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Cinema Pathway Podcast is about the craft of filmmakers who are active in the film industry in the United States & around the world. We have assembled this venue to start an honest and friendly conversation about how unique every individual is in their craft's approach as they manifest themselves professionally with different experiences, styles, and techniques with our host, Howard Brande. We will get you up close and personal with every one of our guests, going deep into a conversation that will bring enlightenment to your career path in this fantastic world of cinema. It is an opportunity to hear great filmmakers of all types of the spectrum who have one thing in common, their love for cinema.


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Cinema Pathway Podcast is about the craft of filmmakers who are active in the film industry in the United States & around the world. We have assembled this venue to start an honest and friendly conversation about how unique every individual is in their craft's approach as they manifest themselves professionally with different experiences, styles, and techniques with our host, Howard Brande. We will get you up close and personal with every one of our guests, going deep into a conversation that will bring enlightenment to your career path in this fantastic world of cinema. It is an opportunity to hear great filmmakers of all types of the spectrum who have one thing in common, their love for cinema.






The Modern-Day Renaissance Woman “So many roles, so little time. “ With special guest Sophie London

In this episode, The Modern-Day Renaissance Woman “So many roles, so little time. “With our special guest, Sophie London, and her experience in the filling industry Working with legendary companies like Marvel, ABC, nickelodeon, MTV, and Bravo, I would call. Sophie London is more than just a triple threat in the industry; she is the modern-day renaissance woman. Renaissance means revival or rebirth of many different kinds of art, and Sophie has done this excellently. She is a producer, production manager, script supervisor, director, actor & singer. She is the Latina Disney princess songbird with the talent and tenacity to reign as queen of whatever she puts her mind to! Links


"Do it with passion, or don't do it at all!" With special guests, Passion P-Say Roosevelt!

"Do it with passion, or don't do it at all!" With special guests, Passion P-Say Roosevelt, the acting coach to the stars, Passion! Passion! Passion! If you don't have an undeniable, aching, & painstaking passion to do what you do, the kind that gives you a reason to live and get up in the Good morning. Then why are you doing it? From hiring an intimacy coordinator to film those rated R scenes the right way (you know what I'm talking about) to surviving in an industry that pays actors, film crew, & other skills in the field only a fraction of the cost of what you should be worth - we all know how "that" goes - to making a name for herself as one of the premiere acting & life coaches to the stars in the entertainment industry, we present to you Ms. Passion "P-Say" Roosevelt! P-Say What? You heard me right. Passion is not the only word the P in P-Say stands for. So, P-Say, you don't want to miss this episode to be remembered! Links:


"Show me the meat and show me the money!" With our special guest Joanne Butcher

Do you want to know how to make movies, make money, and improve the world? Joanne Butcher cuts right to the point. She is the brutally honest friend who will tell you the truth in love! But the bottom line is you will see results. From battling an illness that had her bedridden for seven years & almost losing her entire business to bouncing back with 7 + years of outstanding success, being one of this country's premier sought-after consulting producers in the country! Please listen to this podcast to know how to get your movie done and ready to be sold & distributed! Don't know what a consulting producer is? Don't worry, neither did I. But I was quickly schooled. Before considering putting your work out there, don't reach for an entertainment lawyer or a film critic. Your first call should be a consulting producer; this podcast will explain why. Stay tuned to my podcast family. § § The Filmmaker's Life - Interview Series § Find Out About My Workshops and Events § § § § § § § New Book - Publication Date - January 1, 2024, Getting Your Film Funded, Produced, and Distributed Globally: A Seven Step System, The Film Box Office S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Formula. § Current Films In Distribution. § §


Like the modern version of any Romeo & Juliet drama, it's Juliet Romeo. Sickle cell no more!

Move over to Romeo & Juliet as we present Ms. Juliet Romeo! Like pulling her life from any Shakespearean drama, from conquering her debilitating sickle cell disease. From expressing her downright bold views on the actor's strike to bulldozing new avenues for filmmakers with disabilities that would usually spell an end to their dreams in man's eyes. Her experience throughout her life has proven through Ms. Juliet Romeo that anything, and I mean anything, is possible, handicapped or not. Most importantly, don't see your struggles and challenges as bad; instead, use your story and turn it around to your advantage and possibly into an award-winning project or box office hit! Shakespeare did it. Now, the Afro-Caribbean woman's answer to romance, horror, and juicy drama, Ms. Juliet Romeo, is doing it too, and she will continue to do it till she can't do it anymore. And finally, do not miss this podcast episode as we put another filmmaker into the hot seat to hear what they think about everything film. How not to be "that actor" at auditions, to director-on-director crime. Links: § Founder of Slamdance UNSTOPPABLE § § § § § § Blackmagic Collective


The Prodigal Son returns from the urban jungle to tell his story! With special guest Antwan Smith

Redemption For Ex-Prisoners, The Actors Strike Debate & how 60,000 and a dream reaches millions of viewers. Who said you need gobs of money to make profound and good work that grabs the attention of an entire culture? Do you want to know how to make it happen? Stay tuned as we talk to one of Miami's leading up-and-coming & soon prominent filmmakers, Writers, and directors, Mr. Antwan Smith, as we dive into the meat of what it is to make a film! You don't want to miss this podcast. The director and writer Antwan Smith is a prolific filmmaker from Miami, FL, who has vast experience in creating cinema with a perspective that defiantly strays away from the cliché of most urban stories. (Haven't we all seen how those go.) He has the skills & vision to create a cinema that makes his audience think differently by uplifting his community and showing them that the power of their lives is within them by making the right decision. With a successful career, in 2012, he earned a nomination for "Best Director." He secured the coveted "Best Independent Film" accolade at the prestigious Best in Florida Awards, marking a triumphant start to his career with his debut independent masterpiece, "Bloodline: The Sibling Rivalry." His impressive journey continued as he clinched the coveted "Best Film" title at the Miami Urban Film Festival in both 2016 and 2018 for his exceptional works, "Fade Away" and "RealGoons." Most recently, in 2023, Smith achieved yet another milestone by securing the distinguished "Best Local Film" award at the Urban Film Festival for his indie gem, "Cuzo," a remarkable feat given the film's modest budget of $60,000, filmed against the vibrant backdrop of Miami. This feature was released in Tubi, hitting more than 1 million streamers quickly. It features renowned actors Glenn Plummer and Dennis LA White. Next is "Vendetta," set for a 2024 release, starring Grammy-nominated artist/actor Ky-Mani Marley, Paul Campbell, and Comedian Majah Hype. Smith is quickly becoming a prominent force in the industry. Links


Director of Photography, filmmaker, activist, bandit with Tabatha Mudra

Tabatha Mudra is an award-winning Director of Photography, Director, Filmmaker and Producer. She was already an accomplished photographer when she decided to jump feet first into the world of filmmaking by entering the Miami 48-Hour Film Festival. Tabatha assembled an all-female team of filmmakers who won the competition on their first attempt. Her team won again the following year. She will share her journey from the Midwest to the Sunshine State. We’ll talk about marginalized groups in the film industry and how it is still an uphill battle for women and members of the LGBTQ+ communities. We’ll also talk about some tools writers and filmmakers can use to measure if their scripts and stories are as diverse as they think. You can learn more about Tabatha and connect with her at the below links. Tabatha Mudra Film Website Tabatha Mudra IMDb Tabatha Mudra LinkedIn Tabatha Mudra Photo Website Tabatha Mudra Instagram


Productions Management, where the magic really happens with Francesca Gonzalez

Join us for this exciting episode as we discuss the magic behind the scenes. Francesca “Frenchy” Gonzalez started in music at a young age and began pursuing a music career before moving into film. She will share with our listeners how she got her start as an unpaid intern and moved up, rather quickly, into roles of increasing responsibility, eventually becoming a production manager. Frenchy worked on feature and short films, became involved with distribution, and managed the Miami Urban Film Festival. She has continued to hone her craft, producing live events for crowds of up to 180,00 people. You can learn more about Francesca and connect with her at the links below. Francesca Gonzalez Instagram Francesca Gonzalez LinkedIn


Helping emerging artist accelerate with Dana Dellacamera

Today we are proud to welcome Dana Dellacamera to the podcast. Dan is a filmmaker, singer, and actor who has appeared on stage and in both short and feature films. Dana will share with us how she first started performing and how her journey brought her to two important roles she holds today. Dana is the Director of the Arts Accelerator, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting emerging artists in film in creating thriving careers by providing film industry Masterclasses, workshops, productions, networking events, and film festivals. She is the City Producer for the Miami / Fort Lauderdale 48-Hour Film Project. We talk about these organizations, and their importance to fostering creativity and helping filmmakers of all levels hone their crafts. You can learn more about Dana, Arts Accelerator, and the 48-Hour Film Project at the links below:Dana Dellacamera IMDBArts Accelerator


Rerun, the Steadicam, bound for glory from the beginning with special guest Gregory Dillard

Today, we’ll start season two of cinema pathway with some Steadicam trivia, talk about its history, and then learn what it takes to be a Steadicam operator from Gregory Dillard. First, our host and listeners will get an education on the difference between the different types of Steadicams, Gimbals, and Ronin. Next, Gregory will talk about everything that goes into setting up and operating a Steadicam and where someone who wants to get into this type of work can pursue the training. We’ll also talk about the pros and cons of having a camera in an operator’s hands versus automation and using drones.


Illusions of phenomenon with production designer Jerry Blohm

Prepare for a fascinating episode as we dig into the world of production and art design, prop making and set building, and 18th-century weapons. Jerry Blohm will share his experience as an armorer on his first feature film with a legendary actor, director, and military advisor. He’ll then take our listeners on a journey through his career, which includes working on more than 1500 commercials, what it takes to be a production designer, and his tips on how to be successful in this position. Jerry will bring us into the world of his prop rental and fabrication house, and we’ll discuss the state of today’s film, small screen, and commercial industries. To learn more about Jerry and look at some of the work his done throughout his distinguished career, check out the below links: Jerry Blohm IMDB Page


"Cave's Fable" during the "Days of Darkness with special guest Magaly Pefig

We are joined by the super-talented director, writer, and actor Magaly Pefig. As she prefers, Maggie will share how she got into acting when she was young and continued to hone her craft as an actress. We'll talk about how she extended her artistic boundaries by writing, producing, directing, and acting in two films she made during COVID. Pandemic. Maggie and our host will also have some deep discussions about what it means to be an artist and what inspires people and try to figure out where we all fit in on this planet. Maggie will also share some exciting projects that she is working on and when and where you can see them. To learn more about Magaly Pefig, check out the below Links: Magaly Pefig IMDB Page: Magaly Pefig Instagram Page: Instagram @magalypefig


A modern day renaissance man with special guest Bryan Thompson

We were fortunate to have filmmaker and founder of the "Miami Web Fest," Bryan Thompson, stop by the Cinema Pathway Podcast just hours before the premiere of his latest film, Dirt. Bryan shared with us how we went from singing in high school in Michigan to becoming an accomplished writer, director, producer, and actor in Miami, FL. We'll talk about the challenge and rewards for tackling controversial topics in films and why the up-and-coming filmmakers should take on more of these topics and risks, and how he then moved into comedy. He'll share what led him to create the "Miami Web Fest" and what it's like to be awarded the Key to the City of Miami. Learn more about Bryan and his work at the Links:Bryan G. Thompson IMDB PageBryan G. Thompson's Instagram PageIMANI Films


The business of entertainment with Special guest! Entertainment Lawyer Sofia Stanley

We are joined today by Sofia Stanley. Sofia will take our listeners on her journey from England to New England, Washington DC to Hollywood, California, and then Hollywood, Florida. She’ll share stories of how she got her foot in the door as entertainment and educate our viewers on what opportunities they should look for if they want to do the same. We’ll have an important discussion about copyright, how artists must protect their work, and why transparency is the new currency. Learn more about Sofia and her new endeavors by connecting with her at


The future of filmmaking is, maybe not making films with Nathan Mikita

Fernando Guliian will introduce a great episode celebrating Father's Day. Cinema Pathway, we continue the conversation around the education of filmmakers. Our guest Nathan Mikita is a film professor and a filmmaker and has worked across several visual mediums, from theater to film and what can be described as new media. Next, we talk about making content beyond films; whether for commercials, social media, or websites and how, when we stop and think about it, we are surrounded by all this content. Finally, we’ll dive into who is making it and what opportunities are for content creators beyond making films.


School is in, the Television Studio: With special guest Jim Guaracsi

Our guest this week is award-winning educator and filmmaker Jim Guarasci. He will share with our listeners his journey from working behind the camera to the classroom and into his current position as an Executive Producer with the Broward Education Communications Network (BECON). He will talk about how he is introducing and nurturing students in the art of content creation and filmmaking, what some of the essential skills they are learning, and where that leads them. Jim will also talk about the different productions that he and his students create and air. You can find some of these shows at the below links as well as more information about BECON TV: Short Cuts: A television show featuring student-produced video creations from South Florida high schools. School Duel: A high school quiz show. BECON TV


Behind the scenes & also leading the future of filmmaking with Lerue Sarvis Jr.

On this memorial day, we proudly present one of our memorable episodes from season one with our special guest and veteran Lerue Sarvis Jr., A renaissance Man: Defined as someone with many talents or areas of knowledge. Not so common, Servant Leader: focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. His life to this point has been a pretty incredible journey. From very humble beginnings to serving in the United States Navy, becoming a police officer, entering the film industry, and going even further by creating ways to give back and educate future filmmakers. I am pleased to welcome Lerue Sarvis Jr.


Blazing your own path as a filmmaker with special guest Joycelyn Bejar

This week on the Cinema Pathway Podcast, we welcome filmmaker, Joycelyn Bejar. Joycelyn will take us on a journey from her early dream of being a foreign news correspondent and journalist to eventually making commercials, music videos, and films. In addition, she will share some stories of filming overseas and in one of our neighbors to the south. Joycelyn will also speak candidly about her career, what she has accomplished, and what aspiring filmmakers need to know.


Coast to Coast, from in front of to behind the camera with special guest MO Fitzgibbon

Prepare for a great new episode with writer, producer, director (and many other titles) Mo Fitzgibbon. Mo will share with us how she got her to start in the business and how shortening her full name to Mo helped clear some hurdles for women in the film industry. We will also talk about the limitations and how women can overcome them but need help from allies. Mo will also share experiences from some of the many productions across all different formats and her years with Latina Pop Music Royalty.


Inside the Stuntman mind with special guest Juan Bofill

On this exciting episode, we are pleased to have Juan Bofill. He will talk about the impressive career that has taken him from stuntman to stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, and special effects artist to acting and moving behind the camera as a producer, director, and writer. We will have an essential conversation about safety on set in light of recent events on film sets. Juan will share stories from some of his most memorable moments from movies and T.V. shows and share what he is doing to help train and educate the next generation of stunt performers and coordinators. Hold on to your seat for this exciting ride!


Rerun episode from cinematography & Keeping Alive with Egon Stephan JR

In this episode, we like to get deep into the craft of filmmaking, talking about the actual ins and outs of making films. The film has always been a visual medium. Starting with the Lumiere brothers, the genius of silent film stars like Chaplin and my personal favorite, Buster Keaton, wowed audiences with what could be captured by this new device, the movie camera. More than 100 years later, the camera and mastery of it is still a vital key to filmmaking as a craft. Our guest today is a master at that. He is a cinematographer and director of photography whose credits include the hit series DEXTER and BURN NOTICE. Feature films that range from STRIPTEASE, REALITY BITES, and PASSENGER 57 (underrated in my opinion) and one of my childhood favorites, FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR, as well as numerous music videos for JANET JACKSON, GLORIA ESTEFAN, RICKY MARTIN, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, and CELINE DION.