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This is not your mother's radio show. Lindsay Aerts looks at the topics and issues that Utah moms care about. Babies, health care, mental health, family and more.

This is not your mother's radio show. Lindsay Aerts looks at the topics and issues that Utah moms care about. Babies, health care, mental health, family and more.


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This is not your mother's radio show. Lindsay Aerts looks at the topics and issues that Utah moms care about. Babies, health care, mental health, family and more.




Combatting the "new year, lose weight" messaging

This time of year women in particular are bombarded with messages about losing weight for the new year. While there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier, Host Lindsay Aerts dives into why this messaging can be damaging for women and girls. Her guest, Dr. Lexie Kite, Co-founder of the non-profit Beauty Redefined explains why women have been conditioned to believe that they are bodies to be looked at, and how they can shift that paradigm to view themselves as more than a...


Achieving goals at any stage of motherhood with Olympian Noelle Pikus Pace

Olympian Noelle Pikus Pace knows a thing or two about achieving goals. She's a two time Olympian, winning a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics in the Skeleton. She did that with two kids under six. Now she has four kids and continues to speak and inspire people to achieve their goals. She and Host Lindsay Aerts talk about how you can still focus on what you want to achieve no matter how old your kids are. She shares examples of overcoming fear and anxiety through the lessons she learned...


What to do about the "Pink-Recession"

It's been dubbed the "Pink Recession" or the "She-session." Recent reports show women are leaving the workforce in huge numbers. Much of this is caused by the pandemic which in most cases is forcing women to choose their careers and taking care of their families. Host Lindsay Aerts dives into why this is happening with Dr. Susan Madsen, Director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business and Emily Bell McCormick with The Policy Project. Dr. Madsen...


How to get your kids to sleep after the time change

Fall back, spring forward. The time change can mess with a kid's sleep. Yeah, we gain an extra hour of it this time of year but baby sleep expert Marietta Paxon says because kids' bodies often tell them to wake up after they've slept the appropriate amount of hours, they're likely going to be up early and refusing naps at their normal time. So how do you fix it? Marietta from has tips to help every parent if they find themselves losing sleep after the time change. See...


How to help your family through pandemic whiplash

What is pandemic whiplash, you ask? Well, when you really get whiplash injuries often have delayed symptoms. Many of the damage that we experience from COVID is also delayed---financially, mentally, physically, etc. Whiplash has a wide spectrum of damage possibilities and treatments. For example if there is major tissue or spinal damage, a heating pad and or pain killers will not reverse the damage. Mental and physical effects of COVID are going to be different for every individual and we...


To all the single moms

Being a mom is hard enough. Being a single mom brings a whole new level of challenges. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with her co-worker, Saige Miller, who was raised by a single mom. They discuss how Saige's mom worked to be the best version of herself, worked to raise Saige as an independent woman, and the stigma's around single motherhood. Even if you're not technically a single mom, the lessons Saige learned from her mother can apply to all moms looking to build strong relationships with their...


How moms can build resilience during the pandemic

If the pandemic has you overwhelmed as a mom, you're not alone. May women report these feelings as they're trying to do school from home, some are working from home, or have lost work, or are experiencing health or economic. Host Lindsay Aerts talks learns from Dr. Julie Hanks about her four steps to building resilience during the pandemic. Lindsay also shares about her pandemic anxiety and her decision to start medication again. See for privacy information.


It's okay if staying home has you depleted

This pandemic has us all operating under stressful conditions. Moms may be feeling this as they're trying to navigate helping kids with school from home, hybrid schedules, or not as many playdates. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with author and public speaker Ganel Lyn Condie about why it's okay if staying home feels like it's sucking the life out of you. See for privacy information.


How to connect when you can't physically connect

September is national suicide prevention month. KSL Newsradio's Lindsay Aerts talks with author and public speaker Ganel Lyn Condie about what those struggling can do to still find connection with others amid the pandemic. Ganel Lyn has her own experience with suicide as she shares about her sister's death through her many speaking engagements. The national suicide prevention hotline is 1-800-273 TALK (8255). See for privacy information.


Don't leave moms out of the suicide risk conversation

September is suicide prevention month. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for pregnant and postpartum women in the US, first in many other countries. In Utah, it’s second leading cause of death, and 75% of deaths had a mental health component. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Brook Dorff, Maternal Mental Health Specialist with Utah's Department of Health and Megan Johnson, CSW and founder of The Emily Effect about the 1 in 3 women who will experience depression or anxiety during...


How to give you kids more attention when you have less to give

The pandemic has us all stretched thin. Between working from home, and school from home, and managing the uncertainty, it can all deplete our capacity for what we can give to our kids. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Alisa Van Langeveld of the Family Consumer Studies department at the University of Utah, who teaches a system called 10 minutes together. She teaches about small moments of connection, quality connection, and boundaries around our blurred roles now that we are working from home....


Calming Anxiety in Kids with The Child Whisperer

Does the pandemic have your kids feeling more anxious? How is it showing up for them? Tummy aches, trouble sleeping, acting out? Host Lindsay Aerts talks with author of The Child Whisperer, Carol Tuttle about how anxiety could be impacting kids and what parents can do about it. They discuss the four different types of children and how they each respond to stress differently, as outlined in Carol's book. They also discuss how worried we should be about our kids not having as much social...


The Cost of Covid on Moms

This pandemic has put stress on everyone in different ways. For mothers, the costs of the added time caring for kids, homeschooling, strain on relationships, the uncertainty around making decisions, and the possible loss of career may be just some of the ways the pandemic is affecting them. This leads to feelings of anxiousness, agitation, and overwhelm. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Chelsea Robinson, LCSW with Mama's Modern Village about how the stress of this time is mimicking those early...


The hosts of Dadtastic weigh in on mom stuff

Have you heard about the new podcast called Dadtastic? Hosts Casey Scott and Tom Hackett are the dads behind it. They will make you laugh, and maybe cry, all while discussing common conundrums facing Utah dads. Tom has one baby who is 5 months. Casey has 3 school aged kids. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with them about everything from dad guilt, to schools reopening, to whether they prefer mayo versus miracle whip. See for privacy information.


What will SLC Schools do this fall?

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: July 19, 2020. The issue of whether to send kids back to school in the fall is dividing parents all over the state. Host Lindsay Aerts has a kindergartner this fall, and talks with Yandray Chatwin, spokeswoman for Salt Lake City School District about their plans after Governor Herbert announced this week that the city's schools could reopen despite the city still being in an orange Covid-19 risk zone. See for privacy information.


What to do if you think your toddler has a speech (or any other) delay

Host Lindsay Aerts shares how her 19 month-old's speech seems to be behind. He has a lot of words but it seems like he's not finishing them. His words aren't clear. She recently got him a hearing test and a test to see if he had fluid in his ears, each came back normal. Now she's starting on a journey to possibly use Utah's Early Intervention program. She talks with speech language pathologist, Kim Dutro Allen who has worked for the program. Kim explains who the program is for, how it can...


More mothers experiencing postpartum mood issues during pandemic

It comes as no surprise that more mothers are experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety now than before the pandemic. Researchers from the University of Alberta interviewed 900 new mothers and found that 40.7% of new moms had depressive symptoms compared to 15% before the pandemic. The study also said that 72% of new mothers felt moderate to high anxiety, a 43% increase from the number of new mothers reporting anxiety before the pandemic. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Monica Ashton,...


One Utah mom's Covid-19 story

Megan Lopez found out about two weeks ago she was positive with Covid-19. She's feeling well, her only symptoms were her loss of taste of smell. Megan considers herself lucky that it wasn't worse physically, but says the emotional toll of knowing she may have spread the disease to her friends and family has been gut wrenching. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Megan, who also shares a child with KSL Newsradio afternoon host Todd Fooks, about what it has been like having Covid-19 while trying to...


What to know about being pregnant during Covid

Are pregnant women at higher risk of getting Covid-19? Are they more susceptible to illnesses? Should they take different precautions? Can they pass the disease on the their unborn baby? Host Lindsay Aerts tackles these questions and more with Dr. Torri Metz, associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Utah. Dr. Metz is commissioning a nationwide study looking at the effects of having Covid-19 on birth outcomes. They'll also look at whether new healthcare practices...


How to talk to your kids about race

Are you scared to talk about race with your kids? Are you waiting until they ask you questions about it? In an effort to not be racist are you teaching them not to "see color?" How should you handle it when they point out someone's race in public? These are just a few of the questions host Lindsay Aerts tackles with her guests, Sheryl Ellsworth and Emily Bell McCormick. Sheryl is a black mom of one, Emily is a white mom with two adopted black children, Lindsay is a white mom with white...