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If you are looking for some girl talk then grab a cup of coffee and join in. We want to encourage women to live a spiritual, positive and purposeful life.


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If you are looking for some girl talk then grab a cup of coffee and join in. We want to encourage women to live a spiritual, positive and purposeful life.




Talking - Biblical Affirmations 102

Hi ladies, Hope you all are staying warm! Today on the Girl Talk Podcast we are talking about - Prov. 18:21 - “ Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” I love how powerful this verse is and it is so clear that it is either death or life, but no in between. This applies to what we say to others, but today we are chatting about what are we speaking over ourselves. This year I have been searching out Biblical affirmations and have been writing them down and speaking them out loud as I start each day. I want to invite you on the journey too! What are we speaking over ourselves? Are we speaking life over ourselves to start each day or are we speaking death over us? ✨The 7 affirmations I have chosen for the first month of the year are✨


Talking - Good health has the power to change you from the inside out with guest Zach Lloyd

Hey ladies, We have a brand new episode out today and for the first time in the Girl Talk history we have invited a man to share his story on the Girl Talk Podcast. @ZachLloyd is a Anti-diet & Fat loss coach in Valparaiso and before you tune out by the thought of diet, fitness, workouts etc..… re-read that he is ANTI DIET 🙌 Zach has a passion to help people recognize the power good health has to change you from the inside out! He has fought through dark and depressing thoughts in the past and is so vulnerably sharing how that shaped his life and directly brought him to this life purpose. Zach has written an e-book “End Calorie Counting” and has allowed any Girl Talk listener to download the book free of charge! I read the book and immediately was encouraged and wanted to implement what he mentioned in the book. Friend, Take a minute to listen to this inspiring story and connect with Zach on instagram, facebook, youtube and click the link to download the free e-book download. End Calorie Counting Toolkit: Website: Instagram: YouTube:


Talking - A vision for the new year and how to make it simple 100

Hello ladies, I am excited to kick of the 2024 season of the Girl Talk Podcast! 💕 . This time of year it is common to talk about new goals, new resolutions and changes to make. On this episode of the Girl Talk Podcast we are looking to see what God says about plans, goals and visions. -What does God say about plans, goals, visions? -How do we set ourselves up to accomplish the big vision he has given us? -How do we know what our purpose and His vision for our lives are? -How do we break down the large vision and make it simple/ plain? -How do we look ahead at the barriers that will come along and prevent us from accomplishing these plans? and so much more. Included in this podcast is also an opportunity to receive a free pdf download to write your vision and goals out and keep them in front of you for the year. Ladies, take a moment to listen in as we journey through so many helpful tips to accomplishing these big visions and goals this year!


Talking - Saying YES to Gods calling with guest Jeni Bolton 099

Hello ladies! Have you ever felt like God has asked you to do something big? Something that challenged you and maybe you even felt this is impossible. Our guest today @JeniBolton has an incredible story of God calling her and she just simply said YES!! That yes has turned into many miracles and blessings from God. Jeni’s one calling or assignment has now turned into a non profit called - 500 turkeys and she along with many, many givers are the hands and feet of Jesus that feed over 1,000 families each year for Thanksgiving. It is often said when God gives the vision He gives the provision and that has been proven in this amazing testimony of Jeni Bolton. As you listen to this testimony - you will see how incredible our God is and you will be encouraged that whatever vision you feel God is giving you and feels too big… A simple YES is all He needs. He will provide. You can find Jeni on facebook and Instagram through the links below or click the link to see what 500 Turkey's is all about!


Talking - Receiving all He has for us 098

Hey ladies, Have you ever tried to pick up a fork with a closed fist?? I know it sounds crazy - Why would anyone even try that? In today’s podcast I share a journey I have been on with the Father. I discovered the Father is pouring His love out and I had my fists closed tight and was not in a position to receive it. Listen in to todays podcast to hear all about the table He has prepared for us with everything we could need, but we must be in a position to take and receive it. As you walk on your journey - I want to encourage you to let go of what you might be holding on to and turn your hands up and open as you are ready to receive all He is pouring out to you.


Talking - Quick Check In 097

Hey ladies, Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day with a million thoughts in your mind and feeling all the emotions?? I have been there so many times and it can be overwhelming and difficult, but I have also been on the other side. I have been to the end of the day and thought now that was a great day! On today’s podcast I am sharing with you the best tip to get to the end of your day and not feel like life is out of control… or at least your mind feels like it’s out of control. It’s super short, so easy; it has transformed my life and I know it will yours too… Have a friend your thinking about that feels that out of control feeling at the end of the day - Tap that share button and send this podcast to them! We want all woman living a life of freedom - the way God intended us to.


Talking - What to do in a desert season 096

Hey friend, Have you ever felt as though you are walking through a desert season, maybe a valley, or a quiet time in life? In today’s episode I share some personal thoughts and experiences I have had and some revelation the Lord has brought to my attention recently. If you are in a desert season or might be one day - Grab your favorite drink, notepad, pen and listen as I share a few tips to help when you are in that desert, valley or quiet time of life. Do you know a friend currenlty walking through this season? Send them this episode to encourage them through their season.


Talking - Stuck in the mundane of life 095

Hey ladies, Have you ever felt like you were just completly lost? Like you know each day is important and has purpose and meaning, but sometimes you just feel like what am I even doing??? Just stuck in the mundane of life…. Friend, I am there with you and I read a devotion the other day that really encouraged me to think more and ask myself - What am I asking God to do? The scripture used was one I have heard so many times - Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.” I stopped and realized if I truly believe that He can do more than I ask am I asking for enough? The Girl Talk podcast is woman encouraging woman - Send this to that friend who you know is stuck in the mundane of life right now - They will feel loved and encouraged that you thought of them to share some encouragement.


Talking - Common lies woman believe 094

Hello ladies, Lies are everywhere and they are extremely dangerous to our thinking - the more we speak and think them the more embed in our minds they become. The enemy wants nothing more than to trap us in a circle of lies and depressing thoughts. I have found personally the freedoom and peace that comes by recognizing the lies and disagreeing with them. Friend we have the authority over these thoughts and lies. We are told in scripture to take EVERY thought captive. @Dawn Magagnotti and I are sharing some of the commone lies we find in our life and hear from other friends often. We want to encourage you to listen and search your mind and heart to see if you find any of these lies in your thought process. If so please know there is freedom and peace to be found by getting out of agreement with that lie. If this episode leaves you with more questions or a desire to chat more about this conversation - My message box is open - I’d love to share with you friend more details on how I have found so much freedom and peace by getting out of agreement with lies from the enemy. 💕 There is so much beauty in living life free from the bondage of lies and in agreement with how our Father has called us to live.


Talking - Playing Catch with your Father 093

Have you ever found yourself weighed down with the stress, worry and cares of the day? ⭐️ If you are anything like me - I find myself there many times and sometimes many times in one day. I read a devotion recently that really helped me see how to cast your cares on God in a different light. The devotion talked about playing catch with your Father. How fast can you take that worry or stress that you picked up and just throw it right over to your Father. ⚾️ 1Peter 5:7 is not a new scripture and most of us have probably had it memorized since we were little, but this devotion shed a different light on the verse and I felt so encouraged after reading it. It was one of those devotions where you feel the smile on your face getting bigger and bigger as you read it becuase you feel His love and peace.❤️ I shared all these thoughts with you today on the podcast - I know you will leave feeling encouraged and share it with a friend who needs the encouragement too.


Talking running a business with the Kingdom in mind - 092

Hi ladies, Dawn Magagnotti and I had the opportunity to talk recently and as business owners this conversation came up and we just knew we needed to share some thoughts with you friends. We are talking about running a business with the Kingdom in mind. We all in some area are “running a business” whether we are running a business, an employee in a business, running a household - We each have a calling and how can we run that calling with the Kingdom in mind especially while we continue to juggle all the areas of life. Some of the questions we dive into are : Are we seeking the Kingdom first? How do we walk through each day having the Lord first of mind? Are we more excellent than the world? Are we acquiring the knowledge needed? Are we living each day in peace? Take a few minutes to listen to these thoughts and share with a friend who comes to your mind. Let’s all seek to run each day with the Kingdom in mind first! Find Dawn Magagnotti on Facebook or Instagram and give her a follow to stay up on her latest encouraging thoughts.


Talking - What is success? with guest Dawn Magagnotti 091

So often in life we look towards becoming successful, but what is true success? Often we can look at “success” as an amount of money we have or a level to arrive at in a job, but can we be successful without these? Is it possible to be “successful” as God would define success and be “poor”? How can we live each day successful and what does the Bible tell us about success? This conversation with Dawn was so insightful and encouraging. I encourage you ladies to research and seek the Fathers heart on these questions. When we can get into agreement with what God calls success and live that way every day we can find a level of peace and freedom that is incredible!


Talking - Giving yourself gifts with guest Stephanie Jones (Giving Gal) 090

Hi ladies, I am excited to share Part 2 with you. Stephanie Jones is sharing the importance of giving to gifts to ourselves personally. . I love how Stephanie talks about giving herself the gift of a sunset. This talk will encourage you to pay attention to your personal needs and the simple gifts that you can give yourself to fill your spirit and refresh you. Take a minute to enjoy His creation today - The creation of yourself as an individual and the creation all around us. These gifts will refresh and fill our spirits! Follow along with giving gal on social media ; or check out her website to view and order any of the books she has written


Talking - Giving Gifts with guest Stephanie Jones (Giving Gal) 089

Hey ladies, Have you ever given yourself a challenge to accomplish?? Stephanie Jones gave herself a challenge to give a gift every day for a year and she accomplished that goal and continued past 365 days. Stephanie - also known as the Giving Gal - shares with us how this impacted her, why she set out on this goal and some ideas on what gifts she gave - she did not spend a ton of money during this. This changed her life and so many people that received the gift she gave. I know you will be inspired by Stephanie and you will see the sunshine just poures out of her. Find Stephanie online at or follow along with her on Instagram and Facebook - she is one of the positive, encouraging accounts you want to connect with!


Talking - Judging others and changing the conversation with guest Leah Denson 088

Hi ladies, Have you ever noticed that we as woman can be quick to judge?? Sometimes we don’t even notice we are judging or maybe we are unknowingly engaging in judgmental and hurtful conversations. My friend @Leah shared a conversation with me around this recently and I wanted her to share with you ladies too. No, this isn’t one of those flashy and exciting episodes, but it is truthful and I found it so helpful in my life. Leah has a heart of gold and spoke some incredible and powerful truth on this episode. I know it will be eye opening for you ladies and has an opportunity to help you navigate to new conversations.


Talking - A snapshot picture of your life from the Father 087

Hello ladies, We have shared with you a couple times now about listening prayer and today we are sharing an incredible exercise that takes listening prayer a little different. Jo and I were so moved by this exercise we learned from our coaches and are excited to share this with you ladies. Whether you are feeling discouraged in life or motivated this picture of your life that the Father gives you will be incredible. We would love to hear from you ladies. We would love to connect more with you ladies. Come send a message to the Girl Talk Community on Facebook or Instagram or send a direct text to Jo or I - we would love to hear about the snapshot picture the Father gave you for your life. Ladies don't forget you are loved just as you are more than you can comprehend!


Talking - The War against the Enemy in February with Jo Mathewson 086

Hello ladies!! We are excited to be back in the studio together with you! We are starting the 2023 season with an excellent talk with @Jo . JoAnn shares in this episode how she personally has seen the power of using the book by Stormie Omartian - The Praying Wife. … Ladies as much as we love the pink, the red hearts, chocolate and all the fun - pretty things that go along with February the truth is we are in a battle!! - Everyday we are in a war - The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy and marriages is a huge target for him. … This February JoAnn and several friends are going to battle with the enemy by reading through this book together. We would love to invite you ladies to join this group of life changing ladies as they encourage each other through text messages and share real life and the power of God’s work through prayer. Connect to Jo by messages or message the Girl Talk page and we will connect you with Jo. .. Connect with Jo on Instagram We are excited for all that is to come this year through the Girl Talk Community - Don’t let the enemy steal, kill or destroy any part of your life this year!! #GirlTalkCommunity


Talking - Uncommon Christmas with guest Stephanie Jones 085

Hey ladies, let me introduce you to my friend, author, public speaker, coach - but commonly known as the Giving Gal - Stephanie Jones. Stephanie has written a couple books, but we are specifically highlighting her Christmas books today. I started December reading The Uncommon Christmas this year and I have found myself looking at the Christmas season a little different. Truly keeping Christ the center of all the fun and exciting season of Christmas. Follow along with Stephanie to find out more about the giving gal and grab a book for yourself and a friend - You will enjoy the different focus each day leading up to Christmas!


Talking - The Sovereignty of God with Jo Mathewson 084

Hey ladies, How can God allow the free will of man and be the God who knows it all??? @jo and I are sharing some powerful thoughts on the sovereignty of God today on the Girl Talk podcast. Take a few minutes to listen on any podcast platform #GirlTalk #SovereigntyofGod


Talking - Toxic Family Relationships with guest Alli Vadas 083

Hi ladies, With the Holiday seasons here that often means a lot of family time… Family time sounds nice, but often their are stressful times and even maybe some toxic releationships. I am so excited to share my sweet friend @alli and her incredible story and how she overcame some difficult family relationships to become the successful and happy lady she is today! Take a minute to listen to this story and be encouraged on how to handle some difficult family situations. #GirlTalk #Toxicrelationships #difficultfamilyrelationships