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The podcast connecting identity and business. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with an identity management leader, focusing on industry hot topics and stories. Join Oscar Santolalla and his special guests as they discuss what’s current and what’s next for digital identity. Produced by Ubisecure.

The podcast connecting identity and business. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with an identity management leader, focusing on industry hot topics and stories. Join Oscar Santolalla and his special guests as they discuss what’s current and what’s next for digital identity. Produced by Ubisecure.




The podcast connecting identity and business. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with an identity management leader, focusing on industry hot topics and stories. Join Oscar Santolalla and his special guests as they discuss what’s current and what’s next for digital identity. Produced by Ubisecure.






Evaluating face recognition biometrics with Mei Ngan, NIST – Podcast Episode 42

Let's talk about digital identity with Mei Ngan, Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In episode 42, we explore Mei's work at NIST evaluating face recognition biometrics with the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), how accurate facial recognition actually is, and the effects of different variables on the FRVT – face masks (motivated by the pandemic), face morphing as a current FR vulnerability for identity credentials, demographic differentials, and twins...


Immunity passports case study with Tricerion CEO, Schehrezade Davidson – Podcast Episode 41

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Schehrezade Davidson, CEO of Tricerion. In episode 41, Oscar and Schehrezade explore Tricerion's immunity passport – ImmucheX. They discuss the challenges that immunity passports present – including privacy, trust and regulatory compliance - and how Tricerion is responding to those challenges. "Fundamentally it's about trust, it's about accuracy. It's complicated but there is a way forward." Schehrezade Davidson is the CEO of Tricerion Limited, a...


Germany’s digital identity landscape with Verimi’s Roland Adrian – Podcast Episode 40

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Roland Adrian, Managing Director at Verimi. In episode 40, Roland fills us in on how Verimi works and its privacy-by-design cornerstones, including data minimisation. Oscar and Roland also discuss the digital identity landscape in Germany and how it's been affected by the pandemic, plus the future of identity in Germany and what needs to happen next. "Customer experience is king at digital identity. And really, technology, security, privacy, whatever it...


LEIs & corporate transparency for Obliged Entities with Ben Cronin, UBO Service – Podcast Episode 39

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Ben Cronin, Managing Director at UBO Service. In episode 39 of LTADI, Oscar talks to Ben about UBO Service and the challenges it solves around verifying Ultimate Beneficiary Owners, how UBO Service is leveraging Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) for KYC and enhanced CDD, and the Global LEI Foundation's validation agent (VA) framework. "It was very obvious to us that adding the LEI to that identification piece was very powerful because you're really...


Lisa LeVasseur on the ethical behaviour of technology and the Me2B Alliance – Podcast Episode 38

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Lisa LeVasseur, Executive Director at Me2B Alliance. In episode 38, Lisa and Oscar discuss the Me2B Alliance and how it aims to make technology better for humans, plus the businesses (B-s) which are shining a light on privacy issues and giving the Me-s more control. "We used to call ourselves something like the 'organic food label'. But that's actually not right. We're more like independent automobile crash testing." Lisa LeVasseur is Executive Director...


Digital identity in the UK in 2021 with TrueProfile.io’s René Seifert – Podcast Episode 37

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with René Seifert, Co-Founder & Co-Head at TrueProfile.io. In episode 37, René Seifert talks about the current status of identity in the UK; the government's recent call for evidence and DIU (digital identity unit); the resultant six guiding principles – including privacy and inclusivity; the potential of self-sovereign identity to solve some of these issues; TrueProfile.io and the importance of verified credentials in an HR context; plus the ethical,...


The Domains of Identity and SSI with “Identity Woman”, Kaliya Young – Podcast Episode 36

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Kaliya Young – consultant, conference organiser, author, activist. In episode 36, Kaliya and Oscar discuss the long-running Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) that she co-founded, the effects of moving to virtual identity conferences in 2020, insights from Kaliya's books - 'The Domains of Identity', newly published in 2020, and 'A Comprehensive Guide to Self Sovereign Identity' – plus some great tips for all business leaders on how to view the role of...


Towards Self-Sovereign Identity with Tykn Co-Founders, Khalid Maliki and Jimmy J.P. Snoek – Podcast Episode 35

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Khalid Maliki, Co-Founder & Managing Director, and Jimmy J.P. Snoek, Co-Founder & CEO at Tykn. Khalid and Jimmy join Oscar for episode 35 of the podcast, discussing everything Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and the SSI company they co-founded, Tykn. The conversation details the 'three pillars of SSI' (verifiable credentials, decentralised identifiers and blockchain), how SSI fits with existing processes, what it should appear as to end users (and what...


Digital identity in financial services and Zero Trust with Ilkka Hyvönen of Sogeti Finland – Podcast Episode 34

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Ilkka Hyvönen, Head of Cyber Security at Sogeti Finland. In episode 34, Oscar talks to Ilkka about the challenges that financial services face with digital identity, how CIAM helps with those challenges, the Zero Trust model and its applications for remote working, security in digital payments today, and his predictions for the near future of FS. "Customer Identity and Access Management can enable financial services to do business in this digital world,...


Interpreting the Finnish Trust Network (FTN) with Traficom’s Petteri Ihalainen – Podcast Episode 33

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Petteri Ihalainen, Senior Specialist at the National Cyber Security Centre, Finland (part of Traficom - Finnish Transport and Communications Agency). In episode 33, Oscar's on home turf talking to Petteri Ihalainen about the identity landscape in Finland and all about the Finnish Trust Network (FTN) – what it is, why it came about and what the benefits are for Finland's population. They also discuss Katso, Finland's business-to-government national...


New Zealand’s Digital Identity Trust Framework with Andrew Weaver, DINZ – Podcast Episode 32

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Andrew Weaver, Executive Director of Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ). In episode 32, Andrew fills us in on the main trends and challenges for digital identity in New Zealand, its national Digital Identity Trust Framework and the importance of interoperability between identity systems. He also gives us an excellent tip for individuals and organisations on reframing identity, inspired by Maori identity validations - trusting and respecting identities...


Securing systems with Privileged Access Management (PAM): SSH.com – Podcast Episode 31

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Miikka Sainio, CTO, and Rami Raulas, Vice President EMEA, at SSH.com. In episode 31, Oscar talks to Miikka and Rami about expanding identity beyond IAM and CIAM to Privileged Access Management. Listen for: what exactly Privileged Access Management (PAM) is; PAM benefits and use cases; the complexity and challenges with cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments; ephemeral certificates; the principle and application of zero trust; and SSH's PAM product...


Data minimisation: value, trust and obligation with Meeco’s Katryna Dow – Podcast Episode 30

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Katryna Dow, founder and CEO of Meeco. Katryna talks to Oscar about her career (including inspiration from Minority Report), Meeco's personal data & distributed ledger platform, the importance of data minimisation to inspire trust in organisations, and cultural differences in attitudes towards digital identity. "The greatest way to overcome this privacy paradox is transparency." "Where regulators have moved to increase the data transparency and data...


Critical cybersecurity concerns during a pandemic with Lisa Forte – Podcast Episode 29

Let's Talk About Digital Identity with Lisa Forte, Partner at Red Goat Cyber Security and Host of the Rebooting YouTube Channel. In episode 29, Oscar talks to Lisa about her fascinating journey to cybersecurity, the lucrative schemes that hackers and scammers have been employing since the start of the pandemic, the group of volunteers (CV19) she co-founded to help protect hospitals against cyber-attacks with the onset of COVID19 in Europe, and top tips for individuals and organisations on...


The Role of Identity in Digital Transformation with Jurgita Sarkovaite, NEO Consulting – Podcast Episode 28

Let's talk about digital identity with Jurgita Sarkovaite, Innovation and Strategy Manager at NEO Consulting. In episode 28, Jurgita and Oscar discuss digital transformation, particularly in light of COVID19, and the critical role of identity in any digital transformation project. The conversation also explores the importance of digital identity in customer experience and how companies are approaching digital identity in light of that, including who has ultimate influence over digital...


Desafíos de la identidad digital en Latinoamérica con Josselyne Abarca, Seguridad América – Podcast Episode 27

Let's talk about digital identity with Josselyne Abarca, Gerente General y socia fundadora de Seguridad América. A note for our English-speaking listeners: this week's episode is in Spanish, talking about the challenges of digital identity in Latin America with Josselyne Abarca, CEO and founding partner of Seguridad América. [En español] “Las empresas y organizaciones están migrando todos sus servicios al ámbito digital y uno de los desafíos con los que se encuentran es certificar o...


Pioneering neurographic passwords with Tricerion’s Schehrezade Davidson – Podcast Episode 26

Let's talk about digital identity with Schehrezade Davidson, CEO of Tricerion. In episode 26, Oscar talks to Schehrezade about Tricerion's neurographic authentication solution – picture-based passwords. They discuss how neurographic authentication solves the risks of alphanumeric passwords and spoof phishing, the benefits for users who find it hard to remember and input alphanumeric passwords, and its use cases. "None of us like passwords, we want something simple. But individuals understand...


Privacy, contact tracing apps and facial recognition with Debbie Reynolds – Podcast Episode 25

Let's talk about digital identity with Debbie Reynolds, Founder, CEO, and Chief Data Privacy Officer at Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC. And we're back with series 2! Kicking us off is Debbie Reynolds, looking at privacy in contact tracing apps around the world. Debbie walks us through the potential issues with contact tracing apps with regard to regional laws, security risks which must be mitigated against and the practical effectiveness of the apps themselves. Debbie and Oscar also dive...


The LEI: A catalyst for universal digital identity with Clare Rowley of GLEIF – Podcast Episode 24

Let's talk about digital identity with Clare Rowley, Head of Business Operations at the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). In episode 24, Clare and Oscar delve into the world of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) – what exactly is an LEI; the GLEIF's role in ensuring the operation of the Global LEI System and promoting LEI engagement; and the specific, quantifiable benefits that the LEI can bring to the banking sector. "Consumer protection, greater transparency in the supply...


Dissecting biometrics with Onfido’s Director of Product, Susana Lopes – Podcast Episode 23

Let's talk about digital identity with Susana Lopes, Director of Product at Onfido. In episode 23, Oscar talks to Susana about what biometrics enable that other identifiers can’t; the importance of anti-spoofing (liveness); privacy concerns around biometrics and regulatory impact; algorithmic bias in biometrics (including race, age, gender and other demographic differentials) and Onfido's work with the ICO in this regard. "Biometrics protect users against themselves in situations where they...