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Listen to this innovative approach combining psychology and organizational leadership concepts for less stress and more success!

Listen to this innovative approach combining psychology and organizational leadership concepts for less stress and more success!


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Listen to this innovative approach combining psychology and organizational leadership concepts for less stress and more success!






Z is for Zeal: maintaining excitement and passion through new leadership

This is the final episode of season 2. It's been a long road, but I live by my words, and my zeal for this podcast has kept me going. What keeps you going? What pushed the passion? I'll talk about the importance of maintaining zeal throughout your leadership. Featured: A WWE legend #ultimatewarrior An NBA team owner #steveballmer My personal inspiration #leadership #motivation #personaldevelopment Are you ready to lead? Take this 10 item assessment.


Y is for Youth: A Conversation with Jadon Brooks

Jadon Brooks is off to a good start: At 13, he's already engaged in 3 different business ventures with no plans to stop any time soon. If you think I'm kidding, check out his fitness Instagram! Despite all that flex, Jadon is a very humble young one with plenty to teach, which made him a perfect person to talk with for this episode, "Y is for Youth". I learned a lot of what I need to do next just from talking to this smart kid! I met Jadon through his dad Kip Brooks, whom I had a...


X is for X out public self-criticism: how to be a better public speaker.

If you're a new leader, expect to be a public speaker whether you like it or not. Yes, it can be scary. But there's one thing you absolutely MUST NOT do to make the process better: Stop self-criticism about public speaking! This short episode will help you learn how NOT to do that and what to do instead! Take this 10 item assessment to see if you're ready to lead!


W is for Worry

Do you find yourself worrying excessively over your leadership responsibilities? Are you tired of people telling you "don't worry" without trying to understand why you're worrying? This episode may not be the one you WANT to hear, but it is the one you NEED to hear. I'll tell you why you can stop worrying and instead what you can do to demonstrate the valid concern you need to get everyone on board so that you can solve future problems before they start. You can do this without giving into...


V is for Vision: Creating a vision for yourself

I've spoken in the past about how to create a vision for your organization when you're new to leadership. But what about creating one for yourself now that you're in leadership? I talk about ways to do it, starting now. Take a 10 item assessment to see how ready you are to lead!


U is for Unique: How to stand out as a leader

When you're ready to elevate your organization or business amongst the competition, rely on your uniqueness. Learn how to discover what it is about you that stands out (in a positive way), and how to make it work for you. Mentions in this episode: Dave Ramsey, "Sonja with a J", delicious burgers. Are you ready to lead? Take the 10 item assessment at Bright Insights and get free gifts!


T is for Trauma: A Conversation with Whitney Walker of Women Waken

Leaders, if you feel your emotions are getting beyond the best of you, or you're completely forgetting any sort of self-care, or your relationships are breaking down now that you've taken the might be time to look at the role Trauma may be playing. In this episode, "T is for Trauma", I interview Whitney Walker, a therapist and recovery coach. She owns Women Waken (which not just for women, as explained in the episode) and will help explain what trauma looks like in leadership, how...


S is for Sleep

The myth of "if you're sleeping, you're not working hard enough" is still running rampant. But there's too much practical research showing that lack of sleep eventually has significant, negative consequences on your health. And if you're not around to lead, or you're leading at 50% mental capacity, what's the point? I talk about what's actually happening to you while you sleep, the different sleep zones, and four areas where you can make practical changes to improve the quality of your...


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Subscribe to the Bright Insights podcast so you can learn to lead with less stress and more success. We do this through helping you build tools for self confidence and self care. Here are some highlights of interviews and topics we cover. Want to know if you're ready to lead? Take this 10 question leadership assessment!


R is for Restorative Practices

America is coming out of the pandemic. Leaders will be going back to the workspaces and interact for longer with coworkers and customers. How do you do that successfully after being virtually isolated for more than a year? The key is nature. And this episode's guest, Gabriel Kram, is well-schooled in how nature helps human beings restore themselves for each other. Gabriel is a connection phenomenologist that has brought schools, companies, and other organizations closer together and more...


Q is for Questions

I would argue that one big mistake new leaders make is assuming everyone assumes they have all the answers to every question. You don't have all the answers. You'll never have all the answers. No great leader has every answer. But great leaders DO learn what questions to ask, who to ask, and how to ask them so that they have the right answers at almost any moment! Listen to this podcast to figure out the who/what/how on asking questions. Are you ready to lead? Take this 10 item...


P is for Pivot: Interview with Pastor Nate Stonestreet

Prepare to Pivot! Some of you have already learned this the hard way during the pandemic, but leaders do need to be prepared to pivot. Sometimes your vision is perfect, but an imperfect world can de-rail the path towards that vision. I started to do this as a solo episode, but I thought it was better to go straight to the source: my very young church pastor, Nate Stonestreet, who had just taken over leading the church when Covid19 shut the doors on in-person services. You don't have to be...


O is For Optimism

Optimism is probably one of the hardest things to come by; even harder when there's a global pandemic. However, leaders can keep their organizations from having a complete collapse in morale by maintaining realistic optimism. If you're used to being motivated by fear of failure, use this episode to learn why realistic optimism can propel you and your organization to great success. Are you ready to lead? Take this 10 item assessment at Bright Insights Media.


The Tactical Pause

I am taking a tactical pause from creating new episodes. It's not a cancelation, or discontinuation, but a pause with a purpose. Listen in to find out why I'm taking the pause and what you can look forward to in the very near future. You won't want to miss this opportunity to get more free products while I prepare for something bigger! Get a head start on what's new by signing up at Bright Insights Media. Are you an artist with a voice and in need of networking to improve your message...


N is for Networking: An Interview with Arish Rivers

Arish Rivers is a master at networking. He doesn't let a contact die, and every connection leads to something better for both parties. Music promotions, podcasts, band ambassadors, apparel, supplements, spirits; if Arish wanted to get into an entrepreneurial adventure, he could network his way into getting it done! Listen to Arish explain how new leaders learn how to network. And when you're done, check out his latest networking project Champloo Media, a hub where storytellers (like Bright...


M is for Meditation

Meditation isn't just spiritual chants and yoga. It's not just stuff you can use an app for, either. It can be done many ways. And if you are a leader that feels lost in your role, listen to me explain three reasons why I think you should try meditation. I wish I had learned how to do this when I served in the Air Force! I'm glad I learned how to do it while I work in mental health! I'll also include a sample meditation I made. You can get the whole one free at...


L is for Language

When you transition from employee or solo preneur to leader, you have to adjust your language. The words you use and don't use have a ripple effect. Learn the 3 L's of what you need to look out for! Visit Bright Insights Media for more leadership tips and tricks. If you're ready to start having less stress and more success, go to this link and sign up for two FREE Gifts.


Part 2 K is for Knowledge with Bill DeMarco

We continue on with Bill DeMarco's interview. Here we talk about his role in Air University's Department of Education Leadership, cognitive diversity, and why new leaders should be in "Permanent Beta". Visit Bright Insights Media for more leadership tips and tricks. If you're ready to start having less stress and more success, go to this link and sign up for two FREE Gifts. Take a pop quiz on where your leadership awareness is right here!


K is for Knowledge, Part 1 with Bill DeMarco

I'm very excited to bring you part one of this discussion with retired Air Force Colonel Bill DeMarco, Chair and Dean of Air University's Education Leadership Department and forerunner of the M100 Management Group I don't have enough room in these show notes to list all of Bill's awesome leadership history and current leadership accomplishments. But he's literally flown all over the world and provides top leadership development instruction to an international group of young officers. He...


J is for Joy

Finding Joy will help jumpstart that "juice" in you that makes you a great leader! But how do you find joy when things are tough all over? There are four ways. I talk about them in a pretty straight forward, quick and easy style in this episode! As a special thank you for listening to this episode, here are two FREE Gifts from Bright Insights Media.