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WE Are SQUAWKING DEAD ...a podcast, pulverizing episodes of The Walking Dead UNIVERSE: The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Tales of The Walking Dead, Isle of the Dead, and so much more to follow!

WE Are SQUAWKING DEAD ...a podcast, pulverizing episodes of The Walking Dead UNIVERSE: The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Tales of The Walking Dead, Isle of the Dead, and so much more to follow!


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WE Are SQUAWKING DEAD ...a podcast, pulverizing episodes of The Walking Dead UNIVERSE: The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Tales of The Walking Dead, Isle of the Dead, and so much more to follow!




[Episode 192] Season 7, Episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Raft"

As things feel hopeless for our survivors, so too have the hosts of your favorite #TWDU #podcast have been feeling (despite a great episode with incremental gains). We vent some personal frustrations/concerns, while maintaining our usual value-based analysis. #AliciaClark & #MorganJones push on, like us, doing things their characters wouldn't normally do, but it's the right thing for the right reason. Like us, Dwight & Sherry surge forward, finding reasons to press on. We had an incredible...


[Episode 191] Season 7, Episode 12 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Sonny Boy"

Despite there being noticeable movement in the story arc, frustrations are bubbling (some regard this as welcoming, others not so much): We lose Howard, just after gleaning more of his background, along with #JohnDorieSr as he finally forges a path that give him a sense of closure (doing the right thing for the right reasons... because "it's not too late... it's never too late") We had to cut out major chunks of this conversation that actually do expand on some of the conversation that we...


[Episode 190] Season 7, Episode 11 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Ofelia"

This episode is a perfect example of feeling at a loss about what else there might even be to talk about, other than our feelings of frustration with what #LucianaGalvez feels she has to do to #DanielSalazar, and walking away with some mind-blowing realizations about what Daniel is really struggling with. WOW, I have to tell you: the total raw recording came out to roughly FOUR HOURS, packed with both this episode and the last (an excerpt where we discussed #MelissaMcBride's exit from what...


[Episode 189] Surrounding Melissa McBride's Exit from the Daryl (and now not Carol) Spin-off Series

We extracted this conversation from our upcoming discussion on #FearTWD 7x11 "Ofelia". #MelissaMcBride announced she would not be joining #NormanReedus in the, still unnamed, upcoming #CarolAndDaryl #Spinoff series. We get into the eruption from the minority in the #CARYL contingent and the response. As we said, we had lifted this conversation from out upcoming discussion on #FearTheWalkingDead 7x11 "Ofelia". We edited out a lot from even this 25 minute video (and you thought this was...


[Episode 188] Season 7, Episode 10 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Mourning Cloak"

This episode takes time to finally focus on Charlie. Although "Mourning Cloak" is meant to highlight the beginning of the end for her, it might serve as a reawakening for #JuneDorie, who had retreated into herself since #JohnDorie's demise (similar to #AliciaClark). And how do we feel about Howard after this episode? We had some massive technical issues, which ended up stirring a LOT of slap-happy behavior, a chunk of it which we managed to capture in the Unedited Version of this episode....


[Episode 187] Season 7, Episode 9 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Follow Me"

The #midseasonpremiere kicks off with #AliciaClark's revolution underway, having already sought assistance from Arno (and failed). With that understanding, the show-runners take time to tell us an anthologized story in the process to show her a new way forward: to much polarization from the audience. This was originally meant to be a #livestream that underwent horrible dips and stops. We stitched a rough copy of exactly what went down, with all its mishaps for our supporters - if you you'd...


[Episode 186] Season 11, Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, "Acts of God"

We do our absolute best to make sense of what felt, overall, to be a slightly "off" episode. This episode made us feel, in the most visceral way, the race towards #TWD's finish. More than anything else, for all the build-up her character was afforded, we were aghast at the sudden dispatching of #LeahShaw and Dave, at least, is had issues with the direction #LanceHornsby's character is heading. A WHOLE lot was taken out this episode, including a bevvy of technical difficulties, but also a...


[Episode 185] Season 11, Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, "Trust"

You can't un-ring a bell. In this episode, we discuss the multitude of ways characters operate in the world where the truth is revealed. We also follow #LanceHornsby through his descent into ineptitude as he completely misunderstands the world outside #TheCommonwealth's walls. And, oh yes, this episode allowed us to venture into conversations about political philosophy. If you thought the EDITED version of this #podcast was already spicy, wait until you watch the edited version! From the...


[Episode 184] Season 11, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, "The Rotten Core"

The Rotten Core isn't just about the rot inside #TheCommonwealth (namely, and for the sake of brevity, #LanceHornsby), but the surprisingly emotional exploration of what it must've been like for #MaggieRhee & #Negan to live inside their grief for so long: how it manifests, (re)visiting specific scenes from this perspective. You have access to a whole HOUR of unedited footage, filled to the brim with hilarious outtakes and and behind the scenes gossip: available only to supporters of the...


[Episode 183] Season 11, Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, "Warlords"

Using some time-trickery, this episode does a great bait and switch on who is "the hero of their own story". But as we peel back the layers, even though it appears as though #TheCommonwealth is being goaded into a bigger conflict than #LanceHornsby (the instigator) anticipated, #FatherGabriel's sermon reminds us that, ultimately, we're all the same and that we must have faith in the idea of The Commonwealth as #TheWalkingDead's endgame. You'd be surprised at how many yucks we left out of...


[Episode 182] BEYOND TWD Season 11(A) /w Sarabeth Pollock

Originally Recorded: 2022/10/13 What this conversation was supposed to be about was #TWD S11(A), thus far, and what, as a result, we might see in the latter trimesters of #TheWalkingDead's 11th and final season. What it became was a holistic analysis of #TWDUniverse on the whole! Luckily, we were able to channel all of that discussion back into the subject at hand, which made for a stupendous conversation! I know we talk a big game about our Unedited Episode Recordings, but this is one you...


[Episode 181] Season 11, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead, "The Lucky Ones"

What is luck? Is it forged? Is it random? Where was it when #MaggieRhee's subsequent communities fell and while on the road with #HershelRhee? And what about #LanceHornsby, a nobody who believed in himself so much he became someone indispensable to #TheCommonwealth? We tell some deeply personal stories in the pre-show and expand on so much more in the Unedited Episode Recording of this #podcast. It's definitely well worth the watch/listen. To get eyes on it while supporting one of the BEST...


[Episode 180] Season 11, Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, "Rogue Element"

At 1900 hours, or Seven in the PM, we're going 11x11 on your asses. This episode introduced a satisfying amount of frustration (we know how that sounds): between the deception wrought upon #EugenePorter (on behalf of #StephanieVega / Shira / #MaxineHawkins), the larger deception of #TheCommonwealth on #Mercer (and Connie/Kelly), and #LanceHornsby showing his cards to #CarolPeletier. We definitely cut out a lot of hijinks and extended conversations (not to mention rampant technical...


[Episode 179] Season 11, Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, "New Haunts"

DECONSTRUCT #THECOMMONWEALTH! …From their economic system to systemic inequality (both spoken and unspoken). Dave's obsession with "allowance". Ninja #CarolPeletier with the long hair's partnership with a vastly more sympathetic #LanceHornsby. And we're here for #Carzekiel & #Mercress / #Princer / #Merces. Over 3+ HOURS of laughter (especially during the intro) and massively extended takes that #TWDU aficionados would appreciate that we simply had to cut for time are contained in the...


[Episode 178] Season 11(B), Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, "No Other Way"

WE'RE BACK breaking down episodes! The fate of #Neggie hangs in the balance! We dissect the state of #TWD on the whole, whilst drilling down key examples: including some #SpookyBetaShit in the case of #FatherGabriel! THE UNEDITED VERSION of this recording is a whopping 3 HOURS! It's filled to the brim with gaffes and expansion that just went missing in the high quality recordings that we simply couldn't technically retrieve (so this one is well-worth the watch). To stream it while...


[Episode 177] NO ONE'S GONE: Madison Clark Returns

Even before her departure, many of us had differing opinions on #MadisonClark. Now that she's coming back, we felt it necessary to reevaluate all those feelings within the context of the present narrative on #FearTWD. Featuring friend of the show, Brian Castrillo! This episode was originally recorded during a livestream, there's no unedited episode recording; however, you might be interested in our 🎖SURVIVORS tier, which entitles you to join us on camera and mic to break down episodes...


[Episode 176] Half Naked with Christine Evangelista

What underwear are YOU wearing? Christine's NYC cred is on display as we talk about her fascinating podcast (Half Naked with Christine Evangelista), her insights into food and wellness, and of course her role as SHERRY on both #FearTheWalkingDead & #TheWalkingDead. We wasted NO time releasing this interview and, have to say, we edited out some MAJOR news we could NOT make public (but is still contained in the unedited recording)! If you want to attend these closed recording sessions in the...


[Episode 175] Jackbox Games Charity Livestream | SAT, FEB 5th @ 3PM (Eastern/US)

What: SQUAWKING DEAD's Jackbox Games Charity Livestream When: SATURDAY, February 5th @ 3:00PM (Eastern/US). Where: Subscribe to both our YouTube (YouTube.com/SQUAWKINGDEAD) & Twitch (Twitch.TV/SQUAWKINGDEAD) channels, as well as follow us on Ko-fi.com/SQUAWKINGDEAD, so you'll be ready to play. Why: We're raising money on behalf of Vanessa, a #TWDFamily member in desperate need of financial assistance. How: We'll be taking donations through our Ko-fi page on behalf of Vanessa during the...


[Episode 174] Schmoozin' with Bailey Gavulic ("Annie" from Fear The Walking Dead)

Originally Recorded: 2021.10.15 I (probably don't) know what you're thinking: how can they say that this is by far the funniest #interview SQUAWKING DEAD has ever had after #interviewing #MoCollins & #JennaElfman? Don't take our word for it: listen for yourselves. #BaileyGavulic is a passionate, energetic actor with impeccable comedic timing who has a tremendous amount of kindness and talent to offer the world. Casting directors must never be ready when she walks in the room and blows doors...


[Episode 173] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |SERIES FINALE| The Last Light

We laughed, we cried, and we learned something along the way. #ThankYou: to you, the fans, who have stuck with us throughout this journey and gotten so much out of our conversations; to #MattNegrete and all the cast and crew who made this incredible show possible. In this, the last episode/light, we take a closer look at the symmetry in #Jadis & #SilasPlaskett's respective journeys, as well as the yin-yang parallel of how Silas somewhat ended up in the same place as the start of the series....