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Mindfully Masculine: Personal Growth and Mental Health for Men

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Charles and Dan are just two guys talking about relationships, masculinity, and authenticity. Join them as they discuss books and media, as well as their (sometimes messy) personal stories, to encourage men to join the fight for their mental, physical, and emotional health--because a world of healthy, resilient men is a thriving and more secure world for everyone.


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Charles and Dan are just two guys talking about relationships, masculinity, and authenticity. Join them as they discuss books and media, as well as their (sometimes messy) personal stories, to encourage men to join the fight for their mental, physical, and emotional health--because a world of healthy, resilient men is a thriving and more secure world for everyone.






Shaving as Self-Care: A Man's Guide

Have you ever considered the simple act of shaving as a cornerstone of self-care? This episode is a soothing balm for those looking to enhance their grooming routine, with insights on why embracing the blade—or not—can be a deeply personal choice. Charles and Dan examine the tools that keep us looking sharp, from high-tech razors to the most indulgent of soaps. Plus, we share the warmth and comfort of life's little luxuries, like a heated steering wheel on a chilly Pennsylvania morning. Strap in for tales of travel and the anticipation of future adventures that fuel our wanderlust and personal growth. Round off your listening experience with a dive into the cultural revelations that come from stepping outside our comfort zones. We're not just talking about shaving and self-care; we're exploring the impact of interacting with international communities and reflecting on environmental policy differences. Plus, there's a nod to Taylor Swift's savvy release strategies, because who doesn't love a bit of pop culture mixed with their personal development? Support the show


Winter Whiskers and Pretty Faces

Picture the scene: you're sidled up in the frosty pre-dawn of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, bundled up and brimming with excitement, awaiting the famous groundhog's springtime prophecy. It's almost Groundhog Day, and we're cracking the lid on this time-honored tradition, from securing the perfect spot to witness Phil's annual weather prediction to the history that burrows deep to its Germanic roots. Expect tales of camaraderie in the chills of February and the warm glow of a shared experience, as Charles and Dan chat about looking forward to this quirky day and the surprising trivia of a certain legendary movie. Stepping out of the cold, let's turn up the heat on skincare. Our faces brave the elements, so they deserve a little pampering, right? This episode is packed with our personal grooming tips and product recommendations as we navigate the sea of facial cleansers and shower routines. I'll reveal why shower shaving is a game changer and how keeping duplicate grooming items in strategic places saves your skin and your sanity. Dive into our journey with various under-eye creams, including the battle between high-end luxury and budget-friendly options, and learn how to weave a night cream practice into your nightly rituals. But it's not just about keeping our skin in check; it's also about understanding and supporting each other. Acne can be a formidable foe, and as we share our own skin struggles, we unpack the importance of a consistent skincare routine and the value of expert advice. We attempt to bring all our insights to the table, making this episode a heartfelt blend of practical tips and empathetic conversation. Whether you're a Groundhog Day enthusiast, a skincare novice, or simply on the hunt for some cozy camaraderie, join us for an episode that digs beneath the surface and nurtures both tradition and personal care. The referenced Orca hat: https://a.co/d/4dO8VbR Support the show


Spa Serenity for the Modern Man

Ever had one of those days where the universe seems to conspire against your domestic bliss? Well, pull up a chair and chuckle along as we recount some recent homelife hi-jinx–from rogue RVs causing water outages to backflow bedlam in the garden. But it's not all sprinkler systems and studio aesthetics; we also share our takeaways from Podfest, where the mix of venue vibes and speaker surprises left us with plenty to mull over. Now, let's swap garden gloves for bathrobes as we strip down the misconceptions of spas as a man's world of self-care. Imagine unraveling the day's stress with the magic touch of a skilled massage therapist or glowing up your game with a rejuvenating facial. We'll take you through our own spa escapades, dishing out tips on snagging great deals and navigating the etiquette maze of co-ed steam rooms. Whether it's a lavish day-long retreat or a quick-fix chair massage, we're here to guide you through the self-care jungle. So sit back, relax, and let us be your personal wellness gurus. Support the show


Tattoos are Self-care?

Have you ever stared at a tattoo and wondered about the story it tells? Charles and Dan are peeling back the ink this week on Mindfully Masculine, as we tackle the complex dynamics of self-care and identity in the realm of tattoos and beyond. We're diving into the reasons why some men choose to remain a blank canvas, sharing personal tales that range from cultural influences to the potential for regret with permanent body art. But it's not all serious business; we'll whisk you away on a culinary detour, discussing how our taste buds have matured from filet mignon to the robust flavors of a New York strip. Tattoos often stand as silent sentinels of personal history, but what happens when they no longer represent who we are? We get candid about the emotional weight of inked memories and the significance of choosing a symbol that evolves with you. Not only do we explore the personal side of tattoos, but we also scrutinize the practicalities—from the painful realities of removal to the necessity of aftercare. Let's not forget the role of habits and systems in shaping success; we're revealing how the enchantment of life can be found in the simplest of routines, from the skincare regime that guards your canvas to the supplements that fuel our bodies. As the conversation takes a turn towards the sunny side, we sift through the nuances of sunscreen safety and skincare. You'll hear about our personal experience with mineral-based sunscreens and the challenge of finding a balance between health and aesthetics. Before we wrap up, we extend an invitation for you to join our mindful journey. Tattoo enthusiast or not, we're here to explore the intricacies of modern masculinity with you. So, subscribe or follow Mindfully Masculine—let's continue to build habits, break stigmas, and talk about steak in ways that might just surprise you. Support the show


Skin Deep Conversations on Grooming, Tanning, and Nutrition

Ever wondered how to navigate the complex seas of men's skincare without capsizing under the weight of scented moisturizers and aftershaves? Let Charles and Dan be your seasoned crew on this voyage. We're confessing our skincare sins, from our often neglected routines to the greasy aftermath we all dread. But it's not all smooth sailing; we're tackling the tough questions about when to moisturize, the battle of the fragrances, and the simple alternatives that could save your skin from the deep end. As our journey progresses, we cast a line into the sun-kissed waters of tanning and the risks versus rewards of chasing that bronzed deity look. Chafing—a plight as old as thighs themselves—is candidly discussed alongside practical tips to keep you gliding through life sans friction. And as for that golden glow? We're charting a course for achieving it without inviting the unwanted stowaways of UV damage, all while considering the environmental impact our sun protection choices make. Before we dock, we take a detour through the foggy realm of nutrition research, dissecting the reliability of self-reported studies with the precision of seasoned sailors. And as the ink dries on our discussion about the colorful world of tattoos, we invite you to become part of our crew by following or subscribing. Trust us, it's smoother sailing ahead with every episode of the Mindfully Masculine podcast, where we ensure your next port of call is always informed, enlightened, and engaging. Support the show


Are Your Fingers and Toes Gross?

Ever wondered how manicures could boost your overall health? Strap in for a riveting journey through self-care and personal growth with insights from Garrett Munce, as we lay out the connection between exercise, diet, sleep, and your mood. Dan's return to the weights paints a vivid picture, while the audiobooks in my ear these days offer golden nuggets on thriving in your personal and professional life. Rising with the sun or hitting snooze; what's your battle cry? We chew over the conundrum of crafting the perfect morning routine, balancing discipline with the body's cry for rest. Digging into the grooming habits that spell out self-care for men, we crack open the lid on maintaining both hand and foot hygiene. It's not just about looking good, it's about feeling prime - and we share our own salon escapades and homegrown hacks that keep us in top shape, no polish necessary. Lastly, let's talk about those salon visits that often come with an unexpected side of comedy. We share a chuckle over the offer of nail color—shoutout to Carson Daly's black nail—and trade stories about the unexpected joys and perils of public bathrooms. We wrap things up by tipping our hats to the likes of Adam Carolla, whose humor and craftsmanship underscore the message: self-improvement can certainly come with a side of laughter. Join us for a hearty conversation that'll leave your spirits lifted and perhaps inspire a pampering session of your own. Books That Charles Mentioned: The Road Back To You The On-purpose Person The Big Stick Support the show


The Myths of Unconditional Love and Relaxing Baths

Ever wondered if unconditional love is truly possible, or just a beautifully wrapped myth? Charles and Dan crack open this topic and so much more on our latest Mindfully Masculine podcast. From the unexpected social connections made through pickleball to the crucial role of self-care in the modern man's life, we share our personal anecdotes and insights. The conversation then deepens as we scrutinize the concept of unconditional love, questioning its existence and the potential harm in expecting love without conditions from anyone, be it our partners, children, or pets. Picture this: you're knee-deep in a relationship where you're giving it your all, but something feels off. That's neediness knocking at your door, and it's a tell-tale sign of an imbalance in the give-and-take dynamic. We dissect this tricky subject, reflecting on how social media skews our love expectations and the importance of a balanced social life. And for those moments when you need to recharge? We'll guide you through the self-care maze, weighing the pros and cons of baths and showers, even invoking the 'Iceman' Wim Hof to discuss the invigorating effects of cold showers. As the curtain falls on our podcast episode, we leave no stone unturned, diving into the finer points of skincare with essential oils and colloidal oatmeal, and sharing personal experiences that blend the reflective with the practical. Setting realistic expectations for love and relationships, we conclude with heartfelt advice on maintaining effort in partnerships and embracing self-kindness. Whether you're a long-time listener or new to Mindfully Masculine, this episode promises to resonate with your quest for a more introspective and balanced masculine journey. "Tamborine" by Chris Rock https://www.netflix.com/title/80167498 Support the show


CBD, Self-love, and Property Damage

The good, the bad, and the ugly from our move to Winter Garden. We'll regale you with the story of how a simple water spigot incident led to a campground-wide drought. Our misadventures are a testament to the chaos that ensues when time management takes a back seat – and it's a ride you won't want to miss. Then, we swerve into the less spoken-of lanes of wellness and personal care. From the corridors of cannabinoids to the intimate truths about masturbation, we're not shying away from the conversations that might make some (mostly Charles) blush. We dissect the uses and effects of THC and CBD, unveiling their potential beyond the buzz, and dive into the health benefits of self-pleasure without the usual whispered tones. And for the gents out there, we get real about the fine line between habit and addiction concerning pornography and masturbation, stressing the importance of knowing when to seek help. It's a candid and educational foray into topics that often stay under the covers, brought into the light with care and honest dialogue. Support the show


Eating, Breathing, Sleeping, Pooping

Have you ever sipped on a green juice and wondered if it's truly the elixir of health? Strap in, as we dissect fasting and detoxes with raw honesty, sharing not just our own roller coaster experiences, but the hard-hitting skepticism that surrounds them. We engage in a vibrant discussion about the allure of quick health fixes, from the energizing highs of fasting to the often-debated efficacy of detox regimes. Get ready for a candid exploration of personal anecdotes, the impact of natural cycles on sleep, and whether the feel-good factor is due to toxin eviction or the body's innate responses. Juice cleanses - they're not just for the health zealots. Join us as we recall the trials of subsisting on liquid nourishment, inspired by tales of transformation and an undeniable curiosity. We unravel the narrative of choosing berries over burgers and the tug-of-war with persistent cravings. Beware of the post-cleanse world; we confront the challenge of sustaining weight loss and the reality of reverting to our processed food paramours. Our journey through dietary revelations doesn't end with the last sip; we share the organic denouement of our juice journey, spilling insights on health and well-being. But there's more to our well-being than what we consume and expel. We weave into the critical conversation the underestimated champion of health—sleep. We share insider secrets to achieving that perfect slumber, from bone broth fasts to the balance of electrolytes. Hear personal tales about sleep environments and the surprising accessories that might just revolutionize your night. We round off our chat with a foray into the impacts of breathing techniques on sleep, the social stigmas surrounding mouth breathing, and the ever-present challenge of hearing loss in our families. All this, plus a quirky nod to the unconventional ways one might profit from nature's call! Support the show


Merry Christmas and Get Off The Couch!

You thought wearing a custom "cat dad" sweater would be just a funny holiday gimmick? Turns out, it sparked an entire episode filled with laughter, nostalgia, and even some unexpected wisdom. From the warmth of old college tales to the cool victories of an accomplished legal eagle friend, this chat has it all. And if you're curious about non-traditional healing, you're in for a treat—Dan shares the surprising relief he discovered through alternative therapies like acupuncture and cupping for his tennis elbow. Navigating the modern world's diet dilemmas, we examine the evolutionary quirks of fat storage and the tricky balance of calorie intake versus physical activity. We get candid about our personal journeys with ketosis and exercise, revealing how they've shaped our appetites and energy levels. We also celebrate the universal plus sides of physical activity, like how it bolsters heart health, no matter how differently our bodies might dance to the tune of workouts and caffeine buzzes. As we wrap up, we extend a heartening hand to anyone who feels daunted by the gym scene, sharing actionable advice and encouraging words to help you find your fitness groove. Discover how simple pleasures like stretching can lead to profound health benefits, and why now is the best time to jump on the home fitness train. So, whether you're a gym pro or still finding your footing, tune in for an episode that's all about moving forward to a healthier, happier you—ugly sweaters optional, but highly recommended for added fun! Support the show


Supplements That Are Worth The Money

In this episode, we discuss how Dan got cupped and poked. We also review some of the products purchased for our "Self-Care Go Bag". Then we discuss which diet supplements are actually worth the money, and how thinking that something is good for us, *might* make it good for us, through "the placebo effect". If you like, love, hate, or merely tolerate our podcast, please follow/subscribe on your chosen podcast app! Support the show


Stick a Pin In It

In this episode, we continue discussing "Self-Care for Men" by Garrett Munce. We'll discuss the effectiveness of acupuncture, and also talk about time management, and share strategies that can reduce stress and anxiety. Support the show


"Self-Care for Men"

In this episode, we address final thoughts on "Atomic Attraction", and move on to the first part of "Self-Care for Men: How To Look Good and Feel Great" by Garrett Munce. We'll open with defining the term "self-care", and go on to discuss the first component: a meditation practice--including your options, and all the benefits you'll experience. Full episode also available on YouTube. Support the show


Some of the Worst Advice

OK, in this episode, we finally close the book (ha!) on "Atomic Attraction" by Christopher Canwell. To say this book is a "mixed bag" might be an understatement. We feel that it's starts off strong, but the games and manipulations that the author recommends toward the end feel excessive. In this episode, we'll cover topics including: How scarcity builds value Why pretending to be scarce is a bad idea Why friendship is not a path to romance Why requiring a woman to invest in your relationship is important (to her and you) Why men who spend time arguing with women don't understand women That you're angry and defensive becuase you're afraid How jealousy thrives in insecurity and scarcity Insanely bad ideas to rebuild a woman's attraction And, we'll introduce our next book, "Self-care for Men" by Garrett Munce. Here's a video that we reference during the show: https://youtu.be/0lGDyUj2L0o?si=9HWxtbIY-GXrInyE Support the show


Rerun! Episode 57: Talking Sleep and Tiny Habits

Due to some really fun technical difficulties, we'll be releasing our new episode (audio and video) a couple of days late this week, but as we get to New Year's Resolution season, we wanted to share one of the episodes we recorded this time last year, when we covered the book "Tiny Habits" by BJ Fogg. Give it a listen, and if you'd like more info about building new habits (or replacing some not-so-good ones), check out our series that started with this episode. 0:00 Discussing Illness, Exercise, and Dance Lessons 13:03 Swimming Pool, Cruise, and Small Pleasures 27:38 Impact of Switching to Black Coffee 32:36 Creating Effective Habits and Goals 38:51 Emotions and Habit Formation Support the show


Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

Let's talk about "testing"! Not the boring kind from school--the exciting kind from relationships. Throughout romantic relationships, partners will "test" each other (consciously and subconsciously), usually in an effort to confirm that their partner actually is who, and what, they claim to be. We hold the position that this is a normal, healthy part of relationships, and that a man's most effective response to being tested is to be authentic, and to continually work at being the strongest, healthiest, and happiest version of himself. Give this episode a listen, and let us know what you think! Support the show


Can You "Win" Arguments With Your Partner?

Every time you have conflict with your partner, you make a choice whether to fight *against* the person you love, or fight *alongside* the person you love. The way you win an argument with your wife or girlfriend is to get on the same side as quickly as you can, and join forces against the problem. In this episode, we'll discuss how to see the perspective of the woman in your life, how to understand what she may be feeling, and how you can both get on the same page to tackle life's challenges. In our chat, we shed light on the perils of 'nice guy syndrome', and the implications of covert contracts. From the importance of understanding our emotions to maintaining a sense of humor in difficult conversations, we unpack the intricacies of gender dynamics, emotional communication, and anxiety in relationships. As we conclude, we offer fresh perspectives on how to navigate and enhance your relationships. We challenge some of the positions of the author of "Atomic Attraction" and attempt to elaborate on the importance of engaging with a partner's emotions in a way that adds value. We underpin the significance of not expecting others to take responsibility for our emotions and discuss different approaches to testing in relationships. Support the show


The New Jersey Hike and More About Space

Ever found yourself on a gruelling 30-mile hike, trading tales with a bell-clad hiker and wondering how to keep your sanity intact? Or maybe, you found yourself pondering the delicate dance of asking for space within relationships? That's where our adventures took us in this episode, and we can't wait to share all the juicy details with you. Support the show


Your Relationship With Your Mom Might Be The Problem

Ever pondered about the complex dance between men's expectations in romantic relationships and their bonds with their mothers? We'll take you on a journey through the labyrinth of relationships, shedding light on the unconscious patterns men may carry from their maternal relationships. Our conversation then weaves its way through the principles of hypergamy, challenging victim mindsets, and the importance of personal responsibility in love relationships. As we dive deeper, we explore the intriguing world of love languages and their profound effect on relationships. We unravel the often-misunderstood dynamics of expressing and receiving love in different languages. You'll get a glimpse into our evolution as our primary love languages have shifted over the years. And what’s more? We delve into the delicate art of gift-giving, and the complexities that come with understanding and appreciating your partner's love language. Join us in this in-depth exploration of the nuances of relationships, self-care, travel tips, and much more! Support the show


Hello, Barbara!

We saw "Barbie", and we have thoughts! If you haven't heard enough men sharing their opinions on culture, art, and feminism, have we got an episode for you! 0:01 Toy Movies: Barbie (Yay!) vs. Transformers (Boo!) 8:06 Outrage and Political Commentary 15:12 "Patriarchy" and Political Manipulation 24:11 Societal Expectations and Codependency in Barbie--The Story of Ken 41:40 Impact of Discomfort, Coping With Trauma Support the show