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A Skinny Guys Workout podcast where we lift heavy things and put them down. Whether you're new to the gym or you're a frequent visitor, this podcast is for you. Join us as we walk through our experiences, give exercise tips, and encourage. We want to inspire you to keep pressing and keep going.

A Skinny Guys Workout podcast where we lift heavy things and put them down. Whether you're new to the gym or you're a frequent visitor, this podcast is for you. Join us as we walk through our experiences, give exercise tips, and encourage. We want to inspire you to keep pressing and keep going.
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A Skinny Guys Workout podcast where we lift heavy things and put them down. Whether you're new to the gym or you're a frequent visitor, this podcast is for you. Join us as we walk through our experiences, give exercise tips, and encourage. We want to inspire you to keep pressing and keep going.




Ep. 17 - Take a Hike Pt. 2

There are some serious mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of taking a hike/walking in nature. Today we're going off the beaten path with some facts about taking a step outside of the metropolis. SHOW NOTES: Florence Williams - The Nature Fix (Amazon) National Geographic - Call to the Wild WebMD - How Hiking is Good for Body and Mind MUG GIVEAWAY: SPONSOR LINK(S): Promo code: NOOBSLIFT


Ep. 16 - Take A Hike Pt. 1

Sure we’re skinny guys. That doesn’t mean cardio isn’t just as important as everything else we do. Today we’re talking about cardio: why you need it, how to tailor it to you, and fun ways to get it in if you don’t enjoy it. SHOW NOTES: PopSugar Fitness – The Fastest Ways to Melt Away Pounds Men’s Journal – What Is A Superset and Why Should I Do It? Bony to Beastly - The Skinny Guy’s Guide to Cardio (While Bulking) SPONSOR LINK(S): Promo code: NOOBSLIFT


Ep. 15 - Bite Size (Thanksgiving Special)

Since it's Thanksgiving week, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about how what you eat matters. We're not going to get into the nitty gritty of dieting but rather talk about how you can be intentional about what you put into your body. You especially don't want to miss this episode because we have a surprise appearance by a friend of noobs LIFT who joins by surprise. And we totally planned ahead for the holiday...obviously. SHOW NOTES: Joe Rogan Experience - Chris...


Ep. 14 - Gym Ethics 101

Kindness is contagious. But even if you're the nicest person in the world, you may not know some of the unwritten rules at the gym. So we're talking about the basics of Gym Ethics today. SHOW NOTES: NerdFitness - Gim Etiquette 101: Don't Break These 29 Unwritten Rules Muscle& - 20 Unwritten Gym Rules You Must Follow SPONSOR LINK(S): Promo code: NOOBSLIFT



Part V: It's the end of our Fall Expert Series. We're wrapping up this series with snippets from each episode that we liked and we hope you will too. SHOW NOTES: 6 Pack Ab Challenge - Once a Week Until January 1, 2020


EXPERT SERIES - A Healthy Mind (with Monse Austin)

Part IV - Clinical Mental Health Counselor Monse Austin joins us to talk about depression and how to combat it. Your mind is key to exercise. If you're not taking care of it, you could suffer physically, emotionally, and mentally. Monse has worked with victims of drunk driving and has extensive knowledge in the area of mental health. SHOW NOTES: The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work Headspace Calm National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics Harvard Health Publishing...


EXPERT SERIES - Form (with Colten Parsell)

Part III - USA Weightlifting Coach Colten Parsell joins us to talk about the dangers of bad form and how you can make your form better. Form effects literally every type of work out you can do - whether you're using weights or not. So learn with us about the ins and outs of good form. Show Notes: Colten Parsell on Instagram and Facebook Muscle and Fitness – 10 Most Common Exercise Form Mistakes NFPT – Importance of Proper Form When Strength Training


EXPERT SERIES - It's Science! (with Chris Vanbuskirk)

Part II - Exercise Science Guru Chris Vanbuskirks joins us to talk about...well, Exercise science. It's a thing and it's needed. Did you ever wonder which muscles you use for what or which muscles you're working out when you do a specific exercise? We did too. We're talking about all that and more on this episode. Show Notes: Chris Vanbuskirk on Instagram and Facebook. Muscle and Fitness – 4 Essential Tips to Build the Perfect Workout Program Men’s Journal – How to Build a Workout...


EXPERT SERIES - Homework (with David Elliott)

Part I - Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert David Elliot joins us on this first episode of our Expert Series. David specializes in building personalized workouts for people - regardless of their need and situation. We're talking about how you can build a home workout, the challenges associated with it, and why it might be for you. SHOW NOTES: David Elliott on Facebook WebMD – No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home Real Simple - How to Start Working Out...


TRAILER - Fall 2019 Expert Series

We're kicking off a 5 week series of subject matter experts on fitness and health. Tune in every week for a new expert who is definitely not a noob.


Ep. 8 - Rest Day, Best Day

Yep. You heard right. Rest is super important to getting fit, and the consequences of NOT resting can pretty severely effect your gains. SHOW NOTES: Fitbit Blog – 6 Reasons Why Rest Days Are Important - How Sleep Adds Muscle 12 Minute Athlete - How to Take an Active Rest Day Built Lean - Use Active Rest Between Exercises Can Make a BIG Difference "Tequila" Audition for America's Got Talent


Ep. 7 - Ego-Lifting (with Jonathan Ludwikowski)

Working out can be hazardous. If you lift too much, you're in danger of hurting yourself in so many ways. Today we talk about how to protect yourself at the gym by knowing yourself better. SHOW NOTES: Jonathan Ludwikowski - Instagram @jonathand_another_thing - 10 Mistakes Beginners Make AZCentral - Consequences of Lifting Too Heavily


Ep. 6 - The Right Lifts for you Pt. 2

Part 2 - We talk about how to focus on different muscle groups, how to make your fitness plan fit into your schedule, and whether the "never being sore" methodology actually works. SHOW NOTES: Joe Rogan - How To Workout Smarter Baby Shark Ab Challenge Sam's Workout Plan - 60 Days to Fit


Ep. 5 - The Right Lifts for You Pt. 1

Part I - We cover finding workout plans in general, how to weed through all of them to find the right one for you, and how to go about focusing on various muscle groups. SHOW NOTES: Huffpost - 6 Questions To Help You Find Your Ideal Exercise Program Body Kinetics - High Reps vs. Low Reps: Which Is Better? - How to Create Your Own Muscle-Building Workout Plan Nerd Fitness - How to Build Your Own Workout Routine


Ep. 4 - Gym Tour

Do you ever feel a little lost at your gym? You're not alone. Today we're taking you on a tour of the gym. Knowing more means training better so we're going to talk about how you can get to know your gym like the back of your hand. Show notes: WebMD: 6 Health Risks to Avoid at the Gym Baby Shark Ab Challenge


Ep. 3 - Accountabilibuddy

We all need support to keep on keeping on. Today we're talking about the what, why, and how of accountability. Get you an accountabilibuddy. SHOW NOTES: Weight Watchers: How a Workout Buddy Can Help You Lose Strength in Numbers: The Importance of Fitness Buddies Sam's Workout Plan: 60 Days to Fit


Ep. 2 - Just Pick It Up

The best way to start going to the gym is to plan for it. Today we're covering the importance of gym plans, how to start a gym plan, and tips on maintaining your gym activity after you pick it up. SHOW NOTES: Mayo Clinic - Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activityThe 5 Elements of the 5 Second RuleMotivation: Push vs. Pull Why Eating Right and Gym Motivation is Mental The Zac Efron Workout


Ep. 1 - Confidence VS. Anxiety

Today, we talk about the dangers of gym anxiety and how to overcome it. No matter who you are, it's natural to feel out of place at the gym. In this episode, we talk about tips to battle just this feeling. SHOW NOTES: The Nature Fix by Florence Williams Cleared Hot Podcast with former Navy Seal, Andy Stumpf Free Audiobooks through Librivox ADAA Report on Anxiety A blogger's 7 tips for battling gym anxiety Fitness company Precor's Tips for Anxiety