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hi, i'm just doing what excites. Thank you for listenting <3


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hi, i'm just doing what excites. Thank you for listenting <3




to my next girlfriend

This isn't really a podcast episode but it is one of my monologue thoughts, i"ll be publishing them on here for quite some time and i hope you really like it. Thank you! Instagram: @izictms Twitter: @xactomas Youtube: ———— send a voice message :)


#3 Short Q&A / Short Stories

Answering a few questions and going through some stories to slowly start the podcast again. Thank you again for listening and sticking around to the end.


#2 finding comfort in the dark, 2021 recap, future plans, & being torpe

come back with me the most annoying podcast just incase you forgot how annoying i can be. this episode i reminisce alot and talk about other silly things such like how not to be torpe. thank you for sticking here for this long, i am truly grateful. much love.


#1 Nunu and Aswang story!! and other random stories :)

This episode i talk about putting myself in my own memories. I also talk about the time a dwarf nature spirit got really ticked off at me lolol. I learned a little bit more about Philippine Mythology which is great but don't learn it when you're alone! I enjoyed so much recording this episode and i hope you love it! Forgive me if i stutter alot and if you can barely understand me hahaha i'll do better next time;) socials:


#0 getting back to it.

I'm finally back on the podcast. I'm really excited to be recording again. Hopefully you enjoy the content i'll be making soon! It's going to be something i never really do but that's the exciting part of it. Thank you for being here with me and listening to what i think is still the most annoying podcast ;) Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: Youtube:...


My Filipino Life

In this Episode i talk about how i got to the Philippines and how i am adjusting with life as of now. So sorry for stuttering >_< Socials: Instagram: @izictms Twitter: @xactomas Youtube: ———— send a voice message :)


17 lessons

I talk about the 17 lessons that i've learned in 17 years. I'm still learning and with that being said i think we can never really stop learning new things. Socials: Instagram: @izictms. Twitter: @urkuyaisaac. Youtube: Song: Places - Alaskan Tapes.