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"The Best and Hardest Part of Being a TCK" with Miriam

Miriam talks about how relationships come and go, contributing to the best and hardest parts of growing up in a mobile, multicultural context. Empathy, a broadened worldview, and exceptional interpersonal skills are some of the assets that TCK’s acquire through relationships. And yet relational loss is one of the greatest challenges and sources of grief. (Photo by João Silas on Unsplash)


"The Barometer for Ministry" with Bill Kieselhorst

After taking four children to Nigeria and watching them grow to adulthood, Bill Kieslehorst shares about the struggles of being a TCK’s father, and some of the wisdom that he’s picked up along the way. Bill talks about the struggles, strength, and courage of his children, and how the hard times have enriched their character. Finally, Bill gives advice to families considering serving internationally as well as to families enduring the process of reentry. (Photo by Steven Van Loy on Unsplash)


"Hiding in the Hallway" with Jeanne Harrison

“God is way too sovereign for me to be an afterthought…” Jeanne Harrison talks about her experience of returning to America after growing up overseas and shares advice for TCK care personnel and parents. Jeanne wrote Hiding in the Hallway to address many common TCK issues. Through her book (and our conversation) she demonstrates a depth of insight and emphasizes the power of empathy in processing the TCK experience. Check out her book Hiding in the Hallway on your favorite online bookstore,...


"I Remember the People" with Daniela Neira

In this week's episode we hear from Dani who spent the first years of her life with her family traveling the world on a ship. Dani reflects on her experiences, especially the sense of community that she felt as a child and the difficulty in relating your backstory to others. Check out Dani's blog Tertiary (where I was recently featured!) and leave a comment to let me know what you think of this week's episode.


"Lasting Relationships" with Tita Rannabargar

Tita Rannabargar explains the importance of lasting relationships in the life of a TCK. Everyone benefits from reliable, consistent, loving relationships in their lives. How much more important might that be for a TCK who grows up traveling the world? Tita describes attachment patterns and describes what to expect from healthy attachment, and then what to look out for in unhealthy attachment. (Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash)


"This is Home" with Jon Walthour

In this episode Jon Walthour, creator, producer, and host of the podcast TCK Tales, tells the story of moving from Nigeria to Ohio, and relates how his TCK experience has shaped the trajectory of his career path. In telling his story, Jon incorporates the humor inherent in living among worlds, the sadness that naturally accompanies loss, and the resilience exhibited by many a TCK. Particularly meaningful is Jon’s recounting of the discovering a sense of home. To learn more about Jon, click...


"Mother Care" with Susan Miller

Taking a detour from my regular schedule, the founder and president of Just Moved Ministry joins me for a Mother’s Day special to discuss one of the most important aspects of TCK care…TCK’s mothers. As Susan aptly mentions, the first step in caring for your children is caring for yourself. And so to honor the mothers of TCK’s everywhere Susan gives expert advice on recognizing the warning signs of burnout, offers steps to take to increase balance in life and maintain a positive outlook, and...


"Guiding the Grief" with Lauren Wells

Cultural Trainer and TCK Program Director of Culture Bound — an organization that specializes in providing language and culture training — and author of the blog TCK Training joins us in this week’s episode of TCK Care discussing the grieving process. Lauren discusses the value of setting an example in healthy grieving and gives specific strategies for processing grief both privately and publicly. Lauren is a skilled trainer whose work is influenced by both professional practice and personal...