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The Anxious in Austin Podcast features two psychologists, Dr. Marianne Stout and Dr. Thomas Smithyman, who practice CBT and focus on anxiety disorders & OCD. Learn more at and


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The Anxious in Austin Podcast features two psychologists, Dr. Marianne Stout and Dr. Thomas Smithyman, who practice CBT and focus on anxiety disorders & OCD. Learn more at and




Growing the Motivation to Change

Why change? Drs. Smithyman and Stout explore motivation for changing our anxiety driven behaviors. In this episode, we dive deep into understanding the process of change in therapy, starting from the initial motivation to change to facing resistance, using the Stages of Change model and Motivational Interviewing. We discuss why making a change is so difficult, the hurdles encountered during therapy, and how move through these challenges. Listen as we share examples of how these processes unfold in clinical settings, specifically relating to anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and how understanding the benefits and costs of our behaviors can facilitate change. We also touch upon the importance of self-compassion and how therapists can help clients navigate their conflicting motivations. If you've ever struggled with making a change, or you work with clients who do, this episode offers valuable insights.


Unmasking Imposter Syndrome: Understanding and Overcoming this Common Anxiety

Are you constantly feeling like a fraud, despite your accomplishments? Do you struggle with self-doubt and feel like you don't deserve your success? If so, you're not alone. Welcome to "Anxious in Austin" where Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout, two experienced psychologists, will take you on a journey to understand and overcome imposter syndrome. With cutting-edge scientific research and real-life examples from their clinical and personal experience, they will help you recognize the signs of imposter syndrome, understand its root causes, and provide practical strategies for overcoming it. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this podcast episode will give you the tools you need to stop feeling like a fake and start feeling confident in your abilities. Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back any longer. Join us for "Anxious in Austin" and take control of your self-doubt today. You can get Dr Smithyman’s new book here:


Social Anxiety: A Chat with Amazon Bestselling Author & Psychologist about Overcoming Anxiety

Here's an interview with Dr. Smithyman about his new social anxiety book--with Dr. Marianne Stout from the Anxious in Austin podcast. You can get find the book here:


Building Community Post Pandemic

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout explore why building community is important to your mental health and how to do it post pandemic.


Connection vs Protection: The Power and the Fear of Opening Up

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout explore why we filter who we really are, the benefits of vulnerability, and how to take steps toward authenticity and connection.


What are we thankful for? Treating anxiety with gratitude and kindness

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout discuss whether gratitude journals, identifying the positive, and acts of kindness can improve anxiety.


Getting Back on the Horse: the Psychology of Resilience

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout discuss how to cope and succeed in the face of stressors.


Inoculating Yourself Against Vaccine Anxiety

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout examine common anxieties about getting the new Covid-19 vaccines.


Be Healthy, Don't Isolate

Dr. Stout and Dr. Smithyman address the benefits of social connection and how getting stuck in the all-or-nothing trap can harm your mental and physical health.


Valuing Yourself: Anxiety and self-esteem

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout explore the role of self-esteem in anxiety and how your relationship with yourself can impact your ability to cope.


Coping with Isolation: Don't get down in lockdown

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout have an updated discussion about the Coronavirus pandemic and ways to cope with staying at home.


Pan(ic)demic: Managing the Fear of Coronavirus

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout discuss Coronavirus and the psychology of panic and fear with modern pandemics.


Expose Yourself! How facing fear can reduce its power and change your outlook on anxiety.

Dr. Stout and Dr. Smithyman introduce the fundamentals of exposure therapy and how and why it works in reducing anxiety's grip.


Big Returns from Small Talk

Dr. Stout and Dr. Smithyman explore the research on "social snack" or minimal social interactions and how they serve to help with mood and longevity.


How to Help Your Anxious Loved One

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout discuss how loved ones can help someone struggling anxiety without making it worse.


Can Meditation Reduce Anxiety?

Dr. Stout and Dr. Smithyman discuss the research as well as their clinical and personal experience with meditation and its affect on anxiety.


Tell Anxiety to Take a Hike! Treating Anxiety with Exercise

Dr. Stout and Dr. Smithyman discuss research on how and why exercise can improve anxiety, with specific attention on panic disorder and social anxiety.


Feeling Burnt Out? Self-Care May Help

Dr. Stout and Dr. Smithyman explore the timely topic of burn out and self-care. Listen as they tackle their first transcontinental podcast!


Befriending the Creepy Crawlies: An Interview with Dr. Christine Leyva

Dr. Smithyman and Dr. Stout interview colleague Dr. Christine Leyva to better understand what treating a cockroach phobia looks like and how this can apply to all simple phobias. Enjoy!


Team Spirit: Group Therapy for Anxiety

Dr. Stout and Dr. Smithyman discuss the benefits of group therapy in treating anxiety disorders and why it works.