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The Blank Sutra is a podcast hosted by Carlos Reyes and Cameron Dorsey discussing music, spirituality, mindfulness, and the joy of creation. Support this podcast:


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The Blank Sutra is a podcast hosted by Carlos Reyes and Cameron Dorsey discussing music, spirituality, mindfulness, and the joy of creation. Support this podcast:




Ep.11 - Leify Green

We've reached our 11th episode, and today we had the pleasure of having Leify Green on the podcast. Leify Green is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who currently resides in the bay area. Leify has put on shows with the most sought after musicians accompany him at the helm. In this episode we have an honest sit down and unravel Leify's back story and the mindset of a musician/songwriter in the process throughout what life comes at you. Follow Leify's music here @leifygreenmusic _______________ FOLLOW OUR SOCIALS @theblanksutra @cd_tr3ats @sounds_by_carlos --- Support this podcast -------->>> --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 10 - Andrew Holness

In our tenth episode we get the pleasure to have a sit down with our friend Andrew Holness. Andrew's business insight and knowledge in the game on top of also being visionary makes him one of our most sought after guest on the show. In this episode we'll chop it up and share crucial knowledge for the listeners. Please follow Andrew on his socials @Youngdrew904 __________________ FOLLOW OUR SOCIALS @theblanksutra @cd_tr3ats @sounds_by_carlos ---- Support this podcast ----->>> --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 09 - Catching Up, Stoicism, Calm Under Pressure

Cam and Carlos are back after a short break from working in the rock quarry, we dive in to The Enchiridion of Epictetus, Meditations: Marcus Aurelius, and an insight into Cam's latest reads: Blood Meridian. ___________________ Support the Podcast: Follow our Socials @theblanksutra @sounds_by_carlos @cd_tr3ats --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 8 - Brendon Porter

Today we have the pleasure of having Brendon Porter as our guest on the podcast. We discuss Brendon's role in the music community here in Tampa, A.I in music, and thoughts are shared about how we each listen to music. Please follow Brendon and his music: @brendonporter @speakeasyisaband _________ FOLLOW OUR SOCIALS @theblanksutra @sounds_by_carlos @cd_tr3ats --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 7 - Levi Foe

The gang is really!! Today the boys had the privileged of having Levi on the pod. Be sure to follow Levi and his music @levifoe ___ Be sure to follow our socials @theblanksutra @cd_tr3ats @sounds_by_carlos --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 6 - Jordan Esker

Today the boys have their first guest on for the pod; Jordan Esker of Jordan Esker and the 100%. Make sure to follow Jordan and his music @jordanesker __________ Follow our socials @theblanksutra @cd_tr3ats @sounds_by_carlos --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 5 - Postmodernism, the importance of fitness, and not living behind a sheild.

Cameron breaks down postmodernism while simultaneously walking a fine line to not dedicated the rest of the pod on Infinite Jest, Carlos opens ups and talks about his recent journey in The Untethered Soul, and how shielding yourself won't let you to healing. Lastly we cover fitness and how it is vital to our body & mind. Follow our Instagram Socials: @theblanksutra @cd_tr3ats @sounds_by_carlos --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 4 - Manifestation, Letting Go, and Freedom

Today's episode will lean more towards spiritual than music involved. Speaking from our individual experiences and relation to manifestation and finding that freedom away from the common substances/comforts that keep us from attaining the life we all want. --- Support this podcast:


Ep. 3 - Addiction, Breaking through the cycle, and ways to level up your music practice.

In this episode we're both getting through the nitty gritty about our vices and the jarring reality of how normal it has become in our society. We touch on personal point about how we've overcome our own and put in place what the theoretical "Cycle" is like. Lastly closing off with some helpful strategies for practicing your musical instrument/art while developing the righteous habits to succeed. --- Support this podcast:


Ep.2 - Limitations, Writer's Block, Video Games, and The Middle Way.

Episode 2 bey bey.... Here we are ready to blow your minds with our banter and thoughts to break through creative block and limitations. --- Support this podcast:


The Blank Sutra - Episode 1

This is our debut episode, and introduction to who we are as one may say. Make sure to save us on your playlist, you'll thank us later! --- Support this podcast: