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Join Paul Bright as he brings his psychology and leadership experience to create less stress and more success to your business!

Join Paul Bright as he brings his psychology and leadership experience to create less stress and more success to your business!
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Join Paul Bright as he brings his psychology and leadership experience to create less stress and more success to your business!






Season 1 Wrap Up

This is the season 1 wrap up episode! Show notes: 1. Summary of the various episode series 2. Shout outs to contributors 3. A preview into what's coming, to include approximate launch of Season 2, video submissions, and pending publications. Even though we're closed for the season, the Bright Insights Media blog ( will still be active. Be sure to visit and watch updates and the expansion of our mission. Thanks for joining me on this journey thus far....


Part 5 Leadership 101: Servant Leadership

The fifth and final part of the Leadership 101 Series: Servant Leadership. Almost every leader says things that servant leaders embody: "I have an open door policy." "Tell me what you need to do your job better." But how often do they follow through or demonstrate what it means to say these things? And do you? Show notes: -Credit to Lord of the Rings as an example of servant leadership. -Common servant leader phrases and traits -The drawbacks to servant leadership -Examples of servant...


Part 4 Leadership 101: Authoritative Leadership

Take a trip down history lane as I review General George Patton, his authoritative leadership style, and how to manage it towards long term success if this tough-as-nails style is what you use. Show Notes: -How Patton motivated his troops to battlefield success -Why Patton's style limited his ascension in the ranks -Why I don't think the authoritative style is all that bad when managed correctly Get more information on ways you can lead with less stress and more success at the Bright...


Part 3 Leadership 101: In Groups, Out Groups

In Part 3 of the Leadership 101 series, we explore Leader Member Exchange theory, also known as LMX, and how you may be unintentionally creating "in" and "out" groups with your employees. And does Batman have the answer? You'll get the last question as you listen to the podcast. Show notes: -Holy Pop Culture! A throwback to 1989 is used to illustrate LMX - What an "In Group" looks like in your workplace - How LMX is like parenting multiple children - How I found out I was part of an...


Part 2 Leadership 101: Creating Your Own Culture

Once you decide to hire people to work towards your vision, you've got to establish your work culture. But before you decide how people are going to approach the job, you need to meet them where they're at. I learned most of my culture lessons while working at 4H Summer Camp. Take my lessons and you'll end up hiring the best employees at the start! This episode's meme cover is another original from the folks at Meme Up Business. You can find them on Get custom...


Part 1 Leadership 101: A Clear, Concise Vision

Part 1 in the Leadership 101 series: A Clear, Concise Vision. If you plan to have employees, you're money-making idea won't go very far without a clear, concise vision. Learn why it's the one thing you gotta have set in place before sending your employees to work. Thanks to Business Memes for the cover photo! Check 'em out if you need a unique, creative way to communicate or advertise for your business. Show notes: Why a goal is not the same thing as a vision. A goal is not enough! How I...


You Don't Have Haters

There are people who you might think are haters because they have negative things to say about you. But the truth is that they aren't all haters. In fact, there are three kinds of people who look like haters but really aren't. I'll explain who they are, what makes up a "true" hater, and what you can do about it on this episode. Mentioned in episode: *Sarah Silverman *Tupac, Biggie, and a bad Snoop Dog impression *The "hate" I got separating from the military and how I explained my...


Part 5 Maslow, Motivation, and Your Organization: Self-Actualization

The final part in the "Maslow" series explores how to retain employees who are reaching their peak performance. In some cases, it's actually beneficial to let them go! Find out why, and visit the Bright Insights website for further information on how to have less stress and more success!


Part 4 Maslow, Motivation, and your Organization: Self-Esteem Needs

Are you finding ways to boost your employees' self-esteem? What about your own? People stick around where they are loved. Learn how to be the positive force for yourself and others (even when things suck at the moment!) in this episode. Follow the Bright Insights site for more information.


Part 3 Maslow, Motivation, and Your Organization: Love and Belongingness

Do your employees feel like they belong? Many workers will stick around longer if they make good friends at a work center. Learn how to foster a friendly work environment while boosting production in part three of the "Maslow, Motivation, and your Organization" series: Love and Belongingness. For additional information, check out the Bright Insights website!


Part 2 Maslow, Motivation, and Your Organization: Safety and Security Needs

How safe and secure do your employees feel about their job and their work center? We address this in part 2 of the "Maslow, Motivation, and Your Organization" Series: Safety and Security Needs. Follow along for more information at the Bright Insights website!


Part 1 Maslow, Motivation, and Your Organization: Physiological Needs

The first in the Maslow, Motivation, and Your Organization" Series: Physiological Needs. Learn how your approach to the most basic human needs can affect retention. And for more information, check out the Bright Insights website!


Inconceivable: OCD, ADHD, PTSD: Do you have them?

Can you say you have OCD, ADHD, or PTSD without a true diagnosis? Listen here, and follow the website for more information.


Inconceivable! Series: Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is among the most common misused psychological terms. It gets mixed up with Multiple Personality Disorder. After the podcast, you can get more information about this diagnosis and others on the Bright Insights website.


Inconceivable! Series: Narcissism

Listen to find out if you or someone you know is either very self-confident or narcissistic like the wrestler Ric Flair (image created by Chad Stanhope). When you're done listening to this podcast, visit the Bright Insights website for additional mental health and organizational leadership resources for less stress and more success!


Inconceivable! Series: Bipolar Disorder

My friend Sarah Francis helps dispel bipolar disorder misconceptions by discussing her symptoms, the book that helped with the diagnosis, how she manages symptoms, and what she does now to educate others about bipolar disorder. Follow along with additional information on the Bright Insights website.


Inconceivable! Series: Therapy Myths

The "Inconceivable!" Series focuses on myths and misunderstood psychological concepts and disorders. This first episode in the series, "Therapy Myths",tackles myths about psychotherapy. Do you think therapy is a you on a couch and a guy looking overhead, taking notes on a clipboard? Or is it paying someone a lot of money to say nice things about you? Give this episode a listen and learn more on the Bright Insights blog