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Cinema Pathway Podcast is about the craft of filmmakers who are active in the film industry in the United States & around the world. We have assembled this venue to start an honest and friendly conversation about how unique every individual is in their craft's approach as they manifest themselves professionally with different experiences, styles, and techniques with our host, Howard Brande. We will get you up close and personal with every one of our guests, going deep into a conversation that will bring enlightenment to your career path in this fantastic world of cinema. It is an opportunity to hear great filmmakers of all types of the spectrum who have one thing in common, their love for cinema.


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Cinema Pathway Podcast is about the craft of filmmakers who are active in the film industry in the United States & around the world. We have assembled this venue to start an honest and friendly conversation about how unique every individual is in their craft's approach as they manifest themselves professionally with different experiences, styles, and techniques with our host, Howard Brande. We will get you up close and personal with every one of our guests, going deep into a conversation that will bring enlightenment to your career path in this fantastic world of cinema. It is an opportunity to hear great filmmakers of all types of the spectrum who have one thing in common, their love for cinema.






School is in, the Television Studio: With special guest Jim Guaracsi

Our guest this week is award-winning educator and filmmaker Jim Guarasci. He will share with our listeners his journey from working behind the camera to the classroom and into his current position as an Executive Producer with the Broward Education Communications Network (BECON). He will talk about how he is introducing and nurturing students in the art of content creation and filmmaking, what some of the essential skills they are learning, and where that leads them. Jim will also talk about the different productions that he and his students create and air. You can find some of these shows at the below links as well as more information about BECON TV: Short Cuts: A television show featuring student-produced video creations from South Florida high schools. School Duel: A high school quiz show. BECON TV


Behind the scenes & also leading the future of filmmaking with Lerue Sarvis Jr.

On this memorial day, we proudly present one of our memorable episodes from season one with our special guest and veteran Lerue Sarvis Jr., A renaissance Man: Defined as someone with many talents or areas of knowledge. Not so common, Servant Leader: focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. His life to this point has been a pretty incredible journey. From very humble beginnings to serving in the United States Navy, becoming a police officer, entering the film industry, and going even further by creating ways to give back and educate future filmmakers. I am pleased to welcome Lerue Sarvis Jr.


Blazing your own path as a filmmaker with special guest Joycelyn Bejar

This week on the Cinema Pathway Podcast, we welcome filmmaker, Joycelyn Bejar. Joycelyn will take us on a journey from her early dream of being a foreign news correspondent and journalist to eventually making commercials, music videos, and films. In addition, she will share some stories of filming overseas and in one of our neighbors to the south. Joycelyn will also speak candidly about her career, what she has accomplished, and what aspiring filmmakers need to know.


Coast to Coast, from in front of to behind the camera with special guest MO Fitzgibbon

Prepare for a great new episode with writer, producer, director (and many other titles) Mo Fitzgibbon. Mo will share with us how she got her to start in the business and how shortening her full name to Mo helped clear some hurdles for women in the film industry. We will also talk about the limitations and how women can overcome them but need help from allies. Mo will also share experiences from some of the many productions across all different formats and her years with Latina Pop Music Royalty.


Inside the Stuntman mind with special guest Juan Bofill

On this exciting episode, we are pleased to have Juan Bofill. He will talk about the impressive career that has taken him from stuntman to stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, and special effects artist to acting and moving behind the camera as a producer, director, and writer. We will have an essential conversation about safety on set in light of recent events on film sets. Juan will share stories from some of his most memorable moments from movies and T.V. shows and share what he is doing to help train and educate the next generation of stunt performers and coordinators. Hold on to your seat for this exciting ride!


Rerun episode from cinematography & Keeping Alive with Egon Stephan JR

In this episode, we like to get deep into the craft of filmmaking, talking about the actual ins and outs of making films. The film has always been a visual medium. Starting with the Lumiere brothers, the genius of silent film stars like Chaplin and my personal favorite, Buster Keaton, wowed audiences with what could be captured by this new device, the movie camera. More than 100 years later, the camera and mastery of it is still a vital key to filmmaking as a craft. Our guest today is a master at that. He is a cinematographer and director of photography whose credits include the hit series DEXTER and BURN NOTICE. Feature films that range from STRIPTEASE, REALITY BITES, and PASSENGER 57 (underrated in my opinion) and one of my childhood favorites, FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR, as well as numerous music videos for JANET JACKSON, GLORIA ESTEFAN, RICKY MARTIN, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, and CELINE DION.


A Life behind the camera with cameraman Rick Bravo

We are joined on this episode by cameraman Rick Bravo Jr. The son of cinematographer and camera operator Enrique Bravo, who worked on some of the most influential films of the last 75 years, including The Exorcist, The French Connection, and The Deer Hunter, Rick grew up on and around film sets. As a child, he even asked to be a lighting stand-in for some of the most famous scenes ever captured on film. So when Rick started his career, he followed in his father’s footsteps and helped stand up the first camera teams for the show Miami Vice. Rick will share stories from his childhood and work and how he landed a unique career behind the camera, where he has been for more than 30 years.


A world of moving T-stops filled with exposures, dollies, sliders, and drones with cinematographer Laszlo Thomas Nador

We start this episode by talking about how a pre-med student in Texas began on his pathway to becoming a cinematographer. Then, Laszlo will share how he started working in advertising as an editor and eventually moved to behind the camera. He’ll share stories of the hundreds of commercials he’s shot and his foray into films. He’ll also share some insight into how he approaches his craft and how it is much more than just the camera. We will also answer the question of the difference between a cinematographer and a director of photography.


From page to stage with writer, actor & acting coach Yonel Aris.

We are joined on this episode by writer, producer, actor, and acting coach Yonel Aris who will talk about his pathway to earning his degree in theater. He will tell us as he's gone from acting to writing and getting into acting coaching. Further, we will discuss what makes a good acting coach, and Yonel will even put the host through a couple of acting exercises. He'll also advise on what actors should look for in an acting coach and why they should use one and share some of his upcoming projects with our listeners.


The man of many hats with actor, director & writer Aaron Abelto

We are joined in this episode by accomplished filmmaker Aaron Abelto. Aaron will share with our listeners his unique pathway to becoming the actor, writer, director, and producer he has become today. He'll talk about his inspirations and influences from the indie film world, his two documentaries that were up for Oscar consideration, and what that process is like. Aaron will also share his experiences working as many different jobs on a film set as possible and how building that toolset has helped him succeed.


Defining the craft of storytelling with filmmaker Jennifer Joy O' Grady

We are joined by actress, director, producer, content creator, and all-around storyteller Jennifer Joy O'Grady on this episode. Jennifer will talk about her pathway from starting in dance and theater and evolving to acting in front of the camera before expanding her knowledge to all aspects of the creative process. In addition, she'll share her unique college program, the courage it took to create her own production company, and some exciting news about her latest project.


The dynamic duo of female filmmakers with special guests Maria Jose & Karla Noriega "The Lucky Twins"

In this episode, we have a special treat for our listeners. We have not one, but two guests. Maria Jose & Karla Noriega, also known as “The Lucky Twins.” They will share their inspiring journey from Guadalajara, Mexico, to the United States and how their creativity began when they were little. We’ll talk about the special bond that twins have and how it helps them when making films and content. Both guests will share their stories of coming out and how those experiences shaped them as artists, and why they are so passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+ community and will give some encouraging words to those in that community that may be suffering. Finally, the Lucky Twin will share exciting news about their upcoming projects.


Think it, picture it, write it with screenwriter Rolando Vinas

We are joined on this episode by screenwriter Rolando Vinas. Rolando will talk about what draws him to specific genres and what it means to explore the darkest areas of humanity. We’ll talk about the screenwriting process and finding the best approach for the writer. Other topics we’ll discuss will be the pros and cons of collaborative writing, writing environments, and finding that ideal balance of not giving too much direction to your script. As always, our guests will give some parting advice to current and aspiring screenwriters.


The heart of a productions with Line Producer Antonio Martinez

In this episode, we sit down with Line Producer Antonio Martinez. He’ll share his journey from Colombia to the United States and how working in various crew positions on set prepared him for when he moved into producing. We’ll talk about safety on set which is always paramount. Antonio will also break down the specific duties of a line producer compared to the numerous other producers and the differences between film producers and commercial producers and executives. Finally, he will share his thoughts on how someone can break into working in commercial production.


From behind the camera to in front of the class with Film Professor Josh Ellis

We are joined on this episode by Film Professor Josh Ellis. Josh will share with our listeners the pathway he has taken from growing up in the Pacific Northwest to graduate school in Florida before moving to Los Angeles and working his way up in camera departments in film and TV before moving into teaching and back to Florida. He’ll talk about combining his two passions, filmmaking and education. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of going to film and learning through practical experience. Josh will share some of the innovative things he has done outside of the classroom to help his students be more prepared when they start working on sets and how he took his curriculum into his own hands and wrote a textbook. If you are a film educator and want to learn more about using Josh’s textbook in your classroom, you can learn more here:


From stage to screen & from South America to North America with Actor Fernando Guillen

In this episode, we sit down with actor Fernando Guillen. First, we talk about how he studied acting in his native Venezuela before settling in Miami. We’ll also discuss his journey from stage acting to screen acting and some differences and similarities. Fernando will share a story about how he played multiple characters in a stage adaptation of Romeo & Juliet but had no dialogue. Finally, for all the aspiring actors out there, he’ll talk about the work actors have to do when they are not performing to ensure they stay proficient in their craft and are marketing themselves.


In the Director chair with Miguel Miller

With over 100 film projects to his name, Director Miguel Miller has had his films screened at some of the world's leading film festivals, including Cannes. In this episode, we will learn how Miguel first got into filmmaking and how his love of storytelling still drives him. He will share with us how he is writing process complements his directing, how he works with actors, and his non-conventional storytelling. Miguel will bring our listeners into the director’s chair as he walks through shooting scenes and piecing them together, where you can see his films. Learn more about Miguel and his work at


Choreography & consent in film with Intimacy Coordinator Nicole Perry

Over the past few years, the position of Intimacy Coordinator has become more and more an essential part of the filmmaking and television process. Nicole Perry is a leading Intimacy Coordinator whose most recent work can be seen in the Hulu documentary God Forbid. We’ll get into detail about what an Intimacy Coordinator does in pre-production, production, and even post-production. She will take us on a journey about how her background as a dancer and choreographer translated into Intimacy Coordination and Direction and how she applies this to her craft. Learn more about Nicole and her work at


Sound, the heartbeat of films with Abraham Oleksnianski

In this episode, we talk about everything in the sound world with our guest Abraham Oleksnianski. First, we will talk about how Abraham started as a musician and became a successful audio engineer. Then, we’ll talk about the differences in recording between concerts and TV commercials and some tricks of the trade to help amateur or aspiring audio mixers.


Commercials, films, teaching, and mentoring with special guest Joan Gringer

Our guest today is someone whose list of accomplishments, credits, and career highlights alone would take up an entire episode. Joan Gringer’s start came in the advertising world. While it was some time after the “Mad Men” era, we talked about what it was like to work in the Madison Avenue world. Like Mad Men’s Peggy Olson, Joan Gringer was a trendsetter. She was one of the first women to have a serious impact in the world of commercial making, working with Fortune 500 companies and well-known global brands. She’ll share a touching story of her work with youth filmmakers and share her advice with anyone looking to embark on a career in the film industry.