some of us have forgotten about it, yet we do it in our rituals and spells. The surprising thing about the cone of power is that it's not ancient but more modern. The Spirit Guide of the Week is the Robin and the Dream Symbols are High School, Men, and Marriage. Songs Featured: 1. Cone of Power by Alicia Bonnet and the New Moon Singers 2. Power of the Witch by Inkubus Sukkubus 3. Wiccan Dance by...


Episode 77: Cannabis in Paganism Episode

What it's All About: It is going to be a controversial topic. Marijuana and other drugs are not allowed in Pagan Covens during ritual or at a Festival. Yet, there are still some of us that use cannabis for spells. It is still illegal to use in most places around the world. And the health implications of using this are still being talked about. What will be discussed in this show is the Pagan view of Marijuana. Should it be used in this context? The Spirit Guide of the Week is Astarte. The...


Episode 76: Chinese Astrology Episode

What it's All About: It's totally different from astrology that we all learned when we first started paganism and in school. There is a story behind why Chinese Astrology is the way it is. I will talk about that, what symbol means, and more. The Spirit Guide of the Week is the Jade Emperor. The Dream Symbols are Kick and Purse Songs Featured: 1. Rats are Following by Elvenking 2. Black Snake by Pandemonean 3. Down the Rabbit Hole by Fay Brotherhood 4. Luck Is A Jade by Cynthia...


Episode 75: Divine Feminine in Men Episode

What It's All About: There was a debate on a Facebook group on a book about the Divine Feminine that discriminated against transgender people. It got me thinking, why isn't there a book on the Divine Feminine for men? Surely there should be one written for them. I have my reasons why there should be one. And it's not for straight men either. I will explain more in the podcast. The Spirit Guide of the Week is the Cat and the Dream Symbols are Fighting, Film, and Find. Songs Featured: 1. R...


Episode 74: Face/Body Reading Episode

What it's All About: This is another form of divination. Yes, palmistry can be a part of it. But Face/Body Reading involves more than just the hands. Many years ago, I have done a three-day workshop on Body Reading, myself. I'll explain that experience and what Face/Body Reading entails. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Hygeia. The Dream Symbols are Argument, Principal, Leaving, and Adopt. Songs Featured: 1. Face-down by S.J. Tucker 2. Earth My Body by Lila 3. Eye to Eye by Tempest 4....


Episode 73: Imposter Syndrome in Paganism Episode

What it's All About: The idea for this show came from an article by John Beckett on There might be confusion with another cliché, "Fake it, 'til you make it." How does the Imposture Syndrome relate to paganism? Plus do you have that doubt in the back of your mind that you are not worth what you are preaching or teaching? The Spirit Guide of the Week is Anansi. The Dream Symbols are Woman and Wallet. Songs Featured: 1. Creature of the Wood by Tricky Pixies 2. Origin by Leslie...


Episode 72: Astral Projection Episode

What it's All About: Yes, this is a New Age topic. Everyone has done this at one point in our lives. When you go to sleep at night, you feel yourself get out of your body. Some people are conscious of it more than others. I will talk about this more in detail on the podcast. The Spirit Guide of the Week is the Grasshopper and the Dream Symbols are Nail Polish and Naked. Songs Featured: 1. Original Pagan by Cloud the Pagan Rapper 2. If You Can Dream by Ginger Ackley (Featuring Brian Henke) 3....


Episode 71: Kitchen Witchery Episode

What it's All About: This show is for all of you who are the true Kitchen Witches. You would rather make something organic from scratch instead of buying it from the grocery store. And you love to grow your own food as well. Then there are those Kitchen Witches that do buy all their fresh healthy foods from Gaia, not only in the grocery store but at the Farmer's Market. This is a show that salutes all the Kitchen Witches out there. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Juno and the Dream Symbols...


Episode 70: Slavic Paganism Episode

What it's All About: It's all about Slavic Paganism. By Slavic I do mean, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic. Basically most of Eastern Europe. You can include Hungary in this one if you wish. And yes, there are tones of books, web resources, and deities as well. As an Eclectic Pagan who took an Ancestry DNA test, I found out that is this the majority of my own family. I talk more about Slavic Paganism in this show. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Mokosh and the Dream Symbols are Family, Faucet,...


Episode 69: Australian Paganism Episode

What it's All About: Australian Paganism is the same as you find in the Western World. There is one added difference, and that's what I would like to talk about in this show. You'll have to find out what that difference is once you listen to this. To those of you who are listening to this show and reading this blog, happy Summer Solstice!! Spirit Guide of the Week is Dirawong and the Dream Symbols are Age, Air, and Alcohol. Songs Featured: 1. Earth Wassail by Spiral Dance 2. We Walk...


Episode 68: Akashic Records Episode

What it's All About: This is more of a New Age topic, but since it is, it's also Pagan. Paganism has been adopting a lot of New Age beliefs and this one of them. I'll explain what the Akashic records are in this show, how to get your hands on yours, and what it has to do with Paganism. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Ammon and the Dream Symbols are Video Game, Virus, and Volume. Songs Featured: 1. Hourglass by Bekah Kelso 2. Gaea Lives by Ginger Doss 3. Across the Universe by Elaine...


Episode 67: Commercialization of Paganism Episode

What it's All About: This is nothing against all the metaphysical or pagan stores, but more towards the big brand stores (Both online and off) that don't understand the meaning behind the witchy stuff that they sell. This is something new as Paganism grows in popularity. I came about this topic when searching for a niche in my soon to be a freelancing business. Plus when I was on a Pagan Zoom meeting, someone mentioned something that got my attention. I will also be talking about the...


Animism Episode

What it's All About: This topic might be new to those who are beginning the path, or those (Like me) who have been on the path and have forgotten about it. I know that most of us learn about animism in our first, second, or third degree. I'll explain what it is and how paganism plays a part in Animism. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Callisto and the Dream Symbol is Kiss. Songs Feature: 1. Luna en el Anima by Sona 2. Element Chant by Spiral Rhythm 3. Grandmother by Spiral Rhythm 4. The...


Deities Within Us Episode

What it's All About: A while back, there was an article a while back asking do the gods/goddess within us really do care about us? Unfortunately I can't find that article, but that is something I want to talk about on this show. Are the deities within us real? Do they speak the same languages as us? All will be explored on this show. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Ladybug and the Dream Symbol is Fingers. Songs Feature: 1. Goddess and God Chant by Jana Runnalls 2. God/dess Chant by...


Tibetan Book of the Dead Episode

What it's All About: You've heard of the Egyptian book of the Dead. I bet you that some of you have never heard of the Tibetan book of the dead. What is contained inside of it? What does this have to do with Paganism? I'll explore this in more detail. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Yamantaka and the Dream Symbols are Accidents and Ambulance. Songs Feature: 1. The Calling by Eleanor & the Lost 2. Samhain by Inkubus Sukkubus 3. Conscious Communion by Elaine Silver 4. Death Went Dancing...