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Discover, develop, and deploy the Black Belt Leader within as you learn to MASTER Your Life (TM), a podcast series by 2x Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee and founder of Black Belt Leadership, John Terry - The Black Belt Leader.


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Discover, develop, and deploy the Black Belt Leader within as you learn to MASTER Your Life (TM), a podcast series by 2x Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee and founder of Black Belt Leadership, John Terry - The Black Belt Leader.




Success Starts Here...

On this episode of Black Belt Leadership, we explore the idea that success starts with asking the right questions. Dr. John shares personal experiences and insights on finding success from within. He emphasizes that defining success and refining that definition is key to achieving goals and ambitions. Dr. John also shares how his dad instilled in him a passion for reading and how self-reflection can lead to discovering untapped potential and becoming a master of one's abilities. He also references timeless principles from OG Mendino's books, and stresses the importance of taking consistent, uncomfortable steps forward to achieve success. So tune in to this episode to learn how to discover the "Black Belt Leader" within you and achieve success in life.


A Grown Up Kind of School

What if there was an uncommon school, where we continue our education beyond the basics of K-12, or even college, focused on success? There is, and here's where you find it and enroll. That's what you'll learn in this week's "Be a Black Belt Leader" podcast.


The Lesson of the Pine Caterpillar

Pine caterpillars mindlessly follow one other, wreaking havoc on the forests they inhabit, oblivious to the harm they cause. Sadly, so do we. In this week's leadership installment, Dr. John tackles the dangerous trend of "Herd Mind" and how it harms individuals and society as a whole.


I'm Innocent, I Tell You...

What can the gangsters of the 1930s teach us about leadership? They can reveal to us the fallacy of denial. We live in a culture that wants to blame anyone and everyone for their problems, except themselves. How should a Black Belt Leader respond to the fallacy of denial? That's the topic of this week's podcast.


The Lesson of the Ladder

A ladder is nothing but a tool - just an instrument to use in order to arrive at some destination. What is the "Lesson of the Ladder" and how does it lead to more success? That's what I tackle in this week's Black Belt Leadership Podcast.


We Reproduce Who We Are

Grass cannot reproduce weeds any more than an apple tree can reproduce oranges. The same is true for leadership. We reproduce after our own kind. We are sowing the seeds of leadership in the lives of those who are following. What does that look like when it germinates and grows? That's the topic of this week's Be a Black Belt Leader Podcast.


What Happened to Winning?

Who said it was OK to stop measuring progress and rewarding success? America's standing in the world is waning, because we've stopped winning as a society and started settling for less. What happened to winning? That's the topic of this week's "Be a Black Belt Leader" podcast. What Happened to Winning?


The Names We Call Ourselves

When the names we call ourselves cast blame, insult, ridicule, or humiliation on ourselves, we close the door to our future success. This is how you change the conversation you're having with yourself.


The Enemy Within

A leadership lesson from Star Trek reminds us the greatest enemy to our success often lurks within ourselves. How do you learn to recognize and conquer your Enemy Within? That's the topic of this week's "Be a Black Belt Leader" Podcast.


Living Life in the Rearview Mirror

You can't effectively move forward in life and get where you want to go if you're constantly looking at where you've been. This is how you let go of the past and start moving forward toward your destiny. Enjoy this week's MASTER Your Life Moment on the Be a Black Belt Leader podcast.


Income or Outcome? You Decide!

Your job is where you earn an income. Your calling is where you cultivate an outcome. You get to choose which of these becomes the driving force in your life. In this episode of Black Belt Leadership, you'll discover how to go from simply working for a living to fulfilling your destiny.


Stop Riding the Roller Coaster

Is what matters to you moving you forward, or keeping you going in circles riding the roller coaster of life? Life can be a roller coaster, full of twists and turns, that keeps bringing us back to the same place over and over again. What's the answer? How do we get off the roller coaster so we can start moving forward and live our lives ON purpose, FOR a purpose? That's the topic of this week's "MASTER Your Life" podcast.


What's In Your Way?

How do you respond when "life" gets in the way of progress? When you get entangled or tripped up? How do you turn obstacles into opportunities? Here's another leadership lesson from "Little Armani", a Black Belt Leader in training.


Growing or Growing Up

Armani is growing, but he's not yet growing up. There's a lesson in that for all of us. Growing is easy. Growing up demands more. Are you growing up, or simply growing? There's a LOT to learn from our new puppy we can apply to being a better Black Belt Leader and that's the topic of conversation this week.


A Leadership Lesson From Robin

Who mentors you matters. What if Dick Grayson hadn't met Bruce Wayne, but met the Penguin instead. How would his life have been different? This we explore in this Black Belt Leadership "MASTER Your Life" podcast.


The Gratitude Effect

We live in a divisive world that is increasingly selfish, ungrateful, and resentful. Rather than focusing on what we have, we're taught to focus on what others have that we don't. It's viewing the world through a narrow, distorted lens of entitlement that blurs this essential truth: When you start each day being thankful for what you have, and the people who are in your life, you open the doors to endless opportunity.


Of All the Things I Could be Doing...

If we choose to settle for STATUS QUO, that's all we'll ever get. We've killed our opportunity to learn, accomplish, and become more. How do you answer the question, "Of all the things I could be doing...?" I help you answer that well in this installment of Black Belt Leadership's "MASTER Your Life" podcast.


Bookending Your Day

If you want to continue to become a better version of YOU every single day, this is how you stay in the Growth Zone. A simple, but highly effective growth hack. That's the topic of this week's MASTER Your Life Podcast from Black Belt Leadership.


What I Learned From the Blue Angels

High-performance teams and individuals are seen as "the best of the best", and people seek them out for that reason. I learned a lot about preparation and performance, and that's the topic of this week's "MASTER Your Life" podcast.


Saying and Doing

Your words speak. So do your actions. If you want to be an effective, respected leader, your saying and your doing must be congruent. How you perform on the stage of life is the topic of this week's MASTER Your Life Podcast.