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5-26-23 Scott Sloan Show

Sloan discusses this weekends Folds of Honor event this weekend with Brent Black, a traveling film festival with Allyson West, and Steven Raichlen discusses BBQ heading into the weekend.


5-26-23 Sloan with Steven Raichlen

Memorial Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of summer, and BBQ season. Scott is joined by Steven Raichlen to talk about his book, "The BBQ Bible", and to discuss where to find the best BBQ.


5-25-23 Scott Sloan Show

Sloan brings on Cincinnati Public School Board member Eve Bolton to answer if CPS thinks parents are abusing their trans kids. Also why your kids should get a summer job, and Michelle Sloan warns us why you should not use a recording device when showing your home.


5-25-23 Sloan with Greg Murset

As summer vacation begins, a lot of teens will begin working summer jobs. Scott brings on financial planner Greg Murset to tell us why every kid should get a summer job.


5-24-23 Scott Sloan Show

Scott breaks down the situation at the southern boarder with James Varney from RCI. Also Jason Philabaum explains how someone with multiple DUIs can still be driving. Finally Sherry Poland, Director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections, discusses what goes into preparing for an August special election.


5-24-23 Sloan with Jason Philabaum

What happens when a driver with multiple DUIs hits and kills another driver while drunk again? Scott brings on defense attorney Jason Philabaum to discuss why the punishment for repeat DUI offenders might not be strong enough.


Scott Sloan -- 5/23/23

Reparations! Do you feel entitled to them? Scott takes calls from tri-state listeners on the subject. Plus, 3 Things with Tiff Potter from KISS 107.1 and Allworth Advice from Steve Sprovach. Tune in!


5-22-23 Scott Sloan Show

Sloan discusses how internet search engines work with Justin Burr from Google. Also recapping a weekend in sports with Austin and Sara, Mental Health Monday with Julie Hattershire, and are seatbelt laws a national joke?


5-22-23 Sloan with Julie Hattershire

It's Mental Health Monday, and Scott is joined by Julie Hattershire. This weeks topic delves into what men do that women love.


5-19-23 Scott Sloan Show

Scott discusses Montana banning Tik Tok with Chris Nyhuis from Vigilant Cyber Security, Metro trying to undercut Uber with Kreg Kessee of the Metro Board, and will the latest Fast and Furious movie be as big of a hit as it's predecessors? Jason Nathanson from ABC News fills us in.


5-19-23 Sloan with Chris Nyhuis

Montana became the first state to ban Tik Tok. Scott brings on the CEO of Vigilant Cyber Security Chris Nyhuis, to explain what this means, and if other states may soon follow suit.


5-18-23 Scott Sloan Show

Sloan brings on OVI attorney Mark Meadows to discuss what will happen if marijuana is legalized in November when it comes to driving while high. Also Mark Mix from the Nation right to Work Foundation discusses employees leaving unions, and media analyst Adam Weiss talks about what is next for Fox News and CNN.


5-18-23 Sloan with Mark Mix

Are employees starting to turn against unions? While strippers in California are unionizing, Starbucks is seeing some of their unionized stores looking to leave the union. Scott brings on Mark Mix the President of the National Right to Work Foundation to discuss what is turning some employees off of unions.


5-17-23 Scott Sloan Show

Sloan brings on criminal defense attorney Jason Philabaum to break down why a US Marine should be acquitted of murder charges for applying a chokehold on a man in a New York City Subway. Also the Hamilton County Sheriff is cracking down on unaccompanied minors, and why people are dying for just cutting somebody off in traffic.


5-17-23 Sloan with Sergeant Thomas Lange

After issues with Tri State youth both at Kings Island and the Anderson Town Center, the Hamilton County Sheriff's office is starting to crack down on unaccompanied minors. Sergeant Thomas Lange joins Scott to lay out what will happen going forward.


5-16-23 Scott Sloan Show

Scott gets an update on the increase of fires and explosions from Ohio Fire Marshall Josh Hobbs. Steve Sprovach from Allworth Financial tells us why the FED may hold off on raising interest rates again. Finally how you can help send the children of veterans and first responders to school with Brent Black from Folds of Honor.


5-16-23 Sloan with Rea Hederman

Should Ohio move from a traditional income tax to a flat tax? Scott brings on Rea Hederman from the Buckeye Institute to debate the benefits of a flat tax model, and who would benefit the most.


5-15-23 Scott Sloan Show

Sloan discusses the latest at the Us-Mexico border with security analyst Todd Bensman, and political consultant Raven Harrison. Also the Reds are debuting new uniforms on Friday, and Austin and Sara preview what they look like. Finally Dr. Sal Giorgianni has some good news in the fight against Alzheimer's.


5-15-23 Sloan with Dr. Sal Giorgianni

as the search for a cure for Alzheimer's continues, we are finding new drugs that help with the symptoms. Scott is joined by Dr. Sal Giorgianni to break down the latest in the fight against the long goodbye.


Scott Sloan with Allison Russo 5/11/2023

House minority leader joins Scott to talk about GOP lawmakers voting to end your ability to overrule them. Also talk about the August special election