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The podcast connecting identity and business

The podcast connecting identity and business
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The podcast connecting identity and business






Reclaiming identity with Diane Joyce, Women in Identity – Podcast Episode 12

Let’s talk about digital identity with Diane Joyce, Identity Evangelist and Executive at Women in Identity. In episode 12, Diane and Oscar explore all manner of digital identity topics - including self-sovereign identity, digital wallets, GDPR, CIAM and, importantly, what organisations should be doing to protect consumer identities. She also fills us in on her work with Women in Identity – a not-for-profit organisation promoting diversity in the identity industry. "I want to use technology...


LIGHTest: a European project that has built a global trust infrastructure – Podcast Episode 11

Let's talk about digital identity with Rachelle Sellung and Alberto Miranda García, representing the LIGHTest Project. As the successful three-year LIGHTest project draws to a close, Oscar talks to two key team members – project lead, Rachelle Sellung, also of the IAT University of Stuttgart, and project partner Atos representative, Alberto Miranda García. They discuss the idea behind LIGHTest, what it's all about, specific use cases of the infrastructure, and the project's achievements at...


Talking digital signatures with Cybercom’s Head of IAM Solutions, Robin von Post – Podcast Episode 10

Let's talk about digital identity with Robin von Post, Head of IAM Solutions at Cybercom. In episode 10, Oscar talks to Robin about digital signatures - what are they, what challenges do they solve/pose, and why businesses should be taking advantage of their benefits now. They also talk about the issue of trust between organisations and internationally - particularly from Swedish (where Robin is based) and pan-European perspectives. "Digital identities and digital signatures are one of the...


A global approach to identity with Don Thibeau, Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation – Podcast Episode 9

Let's talk about digital identity with Don Thibeau, Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation. In episode 9, Oscar talks to Don about his career so far; his work with the OpenID Foundation (including FAPI and CIBA standards) and the Open Identity Exchange (OIX); and what he calls the 'Holy Trinity' driving the identity industry. Throughout the conversation Don highlights cultural differences in attitudes towards digital identity, and how we should be taking a more global approach. "We have...


Breaking down identity silos with One World Identity’s Cameron D’Ambrosi – Podcast Episode 8

Let’s talk about digital identity with Cameron D'Ambrosi, Principal at One World Identity. It's a crossover episode! Host of One World Identity's State of Identity podcast, Cameron D'Ambrosi, joins Oscar on the Let's Talk About Digital Identity podcast, to talk about the benefits of collaboration in the industry, how identity trends and behaviours are changing (particularly with Gen Z, aka 'zoomers') and global identity challenges. "Digital identity has ceased to be a technology problem –...


Data privacy, Brexit and GDPR with Julian Hayes, CEO at Veneto Privacy – Podcast Episode 7

Let’s talk about digital identity with Julian Hayes, CEO of Veneto Privacy. In episode 7, Oscar talks to Julian Hayes about data privacy in the days of Brexit chaos and why a penalty fine shouldn't be your biggest concern when it comes to GDPR. “GDPR is 40% security and 60% privacy" Julian is a highly experienced Data Privacy and Security consultant with more than 18 years working in the telecommunications and IT industry. As Managing Director of Veneto Privacy Services, Julian and his team...


Building Canada’s digital identity future with DIACC President, Joni Brennan – Podcast Episode 6

Let’s talk about digital identity with Joni Brennan, President of DIACC (Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada). In episode 6, Oscar talks to Joni about Canada's strategic collaboration for securing identity that builds economic 'good growth'. They also discuss Joni's journey to joining the identity space, challenges for digital identity from the Canadian point of view, and DIACC's vision for the future. Find out more about DIACC at diacc.ca or follow them on Twitter @mydiacc. Joni...


Cultivating diversity with Women in Identity Co-Founder, Emma Lindley – Podcast Episode 5

Let’s talk about digital identity with Emma Lindley, Co-Founder of Women in Identity. In episode 5, Oscar talks to Emma Lindley about her background in digital identity, the challenges for digital identity (both for society and for the identity industry) and the Women in Identity community, which she co-founded. "Digital identity solutions built for everyone are built by everyone.“ Emma has over 16 years of experience in the identity industry, most recently as Head of Identity and Risk for...


Telia Company on building an award-winning Identity Brokering Service – Podcast Episode 4

Let’s talk about digital identity with Telia Company's Lauri Immonen - Head of Security & Identity - and Joni Rapanen - Global Product Manager. In episode 4, Oscar talks to Lauri and Joni about why the Telia Identification Broker Service came about and the challenges of creating an award-winning cross-border service. You can find information about Telia Company's B2B identity services here - www.telia.fi/yrityksille/infrapalvelut/tietoturva/tunnistuspalvelu - and about their B2C mobile ID...


Digital identity in Estonia and beyond with Max van de Poll, Cybernetica – Podcast Episode 3

Let’s talk about digital identity with Max van de Poll, Product Manager for SplitKey at Cybernetica. In episode 3, Oscar and Max discuss how Estonia is leading the way with an advanced digital government and what other countries can learn from them. Max also educates us on SplitKey – Cybernetica’s authentication and digital signature solution, which provides secure two-factor authentication and legally binding signatures. Find out more here - cyber.ee/products/digital-identity. Max is the...


Simon Wood, Ubisecure CEO, “You can’t have security without identity” – Podcast Episode 2

Let's talk about digital identity with Simon Wood, CEO of Ubisecure. In episode 2, Oscar interviews Simon Wood about his passion for digital identity and touches on some of the ways that Ubisecure is tackling challenges in the industry. Also hear about Right to Represent - the brand new, pioneering Ubisecure service enabling advanced delegation between all combinations of individuals and organisations - and its value for organisations. Read more about Right to Represent here -...


10 Years of Kantara with Colin Wallis – Podcast Episode 1

Let's talk about digital identity with Colin Wallis, Executive Director of Kantara. Welcome to the very first episode of Let’s Talk About Digital Identity! Today we’re keeping up with the Kantarians, as they celebrate Kantara’s 10th anniversary. Join Oscar as he chats with Colin Wallis, Executive Director, about the Kantara Initiative, how they’re different to other associations, their consent receipt project (which Ubisecure is involved in), and the main challenges in digital identity –...