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Project BOSS is a business podcast by Project 3810, an Oklahoma City business incubator.


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Project BOSS is a business podcast by Project 3810, an Oklahoma City business incubator.




Project Boss Episode 8: What is EMOD and how can it save you money?

Today's episode is the audio-only stream from a Boss Board High Noon presentation by DeMarcus Strange, a Risk Management Control expert from Insurica. He explains what EMOD is and how it affects the cost of your insurance. EMOD stands for "experience modifier". DeMarcus discusses how basic safety processes can encourage a safe atmosphere which lowers your EMOD.


Project BOSS Episode 7: Advertising

Today's theme is advertising and our guest is Kyle Golding of the Golding Group. We also reference Episode 3 in this episode.


Project BOSS Episode 6: Selling is a Process

Today's theme is about the process of selling. Our guest, Rob Miles, an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, and founder of Thousand Paces, walks us through an example sales process. The Sales Process (Example: Selling Tickets at a Ballpark) (this was supposed to be an outline format, but the editor was not having any of it)


Project BOSS Episode 5: Selling Your Business - Be SELL Ready

Today's theme is all about being SELL ready, and what it takes to sell your business, with business broker Hank Bockus. Read more about Hank on his site.


Project Boss Episode 4: Intellectual Property

Today's theme is intellectual property with our guest Ross Chaffin, an IP attorney with Tomlinson McKinstry, in Oklahoma City. Reference Links US Federal Trademark Search How to do a reverse image lookup on Google


Project Boss Episode 3: Product Development

Today's theme is product development - Research, MVP (minimum viable product), and Value Creation. Our guest is Michael Combs, Director of Product Development at DD Audio, and a member of the Project 3810 Incubator Advisory Council. Here are some links referenced in the episode:


Project BOSS Episode 2: Technology Integration

Today's theme is technology integration, more specifically having to do with websites and their supporting technology. Even the smallest business must have a website, and the notion of setting one up can feel daunting for someone on their own trying to start a business and dealing with everything that goes along with that. It's a manageable process but there are pitfalls to avoid up front that can save you tons of trouble down the road. Our guest today is Shawn Wright, a partner at Project...


Project BOSS Episode 1: Staffing

Today's theme is Staffing - hire, fire, develop, culture. Every business needs people and that is a huge component of why a BOSS needs leadership and management tactics to create a business that can attract and retain the right people. We have two guests today. Nick Lozano, who owns a commercial and residential moving business - NL Moving. And a subject matter expert - Corey Walker who owns a recruiting firm called Ncite Partners.