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Drunkard United Football show delivers entertaining coverage of every Premier League match, and a bit about what we are drinking with hosts Sam Huston and Sam Graham. It’s like talking footy in a pub with your friends.

Drunkard United Football show delivers entertaining coverage of every Premier League match, and a bit about what we are drinking with hosts Sam Huston and Sam Graham. It’s like talking footy in a pub with your friends.


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Drunkard United Football show delivers entertaining coverage of every Premier League match, and a bit about what we are drinking with hosts Sam Huston and Sam Graham. It’s like talking footy in a pub with your friends.




Premier League gameweek 22 “Ignored? More like Pillaged”

This week the Sam’s focus on the bottom clubs of the Premier League, Newcastle, Watford, Norwich and Burnley. Big Sam rejoices over the sacking of Rafa and unleashes a new conspiracy theory. Villa debuts a couple new players in a thrilling draw. Leeds get a timely win and Man City takes a step closer to the title. The Sam’s enjoy #18 from Whisky Advocate's Top 20 of 2021 GlenDronach PortWood finish. Match Order Newcastle 1 - Watford 1 Norwich 2 - Everton 1 Aston Villa 2 - Man United...


FA cup 3rd round review: “The Veneers went Bling”

The 3rd round of the FA Cup didn’t disappoint, lots of upsets and the Sam’s enjoy Whiskey Advocates #19 whiskey of 2021 Wheel Horse Bourbon. Hartlepool, Kidderminister, Boreham Wood, Cambridge and Nottingham Forrest all knock off bigger clubs including Grahams Gunners. Producer Mel’s Villa feel out to Man U yet somehow Big Sam Everton managed to advance. There was also a 9 goal barn burner between two unexpected sides. FA Round 3 Matches: Hartlepool 2 - Blackpool 1 Kidderminister 2 -...


Premier League Gameweek 21 “Corridor of Uncertainty”

This week’s Premier League coverage, the Sam’s start with the top 4 sides. Graham laments Arsenal loss to Man City, and they get into a heated argument over about a handful of jersey not being a penalty. Chelsea and Liverpool had a ton of fireworks and some amazing goals. Everyone is drinking Malort as Everton also lost to Brighton and Villa lost to Brentford. The Sam’s begin their annual review of the Top 20 Whiskeys from Whiskey Advocate with the Skyler from Andalusia at number 20. Man...


Premier League Gameweek 20 “Toothless”

This week it was a no Malort show for the crew, so the Sam’s open with Leicester City’s gutsy win over Liverpool. There is a spirited debate about the inconsistencies in VAR from offsides to penalties, Graham takes a jab at big Sammy enjoying a Ragged Branch Double Oak Wheated and Big Sam has a little single malt from Cynelish part of the Game of Thrones series. Grab a drink and listen! Premier League match coverage order Leicester 1 - Liverpool 0 Palace 3 - Norwich 0 Tottenham 1 -...


Premier League Gameweek 19 “Daddy was at the Book”

This week the boys chat Boxing Day and the goals galore that came with it! 28 in one day, and 9 of them was in City’s win over Leicester. Arsenal keeps rolling, despite Spurs being on their heels. West Ham suffer a set back at the hands of Southampton and Producer Mel has Malort in her life for Villa’s loss to Chelsea. Brighton finally get a win and Newcastle get a point to a very Meh effort from Man United. The Sam’s enjoy an old classic of Whistle Pig 10-year Rye. Man City 6 - Leicester...


Another chat with the famous head groundsmen, Ben Kay

Merry Festivus! We have a bonus show for you. The Sam’s chat with Groundsman Ben Kay, formally of Chorley FC, who made headlines last year when he stayed up all night in freezing weather to save the pitch for FA cup play. Ben is now the Head Groundsman at Accrington Stanley, so grab a drink and lets catch up.


Premier League Gameweek 18 “Managers Throwing a Tizzy Fit”

This week the Sam’s only have four matches to talk about but none of them weren’t without controversy as VAR reared it’s ugly head again. Not giving a like for like Yellow cards in the Arsenal Leeds match. Missing a crucial hand ball in Wolverhamptons match with Chelsea. A blown penalty call in Newcastle’s lost to Man City. Finally, a terribly missed red card for Harry Kane in the exhilarating Spurs and Liverpool draw. While the threat of more covid out breaks looms over every match in the...


Premier League Gameweek 17 “A Screamer”

In a special mid-week show the Sam’s start by discussing all the postponements and how the Premier League will move forward. All three of our teams, Villa, Arsenal and Everton, got results - making it a no Malort show! Graham and Huston got heated over a penalty, and they finish up with City and Liverpool wins, a shocking Palace draw and a Wolves match where the referee was more interesting than the action on the field. Brentford-Man U Burnley-Watford Leicester-Spurs (All...


Premier League Gameweek 16 “a Soft Penalty”

This week the Sam’s open with a trio of penalty decisions that decided games for Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool. The race for European spots is taking shape with wins for Arsenal and Man U while West Ham could only manage a point at Turfmore. Palace and Leicester dominate, and Big Sam goes down another rabbit hole. Grab your tinfoil hats as the Sam’s enjoy Larceny Barrel Proof, the actual batch that won whiskey if the year. Chelsea 3 - Leeds 2 Man City 1 - Wolverhampton 0 Liverpool 1 -...


Premier League Gameweek 15 “DU Derby”

This week Big Sam relishes in the third straight win in the DU Derby as Everton defeated Arsenal. To add insult to injury Drunk Uber Passenger and Everton supporter Brody swings by with lots of beers and a little extra salt for Grahams wounds. The premier league changed hands three times with Chelsea’s loss to West Ham coupled with Liverpool and Man City wins. In “oh so” Newcastle got their first win and Villa gets a big win. The Sam’s enjoyed a double barreled Rye from Starlight Distilling...


Premier League Gameweek “Had a bad day”

This week the Premier League doubled the matches so we doubled the shows! The Sam’s start with two massive rivalries that both their sides lost as Liverpool dismantles Big Sam’s Everton and Man U wins a thriller over Graham’s Arsenal. Chelsea and Man City continue their run at the top with wins. As the boys are on zoom they both have their own whiskeys Graham enjoyed a Canadian Whiskey and Big Sam had a single barrel Bourbon. Liverpool 4 - Everton 1 Man U 3 - Arsenal 2 Chelsea 2 -...


Premier League Gameweek 13 “#sNOwMatch ”

This weekend the matches weren’t that exciting, so the Sam’s drank a bunch! This week they enjoyed the ugly sweater pack from Bud Light…. Kind of like the matches, meh. Liverpool and City win to put pressure on Chelsea at the top. The Foxes beat Watford 4-2 in a wild match. Mel’s Villa and Graham’s Gunners are both back to winning ways but Big Sam’s Toffees can’t win a win. Matches Man City 2 - West Ham 1 Liverpool 4 - Southampton 0 Chelsea 1 - Man United 1 Leicester 4 - Watford...


Injury Time – Turkey Day Treat

Disclaimer: MTU-NSFW-0K (More Than Usual – Not Safe for Work - or Kids) In the spirit of Thanksgiving the Sam’s are giving all the listeners a chance to check out an edited Injury Time. In normal fashion the boys have already enjoyed a few beverages and take their time getting to preview of the matches. They first chat about the DU fantasy leagues, the beers they were enjoying and check in on their “adopted” clubs Hibernian, Accrington Stanley and Real Bettis. The Sam’s are a bit loose...


EPL Week 12 “Get Out ”

This week the Sam’s go heavy with matches in the first segment as they discuss the bevy of coaches the Premier League have already been through. Wins for Spurs, Norwich and Villa while Newcastle’s new manager could be bothered to be on the sideline for his first match. The cream of the league has risen to the top and both Sam’s felt it as Arsenal and Everton along with Leicester were losers to them. The Sam’s enjoy a rare single barrel from Old Forrester that will be available locally on...


EPL Week 11 “He ain’t your puppy dog” ”

This week the Sam’s recap City’s domination of the Manchester Derby and West Ham get an impressive win over Liverpool. There were two manager firings after Norwich won and Mel’s Villa lost. Palace continue their impressive run, while Leeds and Leicester provided two brilliant goals in less than a minute apart. Big Sam enjoyed some Wilderness Trail Bottle in Bond Wheated Bourbon while Mr. Graham was in isolation. Man City 2 - Man United 0 West Ham 3 - Liverpool 2 Norwich 2 - Brentford...


EPL Week 10 “That was a brain fart”

This week the Sam’s recap Crystal Palace’s monster upset at Man City but nit to be outdone by Brighton 2 goal comeback at Liverpool… as Chelsea keeps rolling. Graham’s Arsenal is soaring up the table as Spurs fire their manager. The Huston’s continue their Malort Marriage as Villa and Everton fall again. The boys enjoy a pairing of Jefferson’s Rye single barrels that are both Cognac finished. Crystal Palace 2 - Man City 0 Brighton 2 - Liverpool 2 Chelsea 3 - Newcastle 0 Arsenal 2 -...


EPL Week 9 “Sword Fight”

Why does Ole’ still have a job? This, along with so many more questions are asked about Man U in their loss to Liverpool in the Northwest Derby. Man oh man were there goals galore as Chelsea, Man City and Watford (?) rolled over their opposition. There were a bunch of scoring draws and Arsenal, Leicester and West Ham got timely wins that move them up in the table. The Sams are on a zoom call, so Graham was drinking Bourbon and Big Sam enjoyed some single malt Scotch and a triple shot of...


EPL Week 8 “Missed by a Bee’s dick”

This week the boys open with a pair of Derbies. Producer Mel laments Villa dramatic collapse to Wolverhampton in the Midlands Derby with a shot of Malort, Chelsea with some excellent goalkeeping survived their first West London Derby with Brentford in over 75 years and there was goals galore for Liverpool and goals galore against Man United. Big Sam makes sure Mel wasn’t drinking alone with and Everton loss. The boys enjoyed the Last Feather Rye from Journeyman distilling. Games...


Newcastle Special: “Newcastholes”

This week the boys have a special guest, their boy Alan! Alan is an avid Newcastle supporter, and the guys chat all things takeover as the Mike Ashley era comes to an end. They place their next round of bets and check in on the championship while enjoying Michter’s American Whiskey Like what you hear? Leave us a review and tell a friend. Love what you hear? Then support the show: Buy a shirt...


EPL week 7: “The Year of the Hwang”

This week starts with the top of the Premier League table as the Sam’s discuss Liverpool hosting Man City, along with the Chelsea victory and Everton’s draw with Man United. Producer Mel has a shot of Malort to do for Villa’s loss. The Sam’s declare a new year and a new special focus, and Big Sam makes the crew a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s using Holla Salvadilli pickle vodka. Grab a Drink and listen Games Covered: Liverpool 2 - Man City 2 Chelsea 3 - Southampton 1 Everton 1 - Man United...