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Welcome to the Perlu Podcast – a podcast where we chat with influencer marketing professionals, social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters – you name it – about what has led to their success.

Welcome to the Perlu Podcast – a podcast where we chat with influencer marketing professionals, social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters – you name it – about what has led to their success.
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Welcome to the Perlu Podcast – a podcast where we chat with influencer marketing professionals, social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters – you name it – about what has led to their success.






Kibbee Miller of Converse on What Big Brands Look for in Influencers

A passion for fashion and footwear drove Kibbee Miller to Converse. Now a member of their global social media team, Kibbee works closely with influencers of all scales every day on multiple active campaigns. We sat down with her to hear what it takes to get a gig with a brand like Converse. Are you an influencer hoping to score a collab with a brand of this scale? Are you a brand trying to understand what you should be looking for in your influencers? Kick up your heels ... or chucks ......


Edelman on Working With Celebrities AND MicroInfluencers

From organic Facebook posts in 2012 to full-blown paid social campaigns in 2019, Edelman’s U.S. Vice President of Influencer Relations and Business Affairs Andrew Schwalb has experienced firsthand the evolution of influencer marketing. Andrew has seen the benefits and challenges of working with celebrities and micro influencers over the course of his career and is ready to share his wisdom with the Perlu listeners. So kick back, close out of all of those social media apps for a few minutes...


Smoke Shack Jerky on the Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Start-Ups

We’ve had a lot of guests on this podcast who have made dramatic career shifts into influencer marketing. Now it’s time we talk with someone who did the reverse: meet Jonathan Brown, marketer turned gourmet jerky entrepreneur. Jonathan Brown, or JB, didn’t completely abandon his marketing roots when he founded Smoke Shack Jerky. In fact, he seized the opportunity to dive into influencer marketing – this time for his own brand. Grab a snack (you’ll need it!) and hit play to hear about how JB...


Dave Peck of RingCentral on Executing Foolproof Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Catfishing your way into success isn’t typically well-advised, but that’s exactly how Dave Peck made his name. Well… sort of. Under the alias of a female avatar named Britney Mason on the original virtual universe Second Life, Dave went from insurance broker to social media and digital marketing expert in just a few years. Today, he has been featured in countless media outlets and news shows, worked with seemingly every micro-influencer and celebrity under the sun, and is head of social...


Samara Finn Holland of Kaplow on Storytelling in Influencer Marketing

Today, students interested in influencer marketing have dozens of colleges and degree programs to choose from to help them break into the industry. But that wasn’t the case when Samara Finn Holland, senior vice president of influencer marketing at Kaplow, was in school. Samara had to find her own way into the emerging industry of influencer marketing. While being a pioneer in any industry is difficult, transitioning from PR to influencer marketing felt natural for Samara because of her love...


Agency Founder Tom Potts on Using Influencers to Drive Results

Don’t think a car mechanic could make waves in the influencer marketing industry? Think again, because that’s exactly what Tom Potts did. While working as a car mechanic, Tom did a 180 and ventured into the digital marketing world. There, he spent years in leadership roles at Starcom Mediavest Group, Lowe Profero and Edelman. Then, he made a big decision: he wanted to be his own boss. And that’s when he started MML Consulting & Subculture Club, helping agencies and brands develop digital...


Lauren Schultz of Home Chef on Scalable, Authentic Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has worked its way into nearly every industry, even meal solutions. And no one knows this industry better than Lauren Schultz, senior manager of influencer marketing at Home Chef. During her career, Lauren has worked with influencers of all kinds, from micro influencers to Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner of the hit TV show, The Office. We sat down with Lauren to learn how she develops and sustains relationships with the influencers she works with and how she creates...


Nicole Emerick of FCB Chicago on Influencer Marketing and Creative Freedom

You may not think someone in finance would make the switch to the influencer marketing world, but that’s exactly what Nicole Emerick did. Now, this banker-turned-blogger-turned-influencer-marketing-guru is the VP and director of social media and influencer marketing at the global advertising agency, FCB Chicago. We sat down with Nicole to discuss her journey, how she chooses her influencers and the benefits of giving influencers creative freedom. So throw on those headphones, take a walk...


Influencer Networking Tips with Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan

If you consider yourself well traveled, you might reconsider after meeting Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan. Since 2007, the Australian journalist has visited over 50 countries – on all seven continents! For Megan, though, it’s not about the numbers. From Myanmar to Tanzania (where she met her husband!), Megan strives to travel sustainably and fully immerse herself in the cultures she visits. Over the last decade, Megan has been featured in publications like National Geographic, The New York...


The Importance of Influencer Collaboration with Kavita Favelle from Kavey Eats

Years before influencers took over the web, Kavita Favelle was taking the blogging world by storm. From home cooking to restaurant reviews, her blog, Kavey Eats, was making an impression and working with brands and organizations all across London. It wasn’t too long before she began expanding her horizons, and by 2011, she’d been invited on her first press trip. Despite her success as a blogger, Kavita isn’t interested in blogging full time. She is constantly juggling multiple gigs – and...


Jen Ruiz from Jen on a Jet Plane Talks SEO and South of France

Do you dread Mondays? Or maybe you’ve been stuck in the same old routine for years. Well, if you’ve ever thought you’re doomed to the same lifestyle forever, just chat with Jen Ruiz from Jen on a Jet Plane! This lawyer-turned-full-time-travel-blogger knows a thing or two about making a massive career switch. Jen may be a full-time travel blogger now (and No. 1 Amazon bestselling author and TEDx speaker), but she didn’t start out that way. She actually started traveling as a way to recoup...


Travel Influencer Courtney Brandt of A to Za’atar Talks Fine Dining and The Expat Life

Ever dreamt of living abroad? Dining daily on international cuisine? If so, you’ll definitely be inspired by Courtney Brandt, American expat, food blogger, and founder of A to Za’atar. Since 2007, Courtney has made the Middle East her home. Between getting a driver’s license while living abroad and making a living writing about food, Courtney knows a thing or two about the expat foodie life. Courtney is also the author of 10 published novels (with more on the way!) Her work has been...


Dennis Littley on Brand Collaborations and Going Above and Beyond

Some people become influencers intentionally, while others find themselves in the lifestyle on accident, like Dennis Littley of Ask Chef Dennis. Dennis started a culinary program at a high school and thought, “Why not put these recipes on a blog?” He did just that and pretty soon he found himself in the influencer world. Dennis may have wound up in the influencer world unexpectedly, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t put in hard work! In fact, the brands Dennis has collaborated with absolutely...


Ketchum’s Jenny Heinrich on Breaking into Influencer Marketing

If you thought influencer marketing was the hot new thing, think again. Jenny Heinrich, board member of the Influencer Marketing Association and Senior Vice President of Influencer Marketing at Ketchum, says influencer marketing has been around for decades (or more)! Jenny herself has been a powerhouse in the influencer marketing world since the early 2000s, when internet influencers were limited to blogs and Myspace – before Kevin Systrom had even thought of creating Instagram. We sat down...