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005 - Northern Lights, Chapter 4: The Alethiometer

Lyra falls under Mrs Coulter's glamorous spell over dinner at Jordan college. Sooner than you can say golden monkey, Lyra is whisked off to start a dazzlingly different life with her and bundled into a world of high power, feminity and glamour - but not before the Master of Jordan gives Lyra a mysterious and beautiful alethiometer, urging her to keep it secret from her new custodian. Iain and Amy discuss feminine badassery, a 13th century French mercenary and the joys of a lovely...


004 - Northern Lights, Chapter 3: Lyra's Jordan

We explore the sprawling grandeur of Lyra's Oxford college home, as we get immersed in her world of brick burner wars and catacomb expeditions. As rumours spread about children disappearing all across Brytain, we meet a sinister new character - a beautiful young woman with dark hair and a golden monkey. Iain and Amy geek out over Dr Dee, the question of ‘where to put the camera’ and Lyra's anger-xiety. ------ For more information on the Louisiana Purchase and an image of the affected...


003 - Northern Lights, Chapter 2: The Idea of North

Lord Asriel, Lyra's mysterious and powerful uncle, shocks the dowdy scholars of Jordan College with heretical revelations of Dust, scalped and murdered colleagues and secures funding for another expedition North. The motives behind the Master's attempted murder are made clear and Lyra is shown to be part of a grander destiny beyond the dreaming spires of Oxford. Join us this episode as we puzzle over Dustons, the intoxicating effects of poppy seeds and the unsettling power of the...


002 - Northern Lights, Chapter 1: The Decanter of Tokay

This week we discuss Chapter 1 of Northern Lights: The Decanter of Tokay. In world not quite our own, Lyra - our young protagonist - sneaks into a room in her Oxford college home, which she categorically shouldn’t be in. Despite discouragement and warnings from her daemon Pantalaimon, Lyra quickly learns and overhears more than she should. Iain and Amy drool over Lyra’s mysterious and powerful uncle (Lord Asriel), the perfect cup of tea and the unfair treatment of dogs as daemons. Music...


001 - Introduction to The Dark Material Podcast

Welcome to The Dark Material Podcast! In this introductory episode we (Iain & Amy) introduce ourselves, the podcast and some of the key themes, characters and concepts we will explore in The Dark Material Podcast. We hope you will join us on our journey into the worlds of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. This is just the beginning. ——— Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine”: Link to Audible for the audiobooks of His Dark Materials:...