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Broadcast legend Dave Ross, winner of multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in journalism, talks to the people and policy makers affecting your world. Now, you can listen to the full conversation - raw and uncut. Hear Dave Ross on Seattle's Morning News weekdays at 6am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.

Broadcast legend Dave Ross, winner of multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in journalism, talks to the people and policy makers affecting your world. Now, you can listen to the full conversation - raw and uncut. Hear Dave Ross on Seattle's Morning News weekdays at 6am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.
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Broadcast legend Dave Ross, winner of multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in journalism, talks to the people and policy makers affecting your world. Now, you can listen to the full conversation - raw and uncut. Hear Dave Ross on Seattle's Morning News weekdays at 6am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.




Robert Ostrom, The Life-Saving Drug No One Can Afford

Robert Ostrom was happy to retire from his job as a nurse and nurse anesthetist after 20+ years working in operating rooms in Seattle. Then he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The health insurance he had switched to for his retirement considered the cancer a pre-existing condition, and that's when Robert found out that the life-saving medication he was taking, Zytiga, would cost as much as $11,000 out of pocket, every month. Robert talks with Dave about how he found a workaround, and...


Nada Bakos on Iran, Terrorism and Her Life in the CIA

Dave Ross talks with Nada Bakos, who worked as a "targeter" in the CIA tracking terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. They discuss the escalating tension with Iran, why she considers climate change one of our biggest national security threats, and how Trump's tweets are giving volatile foreign leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un a dangerously intimate view into our nation's psyche. Nada Bakos will discuss her new book The Targeter: My Life in the CIA, Hunting Terrorists and Challenging the White...


Anna Fifield, The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Kim Jong Un

Anna Fifield gained access to Kim Jong Un's inner circle in hopes of uncovering truths about a man shrouded in myth and propaganda at the front of an authoritarian regime. She talked to the aunt and uncle who posed as his parents when he was growing up in Switzerland, Dennis Rodman's entourage, and the Japanese sushi chef who worked in the royal family's household when Kim Jong Un was a child. Fifield is the Beijing bureau chief for the Washington Post, and her book, The Great Successor:...


Malia Burns, First High School Seniors Graduate from a Charter School

Malia Burns is the principal of Summit Sierra, a charter school in the International District. Tonight, her very first class of high school seniors is graduating. 98% have been accepted to at least one four-year college or university, and between Summit Sierra and their sister high school in Tacoma, the students have received over $3 million in grants and scholarships. Dave and Malia discuss opening more charter schools, their policy of not allowing teachers to unionize, and the cost of...


Dr. Carrie Rose, Is Your Doctor Exhausted?

An national survey from the American Medical Association found that 44% of physicians experience burnout. It's a startlingly high percentage for a profession that we all rely upon to keep ourselves healthy. And it hasn't always been like this. Dave Ross sits down with Dr. Carrie Rose to discuss the leading causes behind physician burnout that make it a distinctly modern phenomenon. Dr. Rose practices family medicine, a specialty that experiences one of the highest rates of burnout at 47%.


Tony Horwitz, Spying on the South

Tony Horwitz passed away suddenly on May 27th during his tour for his latest book, Spying on the South: An Odyssey Across the American Divide. Horwitz was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and he also authored Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War. Dave spoke with Horwitz during the Seattle stop of his book tour just a few weeks ago. They discussed Horwitz's journey retracing the steps of Frederick Law...


Kathleen Belew, White Power

Dave talks with Kathleen Belew, whose new book Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America gives historical context to the visible white power movement we're seeing resurge during Trump's presidency. This movement is not new. They're militarized. They're extremely organized online, and created an early version of Facebook for themselves years before Zuckerberg went to Harvard. Belew sees the white power movement as a cellular terrorist organization that is...


Alexis Hiniker and Jason Yip, Kids Find Technology Creepy

Alexis Hiniker and Jason Yip research the relationships people have with technology, and they have a program where they work alongside children to come up with new designs. They noticed that the kids described lot of technology as "creepy." But what exactly does "creepy" mean? Hiniker and Yip interviewed them about it, and found fascinating answers about what makes kids uncertain or concerned about artificial intelligence and smart home devices. As this technology becomes more deeply...


Stephanie Ranade Krider, Abortion and the Alabama Ban

Stephanie Ranade Krider is the Executive Director of Ohio Right to Life, a politically strategic pro-life organization. Dave asks her what life would look like for the most vulnerable women in states like Alabama if the constitutional right to abortion were overturned.


Andrea Rodgers, How to Sue the US Government Over Climate Change

Andrea Rodgers is a senior attorney with Our Children's Trust. She represents the youth plaintiffs in Juliana vs. United States, a constitutional climate lawsuit. The plaintiffs claim that the US government knew about the catastrophic effects of climate change years ago and did not act, and the resulting extreme weather events violate their rights to life, liberty and property. The case will appear before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday, June 4th in Portland, Oregon.


Philip Van Cleave, Red Flag Laws and Making the NRA Look Moderate

Philip Van Cleave is the president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights organization that some consider more conservative than the NRA. The Virginia Citizens Defense League supports allowing guns on school grounds and college campuses as well as in libraries, government facilities and bars,and opposes universal background checks. Dave talks with Philip about the red flag laws that have swept across states after the Parkland shooting, laws which allow a state court to...


Jared Diamond, Turning Points for Nations in Crisis

Jared Diamond is a geographer, historian and author best known for his international bestseller Guns, Germs and Steel. He talks with Dave Ross about his newest book, Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis, in which he compares how six different countries emerged from periods of immense and historic change. Dave and Jared discuss an existential crisis at the root of Jared's own life work, and that feels particularly relevant as America spirals towards a crisis of our own: can we...


Stacy Mitchell, Amazon, Antitrust Laws and Lower Prescription Prices in North Dakota

Stacy Mitchell talks with Dave Ross about how federal agencies are failing to crack down on monopoly businesses like Amazon, and what we can do to protect local, independently-owned small businesses at a state level. She's the co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a policy and advocacy group. They discuss a case study out of North Dakota, where every pharmacy is a small business owned by a real pharmacist, thanks to a law from the 1960s. You would struggle to find a CVS or...


Ken Armstrong, A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America

Ken Armstrong won a Pulitzer Prize for his work documenting the story of a young woman in Lynnwood who was brutally assaulted by a serial rapist. Her account was doubted by both her foster parents and the Lynnwood Police Department, and she was criminally charged with filing a false police report. Now, Armstrong examines the history of skepticism towards rape victims in A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America, co-authored with T. Christian Miller. The book is being adapted into a...


Janet Napolitano, How Safe Are We?

Dave sits down with Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of Homeland Security under the Obama Administration, to talk about how safe our nation really is. They discuss what border security looks like on a practical level, and also what kind of concerns we should have about cyber security as we move ahead to the 2020 presidential election.


Mark Titus, The Wild

Mark Titus is the director and producer of a new film, The Wild. It's about the last fully-intact wild salmon run in Alaska, and the copper mine that might threaten its existence. The Wild premieres at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 19th


Kan Qiu, Challenging Initiative 1000

Dave spoke several weeks ago on the podcast with Jesse Wineberry about Initiative 1000: an attempt to lift a prior statewide ban on affirmative action. I-1000 has since passed in the Washington state legislature, and it collected a record-breaking number of signatures to get there. This week, Dave talks with Kan Qui who, with backing from Washington Asians for Equality, filed Referendum 88 this week in an attempt to force I-1000 onto the ballot. Washington Asians For Equality has fiercely...


Claudia Rowe, The Opioid Crisis is also a Foster Care Crisis

Claudia Rowe is a journalist and author, here to discuss her recent piece in a series for The Seattle Times about the effects of the nation's opioid crisis on children. She talks with both Dave Ross and Colleen O'Brien about a solution out of Spokane, Washington that's so simple it's revolutionary: a residential drug treatment program that keeps parents and their children together, monitored and supported by a team of counselors and medical professionals, rather than putting children in...


Benji Backer, A Young Republican Fighting Climate Change

Benjamin "Benji" Backer is the founder and president of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC), a growing cohort of young Republicans who want to see action on climate change from their representatives. He's also a junior at the University of Washington. In the last six months, the ACC has expanded to 125 college campuses nationwide. Dave talks with Benji about how his organization is bringing older conservatives on board with protecting the environment, why he's not a fan of the Green...


Michael Shellenberger, Nuclear Energy Is Our Solution to Climate Change. Why Are Democrats Against It?

Dave Ross interviews Michael Shellenberger, who considers himself a conservationist and environmentalist, and yet also thinks that wind and solar power are completely inefficient. Instead, he's been proposing (for years!) that our solution to the global energy crisis lies in nuclear power plants. He thinks nuclear gets a bad rap, and so he founded Environmental Progress, a financially independent research and policy organization that advocates for nuclear energy. He talks with Dave about why...