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The Masonic Roundtable is a weekly panel of Masons from around the United States who discuss the latest and greatest in Masonic news, events, scholarship, and happenings. Join the conversation!


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The Masonic Roundtable is a weekly panel of Masons from around the United States who discuss the latest and greatest in Masonic news, events, scholarship, and happenings. Join the conversation!






The Masonic Roundtable - 0461 - The Failure of Masonic Leadership

In our latest episode, we dive deep into the thought-provoking insights from a recent article on The Midnight Freemasons, challenging the conventional focus on leadership within the fraternity. We explore the critical link between Freemasonry's membership dilemmas and its leadership challenges. This episode promises a candid discussion on the necessity of leadership development, contrasted with the transformative power of Masonic education.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0460 - Oscar Wilde

Embark on a fascinating exploration of the renowned literary figure Oscar Wilde and his lesser-known connection to Freemasonry. In this episode, we delve into Wilde's Masonic experience, uncovering how it influenced his life and work. Gain insights into the impact of Masonic philosophy on his writings and the role that Freemasonry played in the social circles of his time. Join us as we piece together this intriguing aspect of Oscar Wilde's life, offering a unique perspective on one of history's most celebrated writers.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0459 - Tracing Boards in the Digital Age

This episode of The Masonic Roundtable beckons you to a journey through time and technology. We will delve into the enigmatic world of Masonic Tracing Boards, those sacred tapestries of symbols and allegories, and how they illuminate the ritualistic heart of Freemasonry. But our exploration doesn't end there; we venture further, intertwining the past with the pulsing beat of the present as we discuss the advent of AI artwork. How does this groundbreaking technology intertwine with the age-old practices of the Masons? Does it herald a new era of esoteric expression or offer a fresh lens to view our ancient symbols? Join us and find out!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0458 - Brotherly Love Realized

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the heart of Masonic philosophy to explore how Brotherly Love can be maintained, even in the face of strong disagreements. Discover strategies and insights on exemplifying true Masonic values by fostering understanding, respect, and unity despite differing opinions. We'll share real-world scenarios and practical advice for upholding the tenets of Freemasonry in everyday interactions, ensuring that Brotherly Love remains a guiding force in our fraternal journey, regardless of our differences. Join us for this essential conversation in strengthening the bonds of Brotherhood.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0457 - The Free Press: Masonic Eduction

Join us as we kick this new year off with a bang! With the rise of Masonic news hitting all aspects of social media and other information outlets, we will discuss the pros and cons, as well as the ramifications of Masons airing their concerns in more public and lasting venues, as it relates to the institution and makeup of the modern Masonic machine.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0456 - New Years Resolutions 9

As the New Year approaches, join us in this enlightening episode where we explore the art of making impactful New Year's Resolutions from a Masonic perspective. We'll discuss how to set goals that not only improve our personal lives but also strengthen our commitments to Masonic principles and brotherhood. Learn strategies for crafting resolutions that are both achievable and spiritually enriching, ensuring that the coming year is one of growth, service, and Masonic excellence. Start your year with purpose and intention – a true Masonic way!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0455 - The Esoteric Claus

Join us on a mystical journey as we uncover the hidden Masonic and esoteric meanings behind the beloved figure of Santa Claus. This episode delves into the ancient roots of Santa's story, exploring connections to mythology, symbolism, and the profound allegories embedded within. We'll explore how these ancient narratives tie into the Masonic tradition and what Santa Claus symbolizes in the spiritual journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Tune in for a fascinating exploration of one of the most cherished legends and its deep, often overlooked, significance. 🎅✨🔍


The Masonic Roundtable - 0454 - Crafting the Future: Lodge Strategy

In this vital episode, we're tackling the art of Lodge Strategy, a cornerstone for the enduring success of any Masonic Lodge. Learn how to craft long-term visions, make informed choices, and develop effective plans that will guide your lodge into the future. We’ll discuss practical tips, share insights from successful lodges, and delve into why strategic thinking is crucial for the growth and sustainability of Freemasonry. Tune in to start building a stronger, more visionary path for your lodge!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0453 - Masonic Feasts

This week, we'll discuss masonic feasts often found in the fraternity, as well as those that probably should! Grab a fork and a knife and let's consume some great conversation!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0452 - Attire that Inspires

Modern science has given us a new psychological trick that can make us better men and Masons. Listen in to learn this one simple trick that can boost your awareness and attentiveness in lodge, at home, and at work.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0451 - Sufism and Freemasonry: Unveiling Mystical Connections

Embark on a fascinating journey exploring the intersections between Sufism and Freemasonry in our latest episode. We delve into the mystical and philosophical parallels that bind these two ancient traditions, shedding light on their shared values and teachings. Discover how Sufi principles resonate within Masonic practices and how both paths seek to guide individuals toward spiritual enlightenment and understanding. Join us for this enlightening exploration of esoteric wisdom and brotherhood.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0450 - Roll Call

Join us as we delve into the intricate details and fascinating variations of the 12 Fellowcrafts in the Master Mason Degree in ritual and across multiple jurisdictions, reflecting the diverse heritage and practices of Masons across the globe.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0449 - The Ballot Box

It's election season! Venture into the heart of Freemasonry as we dissect the rituals and nuances of Masonic elections and balloting. Understand the sacred traditions, the importance of secrecy, and the integrity that drives these pivotal processes. Whether you're an initiated Brother or a curious onlooker, this episode offers insights into one of the fraternity's most revered practices. Cast your vote to join the discussion!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0448 - Ancient Mysteries & Modern Masonry with Billy Hamilton

Join us for an enlightening episode as we sit down with special guest WB Billy Hamilton from Texas. Delve into the intricate layers of his groundbreaking book, "Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry - The Collected Writings of Jewel P. Lightfoot." Is there a bridge between the age-old mysteries of the past and the Masonic practices of today? This book reveals uncharted connections, enlightening insights, and the potential paths Masonry could take in the future from the perspective of a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Texas over a century ago. This is one discussion you won't want to miss – where the ancient world intertwines with modern Masonry!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0447 - Father Time

Journey with us as we delve into the profound Masonic symbols of Father Time and the Weeping Virgin. What do they signify within the context of Freemasonry, and how do they resonate in the broader human experience? This episode promises a thought-provoking exploration, unraveling the layers of meaning and history behind these emblematic figures. Uncover their mysteries with us!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0446 - A Little Light Reading: Masonic Book Clubs

Dive deep into the world of Masonic Book Clubs! Learn the key steps to initiate and effectively run a club, discover the myriad benefits they bring, and understand potential pitfalls to avoid. Whether you're a seasoned Freemason or just curious, this episode sheds light on fostering intellectual growth and communal bonding through reading. Join us!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0445 -Ritual vs. Reality: Navigating Masonic Contradictions

In our upcoming episode, we'll dive deep into the intriguing realm of Masonic contradictions. Join us as we explore instances where Masonic ritual and teachings intersect with real-world situations, leading to conflicts—be it due to jurisdictional variations or the challenges of practical implementation. We'll delve into these thought-provoking scenarios and seek to understand how Masons grapple with these contradictions while upholding the core principles of the craft. Tune in for a fascinating discussion that sheds light on the complexities of Freemasonry in the modern world.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0444 - The University of Freemasonry

Join us for a thought-provoking Masonic podcast episode as we unravel the intricate world of Scottish Rite Philosophy and its connection to the moral teachings of the Blue Lodge. We'll delve into the heart of Freemasonry's core principles and ethics. Plus, we'll explore the longstanding debate surrounding the 'University of Freemasonry' moniker—examining its accuracy, relevance, and place in modern Masonic discourse. Tune in for an engaging conversation that bridges the wisdom of the Scottish Rite with the foundations of Masonic morality.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0443 - Remember Your Oaths!

In our upcoming Masonic podcast episode, we'll delve deep into the world of Masonic oaths and obligations. Explore the significance of these solemn promises, their means of enforcement, and how they apply within a voluntary organization like Freemasonry. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the ethics, responsibilities, and shared values that bind Masons together in their unique journey of volunteerism and brotherhood.


The Masonic Roundtable - 0442 - The Hive Mind

Buzz into the world of Masonic symbols with our exploration of the beehive! Discover its rich significance in Masonry, representing industry, cooperation, and the importance of community. This episode dives into the ancient roots and modern interpretations of this emblematic Masonic icon. Join us for a symbolic journey that's as intriguing as the world of bees itself.