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Take a deep dive behind the scenes of Snap Fitness Maitland staff and members. Bringing you unheard stories, health tips and tricks. How to enhance your training and everyday lifestyle.


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Take a deep dive behind the scenes of Snap Fitness Maitland staff and members. Bringing you unheard stories, health tips and tricks. How to enhance your training and everyday lifestyle.




#28 Ex Navy Senior Sailor Rebecca Buzzell

Today on the podcast, PT Lachie sits down with Snap Fitness Maitland member Rebecca Buzzell. Bec is an ex Navy Senior Sailor who has travelled the world and gotten to experience life at sea first hand! We chat about how she kept fit whilst away, sleeping in a room with 12 other sailors, and the time that her boat got chased by pirates! Bec also discusses the importance of Mental Health, the battles she has faced and some strategies that have helped her get through some tough times! Enjoy!


#27 Setting Goals in 2024 with Cam Lach Soph & Tan

Setting goals for 2024. We discuss ways to set goals, different options. We say our own goals and give some tips and tricks about setting goals and achieving them.


#26 Introducing Tynan to the Team

In today's episode we chat to Tynan May. Snap Fitness Maitland newest team member and PT. Tynan shares her 20+ years experience in fitness industry. Tynan is a mum of 2 her transition from being a mum to back in to work. She specialises in: - Running - Autoimmune disease - Hormones - Pre / Post Natal We delve deep in to pre and post natal. Tynan opens up about her experience. It was a great open and honest conversation.


#25 Lachie & Gerard - Itlay & Representing Australia

In this episode, PT Lachie chats with Snap Fitness Maitland Manager, Gerard Le Breton. We discuss G's most recent trip to Italy to support his son represent and captain Australia at an international futsal tournament and how proud of a moment that was for him as a dad. We also talk about G's passion for football, health and fitness and the most rewarding part of his role at Snap Fitness Maitland. Enjoy! Lachie has his own podcast, if you want to listen to more: The LB S&C Podcast - available on podcast platforms.


#24 Gerard Le Breton - The Gym Manager

Today we chat with Gerard Le Breton, our gym manager. It's his first every podcast. We chat about his progression and drive to play professional soccer in the UK. What it's like growing up on 800 acres in Muswellbrook. How he got in to the fitness industry. I hope you enjoy it was a great conversation.


#23 Lockdown With Lachie

Today we discuss what its like being in lockdown with Lachie Beavis. Things he's learnt to do and focus on. How much he loves TikTok. Cam also shares his thoughts on being a gym owner, coming out of lockdown and what it looks like. The mental burden on the restrictions.


#22 Lachie Beavis - Personal Trainer

We welcome Lachie Beavis to the Snap Fitness Maitland team. He's a former member and now legend personal trainer. Kicking big goals right away in his PT career. You'll learn why he's passionate about the health and fitness industry and helping others. Plus he has a bro-mance with another trainer.


#21 - Tanya Keen - Personal Trainer & Snap Fitness Maitland Team Member

In this episode we chat with Tanya Keen who shares her story on how she started in the fitness industry. She thought she wanted to be a Vet or a School Teacher but chose the fitness industry. Tanya's love for animals and all her animals she has at home and the random names of her pets. Its a great story and background in to Tanya life. We hope you enjoy!


#20 - Barton McGuckin - Author of What I've Learnt This Week. Health & Lifestyle Coach

Today is a fascinating conversation with Barton McGuckin. From business owner (several gyms and bootcamps) to simplifying his life to suit he dreams. Living in tropical locations around the world 3-6 months at a time. Author of a book - What I've Learnt This Week. He's also a health and lifestyle coach. So many great takeaways from the conversation to implement in to your life.


#19 - JON RUNCHEL - Local Hunter Legend. Husband, father to two beautiful kids. Jon shares his story on a life changing cancer battle!

On today's podcast its a little different. It's a powerful one. Adrian & Luke Cunningham interview Jon Runchel. Local Hunter legend, young dad of 2 beautiful kids. Successful Rugby career took him to play overseas where he met his lovely wife. 2 years ago his life took a turn from a successful business owner to being faced with some pretty uncertain life threatening times. Jon is currently battling cancer. He tells his story and hopes to inspire other men, fathers, sons out there.


#18 - Mandy Searl - Clinical Psychologist. Helping You Mentally Through Isolation With Working At Home & Having Kids. What You Can Do To Stay Healthy.

In today podcast we chat with Clinical Psychologist Mandy Sear from Green Hills Clinical Psychology. Jen and I have a chat with Mandy about personal check in's you can do whilst you are working at home, having the kids at home, trying to home school them and keep working. We learn how to understand its ok and steps we can take to check in with ourselves during isolation. Mandy is an avid health nut, where she likes crossfit but hasn't been able to do anything. We talk about tactics and little things you can do to still keep up the healthy lifestyle just in a different light.


#17 STAFF DRINKS - Isolated Friday afternoon having a beer we tell stories about each other.

This could go anyway, during isolation the staff/team sit down on Friday afternoon with a beer and 'spin a yarn'. We tell stories about each other. From Sophies first kiss in JB-HiFi. Demi getting kicked out of pubs. Jen having a wild night in New York city. Luke isolated in Dunns Creek was already 4 beers deep by the time we started this convo. I hope you enjoy.


#16 Luke Cunningham - Cunningham Muscle Therapy. Proactive and reactive about your health. Spending time at home with kids during isolation and spending quality time.

Today we chat with Luke Cunningham from Cunningham Muscle Therapy. Luke runs his own massage and dry needling business. Is a father of 3 young kids. We chat about work, life, being a dad and husband and how to balance this. Chasing your dream occupation even after your start something you don't really want to do for a career. What you can do about your health, in regards be more proactive instead of reactive. Plus we also have his younger brother Adrian on the podcast too.


#15 - LACHIE BEAVIS - Chasing a professional sporting career with the highs and lows that come with it.

#15 We chat with Lachie Beavis whos a member and also trains with Adrian. We go in depth about the highs and lows of chasing the sporting dream and playing professional sport of Basketball. Not being the most talented, not having the size and physique but showing how hard work can pay off. How to improve and your own self confidence on and off the court. I hope you enjoy!


#14 - Member: Corey Taylor - Improving the quality of your life with a focus on Mental & Physical Health

In today's episode we sit down with Member Corey Taylor who is also a Single Father of beautiful young daughter and son. How work stress can affect relationships and result in unhappiness. We talk about breaking bad habits and introducing new and better quality ones. We chat about escaping dark days/months and periods in our lives and how to use your WHY to pull through. How important Mental health focus is which results in better physical results.


#13 COVID-19 - Our Thoughts & Feelings In Tough Times

Today we discuss COVID-19. Give you all the information we understand and our view on mental and physical health and our immune system. Yes, the gym is open and we will stay open. Its a safe and clean space.


#12 How To Deal With Injuries & How To Get The Most Out Of Your Health Care Team with Justin Smith

In todays podcast we talk about how to chose the perfect shoe for your training. Which allied health professionals you should chose any why. Training when injured, what you should and shouldn't do and how to best get back to 100% as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Justin Smith.


#11 Time - The Only Thing You Can't Get Back

We sit down with Adrian, Jen, Demi and Cam and discuss time. How to utilise your time. Tips and tricks around time and being able to value your time and time of family and loved ones. It's an open and honest conversation. We even check our own time spent on our phones and compare each others time wasting skills. Enjoy!!!


#10 Are You Afraid To Try New Things

On todays podcast we chat about biggest road blocks being face and being afraid to try new things. When you get caught in the comfort zone it ok to be a beginner. It's ok to to try new things.


#09 - Nerida Bint - Inspiring Females + Positive Body Image + Self Love & Care

In today's episode we chat to female gym owner Nerida Bint. She shares her own journey on how she got started with crossfit and was shamed on her very first introduction. We chat about how she took this experience and turned in to it a females only movement inspiring ladies to feel comfortable training in a crop top. Developing a positive body image and how important self care and self love it. I hope you enjoy this conversation!