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A podcast dedicated to inspiring others to self-love. Providing tips, strategies and ideas to help increase the focus and growth on yourself. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to hear storytimes as well. Support this podcast:


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A podcast dedicated to inspiring others to self-love. Providing tips, strategies and ideas to help increase the focus and growth on yourself. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to hear storytimes as well. Support this podcast:




Celebrate Yourself

Find things to help you be proud of yourself! It’s important to do this for yourself especially when you know your worth! --- Support this podcast:

Lessons From an Abused Person

People who are abused often grow to become an abuser. Here is what I have learned to keep myself from abusing others while healing through the pain. --- Support this podcast:

Meet People Where They Are? Yes or No?

When is it acceptable to meet people where they are and when is it not ok? Explore my thoughts on this subject! --- Support this podcast:

Appreciate the People Pleasers

You need to acknowledge and give back to people who are constantly trying to make your life happy. If not, they may walk away from you. --- Support this podcast:

Team Good or Team Evil

Which path do you choose? It’s all about playing your part to balance out the world. --- Support this podcast:

What is your assigned purpose?

How to determine if the ideas and ventures you choose to do are in alignment with your purpose. --- Support this podcast:

Change Your Mindset

This topic is to help you focus on your mindset to achieve the goals you want in life. It really takes time and effort to keep negative thoughts away from your goals and dreams so that you can water it with focus and positivity to make it happen. --- Support this podcast:

Know Who You Are

This episode is dedicated to helping you understand who you are and making sure you take care of your needs first. Check yourself and make sure you are not projecting how you want to be treated on to others but instead, doing what you need for yourself. --- Support this podcast:

Focusing on Unleashing Your Happy

Why am I trying to influence you to unleash your happy? Because the more you focus on yourself, the happier you become and it stops you from making other people's lives miserable. That's harsh but your unhappiness does impact other people you encounter. --- Support this podcast:

Get To Know Yourself First

If you are looking to improve your relationships, it will start with you first. Understand who you are, what you expect, and what you do for yourself to make you happy before entering into a relationship. --- Support this podcast:

Victim to Victor

If you ever struggle with not getting over things, the problem may lie within yourself. This episode shares how to look within yourself to figure out why you’re holding onto an issue. --- Support this podcast:

Forgiving Yourself

A lot of issues that we deal with come from issues we haven't deal with internally for ourselves. People get angry with other people for things that they do not like about themselves. For me, it's being criticized. This episode digs deeper into how I identified my own issues with myself and how I am overcoming it moving forward. --- Support this podcast:

Free Yourself From Paranoia

Is paranoia holding you back from living your life? If so, this message is for you! Life is worth living and making the best out of each moment you get! Don't let the fear of things that "could" happen, hold you back from pursuing big passions in your life! Make the most out of life! It's up to you! --- Support this podcast:

Don't Marry Your Mother!

It's interesting how we are attracted to people that make us feel comfortable or puts us in situations we are used to. Of course, no-one intends to marry people who resemble or act like their parents. However, in life, we are pulled into or away from certain situations based on those foundations through our parents or the lack of parental presence. Make sure you are doing what you can to resolve issues and relationships with your parents so that you can free yourself from entering unhealthy...

Taking Responsibility

How tempting is it to blame others or blame situations when you know you have done something wrong? It's very tempting! But here are some tips about ways to take full responsibility that hopefully end up with 2nd opportunities for you. --- Support this podcast:

Flex Your Resiliency Muscle

This episode shares tips on how to get yourself up and keep going. If you have a passion or desire to do something big in your life, this may be the encouragement you need to get started on that goal. --- Support this podcast:

Sorry or Not Sorry

Do you need closure to move on from a situation? What does closure actually look like for you? How do you move on whether you hear sorry or not? This episode talks about how to move on from painful situations and what "Sorry" really does for you. --- Support this podcast:

You Can't Trust Them

The best way to avoid getting hurt, used, abused, or conned, is to make people earn your trust. Here are some tips on how to do that. --- Support this podcast:

Live Your Passion Out Loud

Have you struggled understanding your true passion? Here are tips on how to discover your passion and truly live your life's purpose! --- Support this podcast:

To be Nice or Nasty

Why is it that people have to be nasty to get things done? Do you agree? What are your thoughts on this matter? --- Support this podcast: