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A podcast about trying to get your life together. Join these two sisters who are as close as two peas in a pod but at the same time very different. Hosted by Analise and Catrina who dive into sharing their stories and learning from their experiences from mom life, beauty, and self- development, and so much more. Our mission is to share a few laughs, inspire, and encourage through raw, real, and energetic perspective.


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A podcast about trying to get your life together. Join these two sisters who are as close as two peas in a pod but at the same time very different. Hosted by Analise and Catrina who dive into sharing their stories and learning from their experiences from mom life, beauty, and self- development, and so much more. Our mission is to share a few laughs, inspire, and encourage through raw, real, and energetic perspective.




Ep. 21- It's Not Love, It's Toxicity

Welcome back to Two Sisters in a Pod! Catrina reunites from her time away and catches us up her life update. Followed by jumping straight into our relationship series of red flags to look out for in a relationship and the toxic traits we pick up from them. No matter if you are single, in a relationship, or still trying to get over that one person this episode is for you! So let's start to look out for those red flags! Follow us on social @two_sisters_pod


Ep.20- Reclaim Your Health and Wellness with TheVidaBonita

Are you being mindful when choosing what to eat? In today's episode, Analise chats with Maria Welsh, Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified EFT Coach, who helps women get aligned by healing their relationship with sugar and food through alternative therapies and being more mindful. Find the connection between emotions and our eating habits through understanding sugar consumption and small changes to add now. Tune in to learn how to: 1. Reclaim your health through mindful eating habits...


Ep. 19- Steps into Building Confidence with Hill's

Welcome back Sweet Peas! This week the two sisters have an amazing guest, Hill's Cortez a true boss babe who retired before turning 30! She is a mentor, a business owner, and a total confidence queen! Join us as we dive deep into what it takes to build confidence in yourself and how to build it to get you where you want to be. This is going to be an amazing episode- give us some love on social and let us know your takeaways! @themotivationbabe @two_sisters_pod


Ep. 18- Sola: Learning How To Be Alone

Happy Thursday Sweet Peas! This week Analise goes sola on this episode, she discusses learning how to be alone with yourself. She talks about how important it is to learn how to be alone with yourself and your thoughts and it is okay, it is part of self-love and self-growth. Learning to have more quiet me-time and taking time for yourself will make you stronger and more independent. Love Yourself, You Deserve It! Follow us on social @two_sisters_pod


Ep. 17- Chingona Attitude with Latina Brand Designer Estephania

Welcome back Sweet Peas! This week, Analise interviews a new guest, Local Dallas Brand Designer, and Freelancer, Estephania Garcia who shares her journey through entrepreneurship, finishing up college, and continuing into the next chapter of her life. She shares her passion for design with a lot of great tips of the importance of personal branding in today's social media and how she didn't wait for anything to get started on her business. She is a real chingona that chases after her dreams...


EP. 16- Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies

As women, there is a lot of pressure on us to be feminine. We need to take what we want but don't step out of our lane. They say our voices will be heard but as long as they are dainty and small, we should be damsels in distress. Now a days, we are the hero's! This week we tap into our energies that we all have and the importance of knowing both Masculine and Feminine energy to find more balance in your life and relationships. We dive deep into what each energy is and how to access the...


Ep. 15- Story Time with Dad- Father's Day Special

This week on Two Sisters in a Pod Podcast- Analise & Catrina celebrate Father's Day with their dad, Rey Garcia, with story time about reminiscing and exposing how goofy and fun our dad can be. Then, we end with a fun trivia for our dad on which daughter he knows the best! Come and laugh with us while we celebrate our dad! Show us some love and leave us a review with your favorite part of the podcast. Connect with us on social @2sisters_pod for future episodes!


Ep. 14- How Teen Pregnancy Turned into a Pivot

Hi Sweet Peas, Analise shares her teen pregnancy story and her amazing journey as a mother. We were delighted to share our family experience what it has been like having Dominic apart of our family. We shared that through the ups and downs of being a young mom and the roller coaster that it has been, it did not stop her from still wanting more out of life. We hope her experience inspires and helps other young moms out there that you aren't alone, if she can do it so can you! Please share...


Ep. 13- To The Blood Moon

Hey Sweet Peas! This May we have experienced a Blood Moon Super Lunar Eclipse where the fire signs have been affected in new ways. We share what it is and what it means when it comes to astrology. We researched and learned more about the lunar eclipse and how each of the horoscopes are affected on Leave us a review on how you liked this episode and what your zodiac sign is! Ask us questions on our Instagram @2sisters_pod and on Twitter @podcast_sis. Let us know what else...


Ep. 12- Three Peas in a Pod

In this episode you all get to meet our brother, Noah, who is the youngest out of us three. We had fun having him on the podcast! We get into nerd talk about movies and movie trivia. We hope you enjoyed getting to know our younger brother. Leave us a review and follow us on Twitter @podcast_sis and Instagram @2sisters_pod.


Ep. 11- College Life: Our Top Tips

Happy Thursday! With the end of the semester coming up and school is ending we are wrapping up Catrina's college semester and talking about her college experience so far and some tips she has learned along the way and Analise shares her experience from her college years. We hope this gives you some insight and we would love to hear if you liked this episode, please leave us a review and follow us on social @2sisters_pod Also here is the link to my story in Voyage ATL Magazine!...


Ep. 10- Balancing Motherhood + Self Care

We are back for a very special episode celebrating Mother's Day with it around the corner we brought our mom on the podcast! Join us as we share what we learned from our amazing mom which is taking care of yourself not just as a women but as a mom. Then we share our favorite memories growing up and by watching the special women in our lives as shaped us into the women we are now. We are celebrating all the moms out there and wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! Please let us know how you are...


Ep. 9- They Do What In Vegas?!?

Hello Sweet Peas! This week the two sisters recap about their trip to Atlanta and have some special guests on with them- their friends Brittany and Alora from Vegas! We have our friend Jennifer help us with a fun game with our Vegas friends to start off, then we dive deep into horoscopes and friendships. A lot of fun this week! Please leave a review and follow us! @omgitzjenniferr, @alorrable @bccb, @2sisters_pod


Ep. 8- The Twenties Hustle

Happy Thursday Sweet Peas! This is such an exciting episode as your two favorite sisters welcome their first guest on the podcast- Yvonne Tran, certified financial coach and owner of "The Twenties Budget". Analise and Catrina dive straight into building a budget with Yvonne as she shares how to be financially stable in your twenties and start your own side hustle! This is going to be action packed! For more information and amazing tips check out and...


Ep. 7- The "Skinny" Girls Struggles with Body Image!?

Happy Thursday Everyone! This week these two sisters get REAL personal sharing a personal struggle that they have had their whole lives. And how it was like growing up as the "skinny, small one" and still dealing with it in adulthood. But with it hopes to inspire and bring awareness that no matter what size you are everyone does struggle with body image or the way they look because of what society has put on us and what's "acceptable". Sharing their insight about body image to share the...


Ep. 6- To Be Inspired Or Not To Be: How To Get Inspired

Happy April Sweet Peas! We share funny April Fools stories and discuss how to get inspired for the new month! We share four main tips on how we get inspired and we share what inspires us in the new endeavors that we are creating. Different people get inspired from different things so it is important to understand what sparks you up! So get ready to be Inspired and use these tips for this new month! Follow us: @2sisters_pod


Ep. 5- Staying Motivated: How To Get Out of A Rut

Happy Thursdays Sweet Peas! Listen in as we share how we stay motivated when we are going through a rut. We discuss being aware of where you are putting your energy into to help understand why you're in one. We talk about a few selfcare tips that we use and small action steps that you can start doing for yourself to get yourself out of a rut if you are feeling out of it. Remember we all go through it but it's important not to stay there! You deserve to follow through on your goals! Leave us...


Ep. 4- Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy Thursday Sweet Peas! Who is excited for Spring season? I know we are! We talk about three things you should declutter this spring season and what the spring season means. Just like the weather, we too go through different seasons in our lives and once we acknowledge which one we are in at the moment it will help us embrace it. Right now we are definitely in a fresh new season bringing more opportunity and more growth. Which season are you in? We mention Cosmic Grounding Candles which...


Ep. 3- F.E.A.R

Happy Thursday Sweet Peas! For this episode Analise and Catrina talk about Fear and how it can hold you back. Putting it into two acronyms Fear Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. We talk about how facing your fears can move you in the right direction as well as clear the path for others in the future especially women! We see how far other women have came and now it's our turn to be brave and courageous and just go for it! Follow us on social @2sisters_pod Subscribe and leave...


Ep. 2-"We're Not Finished Yet"

Hello Sweet Peas! Get inspired and encouraged as Analise & Catrina talk about and celebrate International Women's Day March 8th in this episode! We discover how far women have came in history to where we are now. Valuing yourself and other women around you, breaking stereotypes about women, and celebrating motherhood! We highlight important statistics of women owned businesses today and share our thoughts and perspective on the modern day woman. Hope you enjoy this episode- don't forget to...