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Stories of everyday people OVERCOMING adversity 🔥🦅🔥


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Stories of everyday people OVERCOMING adversity 🔥🦅🔥




#33 - Overcoming My Battle With Mental Health | Madeline Kivett, Alex Eubanks

Madeline Kivett is an 18 year old college freshman. She is a full time student and also a full time mental health advocate to attempt to bring peace and light to others as they endure battles they may not be able to talk about. Alex Eubanks is a high school senior. In his free time he plays baseball and runs the yourmentalhealthisapriority instagram account. His biggest goal in life is to give a voice to those who don't think they have one. Madeline and Alex run an Instagram account named yourmentalhealthisapriority. They shared their individual stories of overcoming battles with mental health challenges, and what they have learned along the way. YourMentalHealthisaPriority can be followed at: Instagram: All Resources and Info: TikTok:


#32 - With God, All Things Are Possible | Rezurrection

George Jones III, aka Rezurrection (Rez), is a Maryland born Christian hip-hop artist. Now residing in Hampton, GA, Rezurrection is working hard laying down the final adlibs and finishing touches on his final project, George Jones. If you know anything about Rezurrection, you’ll know his catch phrase, “STAND UP”, which points to a physically and mental tough time in his life. From 2011 to 2016, Rezurrection endured 8 hip surgeries. With a fake hip on the left and no hip on the right, he moves dependent on the Spirit of God knowing he is a walking miracle! Rezurrection is a gifted artist who spits his real-life tales of struggle, pain, addiction, and love into songs that not only teach, but also move the body and soul. Rezurrection works with selected producers and uses real life as inspiration for his lyrics. A gifted live performer, Rezurrection is truly at his best when he is on stage. Rezurrection writes and performs in hope that people will be able to relate to his past and current struggles, knowing that through the Love of Christ, we can all overcome! Rez can be followed at: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @iamrezurrection Website: Read more about Rez here: Listen to Chainz here: Preach It Right Available Now: Rez on Apple Music: Spotify:


#31 - Real Estate, Relocating, & Believing in Yourself | Teddy Johnson, Keyara Burton

Teddy Johnson and Keyara Burton join the show to share their stories of overcoming adversity: the challenges in real estate transactions, relocating, overcoming self doubt, and pursuing a dream. They also share real estate wisdom that can help buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. As an added bonus, you’ll hear some surprising things they’ve seen onsite at real estate properties! Teddy Johnson loves helping clients in their home journey—from first home, to next home, to forever home. She keeps her eye on the bottom line, creating strategies designed to help buyers easily build equity and then executing them with unparalleled professionalism. “Real estate isn't a one-size-fits-all industry. I love to listen carefully to each client’s goals and then set up a detailed plan so that they get to the closing table with ease. I’m a natural connector, and I use the best—and most trustworthy—lenders and home inspectors. Using people with high integrity means my buyers can be confident throughout the home-buying process.” With a B.A. in Digital Media from Baylor University, Teddy is also a savvy marketer, helping her clients maximize their exposure so that they get well-qualified buyers. In her spare time, she loves to hit the gym, try a new recipe she’s found on TikTok, or play with Hercules, her 5-year-old pug/terrier mix, who is full of personality! She fell in love with Hercules at a shelter during her time living in Texas, and they’ve been inseparable ever since! Keyara Burton, also known as Key or KeytoCLT is an expert real estate broker in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina - selling and buying North Carolina’s most sought after premium real estate. Teddy can be followed at: Instagram: @teddytherealtor_ Facebook: Teddy the Realtor LinkedIn: Website: Key can be followed at: IG: KeyToCLT TikTok: KeyToCLT LinkedIn: Keyara Burton Website: Website:


#30 - Overcoming Myself | Zane Landin

Zane Landin is originally from California and recently moved to Washington, D.C., to work as an Internal Communications Specialist at the National Geographic Society. He recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Communication. He is an authentic storyteller and communications explorer. Aside from that, he is the founder of PositiveVibes Magazine, a digital magazine about mental health, Landing Dreams PR, a PR consulting business, a career coach, writer, and amateur chef. Zane shares with us his experiences with overcoming himself, including mental health, imposter syndrome, and his identities. Zane can be followed at: Instagram: LinkedIn: PositiveVibes Magazine: Landing Dreams PR:


#29 - Rising Above Adversities | Will Baptiste

Will Baptiste is a podcast host (Will2Rise), men's mental health coach (with a purpose to reduce the suicide rate down to 25% by 2025), transformative speaker, and an Owwll expert (Referral code:WB856162). He was born in Haiti, raised in the United States, and matured in Canada. Will shared many adversities that he's faced and overcome in his life: not having his parents in his life, various types of abuse, divorce, and depression. Will is a high energy speaker with many quotable gems of wisdom - this is an episode you won't want to miss. “The pain is not as painful when you find the passion, the power and the purpose in the process.” Will Baptiste His mission: As a mental health coach, he helps men to solve problems related to their mental health and well-being. This can include managing symptoms of mental illness, improving relationships, increasing self-esteem, reducing stress and anxiety, setting and achieving personal goals, and promoting healthy habits and lifestyle choices. He also provides support, guidance, and tools to help individuals navigate their mental health challenges and achieve optimal well-being . His ideal clients: God has called him to work with men, having suffered from multiple traumatic wounds, he can help you to gain confidence, strength and courage to become a better husband, father and friend. His vision: In his coaching sessions you will learn how to become self-aware of the four types of trauma you have experienced through his program. So that you will be empowered, minimize your triggers, and be calmer within. Will can be followed at: Website: YouTube: Will 2 Rise - YouTube Podcast: Will 2 Rise | Podcast on Spotify


#28 - Healing with Hip Hop Music | Anthony Pineda

Anthony Pineda, M.A., shares how hip hop music helped him overcome and heal from traumatic experiences, including growing up in a household with substance abuse and violence. Anthony Pineda, M.A., is the founder of Creatrix Institute, which provides consulting and curriculum design in the fields of education and mental health. Anthony explores the intersection of education, mental health, technology, and creativity for developing those he works with. Hip-hop is his passion and he firmly believes in the power of knowledge and a growth mindset. After taking steps to ensure the formation of Creatrix Institute, Anthony spends his professional time in the fields of education and mental health providing programming celebrating hip-hop culture. Anthony’s drive and passion for creating a new paradigm in education are unyielding. Anthony will continue his work until we create new pathways that see the value of cultural knowledge and technology for people in education. Anthony can be followed at: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


#27 - How YOU can help! 😃💚🙏

To share your feedback you can: 📱 Send a direct message (DM) to Instagram account @hichrisgere 📧 Email 🗣️ Send a voice message at ☎️ Call or text me if you have my number 😁 Tell me in person if you see me in the streets! We’d love to hear from YOU 🫵💚🌅 This can help us to get even better, get to know our listeners, and motivate us to keep going! Feel free to share whatever is on your mind about the show: ✅ What you like about it ✅ How we can make it better ✅ If you’d like to join as a guest ✅ Or anything else on your mind! This voice message link will remain active, so you can use it to send a voice message at any time in the future too! You can also follow us on Instagram at: We share content from the show, plus other creative thing we’re working on: making music, professional speaking, mental health awareness, and living life to the fullest!


#26 - Why Men Delay or Don't Get Help for Mental Health

Jaclyn Fortier, Licensed Clinical Supervisor and Founder of Carolina Counseling Wellness Associates and Chris Gere, host of the Triumph Over Trauma Show and a male with lived experience with major depressive disorder, discuss why men sometimes delay or don't get help at all for mental health. This episode is available via video on Spotify and YouTube, and via audio-only on Apple Podcasts and all other platforms. Please consider adding a rating and comment for this show on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! It will help us to reach more people, make the show even better, and help us know if we are making a difference! Chris Gere can be followed at: Jaclyn can be followed at:


#25 - Redefined: An Adventure with Bipolar Disorder | Anne Smith

On January 25, 2022, Anne Smith found herself in a serious mental health crisis, which ultimately led to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and the beginning of a beautiful "adventure," as she calls it. While seeking and embracing adventure has always been a part of Anne's story, this one would change her in ways she hadn't expected. She opens up about her journey both before and after her diagnosis, what she's learned, and how "coming out" publicly with her mental health struggles has breathed new purpose into her life. Originally from Ohio, Anne graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Individual and Family Development. After college, Anne pursued her dream to live in the mountains and moved to Breckenridge, Colorado with her now husband. She continued a career in management, but more importantly, spent her free time exploring and enjoying all of the adventures the Rocky Mountains have to offer- skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking. She and her husband now have three amazing kids and recently relocated back to the Midwest, settling in Carmel, Indiana where Anne is the Director of Business Operations for an orthopedic group. Shortly after her diagnosis, Anne adventured to Tanzania and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro to celebrate and honor those whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. Leading up to her climb, she proudly shared her story in an effort to raise awareness and funds in support of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She hopes that by sharing her story as a professional, mom, wife and person living with bipolar disorder, others might have the courage to seek help or be the help someone who may be struggling needs. Socials: Click here to learn more about NAMI, and the great work they're doing to raise awareness and improve access to mental health resources.


#24 - From Masking to Massaging Pain | Chelsea Lloyd

Chelsea Lloyd started her professional career by graduating with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Villa Julie in 2005. She worked in non-profit where she held titles "Executive Director" and "Assistant Director" for 8 yrs. She always had a passion for technology, problem solving, people, and anatomy thus her professional transition into project management within the healthcare software space in 2012; she remained until 2022. She completed her Masters in Public Administration in 2013. After an extremely successful career, she still felt like she wasn't making a "real" change; a lasting difference. Massage came into her life after a lot of tears, prayer, & introspection; after her first class, she knew this was the side of healthcare that brought her joy. Like most GREAT things, massage was a decision from the heart; not her head. Massage turned out to be the answer to her heart's desires to make a real difference. Corporate America was full of red tape and burnout; Massage was the very opposite. To Chelsea, massage is two people connecting with the same desire to be "LEFT BETTER". Her target audiences include: Women Post-Op Patients Chronic Pain Sufferers People coping with Anxiety & Depression Geriatric Population Seeing smiling faces, talking to clients about the worst parts of their lives, cheering clients on when they have a WIN; that is massage! It's MUCH bigger than applying a therapeutic touch; it's a genuine connection. In this episode, Chelsea shares adversity she's faced in her life: financial struggles, sexual assault, career adversity, masking her pain, starting a business, and much more. Chelsea tells us what's helped her overcome many challenges and what she's learned through her journey. Chelsea can be followed at: Instagram: @leavingpeoplebetter_ Website:


#23 - Balancing Bipolar Disorder | Raven Nicole

Raven Nicole holds a Bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Psychology and Sociology with a concentration in Law and Cognitive Science. She is also a Graduate of Distinction from Capella University with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She was inducted into Chi Sigma lota, the international honor society for professional counselors and serves as the Professional Alumni Representative. Raven shares her experience with bipolar disorder, how she learned to manage it and use it as a superpower, and what she's learned along the way. She can be followed at: Websites: Instagram:


#22 - Preventing Suicides via The Jordan Legacy | Steve Phillip

On December 4th 2019, former consultant and speaker, Steve Phillip, received a call that would change his world forever – his son, Jordan, had taken his own life. Now with more than 57,000 followers on social media, Steve’s articles and posts have engaged a global audience of millions. In 2020, he established The Jordan Legacy CIC, to engage with others who are willing and able to help prevent all preventable suicides. Steve delivers talks on the topic of suicide prevention and mental health to corporate organizations, and communities throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and overseas, including employees and policy makers within the UK Government, the Ministry of Defence, the Royal Air Force (RAF)and UK police forces. Steve’s lived experience of suicide and his message will help you understand that suicide is not an inevitable path for those struggling in life and that tragedy can be turned into hope with the right support, passion and focus. He joined the show to share his experience with his son's suicide, how he continues to cope with this tremendously difficult loss, and what the Jordan Legacy is doing to prevent suicides in the UK. Steve and The Jordan Legacy can be followed at: Website: Jordan's Space - The Jordan Legacy's fortnightly radio show: Email: LinkedIn – Steve’s profile: LinkedIn – The Jordan Legacy Company page: Instagram: @jordanlegacyUK Twitter – The Jordan Legacy: @jordanlegacyUK Twitter - Steve @hopestevep


#21 - Life After Incarceration | Kenny Robinson

Kenny Robinson is the founder and executive director of non-profit organization Freedom Fighting Missionaries Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina which assists formerly incarcerated and justice involved individuals reenter society. They provide services and resources that lead to self sufficiency. Mr. Robinson started Freedom Fighting Missionaries because he didn’t want those returning from jails and prisons to face the struggles that he did. He served a 10 year federal sentence and was released in 2012. Mr. Robinson struggled to find a job because of his background. He visited over a dozen non-profits and was refused a job 40 times in a row before finally being hired by Goodwill making $7.25 per hour. Mr. Robinson shares his story of struggling with reentering society post-incarceration, how he overcame this tremendous adversity, and how he's using this experience to help others today. Mr. Robinson and Freedom Fighting Missionaries can be followed at: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:


#20 - Failed Business Venture to Chief Energy Officer | Larry Long Jr

Larry Long Jr is the Founder and CEO (that's Chief Energy Officer) of LLJR Enterprises, which focuses on sales motivation, inspiration, and most importantly, transformation through speaking, coaching & training programs. He is the host of the weekly live show, ‘Midweek Midday Motivational Minute’ and Author of ‘JOLT!’. Larry shares his HIGH ENERGY story of overcoming a failed business venture along with what he learned from the experience. He can be followed at: LinkedIn: Website: Book (on Amazon): Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: TikTok:


#19 - Bald, Brave, and Bloody Beautiful | Danielle McDermott

Danielle McDermott hails from Liverpool, England. After 18+ years of experience at the National Health Service in England, she turned her life around post cancer treatment and took a new career path into fitness coaching. Danielle is the author of Bald, Brave and Bloody Beautiful, and is a breast cancer survivor. She now helps others who have faced a similar journey with cancer to help rebuild their life back. Danielle shares her story of survival, finding purpose, and what she's learned along her journey. Danielle can be followed at: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Amazon:


#18 - Climbing Over Major Depression | Alex Wisch

Alex Wisch is a leading Peak Human Performance and Executive "Flow" Coach. He has worked with top industry leaders to optimize their businesses, maximize their productivity, create sustainable performance, improve their health, and elevate their leadership skills. In addition, he has helped companies turn ideas into multi-million dollar revenue-producing opportunities, along with assisting large corporations to target strategic partnerships and investors. Prior to Alex’s successes, he battled over 8 years of crippling major depression that left him on disability, unemployed, and penniless. Doctors told him he should accept his situation and move on because they believed there was little hope he would get better. With a lot of grit, Alex defied the odds and soared out of the ashes into a life filled with unique accomplishments. Outside of business, Alex is an outspoken mental health advocate. He does yearly fitness feats to raise awareness and money for mental health. In May 2021, Alex wore a 24 lbs vest and completed 1000 pull-ups, 2000 push-ups, and 3000 squats in 6 hours and 8 minutes, while raising $37,000. In May of 2023, Alex is planning to break the world record for most vertical feet rock climbed in 24 hours, being over 29,130 feet. Once again, his goal is to raise awareness around the stigma of mental illness and raise money for veterans' mental health. Alex can be followed at: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram:


#17 - Therapy is Dope | Mike Guess

Mike Guess is a father and creative. He spent many years working in the music space as an artist, producer, and engineer but when the pandemic shut the world down, things in his life began to shift. As a result of the pandemic, Mike began going to therapy to address the traumas he experienced in his life. Seeing the life changing impact it had on him, he wanted to show others that there’s hope to heal. Mike shares his story of the tragic loss of his father when he was a young adult, how he coped, and his ongoing journey to healing. Mike launched Be Good Brand in November of 2021 as a means to advocate for therapy and to silence the stigma and shame around getting help. The brand now has customers in 49 states and 3 countries who we view as a community movement of advocates. You can follow or support Mike and the mission he is on by visiting: As appreciation, listeners can use discount code "Triumph" to receive a 15% discount on merchandise using the links listed above. This is where the "Therapy Is Dope" hoodies that I love and rock on Instagram ( are from. I'm a huge fan of this brand and the mission. Check it out!


#16 - Write Your Own Story | Ryan McKinney

Ryan McKinney is committed to helping success-hungry professionals flourish at work and home. Ryan draws from a deep well of experiences to illustrate key leadership & performance concepts making it easy for audiences to absorb and apply lessons learned to their own lives quickly. He believes experiential learning is best, but learning experiences can be borrowed from others. With 20 years of leadership experience in Financial Services, Sales & Sales Leadership, Lean Manufacturing and Operations Planning, Ryan has a unique depth to his background that activates audiences and workshop participants wherever he goes. As a Certified Professional Coach his skills and unique set of experiences, Ryan has an edge when it comes to creating transformation. He shares this knowledge and drives real, sustainable results with leaders in all walks of life. Ryan joins the Triumph over Trauma show to share how he wrote his own story, overcoming physical, mental and career adversity. Ryan can be followed at:


#15 - From Stressed to Blessed | Amy Looper Overcomes Chronic Stress & Burnout as a Working Mother

Amy Looper works with companies to build a company culture that scales through high performance and diversity. She works with individuals to improve performance by overcoming chronic stress and anxiety, stepping into their greatest level of leadership. As an 18-year award-winning sales veteran, working parent, 2x postpartum depression survivor, and now transformational leadership coach, Amy Looper uses her lived experience to transform the lives of her clients and audiences across the globe. She joins us to share her inspirational story of overcoming burnout and chronic stress as a working mother. Amy's new book, "Leading Motherhood: Surrendering To Faith Over Fear From The Delivery Room To The Board Room; A Self-Guided Journey To Stress Less And Achieve More" is available on Amazon: Interested in learning more about Amy and following her? Go to:


#14 - From Underdog to Unstoppable | Jaclyn Fortier

Jaclyn Fortier, Licensed Clinical Supervisor, and founder of Carolina Counseling Wellness Associates out of the Raleigh, North Carolina area joins us to share her story of overcoming many forms of adversity in her life. You'll hear stories of being an underdog, joining the Navy, finding her voice, her mission to end mental health stigma, and much more! You can follow Jaclyn at: